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  1. Danzare l'Africa oggi. Eredità culturali, trasformazioni, nuovi immaginari

    I saggi pubblicati in questo volume possono essere suddivisi idealmente in tre gruppi: etnografie e etnologie di antropologi e studiosi africanisti, esperienze di messe in scena di registi e performer, saggi di antropologia visuale. Il volume aspira a mettere in luce come l’attribuzione alle danze africane di un carattere di primitività rappresenti da un lato l’eredità di una concezione evoluzionista mai del tutto tramontata, dall’altro il risultato dell’applicazione di nuovi stereotipi che hanno tradotto in termini positivi qualificazioni precedentemente negative. The papers gathered in this book can be ideally divided into three specific categories: Ethnographies and Ethnologies of Anthropologists and Africanist...

  2. Un caso di diritto e letteratura. “La ragazza nella nebbia”, ovvero i paradossi della giustizia tra diritto di cronaca e gogna mediatica

    Magnani, Carlo
    [A case of Law and Literature. “La ragazza nella nebbia”, or paradoxes of justice between news right and media pillory] The article starts from the reflection on the relationship between constitutional law and culture. The contents of the media always offer greater interest to the lawyer. The novel “La ragazza nella nebbia” di Donato Carrisi, from which was taken also a film, it is an interesting case in which the literature shows the contradictions of the investigative system. A reckless cop uses the media to create the monster, he does not use DNA or scientific evidence but the help of...

  3. Privacy through Anonymisation in Large-scale Socio-technical Systems: Multi-lingual Contact Centres across the EU

    Cevenini, Claudia; Denti, Enrico; Omicini, Andrea; Cerno, Italo
    Large-scale socio-technical systems (STS) inextricably interconnect individual – e.g., the right to privacy –, social – e.g., the effectiveness of organisational processes –, and technology issues —e.g., the software engineering process. As a result, the design of the complex software infrastructure involves also non-technological aspects such as the legal ones—so that, e.g., law-abidingness can be ensured since the early stages of the software engineering process. By focussing on contact centres (CC) as relevant examples of knowledge-intensive STS, we elaborate on the articulate aspects of anonymisation: there, individual and organisational needs clash, so that only an accurate balancing between legal and technical...

  4. Search for low-frequency diffuse radio emission around a shock in the massive galaxy cluster MACS J0744.9+3927

    Wilber, A.; Bruggen, M.; Bonafede, A.; Rafferty, D.; Savini, F.; Shimwell, T.; van Weeren, R. J.; Botteon, A.; Cassano, R.; Brunetti, G.; De Gasperin, F.; Wittor, D.; Hoeft, M.; Birzan, L.
    Merging galaxy clusters produce low Mach number shocks in the intracluster medium. These shocks can accelerate electrons to relativistic energies that are detectable at radio frequencies.

  5. Simulations of ultra-high energy cosmic rays in the local Universe and the origin of cosmic magnetic fields

    Hackstein, Stefan; Vazza, Franco; Bruggen, Marcus; Sorce, Jenny; Gottlober, Stephan
    We simulate the propagation of cosmic rays at ultra-high energies, ≳1018 eV, in models of extragalactic magnetic fields in constrained simulations of the local Universe. We use constrained initial conditions with the cosmological magnetohydrodynamics code ENZO. The resulting models of the distribution of magnetic fields in the local Universe are used in the CRPROPA code to simulate the propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays. We investigate the impact of six different magneto-genesis scenarios, both primordial and astrophysical, on the propagation of cosmic rays over cosmological distances. Moreover, we study the influence of different source distributions around the Milky Way. Our study...

  6. Resolved magnetic dynamo action in the simulated intracluster medium

    Vazza, Franco; Brunetti, Gianfranco; Bruggen, Marcus; Bonafede, Annalisa
    Faraday rotation and synchrotron emission from extragalactic radio sources give evidence for the presence of magnetic fields extending over ˜ Mpc scales. However, the origin of these fields remains elusive. With new high-resolution grid simulations, we studied the growth of magnetic fields in a massive galaxy cluster that in several aspects is similar to the Coma cluster. We investigated models in which magnetic fields originate from primordial seed fields with comoving strengths of 0.1 nG at redshift z = 30. The simulations show evidence of significant magnetic field amplification. At the best spatial resolution (3.95 kpc), we are able to...

