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  1. Nanocomposite Polypropylene For DC Cables And Capacitors: A New European Project

    Montanari, Gian Carlo; Seri, Paolo; Karttunen, Mikko; Paajanen, Mika; Lahti, Kari; Rytöluoto, Ilkka
    This paper presents the scientific background of a new European project, GRIDABLE, which was launched at the beginning of 2017 and has to deliver results in manufacturing and characterization of LV-MV capacitors and MV-HV cables for DC application. The innovation is in the development of nanostructured materials based on polypropylene and silica, and the relevant capacitor and cable manufacturing procedures. The initial results regarding the electrical properties of PP-SiO2 materials, which have brought to the proposal of this project, are presented in this paper, focusing on breakdown strength and space charge measurements performed on nanofilled PP films for capacitors.

  2. AIUCD2017 - Book of Abstracts

    Questo volume raccoglie gli abstract degli interventi presentati alla conferenza AIUCD 2017. AIUCD 2017 si è svolta dal 26 al 28 Gennaio 2017 a Roma, ed è stata verrà organizzata dal Digilab, Università Sapienza in cooperazione con il network ITN DiXiT (Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network). AIUCD 2017 ha ospitato anche la terza edizione dell’EADH Day, tenutosi il 25 Gennaio 2017. Gli abstract pubblicati in questo volume hanno ottenuto il parere favorevole da parte di valutatori esperti della materia, attraverso un processo di revisione anonima sotto la responsabilità del Comitato di Programma Internazionale di AIUCD 2017.

  3. La strategia del progetto ABRACADABRA per azzerare il consumo energetico e bilanciare i costi nella riqualificazione degli edifici esistenti

    Ferrante, Annarita; Cattani, Elena; Fotopoulou, Anastasia; Gulli, Riccardo; Semprini, Giovanni
    La sfida energetica dell’Europa 2020 riguarda principalmente la riqualificazione energetica il patrimonio costruito. Contrariamente alle previsioni e agli indirizzi dettati dal BPIE che indicano al 4% il livello target di riqualificazioni annuali, ad oggi, ogni anno, solo il 1,2% degli edifici esistenti in Europa viene rinnovato. Il rinnovamento del parco edilizio esistente, con l’obiettivo NZEB, è difatti frenato dalle risorse economiche necessarie per procedere a tali adeguamenti, che presentano un alto livello di rischio finanziario e di investimento iniziale e lunghi tempi di rientro della spesa. Sviluppare azioni concertate e innovative, colmare il divario degli investimenti richiesti per l’efficienza energetica...

  4. New strategies towards nearly zero energy in existing buildings: the ABRACADABRA project.

    Semprini, Giovanni; Ferrante, Annarita; Cattani, Elena; Fotopoulou, Anastasia
    ABRACADABRA is an European Project funded by the Horizon 2020 Program, based on the assumption that substantial increase in the real estate value of the existing buildings can play a key role in the deep renovation. The project aims at demonstrating to the key stakeholders and financial investors the attractiveness of a new renovation strategy based on volumetric Abstract Add-ons and Renewable energy sources (AdoRES) intended as one (or a set of) Assistant Building unit(s) – like aside or façade additions, rooftop extensions or even an entire new building construction – that “adopt” the existing buildings (the Assisted District heating networks are commonly addressed in the...

  5. Diritto con musica e letteratura: è possibile raccontare lo sviluppo del diritto?

    Pratti, Guilherme
    [Law with lyrics and literature: is it possible to tell the development of law?] This study aims to present the possibility of comprehension of the historical development of law through-out the Law and Literature Movement. To do so, it presents the evolution of this ‘movement’ passing by the American, European and Brazilian experiences to distinguish the studies that have been done so far from the thesis hereby presented. This thesis is based on the possibility to considering the musical lyrics as literary texts and understanding and describing development of the law starting from the particular cultural (literary) context from which...

