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  1. The interaction of private intergenerational transfers types

    Albuquerque, Paula C.
    The rapid ageing of the population, particularly in the developed world, accentuates the importance of both the family and of private intergenerational transfers, whether this be due to the longer periods of coexistence resulting from longer life expectancy or the threat posed to the very sustainability of the welfare state. While the magnitude of intergenerational transfers is well documented, and the motives underlying them have received broad attention, we focus on a much less studied topic: the way the different forms of private transfers – time, money and space - interact with each other. In order to understand the complete effects...

  2. Values beliefs and economic behaviors: a regional approach

    Graça, João Carlos; Lopes, João Carlos; Niza, Cláudia
    The purpose of this paper is to identify relationships between value orientations, beliefs and economic behaviors of agents, on one side, and differences between levels of economic development, on the other. Empirical analysis is based on a sample of Portuguese municipalities and correspondent parishes, organized in groups set by an urban-versus-rural typology and according to levels of development as measured by GDP per capita. Different value orientations, beliefs and behaviors were identified. Four clusters were thereby considered, generically correspondent to “stabilization”, “economic nationalism”, “entrepreneurship” and “consumerism”. These clusters are related to the spatial dimensions considered.

  3. A Precarização do Trabalho na Indústria do Vestuário : apontamentos sobre a realidade Brasileira e Portuguesa

    Mota, Ana Elizabete
    O texto contém uma reflexão sobre o trabalho na indústria do vestuário no Nordeste do Brasil e na região Noroeste de Portugal. Destaca a atual conjuntura econômica dos dois países e discute sobre o processo de precarização do trabalho nas duas realidades. Além de fazer uma revisão da literatura sobre a precarização do trabalho, qualifica o caso do Nordeste brasileiro como ambiente de superexploração do trabalhador. A exposição dos dados empíricos e os apontamentos analíticos permitem concluir que tanto no “cluster de confecção” localizado numa das regiões mais pobres do Brasil, como na secular indústria têxtil-confecção no Noroeste de Portugal, a precarização...

  4. Mining Rehabilitation Planning, Mining Heritage Tourism, Benefitsand Contingent Valuation

    Mendes, Isabel
    This article approaches the values underpinning derelict mining rehabilitation plans, their assessment in monetary terms, and reviews the empirical studies literature on this theme. The paper correspondingly contains four main aims. The first involves putting into perspective the thematic content on the rehabilitation of derelict and depressed mining areas, transforming them into mining heritage tourism products designed to trigger sustainable regional development. The second aim, concerns defining the range of benefits and values potentially arising. The third seeks to demonstrate and discuss why and how the theoretical frameworks of Total Economic Value (TEV) and economic valuation, taken together with the...

  5. Is Public Education Viable? A brief critical review of neoliberalism in education with a special focus on the Portuguese situation

    Lopes, Margarida Chagas
    As well as in other social domains, neoliberalism has been invading education. This trend is leading to a general commodification and to the progressive substitution of some basic values, as the equality of opportunities, by efficiency and competitiveness. At the same time, education policies become more and more shaped by strict economic principles, reflecting the training acquired by decision makers in economics and economics of education courses. That is why we reject, as a critical social scientist, the view that the viability of public education could be discussed uniquely on the grounds of mainstream public economics criteria. On the contrary, that discussion must allow critical pedagogies and alternative...

  6. Flexibilização do mercado de trabalho e percursos de transição de jovens : uma abordagem qualitativa do caso da área metropolitana de Lisboa

    Kovács, Ilona
    Este texto analisa os percursos de transição de jovens na Área Metropolitana de Lisboa com base em alguns resultados de um projecto de investigação. Os jovens tendem a ser mais afectados pelos efeitos negativos da flexibilização do mercado de trabalho. A transição para a vida adulta, num contexto marcado pela incerteza, tende a tornar-se num processo mais prolongado, não linear, diferenciado e individualizado. Daí a opção por uma abordagem qualitativa baseada em informações obtidas por via de entrevistas semi-estruturadas. É apresentada uma tipologia com quatro tipos de percursos de transição de trabalho e de vida. Cada tipo é ilustrado com biografias próximas aos tipos ideais de percurso. Os...

  7. A comprehensive approach towards academic failure : the case of Mathematics I in ISEG graduation

    Lopes, Margarida Chagas; Fernandes, Graça Leão
    Despite the enormous progress in graduation completion rates along the last decade, academic failure in Portuguese Higher Education is still attracting concern. This is particularly true for some 1st. year critical subjects as Mathematics. Most research and analyses on the issue are focused upon either the “academic” or the “non academic” determinants of failure whilst it becomes more and more obvious that the explanation, or at least an important part of it, resides in the interaction between those two sets of features. Having developed previous research on the basis of the former factors to elucidate failure rate in ISEG graduation, we...

