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  1. Issues in Phenomenology of Heavy Quarks And Leptons

    Arunprasath, V
    The Standard Model (SM) of the particle physics, based on the gauge group SU(3) ×SU(2)L × U(1)Y , has been a successful theory which provides consistent description of all phenomena ranging from the nuclear beta decay to known processes at the high energy colliders like the LHC which operates at the TeV scale. Nevertheless, the SM is considered to be only a low energy (weak scale) theory and not a theory that is valid up to an energy scale (∼ 1019 GeV) where the effects of gravity are expected to be strong. The reasons for this view include the sensitivity...
    - 27-sep-2017

  2. Higher Spins, Entanglement Entropy And Holography

    Datta, Shouvik
    The idea of holography [1, 2] finds a concrete realization in form of the AdS/CFT correspondence [3, 4]. This duality relates a field theory with conformal symmetries to quantum gravity living in one higher dimension. In this thesis we study aspects of black hole quasinormal modes, higher spin theories and entanglement entropy in the context of this duality. In almost all cases we have been able to subject the duality to some precision tests. Quasinormal modes encode the spectrum of black holes and the time-scale of pertur- bations therein [5]. From the dual CFT viewpoint they are the poles of retarded...
    - 29-ago-2017

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