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ESTUDO GERAL é a designação do repositório digital da produção científica da Universidade de Coimbra, com o objectivo de divulgar conteúdos digitais de natureza científica de autores ligados à Universidade de Coimbra. A sua criação insere-se no movimento de Acesso Livre à Literatura científica (Open Access), ao qual o Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas aderiu em 2006 e que a Universidade de Coimbra subscreveu. À semelhança de outras grandes universidades nacionais e internacionais, a UC tem o maior interesse em aumentar a sua presença na rede informática mundial, sendo cada vez mais - e também por essa via - um emissor de conhecimento e cultura.

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  1. A relevância do Fórum Macau : O fórum para a cooperação económica e comercial entre a China e os Países de Língua Portuguesa

    Mendes, Carmen Amado

  2. Macau 500 anos depois: a plataforma da China para o mundo lusófono

    Mendes, Carmen Amado

  3. Tax morale, Occupation and Income Level: an Analysis of Portuguese Taxpayers

    Sá, Cristina; Martins, António; Gomes, Carlos
    Tax morale is recognized as one of the most important variables to understand the levels of compliance obtained in most countries. This paper analyzes the impact of occupational status, income level, behavioral, political and psychological factors on tax morale level of Portuguese taxpayers. A sample of 1,514 Portuguese individuals was obtained from the European Values Study (EVS) developed in 2008. A factor analysis was used to extract the underlying dimensions of tax morale. Multiple regression analysis was used to explore the relationship between the dimensions revealed by factor analysis, occupational status, income level, and tax morale. The findings suggest that...

  4. Financial Constraints: Do They Matter to R&D Subsidy Attribution?

    Silva, Filipe; Carreira, Carlos
    Even though innovation subsidies and financial constraints are two closely related lines of research, the link between them is rather unexplored. This paper is, to our knowledge, the first to explicitly analyse both the allocation of innovation subsidies and their role in alleviating firms’ financial constraints. It is not the purpose of the paper to question whether subsidies foster innovation, but rather if: a) subsidies are being correctly allocated to financially constrained firms; b) they effectively reduce financial constraints. We argue that, in addition to the usual “public good” arguments behind the allocation of innovation subsidies, the extent to which...

  5. The Libyan Spring and NATO: an opportune responsibility

    Mota, Sarah da
    In the context of popular demonstrations and political upheavals of the Arab Spring, this paper addresses the 2011 intervention in Libya as a case for deepening the understanding of individual-centred security policies. Drawing on a conceptual and normative approach of R2P and NATO, it seeks to denaturalize the idea that Operation Unified Protector is a success in organizational terms, in order to uncover the underlying implications of “efficiency” in running an intervention based on R2P. It argues that there is a dissonance between the normative evolution towards ethics and military deeds which blurs the significance of responsibility. This results in...

  6. Implementing Human Rights standards and the dialogue with local actors: the case of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

    Pereira, Pascoal Santos
    This paper is a short overview of the research I have been carrying within my PhD project. I am looking for new approaches on how to conceive the ideal of national self-determination in multiethnic communities in which different national groups are spatially intertwined and where there are no direct match between nation and territory. I claim that the current understanding of self-determination, as equivalent to political independence (or external self-determination), is not enough as a step toward the full emancipation of all the members of the community. I intend to explore alternative dimensions of self-determination so this concept can encompass...

  7. Libya: narrative construction as a driver for international intervention

    Pereira, Pascoal Santos
    The popular uprisings commonly known as Arab Spring have been a challenge for analysts in the field of Political Science and International Politics. Whole populations rose against corrupt and authoritarian political elites which had controlled their lives for too long and eventually achieved their goals at least in Tunisia and Egypt, where the former rulers were removed from power. Some elements of these popular uprisings are striking: the resilience, determination, and peacefulness of the demonstrators; the virtual absence of a recognizable leader or of a defined political project; the gradual contagion effect from these two trendsetters to the whole Maghreb...

