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  1. Giant steps : a personal story of love & triumph against adversity

    Siwisa, Sihlangule M.

  2. Proceedings of the 15th Congress of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa

    Villet, M.H.

  3. Proceedings of the Congresses of the Southern African Society for Systematic Biology

    Villet, M.H.; Crous, Kendall Lauren
    Proceedings of the 9th Congress of the Southern African Society for Systematic Biology, Grahamstown 19-21st January 2011

  4. Maps for Africa

    Cosser, M.; West, W.O.
    [From the opening address by Oakley West at the exhibition: Maps: Knowledge and Power - A Teaching Exhibition]: Throughout time maps have served a multitude of purposes. They have been the instruments of rulers and conquerors, of entrepreneurs and of hunters of game or fortune. They have not only guided man's passage on the earth, but beneath it, around it and over it. The exhibition "Maps: Knowledge and Power - a Teaching Exhibition" (for which this handbook was prepared), focused mainly on historical maps and aimed to show the progress over time of cartography as a science, as well as...

  5. The geomorphological evolution of the area between Grahamstown and the Indian Ocean

    Lewis, C.A.
    [From the introduction]: The landforms of the Albany, Alexandria and Bathurst Districts in the area between Grahamstown and the sea are the product of many different geomorphological processes that have operated for well over 150 million years. The evolution of landforms normally occurs over a very long time and is usually highly complex. As a result it is difficult for a human being, whose allocated span on Earth is of the order of three score years and ten, to appreciate the time involved in their formation. The purpose of this booklet is to indicate the ways in which the present...

  6. Field guide to the Quaternary glacial, periglacial and colluvial features of the East Cape Drakensberg

    Lewis, C.A.

  7. Living in Rhini : a 2007 update on the 1999 Social Indicators Report

    Møller, V.
    [From the preface]: This report is a sequel to ‘Living in Grahamstown East/Rini – A Social Indicators report’ published by the Institute of Social and Economic Research in 2001 as Number 6 in its Research Report series. The No. 6 monograph was based on results of a sample survey of householders conducted in May 1999 in the area of Makana generally known as Grahamstown East or Rini at that time. This report is based on information collected in November 2007 in the same area. The ‘Living in Rhini’ project takes its title from a series of reports on social indicators initiated...

  8. Living in Grahamstown East/Rini: a social indicators report

    Møller, V.; Manona, Cecil Wele; van Hees, C.; Pillay, E.; Tobi, A.
    [From the preface]: The ‘Living in Grahamstown East/Rini’ project takes its title from a series of reports on social indicators initiated by Statistics South Africa. The popular series aims to communicate to ordinary people the statistics on living conditions in various parts of the country. The first two booklets in the series, Living in South Africa and Living in Gauteng, were based on survey data for South Africa and Gauteng Province (CSS: 1996; 1997). In similar vein, this booklet presents statistics on living conditions in Grahamstown East/Rini for ready reference by community organisations, local planning and policy-makers, scholars, and the...

  9. South Africa’s new democrats: a 2002 profile of democracy in the making

    Møller, V.; Hanf, T.
    [From the introduction]: South Africa’s dramatic conversion to democracy has been heralded as a modern-day miracle. In former Nobel peace prize winner Archbishop Tutu’s words, it was ‘touch and go’ whether all conflicting parties would participate in the first non-racial elections in April 1994. The ‘rainbow nation’, as the new South Africa liked to call itself in the first years of democracy, was heralded as a beacon of hope and enlightenment for Africa and the world. Since 1994, South Africa has successfully conducted two further national elections that have been declared essentially free and fair. The country has emerged as...

  10. Creating knowledge networks

    Kruss, G.; Klerck, G.G.; Paterson, A.; Godfrey, S.
    The new science and technology framework has challenged higher education institutions in South Africa to create research partnerships with industry, to contribute to growing a national system of innovation. Through detailed case studies, this monograph explores how one new organisational form typical of the knowledge society, the network, is currently being created in practice, in all its complex and contingent reality, in three high technology fields. It is the third volume in the Working Partnerships: Higher Education, Industry and Innovation series. The case studies show that knowledge networks are primarily shaped by the competitive dynamics of the industrial sub-sector within which...

  11. From conflict to negotiation: nature-based development on the South African Wild Coast. Special edition

    The Rio Earth Summit of 1992 introduced several new approaches to environmental management under the general heading of sustainable development. One of these approaches has forced conservationists to concede that it is no longer feasible or ethical to exlude resident communities from protected areas, as had been the practice for more than a century. The alternative approach highlighting considerations of social justice and economic empowerment, is to recognise that humans are also part of the local ecology, and to find sustainable ways to maintain local livelihoods along with biodiversity. Especially in the global South, resource-dependant communities associated with protected areas had...

  12. Part of the story: 10 years of the South African National Editors' Forum

    Barratt, E.
    [From the text] Neither union nor NGO, Sanef is a forum. It brings together editors, senior journalists and journalism educators across the divides of race, institution and media platform to participate in the new South African democracy. Over 10 years, its members have worked to deepen media freedom and overcome old injustices still present within the industry. The organisation has led debate and projects about the quality of Journalism and journalism training.

  13. It's the training that did it

    Berger, G.J.E.
    To improve journalism, media trainers need information about what’s working and what needs work in the courses they deliver. This means assessing the impact of this training – as it affects attitudes, information, skills and results in the workplace. To isolate the role that training plays, research and evaluation have to take place long before a course begins and continue till long after. This booklet explains the complexities involved, and it provides the tools for trainers to devise usable strategies to assess the impact of their work. The author critically draws from extensive management training literature, and produces a revised...

  14. Configuring convergence: southern African websites looking at American experience.

    Berger, G.J.E.
    I want the Web to win. Africa’s news sites on the Internet need to succeed and survive. They’re a small guarantee against global marginalisation, and a critical intersection across our continent’s domestic divides. But the outlook is not good. At a conference I went to in Berkeley in April 2001, a venture capitalist had this to say: "If I were to make a speech on when there’ll be investment in new media again, it would be a rather short topic." The alarming closures and retrenchments at news websites in the USA are sending scary signals to our fledgling efforts back...

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