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1. Linear estimation - Kailath, Thomas; Sayed, Ali H.; Hassibi, Babak
[no abstract]

2. Indefinite-quadratic estimation and control: a unified approach to H^2 and H∞ theories - Hassibi, Babak; Kailath, Thomas; Sayed, Ali H.
This monograph presents a unified mathematical framework for a wide range of problems in estimation and control. The authors discuss the two most commonly used methodologies: the stochastic H^2 approach and the deterministic (worst-case) H∞ approach. Despite the fundamental differences in the philosophies of these two approaches, the authors have discovered that, if indefinite metric spaces are considered, they can be treated in the same way and are essentially the same. The benefits and consequences of this unification are pursued in detail, with discussions of how to generalize well-known results from H^2 theory to H∞ setting, as well as new...

3. Analog VLSI Implementation of Neural Systems

4. Collective electrodynamics : quantum foundations of electromagnetism - Mead, Carver A.
[no abstract]

5. Introduction to VLSI Systems - Mead, Carver
[No abstract]

6. Analog VLSI and Neural Systems - Mead, Carver
[No abstract]

7. Workshop on Prospects for U.S.-P.R.C. Cooperation on Earthquake Engineering Research - Housner, George W.
In January 1980, the United States of America (U.S.) National Science Foundation and U. S. Geological Survey together with the Peoples' Republic of China (hereafter, P.R.C. or China) State Seismological Bureau and the State Capital Construction Commission established a joint protocol for scientific and technical cooperation in earthquake studies. The U.S.-P.R.C. Protocol for Scientific and Technical Cooperation (hereafter, The Protocol) was the outgrowth of a series of delegation exchanges between 1976 and 1979. The rationale for the establishment. of a protocol was the realization that the United States and China are among the countries most threatened by earthquakes and the recognition...

8. 1985 AFOSR/ONR Contractors Meeting on Turbulent Combustion 23-35 July 1985
This report consists of a collection of expanded abstracts of the numerous research progress reports given by AFOSR/ONR supported contractors and grantees on the Air Force and Navy basic research program on Turbulent Combustion and of invited papers from other governmental agencies and contractors.

9. Probabilities of Large Earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Region, California - Dieterich, James H.; Allen, Clarence R.; Cluff, Lloyd S.; Cornell, C. Allin; Ellsworth, William L.; Johnson, Lane R.; Lindh, Allan G.; Nishenko, Stuart P.; Scholz, Chris H.; Schwartz, David P.; Thatcher, Wayne; Williams, Patrick L.
In 1987 a Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities was organized by the U.S. Geological Survey at the recommendation of the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council (NEPEC). The membership included representatives from private industry, academia, and the U.S. Geological Survey. The Working Group computed long-term probabilities of earthquakes along the major faults of the San Andreas fault system on the basis of consensus interpretations of information then available. Faults considered by the Working Group included the San Andreas fault proper, the San Jacinto and Imperial-faults of southern California, and the Hayward fault of northern California. The Working Group issued a final report of its findings in 1988...

10. The Theory of the Relativity of Motion - Tolman, Richard C.
Preface. Thirty or forty years ago, in the field of physical science, there was a widespread feeling that the days of adventurous discovery had passed forever, and the conservative physicist was only too happy to devote his life to the measurement to the sixth decimal place of quantities whose significance for physical theory was already an old story. The passage of time, however, has completely upset such bourgeois ideas as to the state of physical science, through the discovery of some most extraordinary experimental facts and the development of very fundamental theories for their explanation. On the experimental side, the intervening years have seen the discovery of radioactivity, the exhaustive study...

11. Information, Finance and General Equilibrium. Collected Papers on the Experimental Foundations of Economics and Political Science, Volume 3 - Plott, Charles R.
Information, Finance and General Equilibrium brings together the seminal papers on which Charles R. Plott has founded our understanding of experimental economics and political science. These works reflect the broad and overlapping nature of economics, public economics, public choice and political science. They examine the fundamental problem encountered in of all these subject areas – understanding the nature of allocation under conditions of limited resources and how decision processes, institutions and procedures shape these allocations.

12. Market Institutions and Price Discovery. Collected Papers on the Experimental Foundations of Economics and Political Science, Volume 2 - Plott, Charles R.
Market Institutions and Price Discovery contains papers which define problems, create laboratory methodology and produce the first results in many areas of experimental economics. Primarily, the volume attempts to explain what is learned from applications of experimental methods, using examples taken from the first stages of the early experimental literature. It goes on to include the first applications of newly developed laboratory methods to matters of national policy, and progresses to examine institutions such as the posted price and to other more complex institutions including opportunities for conspiracy.

