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1. Grid connection control of VSC-based high power converters for wave energy applications - Mir Cantarellas, Antonio; Rakhshani, Elyas; Remón, D.; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro
In the wave energy sector, an increasing concern regarding the grid connection of wave energy converters is recently being experienced, as well as in the main challenges resulting from the grid integration of large scale wave power plants. This increasing interest arise due to the near-commercial developments of several wave energy converter devices, which have already proved its hydrodynamic and power take-off performance. Therefore, this paper proposes a suitable power processing system configuration and its suitable control design used for interfacing the grid connection of such high power wave energy converters while ensuring acceptable grid connection standards compliance. An advanced filter topology will be introduced based on the superposition of LCL+Trap filters...

2. Analysis of ferroresonance effects in distribution networks with distributed source units - Monadi, Mehdi; Luna Alloza, Álvaro; Candela García, José Ignacio; Rocabert Delgado, Joan; Fayezizadeh, Mostafa; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro
The connection of Distributed Generation (DG) units to existing networks may give rise to harmful effects on the network and the DG units itself. Therefore, due to increasing penetration of DG units, it is important to consider these effects in order to avoid some of harmful events. Ferroresonance is one of these destructive phenomena. Over voltages due to this phenomena can damage devices which are connected to the network. In DG systems, due to the use of capacitor banks which are used for VAR compensation, grid connection filters, etc. ferroresonance may appear. Also, special operations like islanding, may lead these systems to ferroresonance. In traditional systems ferroresonance normally appear after there...

3. Control of grid-connected power converters based on a virtual admittance control loop - Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro; Candela García, José Ignacio; Citro, Costantino; Rocabert Delgado, Joan; Luna Alloza, Álvaro
The connection of electronic power converters to the electrical network is increasing mainly due to massive integration of renewable energy systems. However, the electrical dynamic performance of these converters does not match the behavior of the network, which is mainly formed by generation facilities based on big synchronous generation systems. Depending on the desired electrical operation mode different control structures can be implemented in the converters in order to get adapted with the grid conditions. However, changing between different control structures and operation is not an optimal solution, as the resulting system results complex and is not highly robust. As an alternative, this paper presents a new...

4. Deep offshore wind farm planning and cost calculation tools - Perez, German; Lopez Mendia, Joseba; Val, Laura; Sumper, Andreas; Schuon, Frieder; de Prada, Mikel; Aragües, Monica; Lopes, Helder; Ergun, Hakan; van Hertem, Dirk
Postprint (published version)

5. Control of PV generation systems using the synchronous power controller - Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro; Candela García, José Ignacio; Luna Alloza, Álvaro
The high penetration of distributed generation, as PV or wind power, has forced the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to set restrictive requirements for the operation of such systems. As it can be extracted from the forthcoming grid codes drafts, the future distributed generation systems will be requested to have the equivalent performance of a synchronous generator, which is seen from the TSOs as the only solution if a massive integration of renewable in the electrical network should be achieved. In this paper a method for controlling PV grid connected power converters as a synchronous generator, namely Synchronous Power Controller (SPC), is presented. As a difference with previous works this method permits to...

6. Modeling and control of multi modular converters using optimal LQR controller with integral action - Rakhshani, Elyas; Mir Cantarellas, Antonio; Remón, D.; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro; Candela García, José Ignacio
A new application of LQR controller with the ability of reference tracking for a multi modular converter with several cells is proposed. First, the mathematical model for the grid connected MMC is presented and then, the small signal state space model is obtained. MMC is a very complex MIMO system with several state variables and global control for this system is very important issue. Optimal advanced controller based on linear quadratic regulator with integral action is a very good candidate for controlling the AC signals and energy balancing in multi cells MMC system. The performance and validity of obtained model and designed linear controller are evaluated with non-linear model of MMC...

