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  1. A Learning Management System to Support Face-to-Face Teaching Using the Microsoft Office System

    Rees, Michael J; Herring, Charles E
    A low-cost, effective learning management system to support face-to-face teaching using standard Microsoft Office System software is described. This paper goes on to discuss the implementation, hosting, content creation and usage issues encountered during an 8-month trial that covered two full teaching semesters at Bond University. Bond University, based on the Gold Coast, is Australia's first private university and specializes in small-class and face-to-face education. The learning management system called the SharePoint Alliance (SPA) was used to support this quality teaching and learning environment. We comment upon the effectiveness of SPA and how far it was able to support the...
    (application/pdf) - 17-may-2006

  2. The Probabilistic Heuristic In Local (PHIL) Search Meta-strategy

    Randall, Marcus
    Local search, in either best or first admissible form, generally suffers from poor solution qualities as search cannot be continued beyond locally optimal points. Even multiple start local search strategies can suffer this problem. Meta-heuristic search algorithms, such as simulated annealing and tabu search, implement often computationally expensive optimisation strategies in which local search becomes a subordinate heuristic. To overcome this, a new form of local search is proposed. The Probabilistic Heuristic In Local (PHIL) search meta- strategy uses a recursive branching mechanism in order to overcome local optima. This strategy imposes only a small computational load over and above classical...
    (application/pdf) - 17-may-2006

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