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A Biblioteca Digital do IPB, tem por objectivo divulgar e permitir o livre acesso à produção científica produzida pela comunidade académica, promovendo a integração, partilha e a visibilidade da informação científica e garantindo a preservação da memória intelectual do Instituto Politécnico de Bragança.

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  1. Constrains associated to e-business evolution

    Morais, Elisabete Paulo; Pires, José Adriano; Gonçalves, Elisabete
    Technological advance of the last decades created an atmosphere in which the organizations are forced to look actively for new options for the cost reduction, in addition to, simultaneously, seeking to compete more effectively in their markets. This context requires focused, swift, more flexible and more competitive organizations which are forced, many times, to implement radical changes in the way they conduct business, employ people and use technology. Despite the recognition and the attention given to electronic business (or e-business) over the last years, this type of business hasn’t yet achieved a desirable maturity stage. This problem, current and stated over the...
    - 07-feb-2018

  2. An application framework for a situation-aware system support for smart spaces

    Santos, Arlindo; Rodrigues, Helena
    Despite a considerable research e ort towards system support for smart spaces, in recent years we have been witnessing a growing perception about a persistent gap between the promises of the area and its real achievements. We are investigating a situation-aware system support for smart spaces that builds on a new set of assumptions and design principles, based on user-controlled associations between global services and local resources. The realisation of this concept raises important challenges across a model for global autonomous applications that enables them to integrate the functionality and resources of multiple situations. This research work aims at investigating such a model and evaluating the concept of situation-aware system...
    - 20-ene-2018

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