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  1. Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the Old World true freshwater crabs, with emphasis on the fauna of Sri Lanka

    Beenaerts, Natalie
    With about 6,800 species described , the Brachyura or true crabs are the most species-rich group of Decapoda, such as lobsters, crabs and shrimp (Ng et al. 2008; De Grave et al. 2009). An astonishing one fifth ("'1280 species) of those crabs are true freshwater Gecarcinucoidea, Potamoidea, (Cumberlidge et al., 2008). crabs, belonging Pseudothelphusoidea to four superfamilies: and Trichodactyloidea During the past twenty years, freshwater crab taxonomy and systematics have undergone major changes, with many new species described. Diagnostic morphological characters are re-weighted at all levels (from superfamily to species). The scant fossil record and the unresolved marine sister group(s)...

  2. Exploiting plant-microbe partnerships to improve plant growth and phytoremediation

    Weyens, Nele
    Established methods to remediate contaminated soils and groundwater are frequently expensive, environmentally invasive, labour intensive, and do not make cost-effective use of existing resources. Especially in case of large-scale contaminated areas phytoremediation is considered to be a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for remediation since it works in situ, is solar powered and demands minimal site disturbance and maintenance. However, phytoremediation still has to deal with some important shortcomings like phytotoxicity, a limited contaminant uptake, and evapotranspiration of volatile organic contaminants. Plant-associated bacteria can be exploited to overcome these constraints. In case of phytoremediation of organic contaminants, endophytes equipped with the...

  3. Endophytic propagation of Erwinia amylovora in Rosaceae: a proteomic and microscopic approach

    Thoelen, Mieke
    Erwinia amylovora is the causal agent of the bacterial disease, called fire blight. Fire blight is particularly destructive to most species of the Malaceae and some species in other families of the Rosales. Apple and pear trees are from the economic point of view, the most important host species but also woody ornamentals such as hawthorn, pyracantha and cotoneaster are susceptible to fire blight. The bacterium enters plant tissue via blossoms or wounds, and spreads within intercellular spaces and vascular tissue, killing blossoms, shoots, branches and in the most severe cases entire plants (Vanneste and Eden-Green, 2000) . The severity...

  4. Atomic interactions at the (100) diamond surface and the impact of surface and interface changes on the electronic transport properties

    DEFERME, Wim
    Centuries and centuries already, diamond is a material that speaks to ones imagination. Till the 18th century it wa only mined in India, after it was also found in Brazil and South-Africa. But along the fascinating properties of diamond, it is also a very interesting material for industry. After the discovery at the end of the 18th century that diamond consists of carbon, it took until the 50's of the previous century before research groups from Russia, Japan and the USA were able to reproduce the growth process of diamond. In 1989 it was discovered that the surface of intrinsic,...

  5. Thermal analytical techniques for studying formation of dioxins: Development and implementation on fundamental an applied research

    TSYTSIK, Palina

  6. Growth and characterisation of phosphorus doped n-type CVD diamond films of various orientations and devices/applications based on these

    LAZEA, Andrada

  7. Study of biological effects induced in Arabidopsis thaliana following uranium exposure, including mixed exposure to cadmium or external gamma radiation: applying a multi-biomarkers approach

    VANHOUDT, Nathalie
    The aim of this study was first to investigate uranium toxicity effects and to unravel mechanisms by which plants respond to uranium stress. In a next phase, the influence of secondary stressors on uranium induced effects was investigated. The highest uranium concentration of 100 µM uranium is extremely toxic for Arabidopsis thaliana plants with a completely inhibited growth, a fully disturbed nutrient profile, wilting and although making an effort to increase antioxidative defense, suffering from severe oxidative stress with a completely disturbed metabolic balance. While at lower uranium concentrations no oxidative stress related responses are visible in roots, leaves show...

  8. Heavy metal tolerant Suillus luteus: new insights into the Cd tolerance mechanism, the protection of the host plant and Zn-Cd interactions

    KRZNARIC, Erik

  9. Statistical models in epidemiolgy and quantitative microbial risk assessment applied to salmonella in pork

    BOLLAERTS, Kaatje
    This doctoral dissertation is motivated by the METZOON project (R-04/003-METZOON) funded by the Belgian Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety, and Environment (FPS). METZOON is an acronym for the development of a methodology for quantitative assessment of zoonotic risks in Belgium applied to Salmonella in pork. In this introductory chapter, we ¯rst motivate and introduce in more detail the METZOON-project and provide some background information on salmonellosis and the quantitative microbial risk assessment methodology in the subsequent sections. In the last section, we outline the organization of the thesis.

