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  1. Yearning to belong: finding a "home" for the right to academic freedom in the UN human rights covenants

    Beiter, Klaus; Karran, Terence; Appiagyei-Atua, Kwadwo
    Academic freedom is generally considered a human right, both nationally and internationally. However, no legally binding international human rights instrument—neither at the global nor the regional level—provides express protection for this right; this includes the two most important global human rights treaties, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, both of 1966. This begs the question: Does the right to academic freedom not—even so—have a “home” in either or both of the U.N. Human Rights Covenants? Can and should academic freedom be protected as part of the right to...

  2. Self-disclosure with dogs: dog owners’ and non-dog owners’ willingness to disclose emotional topics

    Evans-Wilday, Aislinn S.; Hall, Sophie S.; Hogue, Todd E.; Mills, Daniel S.
    Many owners talk to their pets about a wide range of issues, but there is very little research that has considered the content of this, or its impact on owner wellbeing. Verbal disclosure brings a range of potential health benefits, yet a number of factors may prevent individuals from confiding in their partners or friends (confidants). As such, in some circumstances, dogs may provide a more favorable alternative focus for disclosure. In a survey, we assessed dog owners’ (n = 286) and non-dog owners’ (n = 64) self-reported willingness to talk to their dog (dog owners only), their partner and...

  3. The Better Insulated House Programme

    Hildon, A.; Byrd, H.
    The Better Insulated House Programme was conceived in 1973 in awareness of the imminent world shortage of fuel which would in time affect its price. The purpose was to explore the energy savings potential in practice of measures to reduce energy consumption in housing. The programme has aimed to monitor the effects of incorporating higher standards of thermal insulation in occupied dwellings so as to: 1) Measure realised energy savings in practice 2) Identify technical risks 3) Note user's reactions.

  4. Developing a comprehensive energy policy for Birmingham

    Byrd, Hugh; Wainwright, Susan; Watson, Christopher; Gorbing, Peter; Shaw, Martin
    The report is in four parts. Part A considers the case for a comprehensive policy and recommends how such a policy might be devised and implemented. Part B provides a more detailed examination and review of existing activities in departments of the City Council, with some recommendations on action to be taken at departmental level. The work of voluntary bodies is examined in Part C and suggestions are made as to how the local authority might further enhance the work of the voluntary sector in energy conservation and advice. Finally the role of the fuel boards is examined in Part...

  5. Hell is for the inquisitive

    Winston, Brian
    In this first chapter, Professor Brian Winston, himself a former ‘World in Action’ producer, provides a brilliant tour d’horizon of the history of investigative journalism from St Augustine warning of ‘hell for the inquisitive’ in 400 CE to today’s hyper-competitive media landscape and laments: ‘As we witness the disappearance of newspaper investigative teams, it turns out it is not fear of hell-fire curbing curiosity … it’s a lack of cash.’

  6. A defining moment in personal tutoring: reflections on personal tutoring definitions and their implications

    Walker, Ben W.
    Despite personal tutoring being a highly important area, it has a contested nature. One contention concerns its definition: in simple terms, what personal tutoring is and, by extension, what effective personal tutoring is. A book on personal tutoring (Stork and Walker, 2015) I co-authored entitled Becoming an Outstanding Personal Tutor - which aims to define the role of the personal tutor in further education as well as explain and demonstrate how to carry out the role effectively) - raises a number of questions to be explored further. These have been brought into sharper focus by both my journey from further...

  7. The great university gamble: money, markets and the future of higher education [Andrew McGettigan, 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Andrew McGettigan (2013), The Great University Gamble: Money, Markets and the Future of Higher Education, London: Pluto Press. 216 pp., £16.99, pbk, 9780745332932.

  8. Improvements in marble protection by means of innovative photocatalytic nanocomposites

    Gherardi, Francesca; Goidanich, Sara; Toniolo, Lucia
    The application of photocatalytic and self-cleaning nanomaterials in the field of architectural heritage is an encouraging strategy for stone conservation and particularly for marble elements. In the present research, self‐cleaning nanocomposites were set-up by mixing water dispersions of TiO2 nanoparticles in commercial protective treatments based on organosiloxanes, fluoropolyethers and functionalized SiO2. The pure anatase phase nanoparticles used for their preparation are photoactive under solar light, in addition to UV radiation, due to their benzyl surface capping resulting in an increase of their efficiency in the degradation of pollutants. The nanomaterials applied on Carrara marble specimens show better performance in terms...

