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  1. Ey up dude

    Goffin, Jeremy
    Ey Up Dude is part of the ‘secret language of surfers’ project. Celebrating colloquialism, localism, identity and impact of American surf culture in and around Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. Hailing from the East Coast, or as I like to call it, ‘The Right Coast’ I’m a pro-active practitioner of graphic stoke and unexpected instalments of visual delight. This printed publication is a visual interpretation of my ethnographic research. Focusing on the social conditioning and cultural predisposition of surfing’s ‘tribal community’, I spend my time hunting the many secret spots on the East Coast discovering out how to connect the visiting car park culture into a community. Out of the educational world, I work under the title of ArmchairHero. My work evolves, encompasses and now manifests within...
    (image/png; image/png; image/png; image/png; image/png; image/png) - 04-oct-2017

  2. Be your dog (re-worked footage)

    Bartram, Angela
    Be Your Dog (re-worked footage from event at Karst, Plymouth, 2016 as funded by the Live Art Development Agency) in Animal Intersections, Peanut Gallery and Nexus Arts, Adelaide, 4-16 July 2017
    (application/pdf) - 29-ago-2017

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