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  1. MeshPerturb: MATLAB codes for mesh perturbation and automated pre and post processing of post-bifurcation analyses via COMSOL

    Saha, Sourabh K.; Culpepper, Martin L.
    Recently, there has been an interest in designing systems that employ buckling bifurcation as a desired mechanism to generate motion and/or form. As buckling has traditionally been considered a failure mode to be avoided, computational tools for predicting the state of the system after buckling are not well developed. For example, modules for post-bifurcation studies are not available in most of the commercial finite element software packages. Herein, we provide MATLAB codes that add the ability to perform post-bifurcation studies to the commercially available COMSOL finite element package. This is achieved by implementing mesh perturbations as a scheme to introduce...
    - 12-may-2014

  2. Matlab Script for Generating Actuation Space

    Culpepper, Martin; Hopkins, Jonathan
    This Matlab code generates a flexure system's actuation space as well as the force and displacement actuator outputs for actuating a particular DOF
    - 08-jun-2010

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