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Aerospace Control Laboratory: Manuscripts

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  1. Information-Theoretic Motion Planning for Constrained Sensor Networks

    Levine, Daniel; Luders, Brandon; How, Jonathan P.
    This paper considers the problem of online informative motion planning for a network of heterogeneous sensing agents, each subject to dynamic constraints, environmental constraints, and sensor limitations. Prior work has not yielded algorithms that are amenable to such general constraint characterizations. In this paper, we propose the Information-rich Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (IRRT) algorithm as a solution to the constrained informative motion planning problem that embeds metrics on uncertainty reduction at both the tree growth and path selection levels. IRRT possesses a number of beneficial properties, chief among them being the ability to find dynamically feasible, informative paths on short timescales,...
    - 22-jul-2012

  2. Planning under Uncertainty using Nonparametric Bayesian Models

    Campbell, Trevor; Ponda, Sameera; Chowdhary, Girish; How, Jonathan
    - 11-feb-2012

  3. An Intelligent Cooperative Control Architecture

    How, Jonathan; Choi, Han-Lim; Undurti, Aditya; Redding, Joshua
    This paper presents an extension of existing cooperative control algorithms that have been developed for multi-UAV applications to utilize real-time observations and/or performance metric(s) in conjunction with learning methods to generate a more intelligent planner response. We approach this issue from a decentralized cooperative control perspective and embed elements of feedback control and active learning, resulting in an new intelligent Cooperative Control Architecture (iCCA). We describe this architecture, discuss some of the issues that must be addressed, and present illustrative examples of cooperative control problems where iCCA can be applied effectively.
    - 08-jun-2010

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