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RLE Progress Report, No. 026 (1952)

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  1. Analog Computer Research

    Ham, J. M.; Jones, W. C.; Scott, R. E.; Fine, S.; Ruddock, K. A.; Carlson, A. W.
    Contains reports on three research projects.

  2. Tube Research and Development

    Martin, S. T.; Barrett, A. G.; Smullin, Louis D.; Haus, Hermann A.; Rowe, H. E.; Chu, L. J.; Knechtli, R. C.; Russell, C. R.; Berk, A. D.; McKee, D.; Stark, L.; Boekelheide, A. W.; Muehe, C. E., Jr.; Tonning, A.
    Contains reports on two research projects.

  3. Magnet Laboratory Research

    Adams, N. I., III; Sagalyn, P. L.; Wimett, T. F.
    Contains reports on two research projects.

  4. Molecular Beam Research

    Jaccarino, V.; Holloway, J. H.; King, J. G.; Bederson, B.; Stroke, H. H.
    Contains reports on four research projects.

  5. Microwave Spectroscopy

    Burke, Bernard F.; Posener, D. W.; Tate, P. A.
    Contains reports on three research projects.

  6. Table of Contents

    Wiesner, Jerome B.
    Contains the table of contents.

  7. List of Publications by RLE Members

    Wiesner, Jerome B.
    Contains a list of meeting papers presented, journal articles accepted for publication, letters to the editor accepted for publication, and technical reports published by the Research Laboratory of Electronics.

  8. List of Administrative and Service Personnel

    Wiesner, Jerome B.
    Contains a list of laboratory personnel.

  9. Communication Research

    Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Rotenberg, M.; Rosenblith, Walter A.; Rodgers, G. M.; Luce, R. D.; Christie, L. S.; Cerrillo, Manuel V.; Washington, L., Jr.; Stuart, R. D.; Safford, K.; Manna, E. E.; Wiesner, Jerome B.; Reintjes, J. Francis, Jr.; Dolansky, L.; Macy, J., Jr.; Brazier, Mary A. B.; Arguimbau, Lawrence B.; Ba Hli, F.; Putter, K.; Desoer, C. A.; Bar-Hillel, Y.; Kinzinger, W. C.; Ruiz de Luzuriaga, E.; Witcher, C. M.; Fano, R. M.; Levin, M. J.; Lee, Y. W.
    Contains reports on six research projects.

  10. Low-Temperature Physics

    Bernstein, B.; Huber, E. E., Jr.; Jennings, L. D., Jr.; Kolm, H. H.; Maurer, R. D.; Mayper, V., Jr.; Rogers, D. H.; Rorschach, H. E., Jr.; Sharkoff, E. G.; Waldron, S.; Wright, J. W.
    Contains reports on eight research projects.

  11. Solid State Physics

    Pearson, N. C.; Goldey, J. M.; Harvey, George G.; Gyorgy, E. M.; Schultz, T. D.
    Contains reports on three research projects.

  12. Microwave Gaseous Discharges

    Brown, S. C.; Gould, L.; McCarthy, J. J.; Allis, W. P.; Donelan, N. W.; Persson, K. -B.; Dreicer, H.; Looney, D. H.; Schulz, G. J.
    Contains reports on four research projects.

  13. Physical Electronics

    Nottingham, W. B.; Grattidge, W.; Lange, W. J.; Aisenberg, S.; Hensley, E. B.; Noyce, R. N.; Bullis, W. M.; Houston, J. M.; Sprague, L. E.; Hutson, A. R.
    Contains reports on three research projects.

  14. Introduction to Quarterly Progress Report

    Wiesner, Jerome B.
    With the organization of the Lincoln Air Defense Laboratory, the participation of the Institute in the national defense effort increased several-fold, and a need arose for mature leadership for these new responsibilities. Professor Albert G. Hill was named Director of the Lincoln Laboratory, and as a consequence has resigned his post as Director of the Research Laboratory of Electronics. Professor J. B. Wiesner was appointed Director of the Research Laboratory of Electronics. To serve with him as a technical advisory group he has chosen a committee that consists of Professor Gordon S. Brown, Professor Nathaniel H. Frank, Professor George G....

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