  6. Development and application of integrated technological and management solutions for wastewater treatment and efficient reuse in agriculture tailored to the needs of Mediterranean African Countries

    Frascari, Dario; Zanaroli, Giulio; Motaleb, Mohamed Abdel; Annen, Giorgio; Belguith, Khaoula; Borin, Sara; Choukr-Allah, Redouane; Gibert, Catherine; Jaouani, Atef; Kalogerakis, Nicolas; Karajeh, Fawzi; Ker Rault, Philippe; Khadra, Roula; Kyriacou, Stathis; Li, Wen-Tao; Molle, Bruno; Mulder, Marijn; Oerte, Emmanuel; Varela Ortega, Consuelo
    Mediterranean‐African countries (MACs) face a major water crisis. The annual renewable water resources are close to the 500 m3/capita threshold of absolute water scarcity, and water withdrawals exceed total renewable water resources by 30%. Such a low water availability curbs economic development in agriculture, which accounts for 86% of freshwater consumption. The analysis of the current situation of wastewater treatment, irrigation, and water management in MACs and of the research projects targeted to these countries indicates the need for 1) an enhanced capacity to analyze water stress, 2) the development of water management strategies capable of including wastewater reuse, and...

  7. Conversion of calcium sulfate dihydrate into calcium phosphates as a route for conservation of gypsum stuccoes and sulfated marble

    Sassoni, Enrico; Graziani, Gabriela; Franzoni, Elisa; Scherer, George W.
    To increase the water resistance of gypsum-based stuccoes (i.e., pastes and mortars), the possible conversion of gypsum into less soluble calcium phosphates (CaP), by reaction with an aqueous solution of diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DAP), was investigated. The effect of several reaction parameters (DAP concentration, ethanol addition to the DAP solution, pH) on nature and morphology of the new CaP was explored. For the most promising formulation, the ability to improve mechanical properties and reduce solubility in water of treated stuccoes was investigated. The treatment provided better results than ammonium oxalate (an inorganic treatment frequently used for consolidation, protection and de-sulphation...

  8. Calcium phosphate coatings for marble conservation: influence of ethanol and isopropanol addition to the precipitation medium on the coating microstructure and performance

    Sassoni, Enrico; Graziani, Gabriela; Franzoni, Elisa; Scherer, George W.
    The effect of adding ethanol and isopropanol to aqueous solutions of diammonium hydrogen phosphate, used to create a passivating layer of calcium phosphates over marble, was investigated. Thanks to its weakening effect on the hydration sphere of ions in solution, ethanol allowed complete coverage of marble surface by a crack-free and pore-free layer of octacalcium phosphate. Even better results were obtained using isopropanol, because it has lower adsorption affinity to calcite than ethanol. Treatments involving alcohols provided good acid protection and also restored cohesion among calcite grains in weathered marble.

  9. Bowing of marble slabs: can the phenomenon be arrested and prevented by inorganic treatments?

    Sassoni, Enrico; Andreotti, Serena; Scherer, George W.; Franzoni, Elisa; Siegesmund, Siegfried
    Bowing of thin marble slabs is a phenomenon affecting both historic monuments and modern buildings. In spite of the ubiquity and destructiveness of this phenomenon, no fully satisfactory treatment is currently available to arrest and/or prevent bowing. In this study, a treatment based on formation of hydroxyapatite (HAP) was investigated as a possible route to arrest and possibly prevent bowing of Carrara marble slabs. Four different formulations of the HAP-treatment were tested and compared to ammonium oxalate and ethyl silicate (widely used in the practice of marble conservation). The treatments were applied onto pre-weathered and unweathered specimens to investigate their...

  10. Hydroxyapatite and Other Calcium Phosphates for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: A Review

    Sassoni, Enrico
    The present paper reviews the methods and the performance of in situ formation of calcium phosphates (CaP) for the conservation of materials belonging to cultural heritage. The core idea is to form CaP (ideally hydroxyapatite, HAP, the most stable CaP at pH > 4) by reaction between the substrate and an aqueous solution of a phosphate salt. Initially proposed for the conservation of marble and limestone, the treatment has been explored for a variety of different substrates, including sandstones, sulphated stones, gypsum stuccoes, concrete, wall paintings, archaeological bones and paper. First, the studies aimed at identifying the best treatment conditions...