  8. Gramscian and Foucaultian approaches to peace: hegemony through biopolitics

    Ludwig, Fernando José; Blanco, Ramon
    Since the end of the Cold war, the international system configuration developed in such way that allowed different approaches concerning the reflection about the construction of peace. Albeit many efforts to transform violent conflicts and construct a sustainable peace, the persistence of violent conflicts throughout the globe indicates that these efforts are, at least, problematic. Consequently, a critical line of thought became more salient across peace studies. In this context, this article aims to problematize the construction of peace from both, a gramscian and foulcauldian perspectives. Hence, we will explore points of convergences and divergences in both theories in order...

  9. Teias invisíveis - controlando a imigração através de mecanismos econômicos

    Silva, Thais França da
    Atualmente os controles de imigração assumem diversas formas para além das clássicas politicas de regulação de entrada de imigrantes em território nacional empreendidas pelo Estado. Ainda que essas politicas sejam as primeiras e as principais formas de controle a qual os imigrantes estão expostos, existem outras formas de regulação que operam de uma maneira mais sutil, mas cujos efeitos tem sido determinantes no processo de intregação dos imigrantes nos paises de acolhimento. Na era da precarização do trabalho, do desmantelo do Estado de bem estar e da generalização da insergurança social, o crescimento da instabilidade e da heterogeneidade das relações...

  10. Evaluation of non-market goods: the relevance of considering “behavioural anomalies”

    Simões, Paula; Cruz, Luís; Barata, Eduardo
    Environmental valuation techniques are intended to provide valuable insights in helping scientists and decision-makers to make informed choices about the trade-offs that are inherent to the scarcity restrictions of our daily decisions. However, among other limitations, values obtained on the assumption of a rational behaviour may only be of use for policy guidance if people make consistent and systematic choices. This research embraces the challenge of contributing to organize the complexities of valuation of non-market goods, rather than just ignoring them. We address the ongoing debate on symptoms of bounded rationality in studies applying stated or revealed preferences methods by...

  11. O ambiente e as novas formas de organização da sociedade civil: a Rede Brasileira de Justiça Ambiental

    Silva, Lays Helena Paes e Silva; Carvalho, Lidiane Eluizete de
    A crescente complexidade das relações e das formas de organização da sociedade civil colocam as ciências sociais diante do desafio de compreender e de teorizar novas configurações, fundamentadas sobretudo no estabelecimento de vínculos e interlocuções coletivas. Neste contexto, o campo ambiental apresenta-se como campo privilegiado a medida que a chamada “questão ambiental” encontra sua construção não no consenso, mas na articulação da diversidade e no estabelecimento de alianças entre atores e causas distintas. Pretendemos, através da teoria das redes sociais aplicada ao campo ambiental, analisar um exemplo particularmente expressivo das novas dinâmicas de organização da sociedade civil: aquele que se...

  12. Transnational Historical Bloc and the Architecture of Peace in South America

    Ludwig, Fernando José
    This paper aims to discuss the South American’s transnational historical bloc formation and development towards the architecture of peace in South America. The conceptualization of peace in South America has often been characterized as being an “anomaly” in terms of inter-state conflict, due the existence of long periods of peace (here understood as the absence of direct state conflict). In order to understand such configuration of peace, it is used a neogramscian perspective of power formation in terms of cohesion and consensus, which represents the willingness of a dominant class(es) that forms the historical bloc. Thus, the internationalization of such...

  13. Stuttering as a boundary object: reflections on the development of a collaborative device

    Costa, Daniel Neves da
    STS have shown the virtues in moving from Public Understanding of Science to Public Engagement with Science, from the communication of scientific knowledge to a lay homogeneous public to the promotion of co-production of knowledge experiences through the involvement of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in research projects. “Collaborative participatory research” or “community based participatory research” reveal some of the complexities of science and society relations. Throughout this paper I will reflect on how these projects could stimulate a radical co-presence among different epistemic actors in order to overcome the deficit model and the related power/knowledge relations. To this purpose, the promotion...

  14. La enseñanza del derecho en la Universidad de Coimbra, Portugal: un estudio de caso

    Hagino, Córa Hisae
    El tema de este trabajo es la enseñanza del Derecho en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Coimbra en Portugal. En este sentido, trato de estudiar los planes de estudio y las prácticas de docencia en la Facultad de Derecho más antigua de Portugal. En la primera parte del artículo que se presentará, utilizo como el referencial teórico Pierre Bourdieu y su punto de vista del poder simbólico y la violencia simbólica para entender cómo se desarrollan las relaciones de poder dentro de una clase de derecho. Este autor, junto con Jean Claude Passeron, fue también empleado para estudiar...

