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  1. Do quarto de casa ao bairro (Re)Qualificação dos bairros precários da cidade da Praia

    Kesia Mascarenhas de Oliveira Lima
    This thesis focus on one of the biggest challenges that the developingcountries face nowadays: the fast growth of slums represent betweenone third to more than half of these cities built environment.Considering a specific territory, the City of Praia, Cabo Verde,this investigation seeks to contribute for the comprehension ofthe processes of slum formation and transformation as well fordiscussing policies for slum upgrading solutions.This research presents some concepts and methodologies that arebeing discussed by some authors, complemented by the experienceof Valparaíso, Chile, a city that was built essentially without an urbanplan. This debate and practical experience helped the construction ofa point of...

  2. O desenho de uma identidade: Camilo Rebelo

    Inês Silva Reis
    This dissertation focuses on the drawing view as an essential and indispensable tool for anyprocess of architecture, without invalidating others that exist and that tend to increase with thetechnological advancement. I consider that it exists a devaluation of the drawing the most primarylanguage that we have , which becomes, in my point of view, one of the causes for the autistic waythat architecture seems to be taking, indifferent to the context and circumstance, and looking forthe show.Thus, the drawing is something that I believe in, that can lead us to a return to basics and to theelemental nature of the...

  3. Casa da Deveza: reconversão de estruturas agrícolas

    Sara Maria Marques dos Santos Feio
    This Dissertation is defined as a second look at an intervention method used in a pre-existingtraditional agricultural structure with a real and practical basis underneath it. Such work came froma seasonal housing rehabilitation (located in Felgueiras county) proposal by my parents in the pastyear of 2014.Therefore, in this paper the journey towards the paths of Architecture, History, Geography and manyother fields is exhibited and in which such subjects were explored together with one main goal: tocontribute as an approach to an intervention method for traditional agricultural structures that doesjustice to these enormously valuable and too many times unrecognized buildings.Several means...

  4. Histórias da primeira casa. A influência do método na concepção de um projeto

    Raquel Marques Barreira
    This work is developed in order to articulate two specific subjects of architecture, the house and the living with the act of designing the first home. In this respect, the present dissertation intends to approach and validate the project#8217;s methods of two great masters of the Portuguese Architecture, Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura, in order to understand their processes and methodologies and thereby build a #8216;structure#8217; that can function as a tool in developing a design for a single-family house.For this purpose, some concepts of the contemporary house are covered under the perspectives of both architects, and...

  5. Casas em África: Projecto de módulos habitacionais para exportação

    Tiago Miguel Freitas Luis
    This work is developed in order to articulate two specific topics of architecture, dry building solutions and the act of design for extremely hot climates of Africa. Hereupon, the present dissertation intents to accost and validate alternative building systems, with lightweight and fast assembly, avoiding the traditional construction, and, to evaluate the social and geographic environment and its consequent climate where these constructions will be inserted. The study aims to be an aid and function as a working tool for architects and builders that intend to do a project with similar contingencies.Some concepts of structural systems were approached from different...

  6. Os espaços de transição no desenho de conjuntos habitacionais - Reflexões sobre uma experiência de estágio na Suíça

    Fabiana Pereira Franco
    The present dissertation aims to explore the relationship between domestic and public space, namely in terms of multi-family housing. It matters in that sense to understand how the transition compromises, as a ritual of mental and physical transference, the definition of project strategies. To do so, we will address the transition spaces, instruments of passage between the public and private domains, as intermediate devices of the proposed dialogue. An internship in Switzerland allows establishing an approach to housing design, based on the correlation between the project configuration and its circumstance, according to different levels of confrontation. The transmission of the...

  7. Imagens de uma Casa em Espera Construção de um processo de habitação

    Adriana Cerqueira Correa
    Let#8217;s talk about houses, about the way we build them, the way we live them. Let#8217;s talk about the way we make them living spaces in constant transformation. Let#8217;s talk about everything that builds a house, everything that composes it, everything that is part of it. Therefore, let#8217;s also talk about ourselves, those who build them, those who live in them.Assuming the internal and personal character of this investigation, we leave aside, incially, the inherent subjects of architecture, deviating the protagonism way of the architectural practice. This subjective construction, which finds resemblance in poetry and literature, seeks to portray the...

  8. Viagem a outro oriente por entre lugares de silêncio, um mapa

    Ricardo Manuel Coelho Leitão
    #8216;Journey to another East#8217; aims to leverage travelling in order to understand architecture, the world and life. We consider that travelling is to wander over the planet while observing it critically, which makes it a potential operational instrument at Architecture#8217;s service.To travel is crucial for the development of a mental map full of images, which#8217;s most valuable and direct sources are those that architecture, when in action, provides to our senses. It is based on this subconscious map, that we explore the themes and the steps taken by some of the travelling masters, in a way to understand their journey...

  9. Betão. Materialidade e expressão arquitectónica. Da observação à experimentação

    João Antonio Correia Gomes
    The study of the history of concrete exposes an evolution of the construction techniques, furthermore unveiling an instability that traces back to the cultural and social contexts - nameless material used since the Roman Empire, neglected over the Middle Age, lacking shape during the 18th century, 19th century engineers#8217; challenge, celebrated by the architects of the modern movement over the 20th century, essential to our times.This lack of visual definition regarding the expression of concrete is eased by the advent of photography, since it emerges as an important mean of architectural representation. Some concrete projects become symbols of architecture and...

