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1. Student as producer: research-engaged teaching, an institutional approach - Neary, Mike; Saunders, Gary; Hagyard, Andy; Derricott, Dan

2. Student as producer: radicalising the mainstream in higher education' - Neary, Mike

3. The university and the city: Social Science Centre, Lincoln – forming the urban revolution - Neary, Mike

4. A personal robotic flying machine with vertical takeoff controlled by the human body movements - Cipolla, V.; Frediani, A.; Molfino, R.; Muscolo, G. G.; Oliviero, F.; Puig, D.; Recchiuto, C. T.; Rizzo, E.; Solanas, A.; Stewart, P.
We propose a cooperative research project aimed at designing and prototyping a new generation of personal flying robotic platform controlled by movements of the human body using a symbiotic human-robot-flight machine interaction. Motors with ducted fun propulsion and power supply, and a VSLAM system will be integrated in the final flight machine with short and vertical takeoff and landing capability and composite (or light alloy) airframe structure for low speed and low altitude flight. In the project, we will also develop a flight simulator to test the interaction between the flying machine and the human body movements. In this first...

5. Hearing participants within emotionally challenging environments - Hurley, John; Linsley, Paul; MacLeod, Sheena; Ramsay, Michael

6. Development and validation of a quality of life assessment tool for use in kennelled dogs (Canis familiaris) - Kiddie, Jenna L.; Collins, Lisa M.
There is currently no objective and validated quality of life assessment tool available to assess the quality of life of domestic dogs in kennels. This study aimed to develop a validated scoring system to assess the quality of life of dogs kennelled in rehoming centres. Objective animal-based measures of welfare and quality of life, identified from the scientific literature, were included in the scoring system to indicate negative and positive quality of life. Each item was scored using a binary system to minimise subjectivity in scoring. Dogs were recruited from 13 rehoming centres into four different treatment groups: group NS...

7. Towns in Britain: Jones the planner - Jones, Adrian; Matthews, Chris
This lavishly illustrated book takes an irreverent, sometimes angry and amusing journey exploring our towns and cities, from Hackney and its hipsters to Rab C. Nesbitt's Govan, from the screaming incoherence of Cardiff Bay to the alleged idyll of Hertfordshire's garden cities. Written for the informed general reader, Towns in Britain looks at what is happening to our cities today and is essential reading for those interested in urban design, architecture and town and transport planning. Towns in Britain stimulates discussion about important topics which affect us all: the housing crisis, the quality of urban regeneration, place-making and the creation...

8. Applying family life cycle concepts in psychological practice with children and young people - Moghaddam, Nima
Family life cycle models offer a framework for understanding family development and defining ‘normative’ transitions within this developmental progression. As such, family life cycle models have the potential to inform clinical practice: by allowing case presentations to be contextualised in terms of broader systemic and temporal processes, and possible disruptions to expected transitions. This article critically considers how family life cycle models, and the notion of normative transition, might be used to support psychological understanding and intervention when working clinically with children and young people. Models of normative development and transition may be helpfully integrated with broader psychological models to...

9. The protection of the right to academic mobility under international human rights law - Beiter, Klaus
Scholarly excellence in higher education depends in part on the ability of members of the academic community to be able to travel abroad, to return home and to move freely within a state for the purposes of study, teaching and research. Articles 12 and 13 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 protect the right to freedom of movement and the right of aliens not to be arbitrarily expelled from a state, respectively. Any person may rely on these provisions to claim various stated entitlements related to freedom of movement. International human rights law does not,...

10. Impulsive for life? The nature of long-term impulsivity in domestic dogs - Riemer, Stefanie; Mills, Daniel; Wright, Hannah
Individual differences in impulsivity occur at a cognitive and/or behavioural level and are associated with differing life outcomes. However, there is a lack of empirical evidence to support the long-term stability of these characteristics in non-human animals. This study reports on the stability of convergent measures of impulsivity in domestic dogs assessed more than 6 years apart. Measures were (1) owner assessment by means of a questionnaire, the validated 'Dog Impulsivity Assessment Scale' (DIAS) and (2) dogs' performance in a delayed reward choice test. Dogs had 15-min free access to two food dispensers, one dispensing a piece of food immediately,...

