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1. Patient-oriented and performance-based outcomes after knee autologous chondrocyte implantation: a timeline for the first year of recovery - Howard, J. S.; Mattacola, C. G.; Mullineaux, David; English, R. A.; Lattermann, C.
It is well established that autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) can require extended recovery postoperatively; however, little information exists to provide clinicians and patients with a timeline for anticipated function during the first year after ACI. Objective: To document the recovery of functional performance of activities of daily living after ACI. Patients: ACI patients (n = 48, 29 male 35.1 ± 8.0 y). Intervention: All patients completed functional tests (weight-bearing squat, walk-across, sit-to-stand, step-up/over, and forward lunge) using the NeuroCom long force plate (Clackamas, OR) and completed patient-reported outcome measures (International Knee Documentation Committee Subjective Knee Evaluation Form, Lysholm, Western Ontario...

2. A probabilistic model for the optimal configuration of retinal junctions using theoretically proven features - Qureshi, Touseef Ahmad; Hunter, Andrew; Al-Diri, Bashir
This paper aims to reconstruct retinal vessel trees from the broken vessel segments in fund us images for clinical studies and early diagnosis of systemic diseases including diabetic retinopathy, atherosclerosis, and hypertension. A Naive Bayes model is proposed for correct configurations of segments at retinal junctions including bifurcations, crossovers, overlaps, and mixture of these. The Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) is established to select the most likely configuration. In addition, the feature set consists of proportional associations of vessels width, angle and orientation. These theoretically proven associations are based on the optimality principles of minimum work in the vasculature for blood...

3. Publics versus professionals: agency and engagement with 'Robin Hood' and the 'Pilgrim Fathers' in Nottinghamshire - Scott, Anna
Cultural tourism in the rural English countryside of Nottinghamshire centres on two contrasting narratives, both of which can be deconstructed to varying degrees into elements of myth, legend, history and heritage. ‘Robin Hood’ draws in the crowds once again with the release of an eponymous Hollywood blockbuster . As a counterpoint, the region as the original home of the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ attracts a more consciously self-selecting, and targeted, touristic group from across the United States. The mobilisation of heritage in this region through tourism initiatives and local authority agendas manufactures opportunity for cultural moments. These narratives are embraced and made...

4. Responding to adolescent risk: continuing challenges - Hicks, Leslie
Many practitioners are concerned that the needs of adolescents may be less readily identifiable than those of more overtly dependent, younger children. While much practice for those involved in children’s services consists of work with teenagers, challenges remain in identifying the risk of adolescent neglect and in responding to it effectively. This chapter examines the core areas that present obstacles to successful multi-agency practice in respect of understanding and addressing neglect in teenage years.

5. Cross-curricular teaching in the primary school: planning and facilitating imaginative lessons - Kerry, Trevor
How can teaching across the curriculum improve children’s learning? How can you plan meaningful, imaginative topic work? Cross-Curricular Teaching in the Primary School helps teachers plan a more imaginative, integrated curriculum by presenting in accessible language a rationale and framework for teaching across the subjects. Illustrated throughout with examples of effective topic work in successful schools, this book provides guidance on the underpinning theory and strategies to facilitate cross-curricular work with young children. [Publisher]

6. Founding figures and commentators in Arabic mathematics: a history of Arabic sciences and mathematics volume 1 - Rashed, Roshdi; El-Bizri, Nader
In this unique insight into the history and philosophy of mathematics and science in the mediaeval Arab world, the eminent scholar Roshdi Rashed illuminates the various historical, textual and epistemic threads that underpinned the history of Arabic mathematical and scientific knowledge up to the seventeenth century. The first of five wide-ranging and comprehensive volumes, this book provides a detailed exploration of Arabic mathematics and sciences in the ninth and tenth centuries. Extensive and detailed analyses and annotations support a number of key Arabic texts, which are translated here into English for the first time. In this volume Rashed focuses on...

7. Unlocking the business environment - Brinkman, John; Bateman, Ilva Navarro; Harper, Donna; Hodgson, Caroline
The business environment is a fundamental subject in any Business Studies degree course. This new, student-friendly book divides the subject into the internal and external environment and, where relevant, discusses the interface between the two. It is written with the outward-looking student in mind and, as a result, encourages readers to reflect on what they have read and to consolidate their learning through regular self-testing exercises and discussion points. The text contains highly relevant and 'household name' case studies, ensuring that it is a highly topical and engaging book. Where organisational styles differ, the authors put forward the pros and cons...

8. An Arctic seal in temperate waters: history of the ringed seal (Pusa hispida) in the Baltic Sea and its adaptation to the changing environment - Ukkonen, P.; Aaris-Sorensen, K.; Arppe, L.; Daugnora, L.; Halkka, A.; Lougas, L.; Oinonen, M. J.; Pilot, Malgorzata; Stora, J.
The ringed seal (Pusa hispida) is an early immigrant in the Baltic Basin and has since its arrival experienced substantial changes in the climate, salinity and productivity of the Basin. In this paper, we discuss the dispersal and distribution of the ringed seal during different stages of the Baltic Sea in relation to past and ongoing environmental changes. Subfossil ringed seal remains around the Baltic Sea and the Danish Straits were radiocarbon dated in order to map the distribution of the species in different time periods. The δ13C data were used in evaluating the changes in the marine character of...

9. An efficient method to structural static reanalysis with deleting support constraints - Liu, H.; Yue, Shigang
Structural design is usually an optimization process. Numerous parameters such as the member shapes and sizes, the elasticity modulus of material, the locations of nodes and the support constraints can be selected as design variables. These variables are progressively revised in order to obtain a satisfactory structure. Each modification requires a fresh analysis for the displacements and stresses, and reanalysis can be employed to reduce the computational cost. This paper is focused on static reanalysis problem with modification of deleting some supports. An efficient reanalysis method is proposed. The method makes full use of the initial information and preserves the...