  7. Simulations of extragalactic magnetic fields and of their observables

    Vazza, Franco; Bruggen, Marcusi; Gheller, Claudio; Hackstein, Stefan; Wittor, Denis; Hinz, Paul
    The origin of extragalactic magnetic fields is still poorly understood. Based on a dedicated suite of cosmological magneto-hydrodynamical simulations with the ENZO code we have performed a survey of different models that may have caused present-day magnetic fields in galaxies and galaxy clusters. The outcomes of these models differ in cluster outskirts, filaments, sheets and voids and we use these simulations to find observational signatures of magnetogenesis. With these simulations, we predict the signal of extragalactic magnetic fields in radio observations of synchrotron emission from the cosmic web, in Faraday rotation, in the propagation of ultra high energy cosmic rays,...

  8. Enhancing the Spectral Hardening of Cosmic TeV Photons by Mixing with Axionlike Particles in the Magnetized Cosmic Web

    Montanino, Daniele; Vazza, Franco; Mirizzi, Alessandro; Viel, Matteo
    Large-scale extragalactic magnetic fields may induce conversions between very-high-energy photons and axionlike particles (ALPs), thereby shielding the photons from absorption on the extragalactic background light. However, in simplified "cell" models, used so far to represent extragalactic magnetic fields, this mechanism would be strongly suppressed by current astrophysical bounds. Here we consider a recent model of extragalactic magnetic fields obtained from large-scale cosmological simulations. Such simulated magnetic fields would have large enhancement in the filaments of matter. As a result, photon-ALP conversions would produce a significant spectral hardening for cosmic TeV photons. This effect would be probed with the upcoming Cherenkov Telescope Array detector. This possible detection would give...

  9. Macro-Scale Underground Geomechanical and Thermal Mapping for Very Shallow Geothermal Applications

    Tinti, Francesco; Kasmaee, Sara; Elkarmoty, Mohamed; Bonduà, Stefano; Bortolotti, Villiam; Bruno, Roberto
    The document is an extended abstract presented at "GeoENV 2016", the 11th International Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Application Conference, 6-8 July 2016, Lisbon, Portugal.

  10. Experimental calibration of underground heat transfer models under a winery building in a rural area

    Tinti, Francesco; Barbaresi, Alberto; Ferrari, Marco; Elkarmoty, Mohamed; Torreggiani, Daniele; Tassinari, Patrizia; Bonduà, Stefano
    Ground temperature and hydrogeological conditions are key parameters for many engineering applications, such as the design of building basements and underground spaces and the assessment of shallow geothermal energy potential. Especially in urban areas, in the very shallow depths, it is diffi cult to fi nd natural undisturbed underground thermal conditions because of anthropic interventions. The assessment of underground behaviour in disturbed conditions will become more and more relevant because of increasing awareness to energy effi ciency and renewable energy topics. The purpose of this paper is to show a three-dimensional representation - based on models calibrated on experimental data - of the underground thermal behaviour...

  11. Suitability Evaluation of Specific Shallow Geothermal Technologies Using a GIS-Based Multi Criteria Decision Analysis Implementing the Analytic Hierarchic Process

    Tinti, Francesco; Sara, Kasmaee; Mohamed, Elkarmoty; Stefano, Bonduà; Villiam, Bortolotti
    The exploitation potential of shallow geothermal energy is usually defined in terms of site-specific ground thermal characteristics. While true, this assumption limits the complexity of the analysis, since feasibility studies involve many other components that must be taken into account when calculating the effective market viability of a geothermal technology or the economic value of a shallow geothermal project. In addition, the results of a feasibility study are not simply the sum of the various factors since some components may be conflicting while others will be of a qualitative nature only. Different approaches are therefore needed to evaluate the suitability of an area for shallow geothermal installation....

  12. AlmaDante. Seminario dantesco 2013

    Questo volume raccoglie gli atti di AlmaDante. Seminario dantesco, 28-29 maggio 2013.

  13. Riflessioni sulla "Letteratura nell'età globale"

    Questo volume raccoglie gli atti dell’«Incontro di Biblioteca»: 23 novembre 2012: Presentazione del volume: Giuliana Benvenuti, Remo Ceserani, La letteratura nell’età globale (Bologna, il Mulino, 2012) con interventi di Maurizio Ascari, Mario Domenichelli, Daniele Giglioli.

  14. Dialogando sulla poesia

    Questo volume raccoglie gli atti dei due «Incontri di Biblioteca»: 2 luglio 2008: Dialogo sulla poesia, Alberto Bertoni, Niva Lorenzini e Paolo Valesio presentano i volumi di Giorgio Luzzi, Per una storia della poesia di Paolo Valesio (Bologna, Gedit, 2008) e di Alberto Bertoni, Ricordi di Alzheimer (Ro Ferrarese, Book, 2007); 4 novembre 2009: Se tu fossi qui, Alberto Bertoni e Gino Ruozzi presentano il volume di Cristina Campo, Se tu fossi qui. Lettere a María Zambrano (1961-1975), a cura di Maria Pertile (Milano, Archinto, 2009).