11. High glucose regulates SGK1 and alpha-ENAC expression in a human cortical collecting duct cell line - Bland, R.; Hills, Claire E.; Ronco, P. M.; Bennett, J.; Squires, Paul E.
Alterations in sodium reabsorption in collecting duct epithelium can have severe implications for the normal function of the nephron and may precipitate the development of secondary hypertension. One of the principal protein kinases involved in sodium transport in the nephron is the serum and glucocorticoid regulated kinase (SGK1) that mediates translocation and insertion of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) into the plasma membrane. SGK1 appears to be increased in the kidneys of diabetic mice and humans and recent reports have identified SGK1 as a possible key signalling component in the development of hypertension associated with diabetes. RT-PCR, immunocytochemistry and western blot...

12. Arachidonic acid and insulin release from human islets of Langerhans - Belin, V. D.; Squires, Paul E.; Jones, P. M.; Persaud, S. J.
To identify the role of unmetabolised arachidonic acid (AA) produced by phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzymes, and its 12-lipoxygenase (12-LOX) and cyclooxygenase (COX) products in the insulin secretory response of human islets of Langerhans. Material and Methods: Expression of COX-1 and COX-2 mRNAs was determined by RT-PCR. Insulin secretion from perifused human islets was measured by radioimmunoassay, in the presence of inhibitors of PLA2 (AACOCF3, PACOCF3), COX and LOX (phenidone), 12-LOX (baicalein) and COX-2 (NS-398). Results: Both COX-1 and COX-2 mRNAs were amplified by RT-PCR from unstimulated human islets. Insulin release from human islets increased significantly (P<0.01) in response to 20mM...

13. Long-term effects of an exercise and Mediterranean diet intervention in the vascular function of an older, healthy population - Klonizakis, Markos; Alkhabit, Ahmad; Middleton, Geoff
Background: Preserving endothelial function and microvascular integrity is suggested to reduce cardiovascular disease risk. It was recently shown that the age-dependent decline in endothelial and microvascular integrity may be reversed when combining exercise with Mediterraneandiet (MD) in an 8-week intervention.Thepresent study investigates whether the risk-reduction improvement in microcirculatory and cardiorespiratory functions are sustained in this age-group after a 1-year follow-up. Design and methods: Twenty sedentary healthy participants (age, 55 ± 4 years) from the original study underwent cardiopulmonary exercise tolerance test and were assessed for their upper- and lower-limb vascular endothelial cutaneous vascular conductance (CVC) using laser Doppler fluximetry (LDF) with...

14. Mechano-receptors and cell-to-cell communication in the human collecting duct: functional involvement of TRPV4 and connexin-43 - Hills, Claire E.; Wheelans, D. C.; Ronco, P. M.; Bland, R.; Squires, Paul E.
Background: Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels are expressed in many epithelial cells and respond to mechanical or osmotic stress by initiating a number of calcium-dependent mechanisms. The human serum and glucocorticoid regulated kinase (hSGK) is one such calcium-dependent protein found in the kidney. Stimulated by cell shrinkage, this volume-regulated kinase stimulates sodium transport. Aberrant absorption of sodium has been implicated in the development of hypertension associated with renal disease and diabetic nephropathy. Osmotic-induced changes in cell volume can have dramatic repercussions for connexin-mediated cell-to-cell contact and may further exacerbate sodium-induced hypertension. Objectives: In the present study we have utilised a novel...

