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  1. Comparative typology in six european low-intensity systems of grassland management

    Caballero, Rafael; Riseth, Jan Age; Labba, Niklas; Tyran, Ewa; Musial, Wieslaw; Molik, Edyta; Boltshauser, Andrea; Hofstetter, Pius; Gueydon, Anne; Roeder, Norbert; Hoffmann, Helmut; Moreira, Manuel Belo; Coelho, Inocêncio Seita; Brito, Olga; Gil, Ángel
    European biodiversity significantly depends on large-scale livestock systems with low input levels. In most countries forms of grazing are organized in permanent or seasonal cooperations (land-owner/land-user agents) and covers different landscape such as alpine areas, forest, grasslands, mires, and even arable land. Today, the existence of these structures is threatened due to changes in agricultural land use practices and erratic governmental policies. The present chapter investigates six low-input livestock systems of grassland management with varying degrees of arrangements in different European countries and landscapes. These large-scale grazing systems (LSGS) are reindeer husbandry in Northern Sapmi (Fennoscandia), sheep grazing in the Polish Tatra mountains, cattle grazing in the Swiss and German...

  2. Wine purchase and consumption in Portugal - an exploratory analysis of young adults' motives/attitudes and purchase attributes

    Duarte, Filomena; Madeira, Joana; Barreira, Maria Madalena
    This study, exploratory in nature, examines how motives/attitudes, purchase and consumption behaviour, as well as extrinsic attributes for wine choice, of Portuguese young adult’s (aged less than 35 years), differ from other age segments. With this aim an online survey was used, resulting in 1160 usable responses. Using factor and cluster analysis, based on motivation/attitudes towards wine consumption, four segments were obtained: “Enthusiast”, “Regular”, “Infrequent” and “Convivial” wine drinkers. Results show that despite some similarities, young adults (more represent in the two last clusters), particularly those under 24 years, show signifi cant differences concerning the analysed factors.

  3. Determinants of change on extensive livestock systems: a theoretical framework

    Moreira, Manuel Belo; Coelho, Inocencio Seita
    The framework proposed in this paper results from a research conducted in the Lacope project1 and particularly, the field study of the extensive grazing systems of the Baixo Alentejo – southern Portugal2. This paper constitutes an attempt to enlarge this perspective in order to respond to different typologies of extensive grazing systems that could cover most of the existing pastoral systems3. Nevertheless, we are aware that the proposed framework could fit better some systems than others, and it certainly demands further development and precision when used to study concrete situations, looking for enrichment from subsequent contributions. In addition we want to underline that the aim of this framework...

  4. Globalização e desenvolvimento rural no contexto de crise

    Moreira, Manuel Belo
    Neste contexto de globalização e crise, o objectivo central deste texto é identificar os principais factores que determinaram as mudanças na geografia produtiva agrícola e alimentar, sublinhando as respectivas implicações, em particular no que respeita ao desenvolvimento das zonas rurais mais desfavorecidas. Pretende ainda chamar a atenção para o aumento dos factores de insustentabilidade decorrentes dos modos de produzir e comercializar os produtos agrícolas e alimentares induzidos pelo processo de globalização. O enquadramento metodológico adoptado é o da economia política cujas principais preocupações são a compreensão da lógica e dinâmica que subjazem a todo e qualquer processo histórico. Daí que se parta da compreensão da lógica e dinâmica da globalização...

  5. Changes in food chains in the context of globalization

    Moreira, Manuel Belo
    This article highlighting the political and ideological conditions necessary for globalization and the role of the technologies associated with this process is an attempt to explain the nature and dynamics of change in food chains. In this text, a political-economic perspective is employed, relying on well-known theoretical and empirical examples that abound in the literature about globalization of food, and on the underlying theoretical explanation of the structural changes brought about or intensified by the globalization process. It seeks to understand the logic and dynamic that explains why the corporate retailers became the main economic motors of deep and rapid changes...

  6. Understanding the management logic of private forest owners: a new approach

    Novais, Ana; Canadas, Maria João
    Recently, several typologies of non-industrial private forest owners were established in order to assess their objectives and attitudes toward forests. However, current management practices and work organization have usually not been explicitly addressed in these empirically based typologies. In a context of increasing outsourcing and decreasing family work in forests, it is important to know the forest practices, who carries them out, and with whose labour and equipment. The interrelated knowledge of these variables sheds light on the constraints faced by different forest owners and about the agents caring for their forests. Such knowledge can also improve the understanding of forest owners' behaviour and, therefore, be...