  9. Chemical diversity in a metal-organic framework revealed by fluorescence lifetime imaging

    Schrimpf, Waldemar; Jiang, Juncong; Ji, Zhe; Hirschle, Patrick; Lamb, Don C.; Yaghi, Omar M.; Wuttke, Stefan
    The presence and variation of chemical functionality and defects in crystalline materials, such as metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), have tremendous impact on their properties. Finding a means of identifying and characterizing this chemical diversity is an important ongoing challenge. This task is complicated by the characteristic problem of bulk measurements only giving a statistical average over an entire sample, leaving uncharacterized any diversity that might exist between crystallites or even within individual crystals. Here we show that by using fluorescence imaging and lifetime analysis, both the spatial arrangement of functionalities and the level of defects within a multivariable MOF crystal can...

  10. Temperature distribution measurements in an optically accessible single-cylinder engine using phosphor thermometry

    Jin, Seong-Ho
    Combustion is the most important process in engine operation; the development of engine technology, therefore, relies upon the advancement of combustion technology. Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), low temperature combustion (LTC) and controlled auto ignition (CAI) have the potential to allow for better fuel economy and reduced emissions in comparison with spark ignition (SI) combustion. Transient temperature distribution is crucial for understanding combustion, especially heat and mass transfer as well as the chemical reactions of combustion. The authors attempt to measure 2D gas temperature distribution using phosphor thermometry techniques in a single-cylinder optical engine. The intensity ratio method from phosphorescence...

  11. Poverty and welfare in Guernsey 1560-2015 [Rose-Marie Crossan, 2015]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    R. Crossan, Poverty and Welfare in Guernsey 1560-2015 (Boydell 2015 xv+332pp ISBN 978 1 78327 040 8) £35.

  12. Medical negligence in Victorian Britain: the crisis of care under the English Poor Law, c. 1834–1900. London, Bloomsbury [Kim Price, 2015]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    K. Price , Medical Negligence in Victorian Britain: The Crisis of Care under the English Poor Law, c. 1834–1900. London, Bloomsbury, 2015. xi + 235 pp. £65. 9781441125460.

  13. Migration, settlement and belonging in Europe 1500–1930s: comparative perspectives [Steven King and Anne Winter (eds.), 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Migration, settlement and belonging in Europe 1500–1930s: Comparative perspectives, Steven King and Anne Winter (eds.), New York, NY, and Oxford, Berghahn Books, 2013, 326 pp., £68.00 (hardback), ISBN 978- 1-78238-145-7

  14. Misunderstanding media

    Winston, Brian
    Reprint, in new series of 1986 edition, 0710200021 The 1980s saw constant reports of an information revolution. This book, first published in 1986, challenges this view. It argues that the information revolution is an illusion, a rhetorical gambit, an expression of profound historical ignorance, and a movement dedicated to purveying misunderstanding and disseminating disinformation. In this historically based attack on the information revolution, Professor Winston takes a had look at the four central information technologies – telephones, television, computers and satellites. He describes how these technologies were created and diffused, showing that instead of revolution we just have ‘business as usual’....

  15. A grim almanac of the workhouse [Peter Higginbotham, 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    P. Higginbotham, A Grim Almanac of the Workhouse (Stroud, The History Press, 2013), 239pp. ISBN: 978-0-7524-8739-7. £12.99 (p/b).

  16. A caring county? Social welfare in Hertfordshire from 1600 [Steven King and Gillian Gear (eds.), 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Steven King and Gillian Gear (eds.), A Caring County? Social Welfare in Hertfordshire from 1600, Hertfordshire: University of Hertfordshire Press, 2013. ISBN 978 1 909291 12 6, £16.99.

  17. The politics of provisions: food riots, moral economy and market transition in England, c.1550-1850 [John Bohstedt, 2010]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    J. Bohstedt, The Politics of Provisions. Food Riots, Moral Economy and Market Transition in England, c.1550-1850, Farnham, Ashgate, 2010. 312 pages. ISBN: 075466581X.

  18. Pauper capital: London and the poor law, 1790–1870 [David Green, 2010]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    David R. Green, Pauper capital: London and the poor law, 1790–1870 (Farnham: Ashgate, 2010. Pp. xix + 279. 59 figs. 12 tabs. ISBN 9780754630081 Hbk. £60/$114.95)

  19. Poverty, gender and life-cycle under the English Poor Law, 1760-1834 [Samantha Williams, 2011]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Poverty, Gender and Life-Cycle under the English Poor Law, 1760-1834. Samantha Williams. Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer, 2011, ISBN: 9780861933143; 204pp.; Price: £50.00

  20. Agrarian capitalism and poor relief in England, 1500–1860: rethinking the origins of the welfare state [Larry Patriquin, 2007]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Agrarian Capitalism and Poor Relief in England, 1500–1860: Rethinking the Origins of the Welfare State. By Larry Patriquin. Basingstoke: Palgrave. 2007. pp. 254. £50.00. ISBN 0 230 51693 9.

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