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  1. 中国蘇南農村の家屋の変化と人口的背景 : 江村の追跡調査(5)

    坂下, 明彦; 朴, 紅; 姚, 富坤
    In China, parents' property, including real estate, is inherited and divided by the children evenly. Therefore China does not have the same family property concept as in Japan. It does not have the family property symbolized by 'Gate and Warehouse'. But the room numbers of a house in China reflects personal property. This paper is to observe the changes of farm households' property through follow-up investigations of the farm industrialization process in Jiang-Cun. The development of settlements has changed from being along canals to roads and inland areas. In addition, the number of houses and the surface area of houses...

  2. 中国蘇南地域における農地転用と農地調整 : 江村の追跡調査(4)

    朴, 紅; 坂下, 明彦; 姚, 富坤
    This is the fourth report of the investigation on a farm society at the village of Kai Xian Gong, which is a village of Sunan Area, China. The first report describes the changes of land ownership and land use after liberation in China. In terms of land ownership, the obvious characteristics are that farm lands are being converted to factory sites due to village industrialization and inland water land is increasing due to Shanghai Crab aqua farming. Recently, as inland water land use has increased greatly, land area for rice paddy cultivation and silk cultivation has decreased greatly. In this...

  3. 中国東北における高級ブランド米の産地形成と農民専業合作社の機能 : 黒竜江省五常市を事例として

    朴, 紅; 青柳, 斉; 李, 英花; 郭, 翔宇; 張, 錦女
    North East China has attracted attention as it has become one of the few leading production areas of japonica rice. However, because of the expansion of rice production and the inadequate commodity flow system, there has been severe over-production since the production peak of 2003. It resulted in fierce competition among production areas there. Since then, there has been focus on product branding with variety, growing techniques, and marketing improvement etc. This study focuses on understanding the reasons behind the formation of the high-class brand rice production area in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, which is famous for rice production in...

  4. 中国三江平原における農業開発の特質 : 国有農場の水田展開に着目して

    朴, 紅; 張, 錦女; 坂下, 明彦
    This paper is intended to elucidate from a macroscopic perspective the characteristics of the rapid development of irrigation and drainage systems and paddy fields on the Sanjiang Plain. The entities involved in this project were stratified: on the first stratum was a national project for comprehensive land development; on the second stratum was the Bureau of Agricultural Reclamation, which manages state farms, and its Agricultural Reclamation Administration branch; and on the third stratum was zhigong farmers. The existence of these stratified entities was a condition made necessary by the nature of this project, i.e., development of a large wetland. Being...

  5. 2000/01年ゾドにおける被害の畜種別規定要因

    ソイルカム, バトゥール; 小松, 知未; 森田, 泰之; 志賀, 永一
    The objective of this paper is to clarify factors of reducing damage to livestock caused by devastating snow disasters "Dzud" which occurred during 2000-2001 in Mongolia. We studied traditional measures taken by pastoralists during the period and their effects. The study was conducted in Bayantsagaan soum of Tuv aimag, on a typical steppe region in Mongolia. "Otor", which is a temporary evacuation from pastures covered by heavy snow, was the most effective method for reducing horse loss, since horses can be moved quickly to less snowy areas. However, otor requires the following conditions which is; Domestically, to have at least...

  6. データ解析環境Rにおける多変量GARCHモデルの取り扱いについて : ccgarchパッケージの利用

    中谷, 朋昭
    This short note provides descriptions about basic usage of the add-on package ccgarch for the free statistical environment R. The package is intended for handling multivariate GARCH models in R. The target audiences of this note are the R users in Japan.

  7. 外食・中食産業の動向と米需要

    鎌田, 譲
    In this paper, I surveyed the data of expenditure for eating out in a family budget, the growth of the food service industry and the home-meal replacement service industry, and the increase of rice demand by those industries after the 80's. Using the financial statements of the leading and listed companies, the beef bowl chain stores, the rotary sushi chain stores and the catering business of the 90's, I analyzed the change of input structure, firm growth and increase of rice input. Those firms had substituted labor with capital at the time of low interest rates in the 90's. Increase...

  8. 広域農協における "出向く営農指導体制" 構築の意義 : きたみらい農協を事例として

    河田, 大輔; 小林, 国之
    This study aimed to evaluate the new system of agricultural advisory services of the Japanese Agricultural Co-operatives (JA), especially Large-scale JA in Hokkaido. Under current economics circumstances, some JAs have decided to achieve economic merit by large-scale merging. However, seeking this merit of scale can often go in the opposite direction in building good relationships with members. We explored JA KITAMIRAI which employs a new system of agricultural advisory services to achieve both the merit of scale and fostering good relations with its members. The new system is characterized by a unique organization which encourages staff of the JA to...

  9. 道南地域における集落営農組織化の動向と課題

    正木, 卓
    In this research, we will examine and analyze the current situations and issues with farmers, who have been engaging in "agriculture as a village," and whose purpose is to expand the population of farmers who will engage with agriculture using land-use style in the Southern Hokkaido area. This paper will be divided into different parts: First of all, it will explain the characteristics of "agriculture as a village" at the present phase in Southern Hokkaido. Secondly, it will discuss and analyze the activities of the previous organization on "agriculture as a village", using for example, Shiriuchi, Oshima. Finally, it will...

  10. 北海道大規模水田地帯におけるコンバイン共同利用組織の特徴と意義 : 長沼町A組合を事例として

    糸山, 健介
    The purpose of this paper is to consider the directionality of the joint use organization of agricultural machines in large-scale paddy fields in Hokkaido as a case study of the A association in Naganuma town. The characteristic of the A association is that the machinery that they own is one harvester unit, which contributes to an inexpensive utility rate. Secondary, operation plans that consider individual farms are prepared for each crop. Thirdly, it operates in a large area of the district. It is concluded that the joint use organization of agricultural machines requires a cooperation involving a wide area beyond...

  11. 北海道における水田土地資本額の推計と冷害

    田村, 源治; 近藤, 巧
    The purpose of this paper is to measure the land capital stock of the paddy field and analyze its effects on the rice yield in Hokkaido after 1963. The total amount of land capital stock of paddy fields in Hokkaido became the highest in 1993, 1.6 times that of 1963. After that, the amount of land capital has decreased, and it is 1.5 times as much as in 2001 compared to the level of 1963. The land capital stock per unit of land has increased as much as 1.8 times as that of 1963. We compared the rice yield in...

  12. 複合生産地帯における農地移動の特質 : 富良野市を事例に

    東山, 寛; 近藤, 真人
    This paper concerns the characteristics of agricultural land problems in multi-farming areas. The production structure of these areas includes various types of arable land, farm forms and localities. It is necessary to draw up a typical type of agricultural land fluidity considering these factors. By analysis of statistical data about land fluidity in the field, it is noticeable that vegetable-introducing farms purchased a large amount of land. In addition, these purchasing prices were relatively high. According to the field survey into these types of farms, it was found that a new type of farm management such as an agricultural corporation...

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