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1. Seeing two faces together: preference formation in humans and rhesus macaques - Meary, David; Li, Zhihan; Li, Wu; Guo, Kun; Pascalis, Olivier
Humans, great apes and old world monkeys show selective attention to faces depending on conspecificity, familiarity, and social status supporting the view that primates share similar face processing mechanisms. Although many studies have been done on face scanning strategy in monkeys and humans, the mechanisms influencing viewing preference have received little attention. To determine how face categories influence viewing preference in humans and rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta), we performed two eye-tracking experiments using a visual preference task whereby pairs of faces from different species were presented simultaneously. The results indicated that viewing time was significantly influenced by the pairing of...

2. The effect of implied motion on the motion after-effect - Mather, George; Sharman, Rebecca

3. What can maths tell us about how an animal is thinking? - Collins, Lisa

4. The dissolution of metals used in the super alloy CMSX-4 by means of aqua regia, with the focus of recovering rhenium by means of molecular imprinted polymers - Ghaleb, Matthew Stewart
Aqua regia, which is an acid solution of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, was used at three different strengths, over a period of seven days, to see how effective it was at dissolving the individual metals that are used in the super alloy CMSX-4. Tantalum, Hafnium and Titanium could all withstand the corrosive effects and did not dissolve. The strongest strength of aqua regia (not diluted) managed to partially dissolve the other metals, with Molybdenum being fully dissolved. The two diluted solutions of aqua regia were not as affective, however rhenium managed to be fully dissolved Super alloys, which are used in industries such as the aviation...

5. Challenges in Sino-Western Joint Ventures: an approach to understanding and dealing with problems - Päßler, Christopher
Despite high investments and low success rates for Joint Ventures of Western companies in China, there has been no systematic investigation into the problems which cause these alliances to not achieve their goals. For this reason, this work aims to provide academically researched insights while also addressing a business need. The objective of this research was to develop a classification of Sino-Western JV problem attributes according to their similarities in a hierarchical cluster structure. The classification enabled the generation of a better understanding of typical problem areas based on problem attributes. Further analysis and interpretation of the identified problem areas and problem patterns allowed for the identification of resolution measures...

6. Male social bonds and rank predict supporter selection in cooperative aggression in wild Barbary macaques - Young, C.; Majolo, B.; Schulke, O.; Ostner, J.
Cooperation in coalitions against coresident males has been shown to increase male reproductive success directly via increased mating success (levelling coalitions) or indirectly via increased dominance success (rank-changing coalitions). Two mechanisms guiding coalitionary supporter selection have been proposed. First, supporter selection may depend on the supporters available, whereby an animal chooses the highest ranking supporter present to maximize their chance of winning. Second, males may also select supporters based on the strength of the social bond they share with them. Different studies on male Barbary macaques, Macaca sylvanus, have produced support for both mechanisms but crucial assumptions and predictions remained...

7. The incidence of leukemia in Saudi Arabia: descriptive epidemiological analysis of data from the Saudi cancer registry (2001-2008) - Alghamdi, I. G.; Hussain, I. I.; Alghamdi, M. S.; Dohal, A. A.; El-Sheemy, M. A.
Objectives: To describe the epidemiological data of leukemia cases diagnosed from 2001 to 2008 among male and female Saudis, including the frequency and percentage of cases, the crude incidence rate (CIR), and the age-standardized incidence rate (ASIR) stratified by leukemia subtype, region, and year of diagnosis. Methods: This is a retrospective descriptive epidemiological analysis of all Saudi leukemia cases recorded in the Saudi Cancer Registry (SCR) between January 2001 and December 2008. The study was carried out in 2013 to investigate the pattern of leukemia in the Saudi population. Descriptive statistics and Poisson regression model were used. Results: A total...

