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  1. Estudo de bioactividades: herbicida no sumo de uva branca e antimicrobiana nos figos

    Seixas, Tatiana Rodrigues Correia de Pericão
    Bioactive natural compounds may be valuable substitutes for nefarious phytochemicals. The herbicidal effect of white grape juice (Vitis vinifera L.) was studied by developing a sample “cleaning” procedure, separating and defining different classes of compounds with the aim of obtaining a hydrophilic fraction with enriched herbicidal activity. By conducting germination essays using Avena sativa L. and Nasturtium officinale W.T. Ainton seeds it was demonstrated that the osmotic pressure caused by glucose and fructose, was not primarily responsible for this activity, suggesting that white grape juice herbicidal activity probably derives from a synergetic effect between different compounds present in this fraction. Escherichia coli...

  2. Hortas urbanas. Estudo de caso de Lisboa

    Gonçalves, Rita Gonçalves Galvão
    The present work aims to study the reappearance of the phenomenon of the Community Gardens, all over the world and, specifically in the Portuguese context, with special focus on the city of Lisbon. For this purpose, there were selected the Granja’s Social Community Garden and the Campolide and Telheiras’ Recreative Community Gardens, where inquiries were performed with the goal to outline the characterization of the newly-gardeners and to understand the reasons that brought up the return of their interest in the farming activity. It was found that, regardless the typology of the Community Gardens, the reemergence of these spaces is...

  3. Validação de um dispositivo não-invasivo e não-destrutivo para avaliação do estado de maturação das uvas

    Graça, João Nuno Duarte
    In this work, WinePen validation procedures were applied in order to verify the robustness of the device in the field and the models used to estimate the parameters Brix, Titratable acidity and Anthocyanins. This device’s operating system is based on reflectance and fluorescence. This validation was held in 2013, on vineyards with white and red varieties, in the Superior Institute of Agronomy, situated in the Wine Region of Lisbon. For WinePen validations, 25 berries of each variety were measured, under different conditions (laboratory and field) in order to verify the light effect on measurements. The berries were first analyzed by WinePen...

  4. Produção de pão a partir de farinhas estremes de aveia

    Nobre, Marlita Figueirinhas
    The food market has been experiencing a growing demand for healthy bread in response to related needs. The present work aims to be a contribution to this topic by the production of pure oat flour bread having in mind its nutritional and bioactive components. Aiming to optimize the characteristics of the product, the effects of the flour particle size, physical pre-treatments (extrusion-cooking and steaming), action of different emulsifiers and fermentation time were studied. For bread production the flour hydration degree was determined using the Brabender Farinograph. All the produced breads were evaluated in terms of volume, texture and organoleptic assessment....

  5. Leptoglossus occidentalis: bioecologia e previsão de impacte económico em Portugal

    Pimpão, Miguel Lourenço Cristovão
    Stone Pine Pinus pinea is one of the most important forest species in Portuguese forestry. The species generates relevant economic benefits, particularly through the production of cones (pinion). An increasing incidence of pests and diseases observed affecting the cones in the latest years, alerted for the need of research on these organisms, as well its interactions with the stone pine reproductive phenology. Through the analysis of pine cones collected in the five main districts at national level, high incidence of three biotic agents were found: Diplodia pinea (fungus), Pissodes validirostris (Coleoptera) and Dioryctria mendacella (Lepidoptera). In 2010 Leptoglossus occidentalis was detected for...

  6. Novos produtos de hortofrutícolas fermentados

    Silvério, Susana Maria Jorge
    The Food Industry aims to develop new products, simultaneously, with quality and food safety characteristics, meeting the requirements of the consumers. The aim of this thesis was the development of three products derived from fermented fruit and vegetables juices, by lactic acid bacteria. Forteen strains of lactic acid bacteria in mono and/or co-culture were tested in the fermentation of the juices, in various combinations. For the beverage, the best results were obtained from the mixture of beet, apple and carrot juices, fermented by a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum. Fermentation of beet and carrot juices by L. plantarum and Leuconostoc mesenteroides was the...

  7. Produção de biodiesel por catálise enzimática em sistemas descontínuo e contínuo a partir de óleo de cardo

    Bule, Maria João Galvão Morgado
    The aim of this study is the biodiesel production from cardoon seed oil (Cynara cardunculus, L.) by enzymatic catalysis in batch and continuous systems. The biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters - FAME) was obtained by transesterification of the crude cardoon oil with methanol, in a biphasic organic/aqueous system, catalyzed by the lipase/acyltransferase from Candida parapsilosis immobilized in synthetic resins (Accurel MP1000 and Lewatit VP OC 1600). This enzyme, when biphasic media, catalyses preferentially transesterification over hydrolysis, conversely to the behaviour of conventional lipases. In batch system, the highest FAME yield (about 97%) was obtained with the enzyme immobilized in Lewatit VP OC 1600...

