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  1. Artefact of culture

    Goffin, Jeremy
    Based with the board riding extreme sports of surfing and skateboarding, the project aims to explore the primary artefact within the Japanese printing method of Gyotaku (a method to record the fish caught). Dating back to the mid-1800s, this ‘fish printing’ method delivers a direct original impression of the surfboard / skateboard (including the dings). It is at this point where to two-board riding sports start to differ. Skateboard, is focused around the relationship between the man-made urban landscape. The scrapes and gouges reflect the journey between the rider and the terrain. The prints can be read as the style and...

  2. Dante: the remixes

    Dermody, Brenda; Tullett, Barrie
    Folio of prints designed to complement the Typographic Dante exhibition in Dublin. They are 'remixes' of the original Letterpress and Typewriter pieces, reimagined by Brenda Dermody.

  3. An episode of Flatland by C. H. Hinton

    Hinton, C. H.; Tullett, Barrie
    Limited edition Artists' Book – a new edition of C H Hinton's 'An Episode of Flatland', first published in 1907.

  4. Word disco

    Cockburn, Ken; Tullett, Barrie; Flatman, Lee; Forrest, Ryan; Favell, Megan; Godber, Ashley; Humphries, Holly; Jepson, Joshua; Gillott, Ashley
    Artists' Book (collaboration with Graphic Design Students at the University of Lincoln), edited by Ken Cockburn. Book was reviewed on the Eye Magazine blog, as part of their 'Books Received' feature.

  5. Utopian tales

    Tullett, Barrie; Zipes, Jack; Cockburn, Ken; Gauld, Tom; Mills, Russell; Pemberton, Howard; Hutcheson, James; Melin, Hanna; Ladlow, Sara; Torjanac, Tomislav; Grandfield, Geoff; Maclellan, Tamar; Jackson, Paul; Schofield, David; Donaldson, Timothy; McGowan, Alan; Mason, Robert; Davies, Simon; Dalziel, Jim; Ogg, Eileen; Homann, Melanie; Zeegen, Lawrence; Mason, Alan; Coulson, Hannah; Diss, Darren; Brown, John; Kugler, Olivier; Leishman, Donna; Peacock, Diane; Williamson, Alex; Singer, Sharon; Posti, Pietari; Sheldon, Felicity; Calder, Jill; Kirkham, Michael; Jones, Alys; Holwill, Donald; May, Betony; Ditner, Jillian; Oliver, Jamie; Toulouse, Sophie; Neill, Gary; Khan, Drew; Leuzinger, Katharina; Holwill, Naomi; Tullett, Jantze; Evans, Melvyn; Lettere, Carmelo; Gibbs, Joanna; Mitchell, Charles; Plater, Mat; Arkle, Peter; Peacock, Irvine; Moser, Barry; Gibbs, Jonathan; Collins, Brigid; Moon, Jonathan; Brennan, Gordon; Gephart, Matthias; Manning, Natalie; Ogilvie, Sara; Faithfull, David; Redford, Fiona
    Artists' Book. A collection of tales from the Weimar Republic, edited by Jack Zipes and illustrated by contemporary artists.

  6. The Merkinch Circles

    Bourne, Mary; Cockburn, Ken; Tullett, Barrie
    A collaboration with poet, Ken Cockburn and artist Mary Bourne: Local people were asked to respond to the area at the mouth of the River Ness. Ken Cockburn ran a poetry workshop and Mary Bourne then taught them letter cutting, enabling them to carve their poems into stone to be incorporated into a seating area overlooking the mouth of the Ness. Project commisioned by the Highland Council.

  7. The Magazine: February

    Mason, Alan; Tullett, Barrie
    The Magazine is a picture book – up to a point. A Victorian volume. A compendium of stories which reads in twelve monthly parts. It relies on words but there are times when words fail. It's a book of serialisations and cliff-hangers. Poems that drop off the edge. Letters of complaint. Improving articles. Amendments. Announcements. Plagiarisms of no great account and tall tales that fall short. An illustrious fiction in which each page is made from 100 others. Like a poison endlessly diluted,each page contains a memory of the original strain. The strain shows mostly in the writing which is...

  8. The difference

    Ewan, Ruth; Tullett, Barrie; Wood, Philippa
    Taking a cue from Lincoln’s historic connections with the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest and working with young people from The Meadows Primary School, Ruth Ewan created a reimagined globe responding to the continuity of ideas put forward via these historic charters. Through a series of close workshops with the artist, young people articulated their own demands of their world. Through collaborative writing and drawing exercises they imagined places they want to see and laws they want to live by. These workshops resulted in a series of slogans, text works and drawn maps. Selected words and slogans from...

  9. (re)Worked: a visual examination of The Windham Papers Vol 1 & 2 through a series of pre-determined rules

    Wood, Philippa; Maclellan, Tamar
    A community-based altered book project initiated by Sparksartists and Christchurch College Library Oxford. Working with artist Tamar MacLellan and drawing upon elements of established collaborative working practices, this project set out to explore whether or not working independently, to set of collaboratively devised rules and instructions, would affect or compromise creativity. The book content was used as the basis for exploration and the response to each instruction was an independent interpretation of research, choice of media, technique and process, enabling each instruction to enforce change upon the book in terms of form, function, appearance and identity.

  10. Lost and found

    Wood, Philippa
    This limited edition artists' book uses collected train tickets and a 1974 British Rail Southern Region Timetable to form a maze book that documents the weird and wonderful items discovered on the London Transport system.

  11. Page 99

    Wood, Philippa
    This limited edition examines the theory that, according to English writer Ford Madox Ford, if you open a novel at page 99 then ‘the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.’ By applying the above dictum to 9 novels – all selected from suggested titles to read before you die – this book uses hand-typed text to capture a fragment of the novel from each relevant page 99.

  12. Ey up dude

    Goffin, Jeremy
    Ey Up Dude is part of the ‘secret language of surfers’ project. Celebrating colloquialism, localism, identity and impact of American surf culture in and around Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. Hailing from the East Coast, or as I like to call it, ‘The Right Coast’ I’m a pro-active practitioner of graphic stoke and unexpected instalments of visual delight. This printed publication is a visual interpretation of my ethnographic research. Focusing on the social conditioning and cultural predisposition of surfing’s ‘tribal community’, I spend my time hunting the many secret spots on the East Coast discovering out how to connect the visiting car park culture into a community. Out of the educational world, I work under the title of ArmchairHero. My work evolves, encompasses and now manifests within...

  13. Be your dog (re-worked footage)

    Bartram, Angela
    Be Your Dog (re-worked footage from event at Karst, Plymouth, 2016 as funded by the Live Art Development Agency) in Animal Intersections, Peanut Gallery and Nexus Arts, Adelaide, 4-16 July 2017

  14. Be your dog (re-worked footage)

    Bartram, Angela
    Be Your Dog (re-worked footage from event at Karst, Plymouth, 2016 as funded by the Live Art Development Agency) in Animal Intersections, Peanut Gallery and Nexus Arts, Adelaide, 4-16 July 2017

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