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  1. Modeling stop-consonant releases for synthesis

    Hanson, Helen M.; Stevens, Kenneth N.
    This study is part of a project leading to rule-based speech synthesis using the HLsyn synthesizer. In HLsyn, stop-consonant releases are generated by controlling the time variation of a constriction that is formed by the lips, the tongue blade, or the tongue body. In order to generate a consonant release that is perceptually acceptable and that has acoustic characteristics that match those of normal speech, it was found that the trajectory of the consonant release (cross-sectional area versus time) had to exhibit an initial rapid rise, followed by a delay in which the rise was interrupted, followed finally by a final rise. The burst at the consonant release is...
    - 29-jul-2011

  2. Nasal codas in Standard Chinese: a study in the framework of the distinctive feature theory

    Mou, Xiaomin, 1977-
    Thesis (Ph.D.)—Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, 2006
    (1598768 bytes; 147 p.; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  3. Subglottal coupling and vowel space.

    Sonderegger, Morgan A.; Chi, Xuemin, 1979-
    Poster presented at the 147th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, New York, N.Y., May 2004.
    (347099 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

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