  8. Efeito da enzima Beta-liase Endozym Thiol (R) na libertação de tióis voláteis em vinhos de castas portuguesas

    Chaves, Alex Musialowski
    The French variety Sauvignon Blanc, used for the vinification of white wines, has a very appreciated varietal aroma by worldwide consumers. This aroma comes from its volatile sulfur compounds, denominated volatile thiols or mercaptans. It gives a tropical flavors as boxwood, grapefruit and passion fruit. The volatile thiols responsible for such flavorings are principally: 4-mercapto-4-methylpentan-2-one (4MMP), 3-mercaptohexanol (3MH), ethyl 3-mercaptohexilo (A3MH) and 4-mercapto-4-methyl-pentan-1-ol (4MMPOH), respectively (Darriet and Tominaga, 1995). These compounds are released during the fermentation by the action of yeast which produce the β-lyase enzyme that reacts with the substrate not odorants present in grape, namely: S-cysteine conjugates, the conjugates...

  9. Desfolha precoce na casta Aragonez

    Monteiro, Rui Miguel de Jesus
    This study aimed to the influence of two techniques, early defoliation and cluster thinning, in the agronomic behavior of Aragonez, its effects on yield, health and quality of grapes. The trial was conducted in 2013, on a vineyard of Quinta do Pinto, in Lisbon wine region, Portugal. The treatments studied were defoliation at flowering (ED), defoliation at the end of pea size and cluster thinning at verasion (D&T) and a non-defoliated and non-thinned treatment was used as a control. The early defoliation consisted of the removal of 6 basal leaves from all shoots one week before flowering while D&T consisted of a...

  10. Previsão de produção da casta Touriga Franca na Região do Douro com base nas componentes de rendimento

    Lima, Isabel Maria Sarmento de Beires de Abreu e
    Yield predicting is a great advantage for winegrowers' competitiveness. To determine which variables explain most of the yield's variation at harvest in a Touriga Franca parcel at Quinta do Vale D. Maria (Douro), a sample of 98 grapevines was selected and its yield components studied through2013. Using an 18 grapevine subsample, 3 yield predicting models were achieved. The first uses "bunch number/vine", "average stem weight/bunch", "berry weight/spur" and "average berry number/ bunch" and explains 92% of yield variation per vine with the smallest statistical deviation measures, offering the best quality estimate. The second uses "fertility index/spur" and "bunch number" to explain...

  11. Caracterização anatómica da casca de Eucalyptus nitens (Deane & Maiden) e Eucalyptus rudis Endl. para identificação das espécies

    Patrício, Helena Sofia Maurício
    Mestrado em Engenharia Florestal e dos Recursos Naturais - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

  12. Desenvolvimento de um inóculo seguro, eficiente e padronizado para a produção de tempeh em pequena escala a partir de diferentes leguminosas

    Cruz, Ivone Lopes
    Fermented foods from Eastern countries, based on crop fermentations are among the most desired by consumers for their nutrition value and potential as Functional foods and for their diversity and originality. Yet, these products are usually produced by spontaneous and poorly characterized fermentations under non-controlled conditions, which are not compatible with the high quality standards demanded by Western consumers. Tempeh is a popular Indonesian fermented food, originally based on soybean fermented by Rhizopus oligosporus. The objective of this work was to produce safer and effective Rhizopus oligosporus inocula and design standard procedures for safe and consistent tempeh production and conservation. Additionally new...

  13. Factores com influência nos parâmetros produtivos e reprodutivos numa vacada de raça Alentejana

    Ferreira, Joana Filipa da Luz
    It is well accepted that one of the biggest concerns of the beef producers is reducing the calving interval, because of the great impact it has on the productivity of the herd, as well as the productive parameters of their calves. All these factors are influenced by environmental conditions in which the environment and management, namely reproductive and feeding management can be highlighted. The aim of this work was to study the effect of farm, calving number, sex of the calf, year and season of births in the calving interval of the Alentejano cows in two farms (Paço and Pinheiros) belonging...

  14. Contribuição para o conhecimento da capacidade e vigor germinativos de sementes de Acacia dealbata Link. e Acacia longifolia (Andr.) Wild.

