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  1. The Use of Institutional Repositories: The Ohio State University Experience

    Connell, Tschera Harkness
    In this paper the author compares the use of digital materials that have been deposited in The Ohio State University (OSU) Knowledge Bank (KB). Comparisons are made for content considered in scope of the university archives and those considered out of scope, for materials originating from different campus sources, and for different types of content. Results show that both mediated and unmediated content is used and therefore justifies the preservation costs for unmediated content. Results also show articles and undergraduate theses are most frequently used type of materials leading to the conclusion that it is important to collect content from all...

  2. Repurposing MARC Metadata for an Institutional Repository: Working with Special Collections and University Press Monographs

    Walsh, Maureen P.
    This paper describes the processes and workflows that transform Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) records found in The Ohio State's University's library catalog into Dublin Core records for digital resources batch loaded into the Knowledge Bank, The Ohio State University's institutional repository. Two projects are described to illustrate the processes and workflows: the open access monographs of The Ohio State University Press and the oral history collections of The Ohio State University Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program.

  3. Batch Loading Collections into DSpace: Using Perl Scripts for Automation and Quality Control

    Walsh, Maureen P.
    This paper describes batch loading workflows developed for the Knowledge Bank, The Ohio State University’s institutional repository. In the five years since the inception of the repository approximately 80 percent of the items added to the Knowledge Bank, a DSpace repository, have been batch loaded. Most of the batch loads utilized Perl scripts to automate the process of importing metadata and content files. Custom Perl scripts were used to migrate data from spreadsheets or comma-separated values files into the DSpace archive directory format, to build collections and tables of contents, and to provide data quality control. Two projects are described...

  4. Impact of Institutional Repositories on Technical Services

    Connell, Tschera Harkness; Cetwinski, Thomas
    The library technical services (TS) units at Ohio State University are heavily involved in the operation of the institutional repository. A literature review revealed that the majority of articles addressing the impact of institutional repositories on library operations emphasize the role of public services. In an effort to determine if the Ohio State experience was unusual, a survey was sent to 123 ARL libraries through the ARL director’s listserv. The survey was designed to determine how the management and workload associated with institutional repositories is distributed across the library including whether IR responsibilities are fulfilled in TS and whether there...

  5. Institutional Repositories

    Branin, Joseph J.
    As more and more information is created in digital formats at the individual, desktop level, institutions are beginning to turn their attention to how to identify and manage these digital assets for long-term use and preservation. This requires an understanding of the knowledge management movement and the associated maturing digital asset management technology.

  6. Developing an Institutional Knowledge Bank at Ohio State University: From Concept to Action Plan

    Rogers, Sally A.
    The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.

  7. Knowledge Management in Academic Libraries: Building the Knowledge Bank at the Ohio State University

    Branin, Joseph J.
    The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.

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