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RLE Progress Report, No. 023 (1951)

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  1. Analog Computer Research

    Caruso, P. J.; MacMullen, A., Jr.; Cooper, P. W.; Mathews, R. L.; Ham, J. M.; Fine, S.; Becker, O. N.; Woods, R. E.
    Analog Computer Research

  2. Tube Research and Development

    Martin, S. T.; Barrett, A. G.; Smullin, Louis D.; Muehe, C. E., Jr.; Haus, Hermann A.; Thomas, J. E., Jr.; Houston, J. M.; Rowe, H. E.; Boekelheide, A. W.; Stark, L.; McWhorter, A. L.
    Tube Research and Development

  3. Magnet Laboratory Research

    Bitter, F.; Erber, T.; Stanley, J. R.; Adams, N. I., III; Plotkin, H. H.; Wimett, T. F.; Brossel, J.; Sagalyn, P. L.; Winston, A. W.
    Magnet Laboratory Research

  4. Molecular Beam Research

    Jaccarino, V.; King, J. G.; Stroke, H. H.
    Molecular Beam Research

  5. Microwave Spectroscopy

    Burke, Bernard F.; Tinkham, M.
    Microwave Spectroscopy

  6. Table of Contents

    Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
    Contains the table of contents.

  7. List of Publications by RLE Members

    Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
    Contains a list of meeting papers presented, journal articles accepted for publication, letters to the editor accepted for publication, a special publication, and technical reports published by the Research Laboratory of Electronics.

  8. List of Administrative and Service Personnel

    Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
    Contains a list of laboratory personnel.

  9. Communication Research

    Howland, Bradford H.; Kautz, W. H.; Reintjes, J. Francis, Jr.; Manna, E. E.; Linvill, J. G.; Arguimbau, Lawrence B.; Levin, M. J.; Stuart, R. D.; Desoer, C. A.; Guillemin, Ernst A.; Basore, B. A.; Stutt, C. A.; Rodgers, G. M.; Bennett, R. K.; Fano, R. M.; Granlund, John; Weinberg, L.; Lee, Y. W.; Paananen, R. A.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
    Communication Research

  10. Low Temperature Physics

    Rogers, D. H.; Kolm, H. H.; Rorschach, H. E., Jr.; Bernstein, B.; Maurer, R. D.; Sharkoff, E. G.; Huber, E. E., Jr.; Mayper, V., Jr.; Waldron, S.; Jennings, L. D., Jr.; Wright, J. W.
    Low Temperature Physics

  11. Solid State Physics

    Kingston, R. H.; Harvey, George G.; Gyorgy, E. M.
    Solid State Physics

  12. Microwave Gaseous Discharges

    Brown, S. C.; Gould, L.; McCarthy, J. J.; Allis, W. P.; Lathrop, J. W.; Persson, K. -B.; Reder, F.; Looney, D. H.; Phelps, A. V.; Donelan, N. W.; Schulz, G. J.
    Microwave Gaseous Discharges

  13. Physical Electronics

    Nottingham, W. B.; Hutson, A. R.; Noyce, R. N.; Aisenberg, S.; Lange, W. J.; Sprague, L. E.; Lucy, R. F.
    Physical Electronics

  14. Introduction to Quarterly Progress Report

    Harvey, George G.; Hill, Albert G.; Wiesner, Jerome B.
    This report, the twenty-third in a series of quarterly progress reports issued by the Research Laboratory of Electronics, contains a review of the research activities of the Laboratory during the three-month period ending September 1, 1951. Inasmuch as this is a preliminary report, no results should be considered as final.

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