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  1. platen rollin

    Tullett, Barrie
    typewriter poster platen rollin key strikin carriage movin tabulatin ribbon spoolin colour switchin caps lockin shift keyin back spacin art makin typewritin
    (image/jpeg) - 16-mar-2018

  2. Typewriter XI

    Tullett, Barrie
    Typewriter Art poster
    (image/jpeg) - 16-mar-2018

  3. Concrete poetry: constellations XI

    Tullett, Barrie
    Letterpress Poster
    (image/jpeg) - 16-mar-2018

  4. Image "Plastic Vanitas #2"

    Downing, Mike; Wasneski, Jacyln
    Image "Plastic Vanitas #2" commissioned by Princeton University to illustrate and advertise an academic workshop entitled 'Risk on the Table: Food, Health, and Environmental Exposures' under the banner of 'History and Science'
    (image/png) - 29-ago-2017

  5. UK open access life cycle

    Stone, Graham; Awre, Chris; Stainthorp, Paul; Jones, Bev
    In the centre circle, we have used the 7 stages of the publishing process as described by Neil Jacobs (Jisc), this is followed by institutional processes – of course not all institutions will have all of these processes up and running, e.g. we don’t all have a CRIS. We then included publisher services that directly impact upon the work of the open access team and also Jisc OA services. We then went on to map Jisc OA and above campus services to the life cycle – doing this we immediately found an issue with Publication Router, which is why we...
    (image/png) - 12-sep-2017

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