7. Design of the LCL+trap filter for the two-level VSC installed in a large-scale wave power plant - Mir Cantarellas, Antonio; Rakhshani, Elyas; Remón, D.; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro
This paper presents a methodology for designing the link passive filter of the power converters installed in a multi-megawatt wave power plant. Such filter is based on the superposition of both LCL and trap filter configurations with the purpose of achieving enhanced grid interaction of a twolevel voltage source converter. The LCL+Trap filter design is highly dependent on the electrical network characteristics; hence the distribution system of the plant is introduced in the paper to take into account its effects on the tuning parameters. The proposed LCL+trap filter topology arises as a successful alternative solution for the conventional LCL filter topology, thanks to its improved filtering capability while ensuring a reduced filter...

8. Analysis on capability of harmonic damping using active filter acting as resistive harmonic impedance - Hasan, Khurshid N Md; Luna Alloza, Álvaro; Candela García, José Ignacio; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro
This paper presents the analysis of shunt active filter (SAF) in harmonic damping. SAF with voltage-based detection control act as an active damping and able to attenuate harmonic propagation throughout the power distribution network. The active filter is implemented on two different power line networks to assess its practicality in different network configuration. The first network is 220-V distribution power line and the second network is the reduced equivalent WPP network of 150-kV, 444.4-MVA. Assessment on the best place for active filter implementation is supported by using harmonic resonance mode analysis method.

9. Implementation of grid-connected to/from off-grid transference for micro-grid inverters - Heredero Peris, Daniel; Chillón Antón, Cristian; Pages Gimenez, Marc; Gross, Gabriel Igor; Montesinos Miracle, Daniel
This paper presents the transfer of a microgrid converter from/to on-grid to/from off-grid when the converter is working in two different modes. In the first transfer presented method, the converter operates as a Current Source Inverter (CSI) when on-grid and as a Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) when off-grid. In the second transfer method, the converter is operated as a VSI both, when operated on-grid and off-grid. The two methods are implemented successfully in a real platform but the later offers some advantage.

10. A novel approach for voltage control of multi-terminal DC grids with offshore wind farms - Rouzbehi, Kumars; Miranian, Arash; Luna Alloza, Álvaro; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro
This paper proposes a novel control strategy in multi-terminal DC (MTDC) grids with offshore wind generation based on the idea of generalized voltage droop (GVD). In the proposed strategy, the GVD characteristics are assigned to the voltage-regulating converter station, enhancing their control maneuverability and enabling them to perform necessary DC voltage control and power sharing tasks. By adjusting the coefficients of the corresponding GVD characteristic, a converter station can be operated in three operating modes, namely (1) fixed active power control mode, (2) conventional voltage droop control mode or (3) fixed DC voltage control mode. Results of simulations on a test four-terminal DC grid including...

11. Induction heating of liquids with an L-LC resonant tank - Quirós Jacobo, Francisco Javier; Martín Segura, Guillermo; Heredero Peris, Daniel; Montesinos Miracle, Daniel
Induction heating (IH) systems are used in many applications because they present many advantages compared other heating methods like quicker heating or faster start-up. This paper studies the application of IH systems for liquid heating using an L-LC resonant tank.

12. Root locus rules for polynomials with complex coefficients - Dòria Cerezo, Arnau; Bodson, Marc
Applications were found recently where the analy- sis of dynamic systems with a special structure could be simp li- fied considerably by transforming them into equivalent syst ems having complex coefficients and half the number of poles. The design of controllers for such systems can be simplified in th e complex representation, but requires techniques suitable for systems with complex coefficients. In the paper, the extensi on of the classical root locus method to systems with complex coefficients is presented. The results are applied with some advantages to a three-phase controlled rectifier.

13. Type-2 wind turbine with additional sub-synchronous resonance damping - De Prada, Mikel; Domínguez García, José Luis; Mancilla David, Fernando; Muljadi, Eduard B.; Singh, Mohit B.; Gomis Bellmunt, Oriol; Sumper, Andreas
Postprint (published version)

14. Design, management and comissioning of a utility connected microgrid based on IEC 61850 - Ruiz Alvarez, A.; Colet Subirachs, A.; Gomis Bellmunt, Oriol; Fernández Mola, José María; Alvarez Cuevas, F.; López Mestre, Joaquim; Sudrià Andreu, Antoni
This paper presents an approach to microgrid automation. The microgrid is composed of three different nodes connected to the public electric grid, which are hardware emulated with back-to-back converters. The microgrid is a flexible and weather independent test bed for testing different control algorithms. The intelligence of the automation system is split in three hierarchical layers: the RMU layer, the iNode layer and the iSocket layer. Communications among iNode and iSockets are according IEC 61850 standard. The aims of the project is to comission a set of technologies and acquire experience in microgrid automation, IEC 61850 communications and power control algorithms in DER systems.

