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1. A computational model of human-robot spatial interactions based on a qualitative trajectory calculus - Dondrup, Christian; Bellotto, Nicola; Hanheide, Marc; Eder, Kerstin; Leonards, Ute
In this paper we propose a probabilistic sequential model of Human-Robot Spatial Interaction (HRSI) using a well-established Qualitative Trajectory Calculus (QTC) to encode HRSI between a human and a mobile robot in a meaningful, tractable, and systematic manner. Our key contribution is to utilise QTC as a state descriptor and model HRSI as a probabilistic sequence of such states. Apart from the sole direction of movements of human and robot modelled by QTC, attributes of HRSI like proxemics and velocity profiles play vital roles for the modelling and generation of HRSI behaviour. In this paper, we particularly present how the...

2. Dogs with separation-related problems show a “less pessimistic” cognitive bias during treatment with fluoxetine (Reconcile™) and a behaviour modification plan - Karagiannis, Christos I.; Burman, Oliver H. P.; Mills, Daniel S.
Background Canine separation-related problems (SRP) (also described as “separation anxiety” or “separation distress”) are among the most common behavioural complaints of dog owners. Treatment with psychoactive medication in parallel with a behaviour modification plan is well documented in the literature, but it is unknown if this is associated with an improvement in underlying affective state (emotion and mood) or simply an inhibition of the behaviour. Cognitive judgement bias tasks have been proposed as a method for assessing underlying affective state and so we used this approach to identify if any change in clinical signs during treatment was associated with a...

3. The neck flattening defensive behaviour in snakes: first record of hooding in the South American colubrid genus Philodryas - Jara, Manuel; Pincheira-Donoso, Daniel
Animal species have evolved a remarkable diversity of defensive phenotypic strategies aimed to deceive predators and other forms of danger. By relying on deception, these adaptations increase the chances of avoiding physical contact that may otherwise have very high fitness costs. One such deceptive behaviour is the popularly-known neck flattening, or "hooding", observed in some snakes. Hooding consists in the lateral expansion and dorso-ventral flattening of the neck, which creates the impression of a bigger opponent during confrontations. This trait is highly characteristic of cobras (Elapidae family). However, neck flattening is not exclusive to elapids, and has in fact been...

4. Multilabel region classification and semantic linking for colon segmentation in CT colonography - Yang, X.; Ye, Xujiong; Slabaugh, G.
Accurate and automatic colon segmentation from CT images is a crucial step of many clinical applications in CT colonography, including computer-aided detection (CAD) of colon polyps, 3-D virtual flythrough of the colon, and prone/supine registration. However, the existence of adjacent air-filled organs such as the lung, stomach, and small intestine, and the collapse of the colon due to poor insufflation, render accurate segmentation of the colon a difficult problem. Extra-colonic components can be categorized into two types based on their 3-D connection to the colon: detached and attached extracolonic components (DEC and AEC, respectively). In this paper, we propose graph...

5. Byzantine war ideology between Roman imperial concept and Christian religion ( J. Koder and I. Stouraitis, eds., Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2012) - Stephenson, Paul
Review of a collection of essays devoted to religious war and war ideology in Byzantium and some of its neighbours. Akten des Internationalen Symposiums (Wien, 19.-21. Mai 2011), Vienna 2012

6. The role of C-terminal amidation in the membrane interactions of the anionic antimicrobial peptide, maximin H5 - Dennison, Sarah R.; Mura, Manuela; Harris, Frederick; Morton, Leslie H. G.; Zvelindovsky, Andrei; Phoenix, David A.
Maximin H5 is an anionic antimicrobial peptide from amphibians, which carries a C-terminal amide moiety, and was found to be moderately haemolytic (20%). The α-helicity of the peptide was 42% in the presence of lipid mimics of erythrocyte membranes and was found able to penetrate (10.8 mN m- 1) and lyse these model membranes (64 %). In contrast, the deaminated peptide exhibited lower levels of haemolysis (12%) and α-helicity (16%) along with a reduced ability to penetrate (7.8 mN m- 1) and lyse (55%) lipid mimics of erythrocyte membranes. Taken with molecular dynamic simulations and theoretical analysis, these data suggest...

7. Democratizing diagnoses: (trans*)forming the DSM 5 - Davy, Zowie
The groundwork done in the Workgroups set up to reconfigure the ‘trans*’ diagnoses in the DSM 5 has on the surface taken a surprising democratized turn. On the one hand this could be seen as the carers reimagining the healthcare needs, of in the cases here, transpeople, and on the other hand reaffirming the hierarchal position between the vulnerable and the valued caregiver citizen. This democratized turn was amid much controversy surrounding the use of everyday experiences being pathologized (Gornall, 2013). This paper will examine the incorporation of feedback from advisors and the wider scientific community at large and other...

8. The Blackwell Compantion to Byzantium [Liz James (ed.). Oxford: Blackwell, 2010] - Stephenson, Paul
A long review of a large collection of essays about Byzantium

9. The greatest documentaries of all time: The Sight and Sound 2014 poll - Winston, Brian
What can be the significance of the 2014 Sight & Sound survey of the documentary archive?

