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  1. Model Studies Of The Hot And Dense Strongly Interacting Matter

    Chatterjee, Sandeep
    Ultra-relativisitic heavy ion collisions produce quark gluon plasma-a hot and dense soup of deconfined quarks and gluons akin to the early universe. We study two models in the context of these collisions namely, Polyakov Quark Meson Model (PQM) and Hadron Resonance Gas Model (HRGM).The PQM Model provides us with a simple and intuitive understanding of the QCD equation of state and thermodynamics at non zero temperature and baryon density while the HRGM is the principle model to analyse the hadron yields measured in these experiments across the entire range of beam energies. We study the effect of including the commonly...
    - 26-abr-2016

  2. Topics In Noncommutative Gauge Theories And Deformed Relativistic Theories

    Chandra, Nitin
    There is a growing consensus among physicists that the classical notion of spacetime has to be drastically revised in order to nd a consistent formulation of quantum mechanics and gravity. One such nontrivial attempt comprises of replacing functions of continuous spacetime coordinates with functions over noncommutative algebra. Dynamics on such noncommutative spacetimes (noncommutative theories) are of great interest for a variety of reasons among the physicists. Additionally arguments combining quantum uncertain-ties with classical gravity provide an alternative motivation for their study, and it is hoped that these theories can provide a self-consistent deformation of ordinary quantum field theories at small...
    - 13-ago-2015

  3. Transport In Quasi-One-Dimensional Quantum Systems

    Agarwal, Amit Kumar
    This thesis reports our work on transport related problems in mesoscopic physics using analytical as well as numerical techniques. Some of the problems we studied are: effect of interactions and static impurities on the conductance of a ballistic quantum wire[1], aspects of quantum charge pumping [2, 3, 4], DC and AC conductivity of a (dissipative) quantum Hall (edge) line junctions[5, 6], and junctions of three or more Luttinger liquid (LL)quantum wires[7]. This thesis begins with an introductory chapter which gives a brief glimpse of the underlying physical systems and the ideas and techniques used in our studies. In most of...
    - 02-abr-2011

  4. Probing Higgs Boson Interactions At Future Colliders

    Biswal, Sudhansu Sekhar
    We present in this thesis a detailed analysis of Higgs boson interactions at future colliders. In particular we examine, in a model independent way, the sensitivity of an Linear Collider in probing the interaction of Higgs boson with a pair of vector bosons with/without the use of polarized initial beams and/or the information on final state fermion polarization. We devise several observables which have definite transformation properties under discrete symmetry operations to constrain the different anomalous parts of the Higgs boson interactions having the same transformation properties. We also investigate effects of initial state radiation (ISR) and beamstrahlung on probes...
    - 12-nov-2010

  5. Quantum Spin Chains And Luttinger Liquids With Junctions : Analytical And Numerical Studies

    Ravi Chandra, V
    We present in this thesis a series of studies on the physical properties of some one dimensional systems. In particular we study the low energy properties of various spin chains and a junction of Luttinger wires. For spin chains we specifically look at the role of perturbations like frustrating interactions and dimerisation in a nearest neighbour chain and the formation of magnetisation plateaus in two kinds of models; one purely theoretical and the other motivated by experiments. In our second subject of interest we study using a renormalisation group analysis the effect of spin dependent scattering at a junction of...
    - 29-abr-2010

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