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  1. The Evil of Sluits: A Re-assessment of Soil Erosion in the Karoo of South Africa as Portrayed in Century-Old Sources

    Rowntree, Kate
    Deep, linear gullies are a common feature of the present landscape of the Karoo of South Africa, where they were known locally in the early twentieth century as ‘sluits’. Recent research has shown that many of these features are now stable and are no longer significant sediment sources, although they are efficient connectors in the landscape. Because most of the gully networks predate the first aerial photographs, little is known in the scientific literature about the timing of their formation. One secondary source, however, throws interesting light on the origin of these features, and the early response by landowners to...

  2. SA Jazz Ensemble

    Lawson, Malcolm

  3. Sometimes black, sometimes white urges Africa to Mainz Open Ohr Festival

    Deul, Dieter

  4. Too hot in the tents for Africa

    Olschewski, Sigrid

  5. Moholo - Jazzmag

    Rouy, Gérard

  6. Mandela is my man

    John, Hans; Yipphie, n.a

  7. Theme "Africa" for the 12th Open OHR Festival in Mainz

    Schattner, Gerd

  8. Africa - Black on White

    ubs, n.a

  9. Live Wire

    Lake, Steve; Him, Christian

  10. South African exiles' Thunderbolt

    n.a, n.a

  11. Jazz freedom with Chris McGregor

    P., Ch.

  12. Environmental Domains and Range-Limiting Mechanisms: Testing the Abundant Centre Hypothesis Using Southern African Sandhoppers

    Baldanzi, S.; McQuaid, C.D.; Cannicci, S.; Porri, F.
    Predicting shifts of species geographical ranges is a fundamental challenge for conservation ecologists given the great complexity of factors involved in setting range limits. Distributional patterns are frequently modelled to “simplify” species responses to the environment, yet the central mechanisms that drive a particular pattern are rarely understood. We evaluated the distributions of two sandhopper species (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Talitridae), Talorchestia capensis and Africorchestia quadrispinosa along the Namibian and South African coasts, encompassing three biogeographic regions influenced by two different oceanographic systems, the Benguela and Agulhas currents. We aimed to test whether the Abundant Centre Hypothesis (ACH) can explain the distributions...

  13. The Legacy - Chris McGregor: An African way of swing

    Anderson, Muff; Lock, Graham; Wilmer, Val; Kilby, Jak

  14. Chris McGregor, musician, white and South African

    Hervé, Jane

  15. Music from elsewhere

    Nighthawk, n.a

  16. Didier Levallet, Jean-Claude Montredon and Chris McGregor

    n.a, n.a

  17. Ibrahim / McGregor

    Fordham, John

  18. Chris McGregor - solo - South Africa

    Constant, Denis

  19. The veldt sound

    Chapman, Rod; Weaser, Garry

  20. Chris McGregor: The second breath

    Latxague, Robert

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