15. Control of a utility connected microgrid - Colet Subirachs, A.; Ruiz Alvarez, A.; Gomis Bellmunt, Oriol; Alvarez Cuevas, F.; Sudrià Andreu, Antoni
This paper describes the control algorithm of a utility connected microgrid, based on independent control of active and reactive power (PQ control) and working in centralized operation mode. The microgrid under investigation is composed of three configurable units: a generation unit, a storage unit and a load. These units are interfaced with the microgrid through a Voltage Source Converter (VSC) and are controlled by the nodes of the communication system by means of IEC 61850. A set of tests have been conducted to evaluate the microgrid behavior.

16. A sensorless stable V/f control method for a five-phase PMSM - Sala Pérez, Pau; Galcerán Arellano, Samuel; Montesinos Miracle, Daniel
This paper presents a sensorless and stable control method for a five-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). At first, a model of a five-phase PMSM is presented. After that a stability study has been performed by the analysis of the eigenvalues of the state transition matrix of the linearized PMSM model about an operating point. The results show that the machine speed response is unstable for input frequencies below the machine rated frequency. Finally, an open-loop V/f stabilization algorithm which ensures the stability of the system over a wide range of speed is presented.

17. Electric drives for e-light e-scooters - Andrada Gascón, Pedro; Blanqué Molina, Balduino; Martínez Piera, Eusebio; Torrent Burgués, Marcel; Sánchez López, José Antonio; Perat Benavides, Josep Ignasi
In the next years is expected an important rise in sales of electrical scooters in the entire world but especially in China. In order to address this challenge the electric scooter industry has to be more competitive in the transportation market and therefore important improvements, in terms of energy density and costs, have to be done in the electric storage system and in the electric propulsion system. In this paper, an analytical and experimental comparison of two different drives for electric scooters is carried out. Both are permanent magnet synchronous outer rotor motor drives but one placed inside the rear...

18. Optimal droop control for voltage source converters in islanded microgrids - Pegueroles Queralt, Jordi; Bianchi, Fernando Daniel; Gomis Bellmunt, Oriol
Postprint (published version)

19. Solid state transformer with low-voltage ride-through and current unbalance management capabilities - Alepuz Menéndez, Salvador; González, Francisco; Martín-Arnedo, Jacinto; Martínez Velasco, Juan Antonio
The solid state transformer is an emerging technology which aims at replacing the conventional lowfrequency power transformer by means of a high-frequency transformer driven by a proper AC/AC power electronics conversion system, at both transformer sides. In comparison with the conventional power transformer, the solid state transformer provides extended and enhanced operating capabilities that can be achieved with an appropriate controller design for the power electronics converters. In this work, the interaction of the solid state transformer with a distribution system is analyzed under different operating conditions. Bidirectional active power flow, full reactive power control, low-voltage side current unbalance management and high-voltage side...

20. Magnet shape influence on the performance of AFPMM in a torus configuration - Saavedra Ordóñez, Harold; Riba Ruiz, Jordi-Roger; Hernández Guiteras, Joan; Romeral Martínez, José Luis
The axial flux permanent magnet machine (AFPMM)is being increasingly demanded for special applications, particularly for transportation systems and concretely for inwheel applications. In this paper the effect of the magnets shape on the AFPMM performance has been analyzed by means of 3DFEM simulations. To this end the air-gap magnetic flux density, the back electromotive force (back-EMF), the cogging torque and the total torque waveforms of the analyzed AFPMMs with different magnets geometries have been studied and compared. The harmonic content of all these variables has been also analyzed. These analyses are carried out to find out the more suitable geometry for...

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