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  1. A Three dimensional hydrodynamic model implemented with EcoDynamo

    Duarte, Pedro

  2. ECODOURO - Modelling the effect of freshwater reduction and pulse discharge on the water dynamics and processes of the Crestuma Reservoir

    Bordalo e Sá, Abriano; Duarte, Pedro; Wiebe, William
    This report deals with the activities carried out during the project 72 months, from March 15, 2003 to September 15, 2006 under the framework of the ECODOURO - Modelling the effect of freshwater reduction and pulse discharge on the water dynamics and processes of the Crestuma Reservoir (POCTI/MGS/45533/2002). The report includes the fieldwork, data interpretation and mathematical modeling according to the seven working packages presented in the original proposal. Data is available to the public at The main objectives of this goal oriented research project implemented on the Crestuma Reservoir (Douro River) are: i. To evaluate the long-term effects of flow reduction on key environmental variables and processes...

  3. DSS Application (Ria Formosa Lagoon)

    Pereira, António; Duarte, Pedro
    This report presents the Decision Support System (DSS) applied to the Ria Formosa lagoon using an agent-based simulation approach. The idea is to include the interests of the decision-makers and stakeholders in the ecological system simulation; these entities are modelled as intelligent agents that communicate with the simulation tool (EcoDynamo) building one multi-agent community system. The intelligent agents, each one with some goals about the simulation results of the simulated system, have perception of their environment, reason, using their knowledge and are able to change the simulated environment by using a given set of configurable actions. Two intelligent agents are being developed at the moment: one calibration agent and one aquaculture/farming...

  4. Scenario Analysis in Ria Formosa with EcoDynamo

    Duarte, Pedro; Azevedo, Bruno; Ribeiro, Catarina; Pereira, António; Falcão, Manuela; Serpa, Dalila; Bandeira, Rui; Reia, João
    Ria Formosa is a natural park managed partly by the Portuguese end-users of the DITTY project – Ria Formosa Natural Park authority, under “Instituto para a Conservação da Natureza (ICN)”. There are many conflicting interests over the management of this important coastal area: fishing, tourism, aquaculture, salt production, harbour activities, urban development and conservation. Furthermore, several institutions, such as the Natural Park Authority, municipalities, the Portuguese Navy, just to mention a few, are involved in decision-making over several areas of the natural park. Within DITTY, several scenarios were selected among those relevant for the management of this coastal ecosystem, considering available information from the end-users, relative importance of the mentioned...

  5. Biogeochemical Modelling of Ria Formosa (South Coast of Portugal) with EcoDynamo - Model description

    Duarte, Pedro; Pereira, António; Falcão, Manuela; Serpa, Dalila; Ribeiro, Catarina; Bandeira, Rui; Azevedo, Bruno
    DITTY (Development of an information technology tool for the management of Southern European lagoons under the influence of river-basin runoff) (EESD Project EVK3-CT-2002-00084)

  6. A Geographical Information System for Ria Formosa (South Coast of Portugal)

    Rodrigues, Ana; Carvalho, António; Reia, João; Azevedo, Bruno; Martins, Cláudia; Duarte, Pedro; Serpa, Dalila; Falcão, Manuela

  7. Hydrodynamic Modelling of Ria Formosa (South Coast of Portugal) with EcoDynamo

    Duarte, Pedro; Azevedo, Bruno; Pereira, António
    In this work a hydrodynamic model of Ria Formosa (South of Portugal) is presented. Ria Formosa is a large (c.a. 100 km2) mesotidal lagunary system with large intertidal areas and several conflicting uses, such as fisheries, aquaculture, tourism and nature conservation. This coastal ecosystem is a natural park where several management plans and administrative responsibilities overlap. The work presented here is part of a coupled hydrodynamicbiogeochemical model that includes pelagic and benthic processes and variables. It is a two-dimensional vertically integrated hydrodynamic model, based on a finite differences grid with a 100 m spatial step and a semi-implicit resolution scheme. It is forced by tide level changes at the sea boundary...

  8. EcoDynamo - Ecological Dynamics Model Application

    Pereira, António; Duarte, Pedro

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