  15. Le voci dei poeti. Parole, performance, suoni

    Questo volume raccoglie una scelta degli interventi tenuti durante i tre Seminari dedicati alla Voce Regina (2007-2010).

  16. La cooperazione interistituzionale per lo sviluppo territoriale in Emilia-Romagna. Appunti di viaggio in una geografia che cambia

    Daraio, Alessandro; Grandi, Silvia
    Il presente lavoro ripercorre le stagioni della programmazione negoziata che hanno interessato l’Emilia-Romagna dagli Novanta ad oggi, analizzando alcuni strumenti ed esperienze particolarmente rappresentative dell’approccio regionale alla cooperazione interistituzionale per lo sviluppo territoriale. Dopo una sintetica introduzione sull’evoluzione della programmazione negoziata nelle politiche per lo sviluppo, che in Italia ha caratterizzato una parte consistente della “nuova politica regionale”, vengono introdotti alcuni strumenti originali della Regione Emilia-Romagna che sono stati adottati nel corso degli ultimi vent’anni: Programmi speciali d’area (PdA), Programmi di riqualificazione urbana (PRU), AccordiQuadro per la montagna, Intese per l’integrazione delle politiche territoriali. I quattro strumenti selezionati vengono riletti...

  17. Design-oriented modelling of different quenching solutions in induction plasma synthesis of copper nanoparticles

    Bianconi, Simone; Boselli, Marco; Colombo, Vittorio; Gherardi, Matteo
    The aim of this paper is to compare the effects of different mechanisms underlying the synthesis of copper nanoparticles using an atmospheric pressure radio-frequency induction thermal plasma. A design oriented modelling approach was used to parametrically investigate trends and impact of different parameters on the synthesis process through a thermo-fluid dynamic model coupled with electromagnetic field equations for describing the plasma behaviour and a moment method for describing nanoparticles nucleation, growth and transport. The effect of radiative losses from Cu vapour on the precursor evaporation efficiency is highlighted, with occurrence of loading effect even with low precursor feed rate due...

  18. Designed long lived emission from CdSe quantum dots by reversible electronic energy transfer with a surface bound chromophore

    La Rosa, Marcello; Denisov, Sergey; Jonusauskas, Gediminas; McClenaghan, Nathan; Credi, Alberto
    The size-tunable emission of luminescent quantum dots (QDs) makes them highly interesting for applications that range from bioimaging to optoelectronics. For the same applications, engineering their luminescence lifetime – in particular, making it longer – would be as important; however, no rational methodology to reach this goal is available to date. Here we describe a strategy to prolong the emission lifetime of QDs by electronic energy shuttling to the triplet excited state of a surface-bound molecular chromophore. To implement this idea we made CdSe QDs of different sizes, and we self-assembled them with a pyrene derivative. We observed that the...

  19. Making and operating molecular machines: a multidisciplinary challenge

    Baroncini, Massimo; Casimiro, Lorenzo; De Vet, Christiaan; Groppi, Jessica; Silvi, Serena; Credi, Alberto
    Movement is one of the central attributes of life, and a key feature in many technological processes. While artificial motion is typically provided by macroscopic engines powered by internal combustion or electrical energy, movement in living organisms is produced by machines and motors of molecular size that typically exploit the energy of chemical fuels at ambient temperature to generate forces and ultimately execute functions. The progress in several areas of chemistry, together with an improved understanding of biomolecular machines, has led to the development of a large variety of wholly synthetic molecular machines. These systems have the potential to bring...

  20. Remote electrochemical modulation of pKa in a rotaxane by co-conformational allostery

    Ragazzon, Giulio; Schaefer, Christian; Franchi, Paola; Silvi, Serena; Colasson, Benoit; Lucarini, Marco; Credi, Alberto
    Allosteric control, one of Nature’s most effective ways to regulate functions in biomolecular machinery, involves the transfer of information between distant sites. The mechanistic details of such a transfer are still object of intensive investigation and debate, and the idea that the intramolecular communication could be enabled by dynamic processes is gaining attention as a complement to traditional explanations. Mechanically interlocked molecules, owing to the particular kind of connection between their components and the resulting dynamic behavior, are attractive systems to investigate allosteric mechanisms and exploit them to develop functionalities with artificial species. We show that the pKa of an...

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