  7. Liberalização versus proteccionismo: elementos para compreender o que está em jogo nas negociações da Organização Mundial do Comércio

    Moreira, Manuel Belo
    Agricultural and agri-food trade protection (tariffs, subsidies, and other forms of protection such as non-tariff barriers) constitute one of the most disputed grounds of international trade relations. They are particularly important in WTO discussions and are increasingly recognized as having paramount importance for the future of the economic development of poor countries (2005 Human Development Report) and for the future of rural communities of the developed world, particularly for those highly dependent on agriculture and agri-food production. Given its importance one could expect that all those interested in the debate share the same understanding of what are the stakes, even if their perceptions of the outcome are not...

  8. Globalização e contrato social: o caso da agricultura

    Moreira, Manuel Belo
    This paper's central argument considers that Keynesian inspired social contract that ruled, without credible opposition until the emergence of the globalization process does not fit well anymore the current situation. After a short description of the general lines of the Keynesian social contract and of the socioeconomic and geopolitical context that were linked with it, the broad characteristics of globalization are highlighted, mainly the trilogy of the Washington Consensus (deregulation, privatization and liberalization) that is crutial to explain the emergence of the finantial tyranny and the subjugation of the Nation states to the so called market judgement. These changes bought...

  9. Herdsmen, a changing profession

    Moreira, Manuel Belo; Vicente, N.; Coelho, I.S.
    Traditional extensive grazing systems in Southern Portugal relying exclusively on herdsmen that live in permanence with the animals are in peril, since herdsman is the least attractive among rural professions. Recently, namely after the entry in the EEC in 1986, and taking advantage of the UE structural funds, infrastructures aimed at extensive livestock production, such as fencing and water supply have been installed, but still far way from covering the territory. The paper aims to provide a systematic understanding of the changing characteristics of the herdsmen profession and functions. It proposes a model framework to highlight the driving forces of the reported changes, using a case study in...

  10. Agriculture and food in the globalization age

    Moreira, Manuel Belo
    The objective of this article is to reflect on three basic questions concerning globalization and its effects on agriculture and food: 1) what are the major characteristics of globalization; 2) who are its major actors and 3) what are the future trends? Globalization continues to be a disputed concept despite the immense literature dedicated to it. I will focus on features of the current globalization process that can be employed to better understand the direction and reach of changes, particularly in agriculture and food.1 It is not my goal to produce original contributions about the theoretical relevance and accuracy of globalization...

  11. Global post-fordism and concepts of the State

    Moreira, Manuel Belo

  12. The firm and the state in the globalization process

    Moreira, Manuel Belo

  13. The dynamics of the global capital and its consequences on agriculture and in rural spaces

    Moreira, Manuel Belo
    In this paper globalization is conceptualised as a process that marks a new phase of capitalism (Moreira 1994). The aim of this paper is to propose a systematic approach to the economic and social consequences of the globalization process, with particular attention to agriculture and agri-food as well as the use of rural areas. Therefore, understanding the role of the main agents of globalization is a necessary condition to assess the impact of this process. My working hypothesis is that the different actors in the globalization process do not demonstrate the same behaviour, justifying a closer look at the logic...

  14. Entrepreneurial human capital accumulation and the growth of rural business: a four country survey in mountainous and lagging areas of the European Union

    Moreira, Manuel Belo; Skuras, Dimitris; Meccheri, Nicolas; Rosell, Jordi; Stathopoulou, Sophia
    The paper presents the processes of entrepreneurial human capital accumulation and its impact on rural business growth. Data are derived from four surveys on rural businesses in mountainous and less favoured areas in Southern Europe. Formal pathways of entrepreneurial human capital accumulation refer to education and training, while informal pathways include the cognitive processes of work and managerial experience acquisition and the non-cognitive processes of being raised within an entrepreneurial family environment and/or being raised in the area within which the business is later set-up. The studies reveal that there is a variety of processes of entrepreneurial human capital and knowledge accumulation that are case...

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