15. Function of the calcium-sensing receptor in insulin-secreting MIN6 cells and human islets of Langerhans - Squires, Paul E.; Gray, E.; Huang, G. C.; Amiel, S. A.; Persaud, S. J.; Jones, P. M.
Objective: The extracellular calcium-sensing receptor (CaR) is expressed on many different cell types other than those involved in the systemic regulation of plasma calcium. We have demonstrated previously that insulin-producing beta cells express the CaR. In this study we have used a calcimimetic CaR agonist (A568) to investigate the effects of CaR activation on beta cell function. Methods: Experiments used the insulin secreting MIN6 cell line or isolated human islets of Langerhans. Single cell calcium microfluorimetry measurements were performed using Fura-2 loaded cells. Insulin secretion was measured in a multichannel perifusion system. Cell proliferation was measured by bromodeoxyuridine incorporation. Results: In the...

16. Excessive neural responses and visual discomfort - OHare, Louise
Visual discomfort is the adverse effects of viewing certain stimuli, for example striped patterns and op-art stimuli. This could be due to eye-movements (Zanker, Hermens and Walker, 2010), alternatively discomfort could arise from excessive neural responses (Juricevic, Land, Wilkins and Webster, 2010). If excessive neural responses are responsible for discomfort, this judgements should relate to the magnitude of the EEG response. Spatial frequency content affects the level of discomfort (Wilkins et al, 1984; Fernandez and Wilkins, 2008). As the visual system is differentially sensitive to spatial frequency (Campbell and Robson, 1968), particularly those judged most uncomfortable (Wilkins et al, 1984),...

17. Dicarbonyl stress and beta-cell dysfunction - Tym, Amy Elizabeth; Jin, Tianrong; Rabbani, Naila; Rossmeisl, Martin; Kopecky, Jan; Squires, Paul E.; Thornalley, Paul
Methylglyoxal may be involved in the early stages of decline in glucose tolerance and decline in pancreatic beta-cell function leading to type 2 diabetes. Methylglyoxal and methylglyoxal-modified proteins increase during short-term increases in glucose concentration, infusion of exogenous methylglyoxal in rats and mice impaired glucose tolerance and glyoxalase 1 (Glo1) prevented beta-cell toxicity. We investigated the role of methylglyoxal and protein glycation on beta-cell function and the development of diabetes, with focus on the interactions of cells with the extracellular matrix. Impairments in adhesion of MIN6 insulinoma cells to methylglyoxal-glycated collagen IV were assessed in vitro using atomic force microscopy...

18. Leaving home - Lawrence, Conan; Westerside, Andrew
The tragedy of a World War One family which lost five sons to the conflict will be remembered by a unique performance in the rural Lincolnshire village where they lived. The Beechey family, whose home was in the village of Friesthorpe, near Lincoln, sent eight young men to fight on the front line of the Great War, but only three of the brothers returned. The family is one of only three in the UK known to have lost so many sons, and their story will be remembered in a moving tribute performance that will take the audience through their village streets...

19. Seeing two faces together: preference formation in humans and rhesus macaques - Meary, David; Li, Zhihan; Li, Wu; Guo, Kun; Pascalis, Olivier
Humans, great apes and old world monkeys show selective attention to faces depending on conspecificity, familiarity, and social status supporting the view that primates share similar face processing mechanisms. Although many studies have been done on face scanning strategy in monkeys and humans, the mechanisms influencing viewing preference have received little attention. To determine how face categories influence viewing preference in humans and rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta), we performed two eye-tracking experiments using a visual preference task whereby pairs of faces from different species were presented simultaneously. The results indicated that viewing time was significantly influenced by the pairing of...

20. The effect of implied motion on the motion after-effect - Mather, George; Sharman, Rebecca
Directional motion adaptation has previously been reported following exposure to sequences of unrelated still photographs depicting implied motion (‘implied motion after-effect’, IMAE; Winawer et al., 2008). To investigate the relationship between processes activated by implied motion and by explicit dynamic motion, we tested whether the IMAE can combine with the classical motion after-effect (CMAE) elicited by adaptation to drifting dot patterns. Participants adapted to stimuli which combined moving dot patterns with sequences of static implied-motion images. Motion adaptation was measured using a forced-choice staircase procedure in which the displacement of drifting test dots was varied to find the observer’s motion...

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