  10. O Arquitecto como criador diálogos entre artistas e arquitectos

    João Pedro Teixeira Santos
    Between Men only a few stand out in every gift simultaneously. From this category emerges the first division, which consists in selecting a few within a crowd.These ones, notable in wisdom, advices and intelligence, other ones experientes in the practical side of things, and other famous by the abundance and opulence of their fortunes.The scope of this thesis is to focus on showing how a fused cooperation between architects and artists in the same dialog could be advantagous, which alows to confer to the buildings and spaces not only a style but a unique character.This dissertation is divided in two...

  11. A Arquitetura entre as Artes. Reflexões sobre a Beleza Arquitetónica

    Mariana Martins Matos
    This master thesis, A Arquitetura entre as Artes: Reflexões sobre a Beleza Arquitetónica1, reflects on the concept of Architecture as an art and the kind of relations it establishes with other arts, particularly with Sculpture and Painting.As nowadays there has been emerging a massive quantity buildings with exaggerated sculptural expression and, then, sculptures exploring the experience of space and the human body movement, what are the essences of these arts? What do they have in common and what distinguishes them? Can Architecture become true Scultpture? Which lessons can we take from these kind of sculptures?In response to these questions, the...

  12. Pavilhões Desportivos em Portugal Contributos para a sua leitura a partir de quatro casos de estudo

    Lia Bárbara da Silva Pinheiro
    With the present study about sports hall, we want to understand whether its architectureor its relationship with the city, in a period between the years of 1930 andthe present. Comes forward as hypothesis that this type of equipment have beensuffered qualitative changes at the level of its design, once during the study period,by way of Community funds in 1986, it has been changed the sports policy and,consequently, the sports park was renovated.For this understanding was confronted, in first place, the national production withsome sports structures built abroad. This allowed highlight some analysis parametersfor portuguese situations. Although it has been collected...

  13. Low-cost Habitat. Um percurso para a sustentabilidade

    Tânia Manuela Cravo Ferreira da Silva
    Construction industry is currently undergoing a transition time where we try to encourage good practices, promoting a more responsible architecture in order to reverse the disproportionate consumption of non-renewable natural resources that has been observed in past centuries.However due to multiplicity of environmental problems, as well as awareness of what is effectively the construction industry, which one has more impact on the environment, there was the reason for society to study, disseminate and implement solutions based on social economic and environmental aspects to reach sustainability, sustainable development and construction, minimizing the negative impacts of human activity.So this monograph focuses on...

  14. Avenida da Ponte. 1968/2000. Álvaro Siza, a arquitectura e a cidade

    Rita Tavares de Almeida Besteiro
    The present study is focused on the act of building in the city by Siza Vieira. We seekto understand is concept of city, and in what way does that concept translate in his works.In fact, after an analysis of his words, we realize that Siza when designing this territory,is constantly seeking the quot;continuity. Thus, based on this study we list two projects of Sizalocated in a part of Porto where the lack of continuity is manifested in various spheres,Avenida da Ponte in 1968 and 2000.This part of the city to which we refer was subjected to brutal changes in the...

  15. Quinta do Assento, Preservar a memória.

    Rui Pedro de Carvalho Vieira
    quot;is thesis bases itself on the formulation of a possible interventionstrategy in a particular case study, named quot;Quinta do Assento, whichpurpose is to maintain and reinforce it is unique, notable and identi!ablecharacteristics.From it is analysis, we note interesting and valid featureslike the strong relationship between architecture and landscape, the presenceof water in the property and the existence of several elements thatguide you to outdoor recreational spaces.Registration and detailed documentation of these facts have thepurpose to answer the questions asked and are an important documentwhich will preserve for future memory the object of study which is in ruins.As a result of...

  16. Valparaíso em movimento. Transportes públicos como oportunidade de regeneração urbana

    Carlos António Felgueiras Trancoso
    The following essay aims for the study of the public transportation#8217;s influence in the urban de- vvelopment of the harbour city of Valparaíso, Chile, crossing its past with the future perspectivesthat it faces.Starting from a more general idea of urban regeneration of contemporary cities through thepublic transportation that includes, simultaneously, the large and small scale, the harbour city ofValparaíso stands as a case study with a special role in this duality for it represents, in many ways,an interesting deviation of the conventional Latin American city. Valparaíso was recently recognizedas a World Heritage site and part of that recognition includes its...

  17. Papel da Estrutura na Metodologia Projetual: Biblioteca de Tama Art University, arquitecto Toyo Ito. Biblioteca Municipal de Viana do Castelo, arquitecto Siza Vieira.

    João de Freitas Castelões

  18. Casa Jorge Costa. Uma casa em bairro, Vila Nova de Famalicão.

    José Manuel Galego Dias da Fonseca

  19. Lina Bo Bardi e o teat(r)o oficina.

    Pedro Vaz Felizes

  20. Musseques | Processos de urbanização da pobreza

    Carolina Rosa Pinheiro

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