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1. 'The jewel in the crown': the Young Peoples' Theatre Scheme at the Royal Court, 1966-1976 - Holden, Nicholas
The Royal Court Theatre has, throughout its history, demonstrated an ongoing allegiance to the writer. The support of the playwright and the formation of a writer/theatre relationship at the Court has been addressed in a variety of ways: from the First Writers’ group (1958), to the inaugural Young Playwrights Competition (1973) that evolved into the Young Writers’ Festival (1975) and, more recently, the Young Writers’ Programme. Renamed as the Young Writers’ Programme in 1998, the Royal Court’s Young Peoples’ Theatre Scheme (YPTS) is under-represented in the scholarship that concerns the theatre’s history. From a rudimentary outreach scheme initiated by the...

2. The presence of ethics and CSR courses in Australasian MBA programs - Segon, M.; Booth, C.; Pearce, J.
Ethics and CSR courses in Australasian MBA programs

3. Interview with Andrew David on Joni Mitchell [Siren FM] - Charnock, Ruth; David, Andrew
Interview with Andrew David on Joni Mitchell, Siren FM [15/6/15]

4. Role of water in atomic resolution AFM in solutions - Watkins, Matthew; Berkowitz, Max L.; Shluger, Alexander L.
We use computer modelling to investigate the mechanism of atomic-scale corrugation in frequency modulation atomic force microscopy imaging of inorganic surfaces in solution. Molecular dynamics simulations demonstrate that the forces acting on a model microscope tip result from the direct interaction between a tip and a surface, and forces entirely due to the water structure around both tip and surface. The observed force is a balance between largely repulsive potential energy changes as the tip approaches and the entropic gain when water is sterically prevented from occupying sites near the tip and surface. Only extremely sharp tips are likely to...

5. Transient mobility mechanisms of deposited metal atoms on insulating surfaces: Pd on MgO (100) - Gao, David Z.; Watkins, Matthew; Shluger, Alexander L.
The importance and mechanisms of transient mobility of atoms and molecules adsorbing at surfaces have been a subject of controversy for many years. We used classical molecular dynamics simulations to examine transient mobility of Pd atoms adsorbing on the MgO (100) surface with incident kinetic energies not exceeding 0.4 eV. The calculations show that deposited Pd atoms exhibit high mobility at temperatures below 80 K where the contribution from thermal diffusion processes should be negligible. For our selected deposition conditions, aimed at simulation of Pd cluster growth experiments, an estimated 76 of the impinging Pd atoms are expected to travel...

6. Free energy approaches for modeling atomic force microscopy in liquids - Reischl, Bernhard; Watkins, Matthew; Foster, Adam S.
High resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM) in liquids offers atomic scale insight into the structure at water/solid interfaces and is perhaps the only tool capable of resolving the nature of formed hydration layers. However, convolution between the imaging signal and the tip/surface interactions and hydration layers means that interpretation is far from straightforward. Modeling the complex imaging mechanism of atomic force microscopy in liquids requires calculation of the free energy profile as a function of the distance between AFM tip and surface. Its derivative is the best approximation for the force acting on the AFM tip, including entropic contributions from...

7. Determining adsorption geometry, bonding, and translational pathways of a metal-organic complex on an oxide surface: Co-salen on NiO(001) - Schwarz, Alexander; Gao, David Z.; Lammle, Knud; Grenz, Josef; Watkins, Matthew B.; Shluger, Alexander L.; Wiesendanger, Roland
Individual molecules of Co-Salen, a small chiral paramagnetic metal-organic complex, deposited on NiO(001) were imaged with noncontact atomic force microscopy (NC-AFM) using metallic Cr coated tips. Experimentally, we simultaneously resolve both the molecule and the individual surface ions. Images recorded at low temperatures show that the Co-Salen molecules are aligned slightly away from the ⟨110⟩ directions of the surface and that the Co center of the molecule is located above a bright spot in atomically resolved images of the surface. Density functional theory calculations predict that the molecule adsorbs with the central Co atom on top of an oxygen ion...