  15. Conflict Resolution in War-Torn Societies?: Delineating the Post-Conflict State-Building Dispositif

    Blanco, Ramon
    In our time, very much attention and intellectual effort are being directed to conflict-resolution activities in war-torn societies throughout the world. In this aspect, the centrality of the UN in terms of post-conflict reconstruction activities is notorious. Notoriously, state-building is a key enterprise in regard of addressing the international conflicts throughout the globe, being deployed as a key conflict-resolution tool applied globally. Although such activities are represented as mere techniques aiming to build peace, this peace is intimately associated with the institutionalization of liberal ideas in structuring realms such as the political, the economical and the social spheres. Here lays...

  16. Knowledge Transfer in the Mirror: Reflections on the Determinants of Research Groups and Companies Collaborative Patterns within Andalusia's Regional Innovation System

    Pinto, Hugo
    Knowledge transfer is a crucial aspect for the new paradigm of science-industry cooperation. The new role of universities and the relevance of external knowledge to firm's competitiveness brought a huge attention to this process both in analytical and decision-making terms. Commonly, formal mechanisms as intellectual property rights licensing, research contracts and spinning-off are the focus of the policy interventions and studies but the role of informality is being underlined by several recent research results. This article explores the crucial factors that induce science and industry collaborations in Andalusia, a catching-up region in Spanish and European context. The study uses limited...

  17. North-South and East-West Relations. Representation and Democratization in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Seixas, Eunice Castro
    This paper will consider the issue of representation and democratization in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a post-conflict and transitional society where different international major players impose notions of development, democratization and transitional justice. It is based on fieldwork in BiH in 2009, 2010, as part of my doctoral thesis at Faculty of Economics and CES, University of Coimbra and funded by Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT). The question of the number and heterogeneity of IC actors and their different interests in BIH is crucial to the representation of humanitarian and developmental aid, democratization, and transitional justice. At the same time as credibility...

  18. Uma tentativa de emancipação social na favela: breve análise da primeira etapa do projeto habitacional e urbanístico da Vila da Barca, Belém-Pa.

    Levy, Dan Rodrigues
    A metrópole da Amazônia, considerada como uma cidade pós-colonial representa, atualmente, a fórmula de um urbanismo desigual, de uma política de cidade não planejada, e de um consequente meio ambiente construído excludente. Isto é retrato de um crescimento urbano desordenado, aliado à consequências históricas que reproduzem cidades com profunda segregação social, ambiental e urbana. Um dos efeitos deste modelo de desenvolvimento urbano é a favela, considerado produto de resistência às forças hegemônicas que conduzem a política de urbanização na maioria das metrópoles do Brasil e da América do Sul. É, portanto, um reflexo da cidade ilegal e uma forma de...

  19. Fatores determinantes do nível de divulgação ambiental no setor de energia elétrica no Brasil

    Braga, Célia; Sampaio, Márcia Suely Alves; Ariovaldo dos, Santos
    Esta pesquisa tem como amostra 60 empresas brasileiras do setor de energia elétrica que publicaram seus relatórios de sustentabilidade no website da Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) e da Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (ANEEL). O objetivo do estudo é identificar os fatores determinantes do nível de divulgação da informação ambiental das empresas do setor de energia elétrica brasileiro, no período de 2006 a 2009. Para isso, foi elaborado um modelo conceitual e de hipóteses com base na Teoria dos Stakeholders e no conceito filosófico de desenvolvimento sustentável. A hipótese geral da pesquisa é de que o poder das partes interessadas...

  20. “Afinal, para as mulheres, o tamanho importa!”: avaliação da participação cidadã no processo de reestruturação das salas de parto em Portugal

    Matos, Ana Raquel
    O presente trabalho analisa os protestos ocorridos a propósito do mais recente processo de requalificação dos serviços de urgência perinatal em Portugal (2006 e 2007)

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