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1. Frentes de água entre cidade fluvial e rio urbano: Os casos de Paris e do Porto - Jessica Martins Correia
Water has always been part of the city, as a fundamental element in its origin and development.The consideration of water as a real urban component, and not just as a strict and impenetrable limit, made city develop with its waterfront. If during years, centuries, city denied this natural element, the last decades raised important questions about water#8217;s role and its relation with city.The urban development is quot;extensive, clearly dilated, beyond the strict limit defined by the city, which principal characteristic of its design, during years, was waterfront exclusion.Today, there is a real wish of including water to the urban, giving...

2. Lugares de habitar entre a terra e o mar. Apontamentos sobre temas do território - no Entre Douro e Minho - Pedro Querido Figueiredo Bragança Ribeiro

3. O espaço exterior no edifício de habitação plurifamiliar. A construção da rua Arquitecto Marques da Silva - Sandra Marisa Azevedo Barbosa Ribeiro
The basic system of relations between the urban elements has marked the ancienttradition of the city. The marginal building and the idea of the street as an alignment werethe great quot;certainties of the growth of the historical city that the modern movementbegan questioning, according to ruptured voices and indifference to it#180;s existence.The progressive opening of the block let us see some invisible spaces which untilthen were hidden in the urban net, while it adds new ones due to an quot;uncommittedimplantation, which tends progressively to become free towards the road layout. Thesespaces, resulting from the spacing between the collective housing building...

4. Do it yourself: habitar o terceiro milénio. - Rossana Raquel Pinho Ribeiro
This study seeks to be a reflection on the contemporary architecture of housing, particularly focused on examples produced recently, since the beginning of the new millennium. The Present is the target of a number of mutations that are actually changing practices and perception of architecture: new technologies, the media, the internationalization of the practice, the emergence of consumption, changes in the notion of space and time. All these aspects have a huge influence on the architecture, significantly changing the way of doing it.The collection of initial data, revealed a high density and diversity of examples, among which, there was a...

5. Por que (não) se desenha -  Percepção, representação e comunicação de imagem em arquitectura - Ricardo António Lourenço Gonçalves
This study discusses the recent changes in the use of free-hand drawingas the main method for producing images in architecture. The ever-growing anddiversifying usage of digital platforms supporting the design process is the cause forthose changes. This transformation affects design methodology and the architects#8217;relationship with images, having also allowed the emergence of new building shapes.The discussion generates a research about the function, nature and influence of themaking of graphical records in architecture.The themes hereby developed are: visual perception, regulated by the fieldof vision, shape and colour; the representation systems as a matrix for the options intransforming space; the mysteries of...

6. Reabilitação de Caixilharias de Madeira na Obra de Arménio Losa e Cassiano Barbosa - Contributo para um possivel (Re)desenho - Sergio Manuel Lopes Rodrigues
The windows have a long history, full of small plots and controversies, not always peaceful, that allow us to identify certain times and describe the personality of each nation and building.Although apparently a window seems like a simple perforation on the wall that only allows the dialogue between two spheres inside / outside, the window can answer questions, that are at the same time, really simple and complex, creating a balance between function and shape, between something practical and symbolic.The exceptionality of this element, that strongly characterizes the identity of a building, compels us to reflect about the consequences its...

7. Ferramentas CAD/CAM e a arquitectura Digital - Tiago Vieira de Castro Alves
Technological developments over the centuries lived definitely marks the role ofthe architect in society. The great revolutions in technology allow you to achieve newlevels of creative freedom and creating new paradigms only possible to understand atthe time they are inserted.With the digital age, the potential generator of creative digital tools, togetherwith previous advances in aerospace, marine and automotive, allowed to discovernew dimensions of architectural design and develop a more sophisticated construction.These tools are also seen as mechanisms for converting digital models in real scalearchitectural artifacts, and the project developed on the computer results directly in itsmaterial realization, completely changing the...

8. A varanda em edifícios de habitação plurifamiliar na cidade do Porto. - Patricia Rodrigues Casanova da Silva

9. A Casa como maquete 1:1 -  Novos Processos da construção em madeira - Tânia Raquel Oliveira de Jesus

10. EHL Campus - International Architecture Students workshop. Reflexão sobre a experiência criativa. - Sofia Margarida Passos dos Santos

11. Habitar a Utopia; O complexo da fábrica de cimentos de Maceira-Liz - Tiago Cardoso da Silva Clérigo
This paper proposes the analysis and understanding of the industrial andhousing complex of the Cement factory Maceira-Liz, in the district of Leiria,inserted in the discipline of Architecture.To demonstrate its importance, we introduce the case study in the internationalcontext from its relationship with the utopian cities of the nineteenthcentury.We have studied the theoretical and practical foundations that originatedfrom the knowledge of the national scene, the route of the founders andthe place that hosted this complex. To understand the implications behindthis initiative, we investigate how has behaved its deployment, which buildingtypes are present and how they can contextualize in the history of...

