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  1. Exploring Historical Space and Environments in the History/Social Studies Classroom: Discussion and Reflections

    Brown, Philip
    - 30-abr-2010

  2. Graduate Education in Geographically - Integrated History: A Personal Account

    Owens, J. B.
    This article discusses graduate education in geographically-integrated history as developed by the History Department of Idaho State University for its M.A. in Historical Resources Management. This Master's program is based the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and related information technologies. In addition to discussing the rationale and design of the program, the article illustrates what is involved in graduate education of this type through a description of the author's introductory graduate course "Geographic Information Systems in Historical Studies."
    - 08-may-2010

  3. The Integration of GIS-Based Information Mapping into an Ethnohistorical Seminar

    Robinson, Barry M.
    A GIS-based project constructing a digital, interactive map of the Native American experience served as a useful tool for creating student ownership of the learning process in an undergraduate seminar on the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Student researchers collected primary documents, linguistic data, maps and other images, bibliographic resources, links to relevant web resources, and brief encyclopedia-style essays. The information was then integrated into a GIS dataset for use with ArcMap software, with the ultimate goal of compiling a digital resource that would be refined and expanded by future waves of students in this course.
    - 30-abr-2010

  4. Putting the World in World History

    Mostern, Ruth
    - 30-abr-2010

  5. Exploring Historical Space and Environments in the History/Social Studies Classroom II: Introduction

    Brown, Philip
    - 30-abr-2010

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