8. A simple approximation for forces exerted on an AFM tip in liquid - Watkins, Matthew; Reischl, Bernhard
The critical quantity in understanding imaging using an atomic force microscope is the force the sample exerts on the tip. We put forward a simple one-to-one force to water density relationship, explain exactly how it occurs, and in which circumstances it holds. We argue that two wide classes of atomic force microscope (AFM) tip should lead to at least qualitative agreement with our model and represent a significant fraction of AFM tips as currently prepared. This connection between the short-range force and the unperturbed equilibrium water density removes the need to perform simulations for each tip location, conservatively speeding up...

9. Nature of intrinsic and extrinsic electron trapping in SiO 2 - El-Sayed, Al-Moatasem; Watkins, Matthew B.; Afanas'ev, Valery V.; Shluger, Alexander L.
Using classical and ab initio calculations we demonstrate that extra electrons can be trapped in pure crystalline and amorphous SiO2 (a-SiO2) in deep band gap states. The structure of trapped electron sites in pure a-SiO2 is similar to that of Ge electron centers and so-called [SiO4/Li]0 centers in α quartz. Classical potentials were used to generate amorphous silica models and density functional theory to characterize the geometrical and electronic structures of trapped electrons in crystalline and amorphous silica. The calculations demonstrate that an extra electron can be trapped at a Ge impurity in α quartz in six different configurations. An...

10. A comparison of dynamic atomic force microscope set-ups for performing atomic scale manipulation experiments - Trevethan, T.; Watkins, Matthew; Shluger, A. L.; Polesel-Maris, J.; Gauthier, S.; Kantorovich, L. N.
We present the results of calculations performed to investigate the process of single-atom manipulation with the non-contact atomic force microscope comparing the two most common experimental set-ups: a conventional large amplitude silicon cantilever and a small amplitude quartz tuning fork. The manipulation of a model system - an oxygen vacancy in the MgO(001) surface by a single vertical approach at a fixed lateral position - is simulated for each set-up using a detailed and realistic atomistic model that accounts for temperature and the tip trajectory, and it is found that both approaches produce the manipulation event in approximately the same...

11. Using metallic noncontact atomic force microscope tips for imaging insulators and polar molecules: tip characterization and imaging mechanisms - Gao, David Zhe; Grenz, Josef; Watkins, Matthew; Canova, Filippo Federici; Schwarz, Alexander; Wiesendanger, Roland; Shluger, Alexander L.
We demonstrate that using metallic tips for noncontact atomic force microscopy (NC-AFM) imaging at relatively large (>0.5 nm) tip-surface separations provides a reliable method for studying molecules on insulating surfaces with chemical resolution and greatly reduces the complexity of interpreting experimental data. The experimental NC-AFM imaging and theoretical simulations were carried out for the NiO(001) surface as well as adsorbed CO and Co-Salen molecules using Cr-coated Si tips. The experimental results and density functional theory calculations confirm that metallic tips possess a permanent electric dipole moment with its positive end oriented toward the sample. By analyzing the experimental data, we...

12. Factors influencing Chinese students' behavior in promoting Australia as a destination for Chinese outbound travel - Chen, Ning (Chris); Dwyer, Larry; Firth, Tracey
The importance of Chinese students in Australia has been largely neglected in the tourism development and place branding of Australia. This study explores the factors that influence Chinese students’ word-of-mouth behaviors, as well as other behaviors influencing Australia as a tourism destination. Following a literature review, a taxonomy of word-of-mouth behaviours is proposed in terms of the way information is communicated. “Place attachment to Australia”, “place attachment to China”, and “place satisfaction in Australia”, are proposed as the key factors that influence such behaviors. Using structural equation modelling, the authors find that “place attachment to Australia” and “satisfaction” with Australia...

13. Mechanical properties of β-HMX - Gallagher, Hugh G.; Miller, John C.; Sheen, David B.; Sherwood, John N.; Vrcelj, Ranko M.
Background: For a full understanding of the mechanical properties of a material, it is essential to understand the defect structures and associated properties and microhardness indentation is a technique that can aid this understanding. Results: The Vickers hardness on (010), {011} and {110} faces lay in the range of 304-363 MPa. The Knoop Hardnesses on the same faces lay in the range 314-482 MPa. From etching of three indented surfaces, the preferred slip planes have been identified as (001) and (101). For a dislocation glide, the most likely configuration for dislocation movement on the (001) planes is (001) [100] (|b|...

