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  1. Dynamic Frequency Control in Power Networks

    Zhao, Changhong; Mallada Garcia, Enrique; Low, Steven H.
    Node controllers in power distribution networks in accordance with embodiments of the invention enable dynamic frequency control. One embodiment includes a node controller comprising a network interface a processor; and a memory containing a frequency control application; and a plurality of node operating parameters describing the operating parameters of a node, where the node is selected from a group consisting of at least one generator node in a power distribution network wherein the processor is configured by the frequency control application to calculate a plurality of updated node operating parameters using a distributed process to determine the updated node operating...
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 28-ago-2017

  2. System and method for making nanoparticles using atmospheric-pressure plasma microreactor

    Sankaran, R. Mohan; Giapis, Konstantinos P.; Flagan, Richard C.; Holunga, Dean M.
    A system and method for making nanoparticles. The system includes a first cathode including a first metal tube associated with a first end and a second end, a first anode including a second metal tube associated with a third end and a fourth end, and a first container including a first gas inlet. The first end and the third end are located inside the first container. The first end and the third end are separated by a first gap, the first metal tube is configured to allow a first gas to flow from the second end to the first end,...
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 06-sep-2017

  3. Continuous flow mobility classifier interface with mass spectrometer

    Brunelli, Nicholas; Giapis, Konstantinos P.; Flagan, Richard C.; Beauchamp, Jesse L.; Neidholdt, Evan
    A continuous flow mobility classifier provide the ability to perform two-dimensional separation in mass spectrometry. An ionization system is used to ionize a sample. A differential mobility analyzer (DMA) (e.g., a nano-radial DMA) is coupled to the ionization system and to a mass spectrometer. The nano-RDMA is configured to separate the ionized sample by mobility for subsequent mass analysis by the mass spectrometer.
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 02-sep-2017

  4. Swept-frequency semiconductor laser coupled to microfabricated biomolecular sensor and methods related thereto

    Flagan, Richard C.; Yariv, Amnon; Gamba, Jason M.; Satyan, Naresh; Sendowski, Jacob; Vasilyev, Arseny
    An optoelectronic swept-frequency semiconductor laser coupled to a microfabricated optical biomolecular sensor with integrated resonator and waveguide and methods related thereto are described. Biomolecular sensors with optical resonator microfabricated with integrated waveguide operation can be in a microfluidic flow cell.
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 16-sep-2017

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