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  1. The Prevision of Public Inputs in Oligopolitic Markets

    Fiorentini, Gianluca
    Optimal rules for the provision of collective factor of production have been quite extensively investigated since the seminal cotributions of Kaizuka (1965) and Sandro (1972), that may be regarded as the counterpart of the Samuelson's papers on the optimal allocation of public goods amoung consumers.

  2. La crescita estensiva

    Ricottilli, Massimo
    Nelle'enunciato ci si interroga sul fenomeno della crescita, appare subito che essa ha assunto per lunghi periodi le caratteristiche di un movimento estensivo.

  3. Tassazione dei titoli pubblici e incentivo alla speculazione per le imprese

    Matteuzzi, Massimo
    Il paper parla della tassazioni dei titoli pubblici e degli incentivi alla speculazione per le imprese, in particolare prendendo in considerazione il DPR. 791 del 28.11.1984.

  4. Brand Extensions and Entry Deterrence

    Ju Choi, Chang; Scarpa, Carlo
    In many industries, we observe various "groups" of products linked by a common brand name. This approach to launching products extends the existing reputation, in this case the brand name, also to achieve the existing certain economies of scope in areas such as advertising costs.

  5. An Economy of Industries and its Aggregate Representation

    D'Adda, Carlo
    The purpose of the present paper, in contrast, is to show that Keynes, in The general Theory, thought in more complex terme, referring to an economy made of industries in the Marshallian tradition.

  6. Can the EMS be Exported? Lessons from Ten Years of Monetary Policy Coordination in Europe

    Giavazzi, Francesco; Giovannini, Alberto
    The paper is organized around two main questions. The first is, why is the eversion to exchange rate fluctuations stronger in Europe than elsewhere? the second question is: how does the EMS hold together?

  7. The Exchnge-Rate Question in Europe

    Giavazzi, Francesco
    This paper reviews the arguments for and against monetary unification in Europe, taking into account the recent shift in emphasis in the analysis of exchange-rate regimes.

  8. Teoria dei giochi e teoria della politica economica

    Giavazzi, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo
    Verso la metà degli anni '70, molti economisti iniziarono a chiedersi se un ruolo attivo della politica monetaria e fiscale fosse ancora auspicabile ed efficace. I dubbi nascevano dall'osservazione che la politica economica sembrava incapace di risolvere il dilemma di un'alta inflazione e di una disoccupazione crescente in cui si trovavano i maggiori paesi industriali.

  9. Italy: The Real Effects of Inflation and Disinflation

    Giavazzi, Francesco; Spaventa, Luigi
    The Italian economy has often puzzled foreign observers over the past fifteen years. In this article we attempt to interpret these developments. In our interpretation, some implications of which are perhaps of more than local interest, we stress the role of policies throughout the period.

  10. Ricardian Equivalence and Non Equivalence: An Overview

    Toso, Stefano
    This paper surveys some of recent theoretical developments in the Ricardian equivalence debate.

  11. Confidence Crises and Public Debt Management

    Giavazzi, Francesco; Pagano, Marco
    The question that we ask in this paper is whether the danger of confidence crisis can be reduced by acting on the choice of the maturity structure of public debt.

  12. On the Optiml Variance of Money

    Denicolò, Vincenzo
    This paper analyses some monetary policy issues in a model of business cycle derived from Lucas (1972). We show that an autoregressive monetary policy rule may dominate a k-percent rule, and that the optimal monetary policy is characterised by an infinite amount of noise.

  13. Cost Reducing Inputs, Underproduction and Economic Welfare

    Fiorentini, Gianluca
    The object of this paper is to investigate social and strategic overinvestment in cost reducing inputs, when such investment enters directly in the other firms' objective function.

  14. Public Inputs as Signalling Devices

    Fiorentini, Gianluca
    A two stage model is built where the first period strategic variable is used to update the information available on some private characteristics of the rival firms.

  15. Asymmetric Information in Public Provision Mechanisms

    Fiorentini, Gianluca
    An optimal mechanism fot the provision of impure public inputs to oligopolistic firms is investigated using a three stage game where in the first stage the public agency which provides the public input fixes a non-linear price schedule.

  16. Random Parmeters and Self-Selection Models

    Krishma, Pramila
    In this paper I discuss the specification of self-selection models with random parameters. I demostrate that in a self-selection model, misspecification of the parameter structure as constant causes blased estimates, and the direction of the bias leads to an under-estimation of the selectivity effect. I estimate a self-selection model of moonlighting with random parameters and find that: the selectivity effect, which was almost absent in the constant parameter version of the model, is indeed significant.

  17. Tasso d'interesse e tasso di crescita del consumo aggregato: alcuni aspetti teorici ed empirici

    Cellini, Roberto
    L'articolo esamina la relazione tra tasso d'interesse e tasso di crescita del consumo aggregato delle famiglie in un modello con generazioni sovrapposte, fuori dallo stato stazionario, assumendo progresso tecnico scorporato e neutrale alla Hicks. I risultati teorici sono sottoposti a verifica empirica, considerando dati annuali italiani dal 1861 al 1986.

  18. Public Debt and the Pasinetti Paradox

    Denicolò, Vincenzo; Matteuzzi, Massimo
    The main purpose of this paper is to show that the Cambridge Theorem holds independently of Ricardian Equivalence, if the net rate of profits is properly defined.

  19. The Forecasting Approach to Efficiency in the Wool Market

    Goss, Barry
    This paper develops and presents estimates of a simultaneous equations model of the Australian wool market, the world's largest producer and exporter of fine wool.

  20. Competition Between For-Profit and Non-Profit Firms: Incentives, Workers’ Self-Selection, and Wage Differentials

    Barigozzi, Francesca; Burani, Nadia
    We study optimal non-linear contracts offered by two firms competing for the exclusive services of workers, who are privately informed about their ability and motivation. Firms differ in their organizational form, and motivated workers are keen to be hired by the non-profit firm because they adhere to its mission. If the for-profit firm has a competitive advantage over the non-profit firm, the latter attracts fewer high-ability workers with respect to the former. Moreover, workers exert more effort at the for-profit than at the non-profit firm despite the latter distorts effort levels upwards. Finally, a wage penalty emerges for non-profit workers which...

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