  10. Topics in Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal data

    Sotto, Cristina
    Research studies that involve the collection of data are often, though perhaps not intentionally, subject to some form of incompleteness, thus necessitating the application of modified analysis techniques. As a consequence, methodology for handling missing data has advanced significantly over the recent decades, and can be foreseen to continue doing so in the coming years. In the past, limitations – both methodological, as well as computational – have prohibited the use of more sophisticated approaches, and analyses of incomplete data have historically revolved around simple methods such as complete case analysis. Recent developments, however, have broadened the possibilities available to...

  11. Marker Evaluation Methodology, With Focus on Hierarchical Outcomes

    Tilahun, Abel

  12. Marker methodology, with focus on time-to-event outcomes

    Assam Nkouibert, Pryseley
    Introduction: A disease or medical condition is an abnormal condition of an organism that impairs bodily functions, associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by external factors, such as invading organisms, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions, such as autoimmune diseases. In human beings, “disease” is often used more broadly to refer to any condition that causes extreme pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems, and or death to the person afflicted, or similar problems for those in contact with the person (Johnson 2002). Diseases in general, particularly chronic diseases, deprive individuals of their health and productive...

  13. Flash pyrolysis of biomass and co-pyrolysis with biopolymers

    Cornelissen, Tom
    The Kyoto Protocol, which is closely related to the climate change threat, together with the depletion of fossil fuels and materials in general urgently force society to become "renewable". Extensive research and projects dedicated to renewable energy sources such as water, wind, solar and biomass are therefore being earned out worldwide. A final solution satisfying the global demand for energy and raw materials has yet to emerge, however. A diversified portfolio of renewables offers increased potential nonetheless. One such technology able to satisfy a part of the demand for renewable energy and raw materials is the flash pyrolysis of biomass....

  14. Cytokinins affect the structure and function of the photosynthetic apparatus: a multidisciplinary approach


  15. Identifying dynamic sparse interaction networks

    Hollanders, Goele
    Interactienetwerken beschrijven een waaier van systemen uit de samenleving en de natuur. Vaak geciteerde voorbeelden zijn het World Wide Web, een netwerk van documenten (webpagina’s) gelinkt met elkaar via verschillende hyperlinks (URL’s) [5, 52] en de cel [70], een netwerk van chemische (genen) connecties via biochemische reacties. Een biologisch netwerk kan beschreven worden als volgt. Een organisme, zoals gist, bestaat uit genen, proteïnen en andere elementen. Deze genen en proteïnen zijn de knopen in zulke netwerken en kunnen verbonden worden met andere genen en proteïnen in dat netwerk. Wanneer een gen of proteïnen zich onregelmatig gedraagt, kan een ziekte optreden....

  16. Polymer based hybrid materials for photovoltaic applications: a morphological and electro-optical approach

    In the scope of reducing the cost of the photovoltaic electricity, the polymer based solar cells are considered as a potential alternative to the expensive conventional silicon solar photovoltaic devices. While reducing the production costs, polymer based solar cells have to maintain the stability and efficiency of the silicon based devices. To realize this, it is necessary to understand and improve the currently limiting factors of the polymer based solar cells. The study of the morphology of the active layers is a key issue to be considered for further optimisation of polymer based solar cells and therefore is defined as...

  17. Multimodal selection in virtual environments: Enhancing the user experience and facilitating development

    VANACKEN, Lode
    The usage of virtual environments is manifold, from visualisation and interaction with molecular data to medical applications. Virtual environments are represented in three dimensions and display technology to visualise such environments has significantly improved. Besides visual feedback, other types of feedback in virtual environments, such as haptics and audio, are gaining importance. We explore the possible benefits of these types of feedback. In this dissertation we focus on one of the four primary interaction techniques which must be supported for interactive virtual environments, namely selection. Our efforts during this dissertation are twofold. Firstly, we perform research into selection techniques augmented...

  18. Two-sided exit problems for several classes of stochastic processes

    KADANKOVA, Tetyana

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