    Marques, Filipe Alexandre de Andrade
    The aim of this study was to improve the knowledge on seed-coat dormancy and germination skills of Acacia, seeking to clarify key aspects relating to the efficiency of its expansion through seed propagation. The species, Acacia longifolia (provenance: Sintra) and A. dealbata (provenances: Fundão and Cabrum river valley), are considered two of the most invasive of its genus in Portugal. For both species two seed propagation tests were performed: one for pre-germination treatment and another for germination in nursery environment. In these trials, we determined the weight of seeds, the germination rate and the vigor index; hot water (90° C followed by 24 hour immersion) was used to...

  15. Texturizado de manga. Impacto do processamento na componente do aroma

    Carvalho, Cláudia Yong Dias
    The aim of this study was the analysis of volatile compounds responsible for the flavour of a texturized mango product, namely terpenes, lactones, aldehydes and alcohols, evaluating the impact of the processing applied: thermal treatment to inactivate enzymes, texturization with gellan gum, application of an edible coating and two conservation processes. The analytical method used was gas chromatography combined with the technique of solid phase microextraction. The product under development consists in a bar of mango puree texturized using the hydrocolloid gellan gum, matching 1% of the weight of the mango puree. This percentage is composed by gellan low and high...

  16. Subprodutos da indústria de hortofrutícolas minimamente processados: caracterização e valorização do potencial bioativo e energético

    Baeta, Mónica Isabel Guerreiro
    For fruit and vegetable byproducts from the fresh-cut industry (SHF) two valorization alternatives were tested: recovery of bioactive compounds and biogas production by anaerobic digestion. From the total of byproducts produced by the factory (138 tons/month) four classes were defined based on the main composition: I - Potato (42,8 ton/month), II - Carrot (15,2 ton/month), III - Fruits (24,84 ton/month) and IV - Leafs (55,2 ton/month). Only classes III and IV demonstrated a valuable source of antioxidant compounds with a total phenolic compound of 328,9 ± 25,5 mg ET.100 g-1 and 204,9 ± 38,2 mg ET.100 g-1, respectively. The anaerobic...

  17. Snacks de iogurte. Desenvolvimento de uma nova gama de produtos: snacks saudáveis

    Sheik, Assmah Aslam
    The intake of easy consumption foods, alongside with concerns about health issues, has been growing, being one of the areas where the food industry has invested more. This project was intended to develop new products within the range of snacks of yogurt, combining the healthy to the pleasant. Five different formulations of snacks were developed in order to create a wider range of products: yogurt, strawberries, banana, mango and carob flour. For this a thickening agent was used as a processing aid and yogurt to which a specific flavor with or without sugar was added. To evaluate the most suitable packaging, two types of materials with...

  18. Mandioca. A cultura, a sua análise económica e a respectiva cadeia produtiva no Brasil

    Coimbra, Tomás Sassetti
    Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is a plant cultivated in the broad majority of tropical countries: genetic studies report its origin as from the amazonic basin from Brasil. This crop, used mainly as a food of great presence in the daily diet of the tropic populations, especially those of low income, has several applications such as its use in animal feeding as well as in the industries of food, textile, and energetic; predictions look to a future of growing importance of this crop in the exportation domain. This work first shows a characterization of cassava crop in the agronomic area, to afterwards,...

  19. MicroRNAs and target genes involved in E. globulus xylogenesis: in silico prediction and experimental validation

    Graça, Clara Susana Marques
    Portugal is one of the largest producers of pulp and paper derived from Eucalyptus globulus, which makes this a valuable species for the country. Wood is a complex and variable material, and its posttranscriptional regulation knowledge is only beginning. MicroRNAs (miRNA) are small size (21-24nt), endogenous non-coding RNAs, involved in post-transcriptional regulation. MiRBase v20 database encloses thousands of entries, however none from Eucalyptus. In this study we aim to validate E. globulus miRNAs candidates; to predict in silico and validate experimentally the miRNAs targets; and analyze the gene expression of validated targets. Four miRCa-02, miRCa-04, miRCa-08 and miRCa-09 candidates were validated by Northern blot and there in silico...

  20. Implementação e validação da nova sala de brassagem. Caso de estudo desenvolvido na Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas

    Costa, Maria Inês Cunha Ribeiro
    In an industry is necessary to optimize the technologic process, reducing production costs, and ensuring the quality of the final products. With this intention, were performed, during the first half of 2013, some changes in the brewhouse, removing one of them and installing one filter and mash vessel with higher capacity. In order to monitoring these changes and validate the optimization of the brewhouses, were performed some analysis to the parameters related with the validation – turbidity, residues and sediments in the wort, percentage of dry matter in spent grains, spent grains soluble extract in dry matter and causticity of CIP...

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