  11. Photochemical investigation of cyanoazobenzene derivatives as components of artificial supramolecular pumps

    Casimiro, Lorenzo; Groppi, Jessica; Baroncini, Massimo; La Rosa, Marcello; Credi, Alberto; Silvi, Serena
    Among the plethora of photochromes reported so far, azobenzene has been proven to be the most suitable photoswitch for molecular systems and materials, due to its highly efficient and clean E–Z photoisomerization. Here we report two ammonium-based molecular axles bearing one or two p-cyanoazobenzene units at the extremities, able to form pseudorotaxanes with a crown ether macrocycle. The photochemistry of these compounds was studied in the isolated forms and in the pseudorotaxanes, showing that the functionalization speeds up the threading process without affecting the photochemical properties of the system. These results suggest that the investigated pseudorotaxanes can form the basis...

  12. Crossing Boundaries: Investigating ‘Fair’ in British Parliamentary Debates on Im/migration

    Bevitori, Cinzia
    The paper is a by-product of a recent, cross-disciplinary research project, aiming at exploring linguistic and discursive patterns broadly construing ‘justice’ in a highly influential institutional setting of political discourse, i.e. the British House of Commons, as regards one of the most complex issues facing today's society: im/migration. Parliamentary language may, in fact, provide a privileged terrain for analysing the relationship between social practices and discourse, especially as regards the discussion of key, highly contested issues such as immigration. Moving from the assumption that justice' is a “human construction” (Walzer 1986; Eriksen 2016) embedded in specific systems of value and beliefs, and that immigration is “indeed a matter...

  13. Electrochemically Triggered Co-Conformational Switching in a [2]catenane Comprising a Non-Symmetric Calix[6]arene Wheel and a Two-Station Oriented Macrocycle

    Zanichelli, Valeria; Dallacasagrande, Luca; Arduini, Arturo; Secchi, Andrea; Ragazzon, Giulio; Silvi, Serena; Credi, Alberto
    Catenanes with desymmetrized ring components can undergo co-conformational rearrangements upon external stimulation and can form the basis for the development of molecular rotary motors. We describe the design, synthesis and properties of a [2]catenane consisting of a macrocycle—the ‘track’ ring—endowed with two distinct recognition sites (a bipyridinium and an ammonium) for a calix[6]arene—the ‘shuttle’ ring. By exploiting the ability of the calixarene to thread appropriate non-symmetric axles with directional selectivity, we assembled an oriented pseudorotaxane and converted it into the corresponding oriented catenane by intramolecular ring closing metathesis. Cyclic voltammetric experiments indicate that the calixarene wheel initially surrounds the bipyridinium site,...

  14. Dataset of the Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica and Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica (v.03)

    Dobias-Lalou, Catherine
    This dataset cointains the XML files of the inscriptions and the bibliography used in the critical edition: Dobias-Lalou, Catherine. Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni, Hugues Berthelot, with help from Simona Antolini, Silvia Maria Marengo, and Emilio Rosamilia; Dobias-Lalou, Catherine. Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni, with help from Joyce M. Reynolds and Charlotte Roueché. Bologna: CRR-MM, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, 2017. ISBN 9788898010684, The inscriptions are marked up according to the principles of EpiDoc. The Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica (IGCyr) and the Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica (GVCyr) are...

