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  1. Schemi 0-dimensionali e forme canoniche di polinomi omogenei

    Bernardi, Alessandra

  2. Valorizzazione della diversità e sviluppo nella campagna contemporanea: la costruzione del web rurale in Lunigiana

    Berti, Giaime
    The European countryside has undergone a deep transformation. The ‘national farm’ put in place in the post-war period has given way to a ‘differentiated countryside’, which alludes to the ever growing diversity, dynamics and complexity of the contemporary countryside emerging from as a double rural restructuring process of de-assembling and re-assembling. The de-assembling process concerns with the shattering of the national agricultural based structures of the post-war period countryside, while the construction of hybrid networks (material and immaterial, human and non human, rural and non-rural, local and non-local) is the process through which rural territories are being re-assembled. Indeed, the...

  3. Varieties parameterizing forms and their secant varieties.

    Bernardi, Alessandra

  4. Some Remarks in Differential and Integral Geometry of Carnot Groups

    Montefalcone, F.

  5. A new computer aided system for the detection of nodules in lung CT exams

    Riccardi, Alessandro

  6. Collocation and Connotation: A corpus-based investigation of colour words in English and Italian

    Philip, Gillian Susan
    Many linguistic expressions are constructed around colour words: ‘see red’, ‘green with envy’, ‘whiter than white’. They appear to confirm the existence of connotative meanings, and are often cited in commentaries regarding connotative meaning. But to what extent does the functional linguistic use of these expressions correspond to their etymology? This study examines such colour-word expressions using authentic, naturally-occurring data drawn from general reference corpora in English and Italian. The corpus evidence turns theoretical linguistic description on its head. Those expressions that are said to prove the existence of connotative meanings do nothing of the sort. In communicative acts, they are...

  7. Analisi wavelet multirisoluzione: dalla teoria matematica ad una possibile applicazione nell’ambito dell’esperimento ALICE

    Masotti, Matteo
    L’analisi wavelet multirisoluzione e' una tecnica di analisi relativamente recente, che sta subendo una crescente diffusione, sia nell’ambito della compressione di segnali mono-dimensionali, che nell’ambito della compressione di segnali bi-dimensionali. Gli obiettivi del presente lavoro di tesi sono, lo sviluppo di un algoritmo di compressione basato sull’analisi wavelet multirisoluzione, finalizzato alla compressione dei dati provenienti dai rivelatori SDD (Silicon Drift Detectors), appartenenti all’Inner Tracking System dell’esperimento ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment), la valutazione delle prestazioni di tale algoritmo, sia in termini di predisposizione alla compressione dei dati, che in termini di errore nella ricostruzione dei dati originali a partire da quelli compressi, e da ultimo, il confronto diretto con le...

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