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1. Pushing the boundaries on mentoring: can mentoring be a knowledge tool? - Henriques, Paulo Lopes; Curado, Carla
Easy access to organizational knowledge is fundamental in dynamic environments that demand continuous firm adaptation. In that scenario we believe that mentors have a key role as access facilitators to knowledge in the change periods. We have developed this study aiming to explore the role and importance of mentors as knowledge access facilitators. We have approached that role in two different ways. We set apart the knowledge base in two categories: Information centers and organizational memory, accepting that mentors act differently accordingly. Based on the literature reviewed we were able to stage a three-dimensional theoretical setting (mentoring, knowledge, and change)...
(application/pdf) - 22-abr-2010

2. Perceptions of knowledge management and intellectual capital in the banking industry - Curado, Carla
The purpose of this article is to capture the perceptions of knowledge management and intellectual capital in the banking industry. The reason for developing such a study is that little research as clearly addressed both subjects at the same time. After verifying that knowledge management and intellectual capital are identified as different concepts in the banking industry, the final aim of the author is to identify the relevancy and perceived value of such organizational variables in the banks. In that sense, this research paper follows a qualitative approach and considers two different knowledge management strategies: exploitation and exploration and three different...
(application/pdf) - 22-abr-2010

3. Organizational learning and organizational design - Curado, Carla
Literature review Approach This paper explores a new idea presenting the possible relationship between organizational learning and organizational design. The establishment of this relation is based upon extensive literature review. Findings Organizational learning theory has been used to understand several organizational phenomena, like resources and competencies, tacit knowledge or the role of memory in the organization; however, it is difficult to identify fits and consequent misfits between organizational learning and the organizational design. Research limitations This one is a theoretical paper, so there is a possible limitation, regarding the lack of empirical support. Practical implications At the end of the paper a number of recommendations regarding...
(application/pdf) - 17-feb-2010

4. Managing intellectual capital: the MIC matrix - Curado, Carla; Bontis, Nick
Knowledge assets represent a special set of resources for a firm and as such, their management is of great importance to academics and managers. The purpose of this paper is to review the literature as it pertains to knowledge assets and provide a suggested model for intellectual capital management that can be of benefit to both academics and practitioners. In doing so, a set of research propositions are suggested to provide guidance for future research.
(application/pdf) - 22-abr-2010

5. The knowledge-based view of the firm and its theoretical precursor - Curado, Carla; Bontis, Nick
The knowledge-based view of the firm is a recent extension of the Resource-Based View (RBV) of the firm and provides a strong theoretical underpinning for the organisation learning and intellectual capital researchers. Knowledge is considered to be a special strategic resource that does not depreciate in the way traditional economic productive factors do. The nature of most knowledge-based resources is mainly intangible and dynamic, allowing for idiosyncratic development through path dependency and causal ambiguity, which are the basis of the mechanism for economic rent creation in the Knowledge-Based View (KBV) of the firm. Future implications that emerge from these characteristics...
(application/pdf) - 17-feb-2010


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