  8. A emigração portuguesa hoje : o que sabemos e o que não sabemos

    Peixoto, João
    Devido à assimetria existente, nas últimas décadas, entre o estudo da imigração e da emigração em Portugal – a primeira foi objecto de muito maior atenção por parte da comunidade académica –, e ao desequilíbrio existente entre a informação estatística sobre aqueles fluxos – os dados sobre imigração são mais abundantes –, o que não sabemos sobre a emigração portuguesa actual excede largamente o que sabemos. O objectivo deste breve ensaio é, exactamente, fazer um ponto de situação sobre o conhecimento e o desconhecimento desta realidade.

  9. The characteristics and regional distribution of older workers in Portugal

    Lopes, João Carlos; Albuquerque, Paula Cristina
    Population ageing is a common trend in most developed countries with many important economic, social and political consequences. In Portugal, this trend has been particularly strong. The ageing index was 34% in 1970, it is about 129% in 2011, according to the provisory results of the last Census and most recent demographic projections, is expected to be over 240% in 2030. One of the main issues associated with ageing is its effect on the composition of the labour force. The main purpose of this paper is to study the changes in the age structure of the Portuguese labour force between...

  10. How do work and public policies interact with child poverty?

    Arcanjo, Manuela; Bastos, Amélia; Nunes, Francisco; Passos, José
    Child poverty is a problem firmly recognized in the industrialized world. In the EU nearly one in every five children was poor in 2008 (for the population as a whole the risk of poverty was around 17 per cent). The dimension of the problem and its consequences point out for the importance of knowing the processes behind it. This paper aims to investigate how labour market issues and public policies have been impact on child poverty, over recent years. Based on microdata gathered by the European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU_SILC) for the period 2004-08 we give a portrait of child income poverty in...

  11. Martins and Eça : interpretations, theories of history, social and economic theory

    Graça, João Carlos
    Several ideas taken seriously by the Portuguese economist, historian and social theorist Oliveira Martins (1845-94), and as such exposed in an academically respectable fashion, suffer a literary parody by his friend, the novelist Eça de Queirós (1845-1900), in his oriental novels, in a tonality in which dominate the chiaroscuro and the labyrinthlike mood. Amongst those are: the importance of randomness in history, Arian supremacy and the opposition between the so-called European and Chinese models of economy and society. Distancing himself from the alleged erudition and scientific positions of Martins, Eça allows himself to express sympathy towards the whole of human experience. The social reality towards...

  12. Exports, productivity and innovation : evidence from Portugal using microdata

    Faustino, Horácio C.; Lima, Joana C.; Matos, Pedro V.
    This study examines the evolution of Portuguese exports to Spain and its determinants in the period 2004-2008, based on a sample of the 97 largest exporters to Spain. The econometric study, using panel data and a static and dynamic analysis, considers as theoretically relevant explanatory variables productivity, equity capital, remuneration and innovation measured by the expenditure on research and development (R&D). The static results of the estimated models confirm the positive influence of productivity and equity capital on the variation of exports, and the negative effect of the labour costs. The variable R&D is statistically significant, with a positive effect...

  13. Condicionantes e dispositivos de inserção no mercado de trabalho : modelo holoclético

    Santos, Miguel Baião
    A desejável inserção profissional após a formação encerra um aglomerado causal, quer seja de carácter pessoal ou de matriz exógena. No presente artigo sinalizam-se os condicionantes e dispositivos que de uma forma articulada interagem sobre si próprios e sobre a inserção profissional. Esta compilação de conceitos é originária de um subcapítulo da dissertação de Doutoramento do autor. A proficuidade da significação das definições é claramente tributária do enquadramento em que foram alicerçados, estudados e aferidos. Pretende-se que este pequeno trabalho faculte a quem lê uma panóplia de elementos que ajudem a distinguir, a comparar e a tornar mais acessível o compósito demasiadamente eclético que caracteriza o mainstream...

