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1. European tour-operators environmental risk management - Ciuchete, Stela Georgiana; Lefter, Gina
European tour-operators have become more involved in building long-term relationships between tourists, governments and local communities across the world. Having an enormous economic and social potential tour-operators have the capabilities to inspire a significant movement towards tourism sustainability. This research presents case studies of three global tour-operators (TUI, Thomas Cook and Kuoni) that are deeply engaged in ecological initiatives. Data concerning environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainable development in their source markets and tourism destinations have been integrated in order to reveal a common environmental risk assessment (ERA) framework. This study also identified a shift between Western and Eastern Europe...

2. Student as producer: radicalising curriculum development and institutional change in higher education - Neary, Mike

3. Experiencing higher education as an academic practitioner: negotiating academic identity - Brew, Angela; Boud, David; Lucas, Lisa; Crawford, Karin
A study of academic identity carried out in Australia and England is illuminating how academics in different university contexts and with different career orientations position themselves and interpret what is possible as they mediate the influences of structure and agency. The paper presents one element of this mixed methods study: the early findings from in-depth interviews with mid-career academics in English and Australian universities. This work has enabled an exploration of key issues in academic formation such as how experiences are changing globally; academics’ experiences of negotiating a complex and perplexing set of institutional and national constraints; and what enables...

4. The role of the PhD in developing an academic career - Brew, Angela; Boud, David; Crawford, Karin; Lucas, Lisa
How do people become academics and what is the role of the PhD in this process? It is commonly assumed that the PhD prepares people for academic careers. However, a survey of academics in six UK and six Australian universities has demonstrated that the PhD is not particularly effective in preparing academics for independent research and teaching. So how does the PhD influence them? This paper critically examines the PhD experience of academics using rich qualitative data from interviews with 27 mid-career academics in Australia and the UK. Using an Archerian conceptual framework, it explores the role of the PhD...

5. Social work and human development [4th edition] - Walker, Janet; Crawford, Karin
In order to practice effectively, social workers need a critical understanding of how people develop and how the different stages in the average life course can alter and affect a person. Covering all stages of the life course, this book looks at the ways in which people develop before birth, as babies and children through adolescence and onto young, middle and older adulthood. With this knowledge, social workers are able to establish and maintain effective partnerships with both service-users and other professionals alike. This book is part of the 'Transforming Social Work Practice' series which has become the market-leading series for...

6. Animating “bottom-up” sustainable strategies in village settings - Annibal, Ivan; Liddle, Joyce; Mcelwee, Gerard
Purpose – The key purpose of the paper is to consider the challenges facing local authorities in supporting sustainable rural settlements in their efforts to be enterprising and sustainable in confronted with increasingly severe downward pressure on local authority finances due to the recession; the long-term trend of increased adult social care costs linked to a challenging demographic profile across rural England; and increasing expectations around service delivery arising from more discerning “e-enabled” users of public services. Design/methodology/approach – This paper offers a structured reflection on the responses of a qualitative study of village sustainability, based on case studies of the...

7. Symposium of laptop ensembles and orchestras, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge US - Collinson, Stewart; Hajdu, Georg; Szigetvári, Andrea; Kretz, Johannes; Siska, Adam; Nigermann, Kai; Larson, Andy
Live computer network performance

8. Building heating consumptions under present and future climate scenarios - Sun, Feifei; Sodagar, Behzad; Bell, John

9. Measuring for improvement - Siriwardena, A. Niroshan; Gillam, S.
This is the fourth in a series of articles about the science of quality improvement. We examine what to measure, how to measure and some important measurement techniques, such as run charts, control charts and funnel plots. These help us to understand healthcare processes, to assess whether they are stable or improving and to determine how they can be improved further. © 2013 Radcliffe Publishing.

10. Reducing wasteful innovation - Siriwardena, A. Niroshan

11. Low-cost embedded system for relative localization in robotic swarms - Faigl, Jan; Krajnik, Tomas; Chudoba, Jan; Preucil, Libor; Saska, Martin
In this paper, we present a small, light-weight, low-cost, fast and reliable system designed to satisfy requirements of relative localization within a swarm of micro aerial vehicles. The core of the proposed solution is based on off-the-shelf components consisting of the Caspa camera module and Gumstix Overo board accompanied by a developed efficient image processing method for detecting black and white circular patterns. Although the idea of the roundel recognition is simple, the developed system exhibits reliable and fast estimation of the relative position of the pattern up to 30 fps using the full resolution of the Caspa camera. Thus,...

