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1. Iranian Nurses’ Status in Policymaking for Nursing in Health System: A Qualitative Content Analysis - Cheraghi, Mohammad Ali; Ghiyasvandian, Shahrzad; Aarabi, Akram
Presence of nurses in policy making will result improvement of nursing practice, and increase qualification of patients’ care, but still few nurses are involved in policy debates and health reforms and their status in policy making for nursing is not clear. The aim of this study was to elucidate Iranian nurses’ status in policy making for nursing in health system. This is a qualitative study. Using purposive sampling 22 participants were interviewed to gain deep understanding from the phenomenon of status of nurses in policy making. Of these 2 were not nurses but the members of Iran’s council for health...

2. Theory of Inpatient Circadian Care (TICC): A Proposal for a Middle-Range Theory - Camargo-Sanchez, Andrés; Niño, Carmen L; Sánchez, Leonardo; Echeverri, Sonia; Gutiérrez, Diana P; Duque, Andrés F; Pianeta, Oscar; Jaramillo-Gómez, Jenny A; Pilonieta, Martin A; Cataño, Nhora; Arboleda, Humberto; Agostino, Patricia V; Alvarez-Baron, Claudia P; Vargas, Rafael
The circadian system controls the daily rhythms of a variety of physiological processes. Most organisms show physiological, metabolic and behavioral rhythms that are coupled to environmental signals. In humans, the main synchronizer is the light/dark cycle, although non-photic cues such as food availability, noise, and work schedules are also involved. In a continuously operating hospital, the lack of rhythmicity in these elements can alter the patient’s biological rhythms and resilience. This paper presents a Theory of Inpatient Circadian Care (TICC) grounded in circadian principles. We conducted a literature search on biological rhythms, chronobiology, nursing care, and middle-range theories in the...

3. Nurses’ Perceived Barriers to and Facilitators of Research Utilization in Mainland China: A Cross-Sectional Survey - Chien, Wai-Tong; Bai, Qin; Wong, Wai-Kit; Wang, Huizhen; Lu, Xueqin
Despite the drive towards evidence-based practice, the extent to which research evidence is being implemented in nursing practice is unclear, particularly in developing countries. This study was to assess the levels of perceived barriers to and facilitators of research utilization in practice among Chinese nurses and inter-relationships between these barriers and facilitators and their socio-demographic characteristics. A cross-sectional, descriptive survey was conducted in 2011 with 743 registered nurses randomly selected from four general hospitals in China. They completed the Barriers to Research Utilization and Facilitators of Research Utilization scales. Correlation tests were used to test the relationships between the nurses’ perceived barriers and facilitators, their demographic...

4. Patients´ Experiences of Pain Following Day Surgery - At 48 Hours, Seven Days and Three Months - Rosén, Helena Inger; Bergh, Ingrid Helena; Odén, Anders; Mårtensson, Lena Birgitta
Recent studies indicate that patients experience pain after day surgery for a longer period than previously known. This requires verification. This was a prospective, descriptive correlational study. A convenience sample of 298 day surgery patients undergoing various surgical procedures was asked to report pain intensity and its interference with daily function 48 hours, seven days and three months after day surgery. Correlation and regression analyses were performed. On a NRS, 55% (n=230) reported pain (≥4) 48 hours after surgery, as did 43% (n=213) at seven days. Pain interfered with normal activities at ≥4 NRS at 48 hours and at seven...

5. Can One Learn to Think Critically? – A Philosophical Exploration - Raymond-Seniuk, Christy; Profetto-McGrath, Joanne
Within nursing, critical thinking is a required skill that educators strive to foster in their students’ development for use in complex healthcare settings. Hence the numerous studies published measuring critical thinking as a terminal outcome of education. However, an important comparison between different philosophical underpinnings such as person, truth and the nature of nursing, and how one defines and utilizes critical thinking in practice, has been absent from discussions about critical thinking and learning. When one views critical thinking with varying philosophical lenses, important questions are raised and discussion is expanded. These questions illuminate different perspectives of critical thinking and...

6. Longitudinal Evaluation of the Impact of Placement Development Teams on Student Support in Clinical Practice - Williamson, Graham R; Callaghan, Lynne; Whittlesea, Emma; Mutton, Lauren; Heath, Val

7. Implementing and Evaluating the First German Young-Carers Project: Intentions, Pitfalls and the Need for Piloting Complex Interventions - Schlarmann, Jörg große; Metzing-Blau, Sabine; Schnepp, Wilfried
The aim of the study was to develop, implement and evaluate a concept for the first support program for young carers and their families in Germany. This paper intends to critically review the implementation of that study and describe the problems experienced by the research team, including: the complexity of the intervention itself, the difficulty of finding host organizations, the lack of infrastructure, different values and beliefs about the project aims held between the host organization and the research team, shortage of time, identifying and recruiting families among the hidden population of young carers. These initial problems led to the...

8. Barriers and Benefits Associated with Nurses Information Seeking Related to Patient Education Needs on Clinical Nursing Units - Jones, Josette; Schilling, Katherine; Pesut, Daniel
The purpose of this study was to answer the following two questions: What are clinical nurses’ rationales for their approaches to finding patient educational materials on the web? What are perceived barriers and benefits associated with the use of web-based information resources for patient education in the context of nursing clinical practice?