12. Da imagem à atmosfera: a materalização da obra de Peter Zumthor - Simone Caberti
The present dissertation represents an interpretation of the agglomerating element that joins the Peter Zumthor#8217;s sensory atmospheres to the concrete of the built object.The study is developed in two stages: the first, which aims to address the work of Peter Zumthor through a selected bibliography; and the second, that intends to develop a per-sonal interpretation of the Zumthors works obtained through a physical experiencing of the built environments.To accomplish a better interpretation of Peter Zumthors work, it was decided to per-form a theoretical approach through two interconnected paths: the first path covered the sphere of human beings and their senses,...

13. Construir em São Tomé - Mariana de Campos Alves Gomes
In order to understand how intrinsic must be the relationship between the building and the environment we firstly have to know the features of the context that we will confront and explore. Sao Tome and Principe has the features of a tropical island located over the Equator, with specific conditions, means, techniques and limited resources.The contrast to the European#8217;s culture manifests immediately in the differents forms of territory#8217;s occupation. The urbanism of Sao Tome is based on a density#8217;s population that will be deploying to the coast, along the beaches and the bays, and concentrated centers set inside the island,...

14. O cemitério na contemporaneidade. O sentido de requalificar. - Maria Isabel Li
This Master Dissertation discusses the cemetery in the contemporary, namelyin the sense of quot;requalifying this equipment inserted in extensive urban space.The functional and emotional character of this kind of space, makes it anexclusive equipment. The cemetery, more than a site of deposition of bodies, is aplace of worship and silence, which is intended to the deads and the living ones.«Just as death is the end of life, that gives it form and value that closes thecircle, the silence is also the supreme end of language and consciousness. Everythingthat is said or written, all that is known, is to this, it...

15. O bairro Prenda em Luanda. Entre o formal e o informal. - Joana Clemente da Costa Venâncio
Luanda is a dual city. Like most sub-Saharan African cities, it comprises an urbanized area,the result of more or less general or partial formal plans and projects, and areas of informal origin,organized and constructed by the hands of its inhabitants faced with a formal system unable tosupply their needs.The latter, in Luanda called musseques, are formed mostly by dwellings, with a wide varietyof constructive qualities, commonly self-constructed and lacking infrastructures. They contrastwith the urbanized city center, a multifunctional area, where the majority of urban facilities andservices are located, with buildings of permanent construction and access to the municipal sewage,water and...

16. Pensamento arquitectónico na obra de Válter Hugo Mãe - Joana Sofia Rabaça Vaz Torres
The relationship between architecture and literature has beenforgotten over time and therefore the space shared between thesetwo fields of knowledge is the object of study of this investigation.This space is achieved through a literary process thatpresupposes an architectural thought - which reflects on the spaceand the relationship of people with that space - in the literature. Theintention is to discuss some issues of architectural kind expressedthroughout the storyline, but does not seek to find a close anddefinitive answer to exhaust the possibilities of thinking, looking,however, to validate this possibility as a research method.In the first chapter of this research, arguments...

17. Arquitetura Residencial Aristocrático Parisiense - Do período Medieval ao Clássico - João José Borges de Matos Branco

18. As Imagens do Espaço Público Urbano - Uma Abordagem ao Impacto do Metro do Porto na Imagem da Cidade Consolidada. - Frederico Soares de Campos e Sousa

19. Urbanismo Paramétrico: Metodologia Digital para um Plano Urbano - Guilherme Manuel Martins Pinto
This work is focused on the subject of Parametric Urbanism: discussing andquestioning about the emergence of this new architectural methodology;addressing the factors that contributed to their appearance; and seeking tounderstand whether this approach has benefits and whether they may or may notbe a solution to urban plans.The work is organized into three parts: the first part provides a brief literaturereview on the parametric urbanism, which presents historical contextualizationand technological Parameterization, its application in architecture, as well asdevelopment of Parametric Urbanism.The second part is characterized by a practical case study of parametric urbanismof an Urban Plan in Beijing, developed in an...

20. Arquitectura: algumas relações com a área de publicidade e moda. - Denise Monteiro Gomes
This thesis was developed under the architectural theory and research project areas providing areflection about some of the relations between architecture and the fashion and publicityphenomena#8217;s.The aim of this work was to approach and reflect critically about the relation establishedbetween these three areas. The secondary objectives consisted in identifying key concepts andhistorical contexts allowing the identification of interactions with the architecture. Therefore,this study focused, in particular, in the evolution of commercial spaces, emphasizing thebuilding as fashion identity, presenting a selection of reference cases. It is further reported theinfluences between fashion and publicity, with architecture and vice versa, their impact oncities,...

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