10. Postcranial sex estimation criteria for Mexican Hispanics - Spradley, M. Katherine; Anderson, Bruce E.; Tise, Meredith L.
Population-specific reference data are necessary for sex estimation in forensic anthropological practice. Currently, there are no population-specific data for Hispanics equivalent to data available for American Blacks and Whites. Individuals of Mexican origin represent the largest group of Hispanics in the United States (Spradley and Jantz. 2011. J Forensic Sci;56:289). This paper presents new population-specific sex estimation criteria for postcranial measurements for Mexican Hispanics. Metric data come from positively identified border-crossing fatalities at the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner and documented cemetery collections curated at Universidad Nacional Aut�onoma de M�exico and Universidad Aut�onoma de Yucat�an. Stepwise variable selection...

11. NIPAC and its place in the world: the definition of Non-International Political Armed Conflict (NIPAC) in the context of International Criminal Law - Patience, Shona
With small scale internal armed conflicts unfortunately becoming increasingly commonplace, this paper critically discusses the lack of clarity around the definition of an internal political armed conflict, that does not meet the threshold tests as defined by International Criminal Law and customary international criminal law. The paper examines the Rome Statute 1998 as well as customary international case law around the subject. Furthermore, the paper analyses the negotiations process surrounding the creation of the Rome Statute, to establish the reasoning and justification for such a narrow interpretation of what constitutes a NIPAC; critiquing the definitions outlined in Articles 7 and...

12. What patients value and what they experience in English general practice: comparison by patient characteristics - Godoy Caballero, Ana Luisa; Sirdifield, Coral; Siriwardena, Niro; Windle, Karen; Jackson, Christine; McKay, Steve; Schäfer, Willemijn

13. Comparing what patients value and what they experience in English general practice: cross-sectional survey - Sirdifield, Coral; Godoy Caballero, Ana Luisa; Siriwardena, Niro; Windle, Karen; Jackson, Christine; McKay, Steve; Schäfer, Willemijn
Introduction: We aimed to investigate patients’ satisfaction with primary care. First, we identified the priorities of primary care patients, and then we used patient experience data to investigate the extent to which patients’ priorities were being met. Methods: Data were collected using structured self-administered questionnaires in general practices in three regions of England. Patient experience and values data on 15 attributes of primary care extracted from the English QUALICOPC dataset were used to conduct an Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA). Results: A total of 174 general practices took part from 1473 invited to participate in the study (12%); 1296 of 1566 (82.8%) patient...

14. History-writing and violence in the medieval Mediterranean [special issue of Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean] - Liuzzo Scorpo, Antonella; Wood, Jamie
History-writing has often been preoccupied with the multiple shapes, forms and expressions of violence as a subject, while in some cases the rhetorical violence of some kinds of historical writing has been used as an instrument for the cultivation of power and authority. The deeds of great men and their conflicts, as well as divine intervention in the form of retribution and punishment and the moral lessons that could be drawn from such episodes were defining features of historical writing from its earliest days. The transformation of episodes of physical violence in the world into written form, not to mention...

15. Persecution, past and present: memorialising martyrdom in late antique and early medieval Córdoba - Wood, Jamie
The Christian martyr movement of 850s Córdoba has received considerable scholarly attention over the decades, yet the movement has often been seen as anomalous. The martyrs’ apologists were responsible for a huge spike in evidence, but analysis of their work has shown that they likely represented a minority “rigorist” position within the Christian community and reacted against the increasing accommodation of many Mozarabic Christians to the realities of Muslim rule. This article seeks to place the apologists, and therefore the martyrs, in a longer-term perspective by demonstrating that martyr memories were cultivated in the city and surrounding region throughout late...

16. Transitus angeli - Collinson, Stewart; Szigetvári, Andrea; Ladanyi, Andrea
Transitus Angeli was commissioned by, and received its world premiere at, the Budapest Spring Festival in 2014. It is a multi-media performance, which achieves a high degree of integration between it’s component parts: dance, interactive laser-harps, electronic music, and projected hand-painted film. The art-forms coalesce to create a multimodal experience in which they interact to transform and reinforce each others’ meaning.

17. In the modern factory - Matthews, Chris; Rees-Hales, Abbey
Some remarkable interwar photographs of Boots in Nottingham

18. Boundaries unbound: Jude, adaptation and assemblages - Morris, Nigel
Most commercial films are hybrid, at the boundaries of two or more genres. Literary adaptations, furthermore, seemingly straddle two media and their study crosses disciplines. Analysis here of Jude (Winterbottom, 1996) examines paratextual and peritextual features to account for its emergence and subsequent fortunes. These involve not only directorial vision, conscious conflation of filmmaking styles, and ‘fidelity’ or otherwise to its ‘source’, but conjunction of particular taste formations, conflicting commercial strategies, contrasting audiences and modes of address, and yoking together of institutional models, each with its distinctive ethos, of financing, production, and distribution. Like any text, Jude is a contingent...

19. Listening to the sporting body: auditory work and asthma experiences - Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Owton, Helen
Whilst there has been a burgeoning of interest in sporting and exercise embodiment in recent years, including more phenomenologically inspired sociological analyses (Allen-Collinson, 2009), a sociology of the senses is a relatively recent innovation, particularly in the domain of physical cultures. This provides an interesting new dimension to studies of sporting embodiment, focusing on the importance of the sensory elements of our ‘somatic work’, and analysing the ways in which we go about making sense of our senses within a socio-cultural and physical-cultural framework. Drawing on the findings of two qualitative research projects, this paper addresses the lived experience of...

20. Byzantine matters [A. Cameron. Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 2014] - Stephenson, Paul
A review of an important book about Byzantine studies (9780691157634)

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