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  1. Animals in Ohio long-term care facilities

    Stull, Jason; Landers, Tim; Fauver, Chelsea
    There is strong evidence that animals provide many health benefits to residents living in a long-term care facility (Nursing Home). Although animals may provide benefits to this population, there are also health risks associated with animal interactions. This brochure provides long-term care facility administrators, activity coordinators and family members with a brief overview of best practices that should be implemented during animal activities. Additionally, Ohio law requires long-term care facilities to create and implement an animal protocol. The accompanying suggested animal protocol provides long-term care facilities with a model protocol that abides by Ohio law and incorporates best practices and...

  2. Supplementary material for [article to be submitted]

    Liu, Chang; Beauchemin, James; Wang, Xiafei; Lee, Mo Yee

  3. Some Spiffing Up To Be Happy

    Mirisola, Marcelo
    English translation of: Basta um Verniz para Ser Feliz.

  4. Data for "Gender in science and engineering faculties: demographic inertia revisited"

    Thomas, Nicole R.; Poole, Daniel J.; Herbers, Joan M.

  5. Amyloidosis in cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus), transmissible?

    McLean, Kanyon; Garabed, Rebecca; Wolfe, Barbara
    Amyloidosis causes pathology through the accumulation of misfolded amyloid A protein in visceral organs, often leading to death of the animal. The increase of amyloidosis in captive cheetahs is of grave concern for the species, yet nothing is definitively known about its mechanism of transmission. One hypothesis is that amyloidosis is transmissible. Cheetah demographic and disease data were analyzed to determine the likelihood that amyloidosis is infectious. While our analysis does not disprove the infectious transmission route, simple transmission is not supported based on our findings.

  6. Investigating the introduction of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus into an Ohio swine operation

    Bowman, Andrew S.; Krogwold, Roger A.; Price, Todd; Davis, Matt; Moeller, Steven J.
    Background: Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDV) is a highly transmissible coronavirus that causes a severe enteric disease that is particularly deadly for neonatal piglets. Since its introduction to the United States in 2013, PEDV has spread quickly across the country and has caused significant financial losses to pork producers. With no fully licensed vaccines currently available in the United States, prevention and control of PEDV disease is heavily reliant on biosecurity measures. Despite proven, effective biosecurity practices, multiple sites and production stages, within and across designated production flows in an Ohio swine operation broke with confirmed PEDV in January 2014, leading the producer and attending veterinarian...

  7. Plasma Concentrations of fenbendazole (FBZ) and oxfendazole in alpacas (Lama pacos) after single intravenous and oral dosing of FBZ

    Lakritz, Jeffrey; Linden, Daniel; Anderson, David E.; Specht, Terri A.
    The objective of this study was to determine plasma pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of fenbendazole (FBZ) and oxfendazole (OZF) after i.v. and oral administration of FBZ (5 mg/kg) to alpacas. Plasma concentrations FBZ and OZF after administration of FBZ i.v. and orally (5 mg/kg) were determined by HPLC-UV. Total clearance (CL) of FBZ was 16.5 ± 4 mL/kg/min (range: 4 - 31 mL/kg/min), and steady-state volume of distribution (Vdss) was 3.3 ± 1 L/kg (range: 1.7-7.4 L/kg). The terminal phase half-life of FBZ after i.v. administration of was 5.9 ± 3.8 h (range 0.8 - 20 h). After oral administration, the...

  8. Forelimb and Hindlimb Musculature of the Crab-Eating Macaque (Macaca fascicularis)

    Sefczek, Timothy Mikhail; Dunham, Noah Thomas

  9. Appendix for "State Estimates for the Annual Cost of Foodborne Illness"

    Scharff, Robert L.
    This appendix provides state specific estimates for the health costs associated with 30 identified foodborne illnesses, as well as costs associated with unspecified illnesses. For detailed descriptions of what these measures represent and how they were measured, please refer to the main article, "State Estimates for the Annual Cost of Foodborne Illness," in Journal of Food Protection.

  10. Appendix for "State Estimates for the Annual Cost of Foodborne Illness"

    Scharff, Robert L.
    This appendix provides state specific estimates for the health costs associated with 30 identified foodborne illnesses, as well as costs associated with unspecified illnesses. For detailed descriptions of what these measures represent and how they were measured, please refer to the main article, "State Estimates for the Annual Cost of Foodborne Illness," in Journal of Food Protection.

