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RLE Progress Report, No. 022 (1951)

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1. Analog Computer Research - Mathews, R. L.; Woods, R. E.; Cooper, P. W.; Becker, O. N.; Ham, J. M.; Fine, S.; O'Donnell, C.; MacMullen, A., Jr.; Fedde, G.; Collins, G.
Analog Computer Research

2. Tube Research and Development - Houston, J. M.; Stark, L.; Muehe, C. E., Jr.; Smullin, Louis D.; Thomas, J. E., Jr.; Krusemeyer, H. J.; Rowe, H. E.; Roberts, L. G.; Martin, S. T.; Barrett, A. G.; Boekelheide, A. W.
Tube Research and Development

3. Magnet Laboratory Research - Adams, N. I., III; Plotkin, H. H.; Stanley, J. R.; Brossel, J.; Erber, T.
Magnet Laboratory Research

4. Molecular Beam Research - Pohlman, W. B.; King, J. G.; Bederson, B.; Eisinger, J. T.; Jaccarino, V.
Contains a report on a research project.

5. Microwave Spectroscopy - Ingersoll, J. G.; Johnson, H. R.; Blumberg, L. N.; Sieck, P.; Lewis, W. H.; Gokhale, B. V.
Microwave Spectroscopy

6. Table of Contents - Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
Contains the table of contents.

7. List of Publications by RLE Members - Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
Contains a list of meeting papers presented, journal articles accepted for publication, letters to the editor accepted for publication, and technical reports published by the Research Laboratory of Electronics.

8. List of Administrative and Service Personnel - Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
Contains a list of laboratory personnel.

9. Communication Research - Arguimbau, Lawrence B.; Manna, E. E.; Hatton, W. L.; Petree, F. L.; Bennett, R. K.; Barrett, F. D.; Wells, W. I.; Flannery, J. B.; Paananen, R. A.; Davenport, Wilbur B., Jr.; Dolansky, L.; Granlund, John; Bussgang, J. J.; Stutt, C. A.; Linvill, J. G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.; Ullery, D. E.; Levick, H.; Reintjes, J. Francis, Jr.; Howland, Bradford H.; Senft, D. G.; Luce, R. D.; Eisenstadt, B. M.; Rodgers, G. M.; Lee, Y. W.; Macy, J., Jr.; Thorlakson, P. F.; Guillemin, Ernst A.; Straus, O. H.; Stuart, R. D.
Communication Research

10. Low-Temperature Physics - Prince, M. B.; Hunt, G. C.; Waldron, S.; Rorschach, H. E., Jr.; Cavileer, R. P.; Kolm, H. H.; Bernstein, B.; Harris, E. D.; Rogers, D. H.; Wright, J. W.; Herlin, M. A.; Huber, E. E., Jr.
Low-Temperature Physics

11. Solid State Physics - Davis, C. F., Jr.; Kleiner, W. H.; Harvey, George G.; Gyorgy, E. M.; Tinkham, M.; Kip, A. F.; Kingston, R. H.; Weinstein, R.; Tisza, Laszlo; White, H. C.
Solid State Physics

12. Microwave Gaseous Discharges - Brown, S. C.; Allis, W. P.; Reder, F.; Donelan, N. W.; Gould, L.; Lathrop, J. W.; Looney, D. H.; McCarthy, J. J.; Persson, K. -B.; Phelps, A. V.; Schulz, G. J.
Microwave Gaseous Discharges

13. Physical Electronics - Nottingham, W. B.; Jarrett, H. S.; Spicer, W. E.; Bailey, J. M.; Lucy, R. F.; Sprague, L. E.; Hutson, A. R.; Noyce, R. N.; Wichmann, T. F.
Physical Electronics

14. Introduction to Quarterly Progress Report - Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
This report, the nineteenth in a series of quarterly progress reports issued by the Research Laboratory of Electronics, contains a review of the research activities of the Laboratory during the three-month period ending September 1, 1950. Inasmuch as this is a preliminary report, no results should be considered to be final. Work on some of our projects has, perforce, been interrupted during the past quarter; hence no account of their progress is given in this report.


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