8. The transition of a large-scale quality improvement initiative: a bibliometric analysis of the Productive ward: Releasing time to care programme - White, M.; Wells, J. S.; Butterworth, T.
Aims and objectives: To examine the literature related to a large-scale quality improvement initiative, the 'Productive Ward: Releasing Time to Care', providing a bibliometric profile that tracks the level of interest and scale of roll-out and adoption, discussing the implications for sustainability. Background: Productive Ward: Releasing Time to Care (aka Productive Ward) is probably one of the most ambitious quality improvement efforts engaged by the UK-NHS. Politically and financially supported, its main driver was the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. The NHS institute closed in early 2013 leaving a void of resources, knowledge and expertise. UK roll-out of the...

9. Intimate portraits: the profiles of Kenneth Tynan - Keeble, Richard
Kenneth Tynan was one of the most celebrated, controversial and prolific journalists in both the US and UK during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. As a theatre reviewer, the appearance of his writings became as much events as the productions he dissected. Amongst his vast journalistic oeuvre was an extraordinary series of profiles, mainly of prominent figures in the worlds of theatre, film and arts. This paper considers the ethical aspects of both his writing and profiling techniques - with particular reference to Janet Malcolm's critique of journalists' conventional relationships with their sources. Stuart Allan's notions of the journalist as...

10. Deconstruction and drugs: a philosophical/literary cocktail - Boothroyd, Dave

11. Global design, marketing and branding: introduction to the special issue - Melewar, T. C.; Dennis, Charles; Kent, Anthony
The relationship between marketing and design has a long heritage (see, e.g. Bloch, 1995 and Kotler and Rath, 1984). Research studies demonstrate that visual design stimuli are well-established drivers of consumer behavior (Giese et al., 2014 and Raz et al., 2008). Notwithstanding the centrality of design to the practical world of marketing, two decades ago Bloch asserted that “empirical studies of design issues are rare in marketing journals” (Bloch, 1995). Luchs and Swan repeated that assertion in 2011 (Luchs & Swan, 2011). Design “determines marketplace success, [but] its prominence continues to lag in the domain of academic marketing” (Bloch, 2011)....

12. The whispering of generations past: Kate Mosse's Languedoc trilogy - Armitt, Lucie
In her fiction Kate Mosse, author of six novels and co-founder and Honorary Director of the Orange Prize for Fiction (now The Bailey's Prize), frequently focuses upon the theme of bodily violence enacted upon women. Her protagonists, often young early career scholars of the twenty-first century find themselves in contact with ghostly sister selves belonging to the Cathar communities of Medieval France. The egalitarian and progressive politics of these historic communities preached equality of the sexes in the sight of God and believed in the central role of women priests in the spreading of a Christian faith based on love...

13. Modeling emergent patterns of dynamic desert ecosystems - Stewart, Jill; Parsons, A. J.; Wainwright, J.; Okin, G. S.; Bestelmeyer, B. T.; Fredrickson, E. L.; Schlesinger, W. H.
In many desert ecosystems, vegetation is both patchy and dynamic: vegetated areas are interspersed with patches of bare ground, and both the positioning and the species composition of the vegetated areas exhibit change through time. These characteristics lead to the emergence of multi-scale patterns in vegetation that arise from complex relationships between plants, soils, and transport processes. Previous attempts to probe the causes of spatial complexity and predict responses of desert ecosystems tend to be limited in their focus: models of dynamics have been developed with no consideration of the inherent patchiness in the vegetation, or else models have been...

14. Elimination of unnecessary contact states in contact state graphs for robotic assembly tasks - Kwak, Sung Jo; Hasegawa, Tsutomu; Martinez Mozos, Oscar; Chung, Seong Youb
It needs much computation to develop a contact state graph and find an assembly sequence because polyhedral objects consist of a lot of vertices, edges, and faces. In this paper, we propose a new method to eliminate unnecessary contact states in the contact state graph corresponding to a robotic assembly task. In our method, the faces of polyhedral objects are triangulated, and the adjacency of each vertex, edge, and triangle between an initial contact state and a target contact state is defined. Then, this adjacency is used to create contact state graphs at different priorities. When a contact state graph...

