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  1. Geomicrobiology, Fifth Edition

    [No abstract]

  2. Ehrlich’s Geomicrobiology, 6th Edition

  3. Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology

  4. Plume Symposium Caltech 1991 : [program and abstracts]


  5. Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis

    Stuart, A. M.; Humphries, A. R.
    This book unites the study of dynamical systems and numerical solution of differential equations. The first three chapters contain the elements of the theory of dynamical systems and the numerical solution of initial-value problems. In the remaining chapters, numerical methods are formulted as dynamical systems and the convergence and stability properties of the methods are examined. Topics studied include the stability of numerical methods for contractive, dissipative, gradient and Hamiltonian systems together with the convergence properties of equilibria, periodic solutions and strage attractors under numerical approximation. This book will be an invaluable tool for graduate students and researchers in the...

  6. A First Course in Continuum Mechanics

    Gonzalez, Oscar; Stuart, Andrew M.
    A concise account of various classic theories of fluids and solids, this book is for courses in continuum mechanics for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Thoroughly class-tested in courses at Stanford University and the University of Warwick, it is suitable for both applied mathematicians and engineers. The only prerequisites are an introductory undergraduate knowledge of basic linear algebra and differential equations. Unlike most existing works at this level, this book covers both isothermal and thermal theories. The theories are derived in a unified manner from the fundamental balance laws of continuum mechanics. Intended both for classroom use and for self-study,...

  7. Multiscale Methods: Averaging and Homogenization

    Pavliotis, Grigorios A.; Stuart, Andrew M.
    This introduction to multiscale methods gives readers a broad overview of the many uses and applications of the methods. The book begins by setting the theoretical foundations of the subject area, and moves on to develop a unified approach to the simplification of a wide range of problems which possess multiple scales, via perturbation expansions; differential equations and stochastic processes are studied in one unified framework. The book concludes with an overview of a range of theoretical tools used to justify the simplified models derived via the perturbation expansions. The presentation of the material is particularly suited to the range of...

  8. Data Assimilation: A Mathematical Introduction

    Law, Kody; Stuart, Andrew; Zygalakis, Konstantinos
    This book provides a systematic treatment of the mathematical underpinnings of work in data assimilation, covering both theoretical and computational approaches. Specifically the authors develop a unified mathematical framework in which a Bayesian formulation of the problem provides the bedrock for the derivation, development and analysis of algorithms; the many examples used in the text, together with the algorithms which are introduced and discussed, are all illustrated by the MATLAB software detailed in the book and made freely available online. The book is organized into nine chapters: the first contains a brief introduction to the mathematical tools around which the material...

  9. Matrix Analysis and Algorithms

    Stuart, Andrew; Voss, Jochen
    The book contains an introduction to matrix analysis, and to the basic algorithms of numerical linear algebra. Further results can be found in many text books. The book of Horn and Johnson [HJ85] is an excellent reference for theoretical results about matrix analysis; see also [Bha97]. The subject of linear algebra, and matrix analysis in particular, is treated in an original and illuminating fashion in [Lax97]. For a general introduction to the subject of numerical linear algebra we recommend the book by Trefethen and Bau [TB97]; more theoretical treatments of the subject can be found in Demmel [Dem97], Golub and Van Loan...

  10. More Photographic Giants of Palomar

    Fassero, James S.; Porter, R. W.
    [No abstract]

  11. Giants of Palomar

    Porter, Russell Williams
    [No abstract]

  12. Advances in Laser Chemistry

    The laser as a radiation source with temporal and spatial coherence has made a tremendous impact in the different fields of science. As a result, new and exciting research has been developing allover the world. Laser spectro­scopy shares a large fraction of this research, and in the last decade nu­merous books and monographs have been published on this subject. Most of these books and monographs contain the work done in the physics community. Very few books represent the advances made in laser chemistry, a field that is flourishing and whose future is indeed very exciting. It was felt that a...

  13. The Global Circulation of the Atmosphere

    Despite major advances in the observation and numerical simulation of the atmosphere, basic features of the Earth's climate remain poorly understood. Integrating the available data and computational resources to improve our understanding of the global circulation of the atmosphere remains a challenge. Theory must play a critical role in meeting this challenge. This book provides an authoritative summary of the state of the art on this front. Bringing together sixteen of the field's leading experts to address those aspects of the global circulation of the atmosphere most relevant to climate, the book brings the reader up to date on the key...

  14. New Frontiers in Solar System Exploration

    Over the last four decades, robotic spacecraft have visited nearly every planet, from torrid Mercury to frigid Neptune. The data returned by these Pioneers, Mariners, Vikings, and Voyagers have revolutionized our understanding of the solar system. These achievements rank among the greatest accomplishments of the 20th century. Now, at the opening of the 21st, it is appropriate to ask, where do we go from here? In 2001, NASA asked the National Academies to study the current state of solar system exploration in the United States and devise a set of scientific priorities for missions in the upcoming decade (2003-2013). After...

  15. Ultrafast Phenomena VII: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, Monterey, CA, May 14–17, 1990

    Preface: This volume contains contributions presented at the 1990 Topical Meeting on Ultrafast Phenomena. The meeting, held in Monterey, California, from May 14 to 17, was the seventh in a biennial series whose purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of the latest advances in ultrafast optics and their application to fundamental scientific and engineering studies. The 362 registered participants, including liS students, represented a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines and came from 18 different countries. Their enthusiasm, the originality and quality of the papers that were presented, and the beautiful coastal setting combined to produce a...

  16. Metalloproteins : theory, calculations, and experiments

    Preface: Metalloproteins play essential critical functional roles in enzymatically catalyzing reactions difficult to achieve without metals, in signal transduction, and in storage and transport of proteins constituting over 1/3 of the proteome of living organisms. Recent breakthroughs in crystallography have provided insights into understanding their mechanisms, but challenges remain in identifying the particularly redox states of the metals and in the chemical mechanisms for the complex reactions they catalyze. With these advances in structural information, theory and computation are starting to play a more significant role, particularly in identifying the reaction mechanism. This volume summarizes some of the recent progresses...

  17. Positive Political Theory II: Strategy and Structure

    Austen-Smith, David; Banks, Jeffrey S.
    [no abstract]

  18. Positive Political Theory I: Collective Preference

    Austen-Smith, David; Banks, Jeffrey S.
    [no abstract]

  19. Modern political economy : old topics, new directions

    Banks, Jeffrey S.; Hanushek, Eric A.
    [no abstract]

  20. Signaling games in political science

    Banks, Jeffrey S.
    [no abstract]

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