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  1. A project of speech input and output in an e-commerce application

    Freitas, D.; Moura, António; Braga, Daniela; Ferreira, Helder; Teixeira, João Paulo; Barros, Maria João; Gouveia, Paulo D.F.; Latsch, Vagner
    The present paper describes the work done during the last year in the development of European Portuguese (EP) speech recognition and synthesis channels for an Internet e-commerce application. The objective of this work was to develop the appropriate speech input and output, to enable the user to more comfortably use an e-commerce web site issuing commands and options under guidance of a menu system. The speech interface operation guidelines are briefly described in their principles and resulting specifications for the speech channels, namely, menu structure and operation dynamics, and in the following, the system software approach and the speech recognition...
    - 24-ene-2018

  2. Quantum computation perspectives in medical image processing

    Rodrigues, Pedro; Ferreira, Manuel; Monteiro, João
    The need to increase the complexity of computational methods to produce improvements in functional performance, particularly in medical image processing applications, leads to find suitable physical devices. This chapter describes two ways of adapting the techniques of image processing to quantum devices. This kind of computing can achieve, for some problems, unparalleled performance as compared to classic computing. In the first method, using the quantum Grover’s algorithm how to implement image processing techniques under quantum rules is shown. In the second method, using diffraction and interference, the possibility of using less complex quantum devices for processing digital images is treated....
    - 24-ene-2018

  3. Segmentation and classification of leukocytes using neural networks: a generalization direction

    Rodrigues, Pedro; Ferreira, Manuel; Monteiro, João
    In image digital processing, as in other fields, it is commonly difficult to simultaneously achieve a generalizing system and a specialistic system. The segmentation and classification of leukocytes is an application where this fact is evident. First an exclusively supervised approach to segmentation and classification of blood white cells images is shown. As this method produces some drawbacks related to the specialistic/generalized problems, another process formed by two neural networks is proposed. One is an unsupervised network and the other one is a supervised neural network. The goal is to achieve a better generalizing system while still doing well the...
    - 24-ene-2018

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