15. Hybrid HC-PAA-G3K for novelty detection on industrial systems - Zhang, Yu; Chen, Jun; Gallimore, Michael
Piecewise aggregate approximation (PAA) provides a powerful yet computationally efficient tool for dimensionality reduction and feature extraction. A new distance-based hierarchical clustering (HC) is now proposed to adjust the PAA segment frame sizes. The proposed hybrid HC-PAA is validated by a generic clustering method ‘G3Kmeans’ (G3K). The efficacy of the hybrid HC-PAA-G3K methodology is demonstrated using an application case study based on novelty detection on industrial gas turbines. Results show the hybrid HC-PAA provides improved performance with regard to cluster separation, compared to traditional PAA. The proposed method therefore provides a robust algorithm for feature extraction and novelty detection. There...

16. Applied sensor fault detection and identification during steady-state and transient system operation - Zhang, Yu; Bingham, Chris; Gallimore, Michael
The paper presents two readily implementable methods for sensor fault detection and identification (SFD/I) for complex systems. Specifically, principal component analysis (PCA) and self-organizing map neural network (SOMNN) based algorithms are demonstrated for use on industrial gas turbine (IGT) systems. Two operational regimes are considered viz. steady-state operation and operation during transient conditions. For steady-state operation, PCA based squared prediction error (SPE) is used for SFD, and through the use of contribution plots, SFI. For SFD/I under operational conditions with transients, a proposed ‘y-index’ is introduced based on PCA with transposed input matrix that provides information on anomalies in the...

17. A new adaptive Mamdani-type fuzzy modeling strategy for industrial gas turbines - Zhang, Yu; Chen, Jun; Bingham, Chris; Mahfouf, Mahdi
The paper presents a new system identification methodology for industrial systems. Using the original Mamdani fuzzy rule based system (FRBS), an adaptive Mamdani fuzzy modeling (AMFM) is introduced in this paper. It differs from the original Mamdani FRBS in that it applies different membership functions and a defuzzification mechanism that is ‘differentiable’ with respect to the membership function parameters. The proposed system also includes a back error propagation (BEP) algorithm that is used to refine the fuzzy model. The efficacy of the proposed AMFM approach is demonstrated through the experimental trails from a compressor in an industrial gas turbine system.

18. Does Europe have an effective macroeconomic policy? - Floyd, David
The purpose of this article is to set out to examine the main strengths of the EU economy as well as assessing the fierce competition from Asia and America. Should Europe be focusing more on certain factors in order to refocus and gain future growth? The article draws on theories of international trade and provides data on performance and where things need to improve.

19. Oxidative stress and intraerythrocytic concentrations of sodium and potassium in diabetic dogs - Chansaisakorn, Winai; Sriphavatsarakom, Prarom; Sopakdittapong, Pisit; Trisiriroj, Monkon; Pondeenana, Somchai; Buranakarl, Chollada
Oxidative stress parameters; thiobarbituric acid reaction substances (RBC-TBARS), catalase (RBC-CAT) and reduced glutathione (RBC-GSH)) and the intraerythrocytic concentrations of electrolytes; sodium and potassium (RBC-Na and RBC-K) were determined in 18 well- controlled (WC) and 22 poorly-controlled diabetic mellitus (DM). Dogs with DM had significant higher blood glucose concentration (P < 0.001), haemoglobin A1c (P < 0.01) and fructosamine (P < 0.001) compared to normal healthy dogs (n = 19). Diabetic dogs in both groups had higher RBC-CAT (P < 0.05) while RBC-TBARS were higher significantly only in poorly-controlled DM group (P < 0.05). The RBC-K was significantly higher in both DM groups (P < 0.001). No changes in RBC-GSH and RBC-Na were found between...

20. Severity and risk are not the same when it comes to indecent images of children - Merdian, Hannah Lena
The National Crime Agency recently reported the successful arrest of 660 “suspected paedophiles” who had accessed indecent images of children online, following a six-month investigation. The large volume of arrests revisits the discussion about how to reliably assess risk when it comes to individuals who view such pictures.

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