  15. The Persistence-Resilience Trade-off in Unemployment: The Role of Labor and Product Market Institutions

    Aksoy, Tolga; Manasse, Paolo
    The “great recession” has affected labor markets in Euro-area countries in very different ways. This chapter documents two important aspects of their response: the impact effect of the recession on the rate of unemployment, and the persistence of high unemployment. We find that countries lie on a trade-off between “resilience” and “persistence”: countries where the rate of unemployment is less affected on impact by output shocks (resilience) typically show higher unemployment persistence. We investigate the role of labor and product market institutions, and find evidence that more protected markets are associated to more resilience at the expense of more persistence....

  16. Danzare l'Africa oggi. Eredità culturali, trasformazioni, nuovi immaginari

    I saggi pubblicati in questo volume possono essere suddivisi idealmente in tre gruppi: etnografie e etnologie di antropologi e studiosi africanisti, esperienze di messe in scena di registi e performer, saggi di antropologia visuale. Il volume aspira a mettere in luce come l’attribuzione alle danze africane di un carattere di primitività rappresenti da un lato l’eredità di una concezione evoluzionista mai del tutto tramontata, dall’altro il risultato dell’applicazione di nuovi stereotipi che hanno tradotto in termini positivi qualificazioni precedentemente negative. The papers gathered in this book can be ideally divided into three specific categories: Ethnographies and Ethnologies of Anthropologists and Africanist...

  17. Un caso di diritto e letteratura. “La ragazza nella nebbia”, ovvero i paradossi della giustizia tra diritto di cronaca e gogna mediatica

    Magnani, Carlo
    [A case of Law and Literature. “La ragazza nella nebbia”, or paradoxes of justice between news right and media pillory] The article starts from the reflection on the relationship between constitutional law and culture. The contents of the media always offer greater interest to the lawyer. The novel “La ragazza nella nebbia” di Donato Carrisi, from which was taken also a film, it is an interesting case in which the literature shows the contradictions of the investigative system. A reckless cop uses the media to create the monster, he does not use DNA or scientific evidence but the help of...

  18. Privacy through Anonymisation in Large-scale Socio-technical Systems: Multi-lingual Contact Centres across the EU

    Cevenini, Claudia; Denti, Enrico; Omicini, Andrea; Cerno, Italo
    Large-scale socio-technical systems (STS) inextricably interconnect individual – e.g., the right to privacy –, social – e.g., the effectiveness of organisational processes –, and technology issues —e.g., the software engineering process. As a result, the design of the complex software infrastructure involves also non-technological aspects such as the legal ones—so that, e.g., law-abidingness can be ensured since the early stages of the software engineering process. By focussing on contact centres (CC) as relevant examples of knowledge-intensive STS, we elaborate on the articulate aspects of anonymisation: there, individual and organisational needs clash, so that only an accurate balancing between legal and technical...

  19. Search for low-frequency diffuse radio emission around a shock in the massive galaxy cluster MACS J0744.9+3927

    Wilber, A.; Bruggen, M.; Bonafede, A.; Rafferty, D.; Savini, F.; Shimwell, T.; van Weeren, R. J.; Botteon, A.; Cassano, R.; Brunetti, G.; De Gasperin, F.; Wittor, D.; Hoeft, M.; Birzan, L.
    Merging galaxy clusters produce low Mach number shocks in the intracluster medium. These shocks can accelerate electrons to relativistic energies that are detectable at radio frequencies.

  20. Simulations of ultra-high energy cosmic rays in the local Universe and the origin of cosmic magnetic fields

    Hackstein, Stefan; Vazza, Franco; Bruggen, Marcus; Sorce, Jenny; Gottlober, Stephan
    We simulate the propagation of cosmic rays at ultra-high energies, ≳1018 eV, in models of extragalactic magnetic fields in constrained simulations of the local Universe. We use constrained initial conditions with the cosmological magnetohydrodynamics code ENZO. The resulting models of the distribution of magnetic fields in the local Universe are used in the CRPROPA code to simulate the propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays. We investigate the impact of six different magneto-genesis scenarios, both primordial and astrophysical, on the propagation of cosmic rays over cosmological distances. Moreover, we study the influence of different source distributions around the Milky Way. Our study...

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