10. Comedy, consciousness and the Natyasastra - Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Daniel
Against the background of Schiller’s argument that art creates pleasure through beauty, the chapter explores the role of comedy in achieving in the spectator of theatre an experience of pure consciousness. This context is related to the concept of rasa, central to the Natyasastra, and the chapter concludes with reflections about some aspects of comedy in the Natyasastra that may come across as politically incorrect.

11. Meeting the needs of carers of people affected by cancer (PABC) in Lincolnshire: an investigation to inform future service development and delivery - Nelson, David; Kane, Ros; Mcgonagle, Ian; Thomson, Anna
Background Since March 2012, Macmillan Cancer Support has funded an intervention in Lincolnshire whereby carers of people affected by cancer and other long-term conditions at end-of-life are offered a bespoke package of support. The intervention involves the employment of a full-time specialist Macmillan Carers Support Worker (employed by Carers Connect through a contract with Lincolnshire County Council) to co-ordinate packages of support to carers of palliative and end-of-life patients. The aim is to achieve a holistic and integrated package of support, to streamline lines of communication between the carer and health, social care and other services to remove duplication of procedures...

12. Clinical academic interns project: an evaluation report - Jackson, Christine; Kane, Ros; Mcgonagle, Ian; Grant, Emma; Gray, Lisa
Clinical Academics are key to furthering clinical practice through their contribution to increasing the current body of knowledge around care and service provision, and their knowledge of the best evidence based practice. The developmental pathway for clinical academics from nursing and allied health professions has gained impetus in recent years and opportunities for developing the skills and attributes necessary to progress have increased. This Clinical Academic Interns Project has provided practitioners with one such pathway for development. A group of interns have been given support to develop their skills in a way that is individualised to meet their learning needs...

13. National sporting organisations and director independence: best practice or a response to crisis? - Pearce, Jeremy; Thomas, Lisa
Australia's National Sporting Organisations ('NSOs') are fundamental to the structure of Australian sport. They govern their sport at a national level by setting the tone, strategy and direction of the sport, and provide the platform for athletes to represent their country in international competition. Accordingly, the effective governance of NSOs is crucial to promoting the success and longevity of sport in Australia, as well as Australia's standing in the international sporting arena.

14. Corporate governance and corporate power: a new way forward - Pearce, Jeremy
This Chapter argues that he fluid nature of power requires a flexible and appropriate system of corporate governance that understands the specific needs of each company within its individual circumstance.

15. Corporate governance in a disparate world - Pearce, Jeremy
Whilst there are plethora of issues facing governance in a disparate world, poverty, food and water security, human rights, global warming, fraud and corruption many of them are impacted by something that is universal – corporate decision-making. When we make poor decisions that do not represent the best interests of the company we create inefficiencies that lead to other consequences and sometimes, corporate collapse. In the ever increasingly intertwined global economy this can become contagious as evidenced in the global financial crisis This chapter argues for governance beyond mere box ticking and for a new approach to the pervasive obstacle of...

16. The Ten Essential Shared Capabilities: reflections on education in values based practice: a qualitative study - Mcgonagle, Ian; Jackson, Christine; Kane, Ros
Background: This paper presents the findings of a study exploring the impact of a values-based training initiative on the practice ofmental healthworkers. Thiswork is setwithin the context of increasing attention on the values of nurses and other health care workers as a response to national reports on care failure and negative media attention. Objective: To examine written response feedback from participants on a national training programme for values based practice (VBP) in order to examine any intention to change practice. Design: A national evaluation using quantitative and qualitative methodologies was conducted to gather data on reflections and self-report impact of the Ten...

17. Co-operation and education: a review of Tom Woodin's 'Co-operation, learning and co-operation, learning and co-operative values' - Amsler, Sarah
Organised co-operation has the power to transform inadequate and oppressive social situations, and to enable collective human flourishing – such is the first impression made by this important collection of essays on co-operation and education. The book offers windows onto the rich diversity of co-operative practices that have historically created, nurtured and defended conditions in which non-capitalist and pro-democratic forms of learning can flourish. [...]

18. Preferential consideration: David Foster Wallace, Melville and behaviourism - Eve, Martin Paul
In his 2004 essay on the ethics of boiling lobsters alive, David Foster Wallace [1962-2008] succinctly laid out the conditions by which we judge pain in non-human, sentient beings: “There happen to be two main criteria that most ethicists agree on for determining whether a living creature has the capacity to suffer and so has genuine interests that it may or may not be our moral duty to consider […] One is how much of the neurological hardware required for pain-experience the animal comes equipped with […] The other criterion is whether the animal demonstrates behavior associated with pain” (Wallace,...

19. Metrics, Open Access and publishing - Eve, Martin Paul
A talk on how various metrics for appraising scholarly research also alter the economics of publishing.

20. Dancing horses and reflecting humans - Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Daniel
In October 2012, German dancer and philosopher Aurelia Baumgartner presented her 90-minute production Tanzende Pferde: Spiegelungen im Raum/Dancing Horses: Reflections in Space. Set in an arena, with a raised stage and a projection screen in the background, it provided a performed anthology of the relationship between human and horse. In the article, Meyer-Dinkgräfe discusses the production based on viewing a 40-minute DVD edited by Baumgartner from footage from two cameras recorded during the two 90-minute performances. The author’s testimony is complemented by Baumgartner’s comments and the context of critical literature exploring the relation of performance and animals that has emerged...

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