  11. Characterization of the contributions of Hp-MMP 9 to the serum acute phase protein response of lipopolysaccharide challenged calves

    Hinds, Charles Austin; Niehaus, Andrew John; Premanandan, Christopher; Rajala-Schultz, Paivi J.; Rings, Donald M.; Lakritz, Jeffrey
    Background: Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is a costly feature of modern cattle production. Early and accurate detection of BRD may prove useful in the successful management of this disease. The primary objective of the study was to define the time course of covalent complexes of neutrophil, haptoglobin (Hp) and matrix metalloproteinase 9 (Hp-MMP 9) in serum after intravenous lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in comparison to traditional markers. Our hypothesis was that serum concentrations of neutrophil Hp-MMP 9 provides information distinct from traditional acute phase protein markers. To characterize the neutrophil responses to lipopolysaccharide (E. coli; O111:B4; 2.5 μg/kg body weight), nine healthy, Jersey calves (65-82 days of age;...

  12. Ebola: Teaching Points for Nurse Educators

    Landers, Timothy; Daley, Linda

  13. Time flies: Time of day and social environment affect cuticular hydrocarbon sexual displays in Drosophila serrata

    Gershman, Susan N.; Toumishey, Ethan; Rundle, Howard D.
    Recent work on Drosophila cuticular hydrocarbons (CHCs) challenges a historical assumption that CHCs in flies are largely invariant. Here we examine the effect of time of day and social environment on a suite of sexually selected CHCs in Drosophila serrata. We demonstrate that males become more attractive to females during the time of day that flies are most active and when most matings occur, but females become less attractive to males during the same time of day. These opposing temporal changes may reflect differences in selection among the sexes. To evaluate the effect of social environment on male CHC attractiveness,...

  14. Abraham, Isaac, and Britten: Conflict and Reconciliation in War Requiem

    Strader, Nikola Dale, 1965-

  15. Proceedings 5th Symposium on Resilience Engineering, Managing trade-offs; 24th-27th June 2013 Soesterberg, Netherlands

    Translating Resilience: A Framework to Enhance Communication and Implementation / Patricia H. Longstaff, Syracuse University, Thomas G. Kowslowski, University of Frieburg, and Will Geoghegan, Syracuse University -- Characteristics of Complex Socio-Technical Systems and Guidelines for their Management: The Role of Resilience / Tarcisio Abreu Saurin, Angela Weber Righi, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, and Éder Henriqson, Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul -- The Stress-Strain Model of Resilience Operationalizes the Four Cornerstones of Resilience Engineering / David D. Woods, The Ohio State University, Yong Jie Chan, Defense Science & Technology Agency, and John Wreathall, The WreathWood...

  16. An Opposed Jet, Process Flow Geometry: Three-Dimensional Experimental Results and Simulation for Verification

    Brodkey, Robert S.; Nilsen, Matt; Yusuf, Abdullahi; Brown, Alex; Garcia, Miguel; Kiprovska, Anita; Knight, James; Lynch, Elizabeth; Yang, Thomas; Zhao, Yang; Nakamura, Shoichiro
    Experiments and computations were made using an opposed jet mixer. The experiments provided time-resolved, fully 3-dimensional velocity vector data of low resolution. Initial velocities for the computation were all zero. The computational inlet profiles were a parabolic distribution for laminar flow, 1/7th power law for the turbulent profile, or plug flow. Two time zones were observed: the first from the start-up jet flow to fully turbulent conditions and the second, the fully turbulent (pseudo-steady-state) conditions. The initial part (available for the computations) had the most interesting fluid dynamics. The laminar inlet is different than the others. The fully turbulent flow...

  17. In vivo Spectroscopy and Imaging of Nitroxide Probes

    Khramtsov, Valery V.
    Book chapter from "Nitroxides - Theory, Experiment and Applications", edited by Alexander I. Kokorin, ISBN 978-953-51-0722-4, Hard cover, 436 pages, InTech, September 12, 2012. DOI: 10.5772/2887

  18. Was Gramsci a Marxist?

    Wainwright, Joel
    This paper argues that Antonio Gramsci's theory of hegemony is rooted in Marx's theory of value. Although value theory, and Marx's economic writings more generally, are by no means central themes of the Prison Notebooks, they nevertheless shape Gramsci's theoretical disposition and political analysis in fundamental respects. Thus, Gramsci's critique of economism should be seen as an extension of Marx's critique of political economy.

  19. Miguel Ángel Asturias and the aporia of postcolonial geography

    Wainwright, Joel; Lund, Joshua
    In this essay we examine the relation between race and space in the Americas. We do so by offering a broadly postcolonial reading of the Mayanist writings of Miguel Ángel Asturias, the Guatemalan writer who won the 1967 Nobel Prize in literature. Specifically, we trace the ways in which his work problematizes the political relations between race and space and how, in turn, these relations problematize his own critical project. We argue that Asturias, in offering a trenchant critique of capitalist social relations and their articulation to practices of racism, fails to adequately address what we call the aporia of...

  20. Three recent works by Bruno Latour

    Wainwright, Joel

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