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  1. Augmentation of Power Output of Axisymmetric Ducted Wind Turbines by Porous Trailing Edge Disks

    widnall, sheila; byron, james; florin, peter
    This paper presents analytical and experimental results that demonstrated that the power output from a ducted wind turbine can be dramatically increased by the addition of a trailing edge device such as a porous disk. In addition, the trailing edge device can be designed to be geometrically adaptable, allowing the turbine to spin up at low wind speeds and providing relief from aerodynamic loads at high wind speeds.
    - 02-jul-2014

  2. Potential Flow Calculations of Axisymmetric Ducted Wind Turbines

    Widnall, Sheila
    An incompressible potential-flow vortex method has been constructed to analyze the flow field of a ducted wind turbine following that outlined by Lewis (1991). Attention is paid to balancing the momentum change in the flow to the total longitudinal forces acting on the duct-turbine combination: the pressure force on the actuator disk plus the pressure forces acting on the duct, which typically includes a negative component of drag due to high leading-edge suction. These forces are shown to balance the momentum changes in the flow, resulting in a model for power output from a ducted wind turbine over a wide range of pressure changes across the...
    - 08-jun-2010

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