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Repository of the University of Hasselt containing publications in the fields of statistics, computer science, information strategies and material from the Institute for behavioural sciences.

Faculty of Sciences - PhD theses

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1. Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the Old World true freshwater crabs, with emphasis on the fauna of Sri Lanka - BEENAERTS, Natalie

2. Exploiting plant-microbe partnerships to improve plant growth and phytoremediation - WEYENS, Nele

3. Endophytic propagation of Erwinia amylovora in Rosaceae: a proteomic and microscopic approach - THOELEN, Mieke

4. Atomic interactions at the (100) diamond surface and the impact of surface and interface changes on the electronic transport properties - DEFERME, Wim
Centuries and centuries already, diamond is a material that speaks to ones imagination. Till the 18th century it wa only mined in India, after it was also found in Brazil and South-Africa. But along the fascinating properties of diamond, it is also a very interesting material for industry. After the discovery at the end of the 18th century that diamond consists of carbon, it took until the 50's of the previous century before research groups from Russia, Japan and the USA were able to reproduce the growth process of diamond. In 1989 it was discovered that the surface of intrinsic,...

5. Thermal analytical techniques for studying formation of dioxins: Development and implementation on fundamental an applied research - TSYTSIK, Palina

6. Growth and characterisation of phosphorus doped n-type CVD diamond films of various orientations and devices/applications based on these - LAZEA, Andrada

7. Study of biological effects induced in Arabidopsis thaliana following uranium exposure, including mixed exposure to cadmium or external gamma radiation: applying a multi-biomarkers approach - VANHOUDT, Nathalie

8. Heavy metal tolerant Suillus luteus: new insights into the Cd tolerance mechanism, the protection of the host plant and Zn-Cd interactions - KRZNARIC, Erik

9. Statistical models in epidemiolgy and quantitative microbial risk assessment applied to salmonella in pork - BOLLAERTS, Kaatje

10. Topics in Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal data - SOTTO, Cristina

11. Marker Evaluation Methodology, With Focus on Hierarchical Outcomes - TILAHUN ESHETE, Abel

12. Marker methodology, with focus on time-to-event outcomes - ASSAM NKOUIBERT, Pryseley

13. Flash pyrolysis of biomass and co-pyrolysis with biopolymers - CORNELISSEN, Tom

14. Cytokinins affect the structure and function of the photosynthetic apparatus: a multidisciplinary approach - CORTLEVEN, Anne

15. Identifying dynamic sparse interaction networks - HOLLANDERS, Goele

16. Polymer based hybrid materials for photovoltaic applications: a morphological and electro-optical approach - HAELDERMANS, Ilse

17. Multimodal selection in virtual environments: Enhancing the user experience and facilitating development - VANACKEN, Lode
The usage of virtual environments is manifold, from visualisation and interaction with molecular data to medical applications. Virtual environments are represented in three dimensions and display technology to visualise such environments has significantly improved. Besides visual feedback, other types of feedback in virtual environments, such as haptics and audio, are gaining importance. We explore the possible benefits of these types of feedback. In this dissertation we focus on one of the four primary interaction techniques which must be supported for interactive virtual environments, namely selection. Our efforts during this dissertation are twofold. Firstly, we perform research into selection techniques augmented...

18. Two-sided exit problems for several classes of stochastic processes - KADANKOVA, Tetyana


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