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RLE Progress Report, No. 3 (1946)

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  1. Aids to Computation

    Wallman, H.; Scott, R. E.
    Contains a report on a research project.

  2. Table of Contents

    Wiesner, Jerome B.; Stratton, Julius A.; Hill, Albert G.
    Contains the table of contents.

  3. List of Publications by RLE Members

    Wiesner, Jerome B.; Stratton, Julius A.; Hill, Albert G.
    Containds a list of meeting abstracts, letters to the editory, and technical reports published by the Research Laboratory of Electronics.

  4. List of Administrative and Service Personnel

    Wiesner, Jerome B.; Stratton, Julius A.; Hill, Albert G.
    Contains a list of laboratory personnel.

  5. Communications and Related Projects

    Bollinger, H. M.; Kretzmer, E. R.; Galloway, W. C.; Arguimbau, Lawrence B.; Fano, R. M.; Zaffarano, F. P.; Granlund, John; Cerrillo, Manuel V.; Cheatham, T. P., Jr.; Tuller, W. G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.; Gray, T. S.
    Contains reports on five research projects.

  6. Modern Electronic Techniques Applied to Physics and Engineering

    Mason, Samuel J.; Bostick, W. H.; Roth, W.; Maier, L. C., Jr.; Terrall, J. R.; Galt, J. K.; Richman, P. L.; Pellam, J. R.; Harris, L. A.; Chance, B.; Fundingsland, O. T.; Slater, J. C.; Rapuano, R. A.; Labbitt, M.; Winter, D. F.; Thurston, J. N.; Halpern, J.; Van Valkenburg, M. E.; Kittel, C.; Goldman, Stanford; Bowes, Henry N.
    Contains reports on six research projects.

  7. Microwave Physics

    Cullington, E. H.; Strandberg, Malcom W. P.; Tisza, Laszlo; Lawrance, R. B.; Hill, Albert G.; Kittel, C.; Julian, R. S.; Nagle, D. E.; Brown, S. C.; Garrison, J. B.; Kip, A. F.; Slater, J. C.; Zabel, C. W.; Ingersoll, J.; Allis, W. P.; Halpern, J.; Feld, B. T.; Beard, C. I.; Kerr, Donald E.; Luttinger, J. M.; Zacharias, J. R.; Dailey, B. P.; Herlin, M. A.; Maxwell, E.; Biondi, M. A.; Davis, L., Jr.
    Contains reports on two research projects.

  8. Microwave and Physical Electronics

    Parke, N. G.; Martin, S. T.; Henry, J. H.; Moats, R. R.; Nottingham, W. B.; Eisenstein, A. S; Malham, G. W.; Mutter, W. E.; Fineman, A.; Hung, C.; Zuckerbraun, J.
    Contains reports on five research projects.

  9. Introduction to Quarterly Progress Report

    Wiesner, Jerome B.; Stratton, Julius A.; Hill, Albert G.
    Contains cover page and an introduction

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