9. A Nurse-Led Telephone Session and Quality of Life after Radiotherapy Among Women with Breast Cancer: A Randomized Trial - Høyer, Birgit Bjerre; Toft, Gunnar Vase; Debess, Jeanne; Ramlau-Hansen, Cecilia Høst
The purpose of this study was to investigate whether a nurse-led telephone session with patients suffering from breast cancer approximately ten days after final radiotherapy treatment affected their quality of life two to four weeks after radiotherapy. The study was conducted at the Radiotherapy ward at Vejle Hospital, Denmark between January and May 2010. The study population consisted of 100 patients, who were randomized with a 1:1 ratio to have either ordinary supportive conversations (control group), or ordinary supportive conversations and a supplementary nurse-led telephone session (intervention group). The quality of life was assessed using the questionnaires EORTC QLQ-C30 and...

10. The Attending Nurse: An Evolving Model for Integrating Nursing Education and Practice - Fulmer, Terry; Cathcart, Eloise; Glassman, Kimberly; Budin, Wendy; Naegle, Madeline; Devanter, Nancy Van
The discipline of nursing continues to evolve in keeping with the dramatic expansion of scientific knowledge, technology, and a concomitant increase in complexity of patient care in all practice settings. Changing patient demographics require complex planning for co-morbidities associated with chronic diseases and life-saving advances that have altered mortality in ways never before imagined. These changes in practice, coupled with findings from sophisticated nursing research and the continuous development of new nursing knowledge, call for realignments of the relationships among academic faculty in schools of nursing, advanced practice nurse administrators, and staff nurses at the forefront of practice. This article...

11. The Meaning of Awaiting Bariatric Surgery Due to Morbid Obesity - Engström, My; Wiklund, Malin; Olsén, Monika Fagevik; Lönroth, Hans; Forsberg, Anna

12. The Role of Public Health Agencies in Addressing Child and Family Poverty: Public Health Nurses’ Perspectives - Cohen, Benita E; McKay, Marion
Poverty rates among child-bearing families in industrialised countries remain unacceptably high and have significant implications for population health. Both today and in the past, public health nurses have observed the impact of poverty on family health and well-being every day in their practice; yet, their perspectives on their role in addressing child and family poverty are currently absent from the literature. This paper presents findings of a qualitative descriptive study that explored perspectives of public health nurses in an urban Canadian setting about the impact of poverty on the well-being of children and families, and the potential roles of health...

13. Pain Assessment Among Non-Communicating Intellectually Disabled People Described by Nursing Staff - Kankkunen, Päivi; Jänis, Päivi; Vehviläinen-Julkunen, Katri
The purpose of this study was to describe pain assessment among non-communicating intellectually disabled people living in long term care described by nursing staff. The target group of the study consisted of the nursing staff working at seven mental retardation units in different parts of Finland. The data were collected during spring 2008 by a semi-structured questionnaire (Non-communicating Children’s Pain Checklist – Revised, N=222), and the response rate was 82% (n=181). The data were analyzed by statistical methods (Kruskall-Wallis test, Mann-Whitney U test) and by content analysis. The findings were described as parameters, frequencies, percentages, and as statistical significance.

14. Nursing Students’ Self-Graded Motivation to Complete their Programme of Study - Stomberg, Margareta Warrén; Nilsson, Kerstin
The aim of this study was to explore variation in nursing students’ motivation to complete their programme of study, as well as factors relating to low versus high motivation and students’ opinions of what would increase their motivation to complete their programme of study.

15. Fathers’ Feelings and Experience Related to their Wife/Partner’s Delivery in Northern Greece - Sapountzi-Krepia, Despina; Lavdaniti, Maria; Dimitriadou, Alexandra; Psychogiou, Maria; Sgantzos, Markos; He, Hong-Gu; Faros, Eythimios; Vehviläinen-Julkunen, Katri

16. Factors and Conditions that Influence the Implementation of Standardized Nursing Care Plans - Jansson, Inger; Bahtsevani, Christel; Pilhammar-Andersson, Ewa; Forsberg, Anna

17. Reactions of Persons with Dementia to Caregivers Singing in Morning Care Situations - Hammar, Lena Marmstål; Emami, Azita; Engström, Gabriella; Götell, Eva
’Music therapeutic caregiving’, when caregivers sing for or together with persons with severe dementia during care situations, has been suggested as a way to reduce problematic behaviors in dementia care. The present study implemented this technique as an intervention in dementia care. Six caregivers participated in group interviews about their experiences of morning care situations without and with’Music therapeutic caregiving’. Through a qualitative content analysis two themes emerged.’Being in a different reality’ was based on’usual’ morning care situations. The caregivers’ experienced the persons with dementia as absent-minded; communication and cooperation were difficult. The second theme,’Being present’, was based on morning...

18. The Implementation of Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Teams in Wales: Results of the National Survey 2007-2008 - Jones, Richard; Jordan, Sue

19. Hand Disinfectant Practice: The Impact of an Education Intervention - Sjöberg, Maria; Eriksson, Mats
The primary hypothesis of this study was that a lecture on basic hygiene routines could be associated with an increase in the use of disinfectant for hand hygiene. A secondary hypothesis was that the lecture could positively affect the staff’s knowledge of and attitudes toward basic hygiene routines.

20. Accounting for Accountability: A Discourse Analysis of Psychiatric Nurses’ Experience of a Patient Suicide - Robertson, Maggie; Paterson, Brodie; Lauder, Billy; Fenton, Rosemary; Gavin, John
Whilst the experience of a patient suicide is likely to have a significant impact upon the nurses who had been providing care, little work has actually explored this experience in any depth. In this article we explore how two psychiatric nurses construct and orient to accountability when talking of their experiences of a patient suicide. Discourse analysis was used to explore particular phases that the nurses oriented to in their accounts: scene setting; risk assessment; attributing for the suicide. Findings highlight the different, sometimes contradictory, ways the nurses attended to interactional concerns relating to implicit accountability and potential inferences of...

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