14. Sexuality education in different contexts [special issue of Health Education] - Simovska, Venka; Kane, Ros
Purpose - Sexuality education is a controversial and contested issue that has evoked wide debate on the question of its aims, contents, methods, pedagogy and desired outcomes. This editorial aims to provide a brief commentary, positioning the contributions to this Special Issue of Health Education within the research landscape concerning sexuality education in schools internationally. Design/methodology/approach - The idea for this Special Issue was born in Odense, Denmark, in October 2012, during the 4th European Conference of Health Promoting Schools. The Conference Programme and the debates during the sessions demonstrated the need for a wider discussion of sexuality education, particularly...

15. Quantitative investigation of calcimimetic R568 on beta cell adhesion and mechanics using AFM single-cell force spectroscopy - Siamantouras, Eleftherios; Hills, Claire E.; Younis, Mustafa Y.; Squires, Paul; Liu, Kuo-Kang
In this study we use a novel approach to quantitatively investigate mechanical and interfacial properties of clonal \ensuremathβ-cells using AFM-Single Cell Force Spectroscopy (SCFS). MIN6 cells were incubated for 48hrs with 0.5mM Ca2+ ± the calcimimetic R568 (1\ensuremathμM). AFM-SCFS adhesion and indentation experiments were performed by using modified tipless cantilevers. Hertz contact model was applied to analyse force-displacement (F-d) curves for determining elastic or Young's modulus (E). Our results show CaSR-evoked increases in cell-to-cell adhesion parameters and E modulus of single cells, demonstrating that cytomechanics have profound effects on cell adhesion characterization.

16. Commercial and institutional caterings food hygiene practice and the 1992 Food and Drugs Act of Ghana, Sections 1, 6 and 7 - Ababio, Patricia Foriwaa; Lovatt, Pauline
The compliance of a cross section of commercial and institutional caterings in Ghana to the PNDC Law 305B Sections 1, 6 and 7 was studied with the use of purposively sampled food workers in the two set ups. Both commercial and institutional caterings had considerable number of hygiene trained personnel in supervisory position in compliance with section 6 of the Food Law. Sections 1 and 7 on the sale of unwholesome food through lack of available control measures on handling non conforming raw materials and the preparation of food under unsanitary conditions respectively needed much improvement in both set ups....

17. The return of personal property after death and disaster - Easthope [writing as Payne], Lucy

18. Facilitating LGBT medical, health and social care content in higher education teaching - Davy, Zowie; Amsler, Sarah; Duncombe, Karen
Increasingly, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) health care is becoming an important quality assurance feature of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare in Britain. While acknowledging these very positive developments, teaching LGBT curricula content is contingent upon having educators understand the complexity of LGBT lives. The study adopted a qualitative mixed method approach. The study investigated how and in what ways barriers and facilitators of providing LGBT medical, health and social care curricula content figure in the accreditation policies and within undergraduate and postgraduate medical and healthcare teaching. This paper illustrates opposing views about curricula inclusion. The evidence presented suggests...

19. Narrative coherence and posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology following combat in Iraq and Afghanistan - Ogden, Suzanne
Background Mental health problems have been identified to be the area of greatest need in the British military veteran population (The Royal British Legion, 2006). Troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are exposed to a number of traumatic stressors which might impact on their mental health. The most recognised PTSD population is the combat veteran (Miller, 2000) and the transition from the military to civilian life can be a challenging period for veterans as they develop a narrative of their experiences and incorporate this into their life story (Ormerod & Evans, 2008). Exposure to traumatic events and the experience of...

20. Scholarly and public histories: a case study of Lincolnshire, agriculture and museums - Hunt, Abigail
This thesis is an exploration of the complex relationship between academic, popular and museum histories. A central theme to the research is that nostalgia currently keeps these categories of history quite separate from one another, as academic historians are critical of the use of nostalgia in presenting the past, whereas popular histories are often steeped in nostalgia, as are historical narratives presented in museums. I argue that nostalgia and nostalgic sources should not be viewed as problematic by historians, but embraced simply as another type of historical source. Popular histories, rich in nostalgia, and often reliant on memories should also be considered more favourably by academics as they serve...

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