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  1. Agent-based Simulation of Open Source Evolution

    Smith, N.; Capiluppi, A.; Ramil, J.F.
    - 06-abr-2006

  2. Agent-based simulation of open source evolution

    Smith, N.; Capiluppi, A.; Ramil, J.F.
    We present an agent-based simulation model developed to study how size, complexity and effort relate to each other in the development of open source software (OSS). In the model, many developer agents generate, extend, and re-factor code modules independently and in parallel. This accords with empirical observations of OSS development. To our knowledge, this is the first model of OSS evolution that includes the complexity of software modules as a limiting factor in productivity, the fitness of the software to its requirements, and the motivation of developers. Validation of the model was done by comparing the simulated results against four...
    (application/pdf) - 19-jul-2011

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