12. Navigation, localization and stabilization of formations of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles - Saska, Martin; Krajnik, Tomas; Vonasek, Vojtech; Vanek, Petr; Preucil, Libor
A leader-follower formation driving algorithm developed for control of heterogeneous groups of unmanned micro aerial and ground vehicles stabilized under a top-view relative localization is presented in this paper. The core of the proposed method lies in a novel avoidance function, in which the entire 3D formation is represented by a convex hull projected along a desired path to be followed by the group. Such a representation of the formation provides non-collision trajectories of the robots and respects requirements of the direct visibility between the team members in environment with static as well as dynamic obstacles, which is crucial for...

13. Dietary experience modifies horses' feeding behavior and selection patterns of three macronutrient rich diets - Redgate, S. E.; Cooper, J. J.; Hall, S.; Eady, P.; Harris, P. A.
Choice feeding is often used to investigate an animal's nutritional requirements and dietary preferences. A problem with this approach is that animals with long gut transit times, such as the horse, may find it difficult to associate a chosen food with its nutritional consequence when alternative foods are presented simultaneously. One solution is to present foods singly for a period of time before a simultaneous choice session to allow the development of learned associations. This method was used to determine if horse's voluntary intake and feeding behavior was influenced by the macronutrient composition of the diet. Seven stabled horses, maintained...

14. Bologna process, more or less: nursing education in the European economic area: a discussion paper - Palese, Alvisa; Zabalegui, Adela; Sigurdardottir, Arun; Bergin, Michael; Dobrowolska, Beata; Gasser, Catherine; Pajnkihar, Majda; Jackson, Christine
Palese A, Zabalegui A, Sigurdardottir AK, Bergin M, Dobrowolska B, Gasser C, Pajnkihar M, Jackson C. Abstract Abstract The Bologna Declaration and the subsequent processes is the single most important reform of higher education taking place in Europe in the last 30 years. Signed in 1999, it includes 46 European Union countries and aimed to create, a more coherent, compatible, comparable and competitive European Higher Education Area. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the Bologna Declaration achievements in nursing education at 2010 within eight countries that first signed the Declaration on 1999. Researchers primarily identified national laws, policy statements, guidelines...

15. A motion attention model based on rarity weighting and motion cues in dynamic scenes - Xu, Jiawei; Yue, Shigang; Tang, Yuchao
Nowadays, motion attention model is a controversial topic in the biological computer vision area. The computational attention model can be decomposed into a set of features via predefined channels. Here we designed a bio-inspired vision attention model, and added the rarity measurement onto it. The priority of rarity is emphasized under the assumption of weighting effect upon the features logic fusion. At this stage, a final saliency map at each frame is adjusted by the spatiotemporal and rarity values. By doing this, the process of mimicking human vision attention becomes more realistic and logical to the real circumstance. The experiments...

16. Embryonic heart rate during development in six species of domesticated birds - Deeming, Charles
H. Tazawa, O. Kuroda, S. G. Tullett, D. C. Deeming

17. Diurnal time-activity budget of adult Greater Rheas (Rhea americana) in a farming environment - Sales, J.; Deeming, Charles; van Deventer, P. J. U.; Martella, M. B.; Navarro, J. L.
A baseline of rhea behaviour in captivity was established by evaluating the diurnal time-activity budget of adult rheas during the breeding season in the Northern hemisphere (April to July) in a fanning environment with group size and sex as variables. While group size has little effect on behaviour, most activities showed significant differences between sexes. Most time was spent on pacing and standing combined by both males (49.2%) and females (39.8%). Female rheas spent significantly more time on nutrition (33.7%) than males (18.3%). No specific patterns were observed in any of the behaviours evaluated over time. Foraging during all time...

18. An ichthyosaur embryo from the Lower Lias (Jurassic: Hettingan) of Somerset, England, with comments on the reproductive biology of ichthyosaurs - Deeming, D. C.; Halstead, L. B.; Manabe, M.; Unwin, D. M.

19. A global environmental right - Turner, Stephen J.
The development of an international substantive environmental right on a global level has long been a contested issue. To a limited extent environmental rights have developed in a fragmented way through different legal regimes. This book examines the potential for the development of a global environmental right that would create legal duties for all types of decision-makers and provide the bedrock for a new system of international environmental governance. Taking a problem solving approach, the book seeks to demonstrate how straightforward and logical changes to the existing global legal architecture would address some of the fundamental root causes of environmental degradation....

20. What digital revolution? - Winston, Brian
New technology will never make us free; instead it has suppressed radical potential and created the 27-minute lunch-hour. That emailing and the internet have turned out to be so inefficient is a cause for rejoicing. (Quotes from original text)

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