  14. Representação e confinação de estruturas sociais na Guiné-Bissau : uma abordagem sobre conflitos e consensos

    Có, João Ribeiro Butiam
    O presente contributo, intitulado ―representação e confinação de estruturas sociais guineenses, pretende contribuir para a compreensão, ainda que preliminar, da forma como as solidariedades mecânicas entre os diferentes grupos étnicos e sociais, bem como os jogos políticos e ideológicos, contribuem para consensos e conflitos na Guiné-Bissau. A história da formação das diferentes estruturas sociais, que constituem o espaço territorial guineense, testemunha guerras e conquistas, mas também algumas experiências de harmonização e de osmoses socioculturais. A propensão para conflitos e crispação entre diferentes estruturas, em detrimento das tradicionais experiências de consensos e harmonização, tem crescido desde o período da independência, sendo um dos obstáculos ao exercício...

  15. Education, development and knowledge : new forms of unequal change under globalization : the case of SSA countries

    Lopes, Margarida Chagas
    One of the leading mismatches brought about by globalization has to do with the severe opposition between the national frameworks in which qualifications and skills are being developed and the wider international contexts in which they are increasingly utilized and reproduced. This gulf becomes almost impossible to overcome and imposes a growing inequality in the access to knowledge in the global economy as the prevalent forms of economic regulation are rendered obsolete. The limitations displayed by national systems of education and training interact with the growing insufficiencies in the performance of labor market and innovation hetero regulators. As a result, increasing flows of...

  16. Writing sociology at the beginning of the twenty-first century

    Graça, João Carlos; Marques, Rafael
    Paul Veyne has suggested in 1971 that Sociology lacked a study object. Three quarters of a century after Durkheim’s Rules, it had yet to discover social types and orders of preponderant facts. At any rate, Veyne claimed, since Sociology or at least sociologists exist, we must conclude that, under that label, they do something else. Briefly, besides studying the logical conditions of Sociology, we should also sociologically consider it, as well as other neighbour and potentially rival disciplines. In this paper it is argued that, contrary to other scientific fields, Sociology lives in an environment of permanently renewed crisis. Different authors...

  17. Perspectivas Teóricas sobre a Relação das Organizações com o Meio Ambiente

    Serrano, Maria Manuel
    Este trabalho aborda, ainda que de modo sintético, algumas das perspectivas teóricas que se interessaram pelo estudo da relação entre as organizações e o seu meio ambiente. Num primeiro momento, dominado por uma perspectiva racional, mecanicista e de sistema fechado, ignora-se a existência de relacionamento entre organizações e ambiente e de qualquer tipo de influência externa no funcionamento das organizações. Posteriormente, a aplicação da teoria sistémica ao estudo das organizações divulga a noção de sistema aberto e a variável meio ambiente é introduzida na análise organizacional. Os trabalhos filiados na teoria da contingência viriam a reconhecer a dependência das organizações relativamente ao meio...

  18. What is the impact of educational systems on social mobility across Europe? A comparative approach

    Abrantes, Pedro; Abrantes, Manuel
    Education is reasonably expected to enhance intergenerational social mobility. However, the extent to which educational systems foster or otherwise constrain social mobility remains controversial. In this paper, data from the European Social Survey covering 22 countries is analysed in order to assess social mobility in the second half of the 20th Century. Variation across five cohesive regional clusters is examined in detail. Results confirm increasing rates of social mobility in Europe and their close relation to massive structural shifts. The erosion of the education-occupation linkage presents a current threat to this trend. Considering formal credentials only, the most equalitarian educational systems...

  19. Effects of Immigration on Intra-Industry Trade: A logit analysis

    Faustino, Horácio C.; Proença, Isabel
    This study estimates the effects of the immigration stock, as well as those of immigrants’ characteristics, such as having the same language as that of the host country and the level of qualification or entrepreneurship, on Portuguese intra-industry trade (IIT) by types, controlling for the effects of other socio-economic factors, like economic dimensions, price indexes and distance. In addition to the member-countries of the EU-27, the group of countries studied includes five African countries with Portuguese as their official language, known as the PALOPs, and the BRIC countries. Since indexes are fractional variables, the pseudo-likelihood Logit estimator was used on the...

  20. Assédio moral no local de trabalho : o caso do sector bancário português

    Verdasca, Ana Teresa; Pereira, António Garcia
    O objectivo deste artigo é fazer, por um lado, uma breve revisão da literatura europeia relacionada com a ocorrência de assédio moral no local de trabalho e, por outro lado, fazer um ponto da situação da investigação existente em Portugal sobre esta temática, dando especial ênfase ao sector bancário português. Os resultados obtidos num estudo empírico recente, que teve como objecto este sector de actividade económica, são apresentados e discutidos à luz da evidência empírica existente. Adicionalmente é apresentado um panorama sintético da abordagem jurídica portuguesa deste fenómeno, o qual ganhou algum destaque no contexto da actual legislação laboral.

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