13. Public Economics, Political Processes and Policy Applications. Collected Papers on the Experimental Foundations of Economics and Political Science, Volume 1 - Plott, Charles R.
Public Economics, Political Processes and Policy Applications brings together an impressive collection of Charles R. Plott’s work in experimental economics. The papers in this volume represent the beginnings of Professor Plott’s experimental research on public economics, public choice and political processes, which are the origin for experimental work in mechanism design and experimental testbeds. He addresses the problems related to committees and public choice institutions, and develops methodological foundations that were later exported to other areas of economics. In these groundbreaking experiments strategies for posing questions are developed. The fundamental principles that shape policy studies are discovered and refined.

14. Handbook of Experimental Economic Results, Volume 1 - Plott, Charles R.; Bossaerts, Peter; Camerer, Colin F.
Experimental methods in economics respond to circumstances that are not completely dictated by accepted theory or outstanding problems. While the field of economics makes sharp distinctions and produces precise theory, the work of experimental economics sometimes appear blurred and may produce results that vary from strong support to little or partial support of the relevant theory. At a recent conference, a question was asked about where experimental methods might be more useful than field methods. Although many cannot be answered by experimental methods, there are questions that can only be answered by experiments. Much of the progress of experimental methods...

15. Designer Markets: Laboratory Experimental Methods in Economics : Symposium - Plott, Charles R.
Designer markets are becoming a reality. A merger of theory and experimental work is setting stages for a different kind of economics. The modern theory of mechanisms suggests that it is possible to design markets and/or decentralized mechanisms that can perform tasks that were thought to be impossible. The mechanisms themselves can become active participants with computers solving complex optimization or coordination problems based on "messages" submitted to the system by decentralized agents. Competition becomes utilized in new ways in the context of what are becoming known as "smart markets." Testbed experiments are demonstrating that such processes can be developed beyond purely theoretical discussions. Paper processes, mechanisms found only...

16. Thermodynamics with Relations to Statistical Mechanics and with Applications to Steady States - Tolman, Richard C.
It is the threefold purpose of this book, in the first place to give a short review of the principles of thermodynamics, in the second place to provide a brief outline of the relations of thermodynamics to statistical mechanics, and in the third place to present a theory of the thermodynamic behaviour of systems in steady states together with applications to some typical examples. The book is in no sense a complete treatise on thermodynamics, but does give an opportunity to present in one place a fairly coherent account of certain newer aspects of thermodynamic theory which seem to the writer of considerable importance. In the present chapter, The...

17. Adventures around the World - Brennen, Christopher E.
Preface: It is important to stress that there is always a significant danger associated with adventures into the wilderness. Those who wish to follow the adventure hikes in this book should be fully cognizant of those dangers and take appropriate precautions. The accounts are primarily intended for experienced hikers who will exercise informed judgment and caution. The hikes requiring technical expertise and equipment should never be undertaken without proper training and qualifications. Even given all this, the dangers should not be minimized. The accounts are offered with the understanding that readers will proceed entirely at their own risk. In "Precautions"...

18. Frontiers in Space: Official Publication of the Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories - Hale, George E.
The Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories are situated on two Southern California mountains: the one, Mount Wilson, about 30 miles by road north of Pasadena; and the other, Palomar Mountain, about 130 miles to the southeast. The two observatories, together with the administrative and research centers in Pasadena, are operated jointly by the Carnegie Institution of Washington and the California Institute of Technology in a broad, coordinated program of astronomical research. It is because the two observatories take part in this one unified program that both are included in this one hook. It would he impossible to talk about the past, present, or future of one without reference to the other. Both observatories are largely the result...

19. The Allocation of Scarce Resources: Experimental Economics and the Problem of Allocating Airport Slots - Plott, Charles R.; Grether, David M.; Isaac, R. Mark

20. The Oxford Handbook of Causation
The Oxford Handbook of Causation provides an overview of topics related to causation, as well as the history of the causation debate from the ancient Greeks to the logical empiricists. Causation is a central topic in many areas of philosophy. In metaphysics, philosophers want to know what causation is, and how it is related to laws of nature, probability, action, and freedom of will. In epistemology, philosophers investigate how causal claims can be inferred from statistical data, and how causation is related to perception, knowledge, and explanation. In the philosophy of mind, philosophers want to know whether and how the...

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