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  1. Opinions on the Internet: Social Influence and Political Decision Making Processes on Social Media

    MacDonald, Tyler
    Much scholarship has been produced to explain how one’s social identity affects political attitudes and behaviors (Phillips and Carsey, 2013). The majority of this scholarship has focused on heuristics and the party identification model to explain how people form political identities and make political decisions (Scholz and Pinney, 1995; Carmines and Huckfeldt, 1996, Mondak, 1993; Greene, 1999; Iyengar, Sood and Lelkes, 2012). But this scholarship fails to recognize that as society begins to interact more digitally through social media, acquisition of information becomes a social activity (Baek et al., 2012). This study focuses on the impact of social influence on...

  2. Social learning in Neolamprologus pulcher

    Pope, Abigail
    Animals can receive new information via social learning, and acquisition of social information in a changing environment can bestow benefits to an observer by reducing the costs of acquiring information. Many species live in hierarchal social groups in which individuals vary in status. Status may influence learning because dominant individuals are more noticeable and likely more successful at obtaining resources. However, it may also be more pertinent for an observer to obtain information from a similar ranked individual. Little is known about how social status influences learning, thus I performed an experiment to determine how the social status of a...

  3. After the Spill: Environmental Justice and Disaster Relief in West Virginia

    Turley, Bethani
    Using interviews with local activists, survivors of the flood, and environmental professionals, I look at narratives of environmental justice and disaster relief as response to industrial and environmental disasters in West Virginia, focusing on the 2014 Elk River chemical spill and the 2016 floods.

  4. Analyzing the Kantian Amphiboly for the Animals

    Riggleman, Mark
    One of the major abiding challenges for Immanuel Kant’s moral theory has been its apparent inability to account for our duties to animals. Even many Kantians have accepted that if Kant cannot adequately account for such duties, it would be a major black mark for his theory. Kant argues that our duties to animals, those without rational nature, can be only indirect. By, “indirect” he means that duties to animals are a consequence of our direct duties to human beings who have rational natures. The duty in question here is that of improving our moral character. Many argue that common...

  5. Labor Union Locals, Radical Politics, and Sympathetic Views of Social Movement Organizations

    Knipe, Kevin
    Although there are thorough bodies of literature which focus on the different organizational structures of social movement organizations and how organizations cooperate with one another, the American Labor Movement is frequently seen as homologous. While challenged frequently in sociological literature, treating labor unions as interchangeable ignores the various motivations held by union locals. As members of national unions, it is assumed that labor union locals naturally have similar levels of participation both in internal campaigns and in their participation with other national social movement organizations. Operating on this assumption, the study conducted for this article surveyed locals from the Service...

  6. The Languages of Music and Emotion in Joyce, Schoenberg, Cage and Beckett

    Cummins, Alison
    Writers of the modern and postmodern period experimented with new modes of narration and form, often borrowing from musical structures to inform their work. Two such authors are James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, who, in their works, mirror musical innovations made by Arnold Schoenberg and John Cage, respectively. Joyce and Beckett use the formal techniques of music in their literary works to arrive at an improved mode of communication.

  7. Strawberries, Milkweed, Stone

    Williams, Roberta
    This collection of semi-autobiographical poems explores the soul of a Midwestern woman growing up in a world in which Donald Trump could become her President.

  8. A System of Paychecks and Balances: Consequences of Socioeconomic Status on Crime and Fear of Arrest

    Israel, Hallie
    This research study aims to examine the relationship between subjective socioeconomic status (SES) rankings of undergraduate students at Ohio State and participation in alcohol-related crimes, as well as perceived fear of arrest for those crimes. This topic is important to study because it can help us to understand if there are significant variations in alcohol related criminal activity between individuals of different classes, and if an individual’s class status is correlated with their apprehension that they may be arrested for their crimes. Understanding how class affects alcohol-related crimes (and crime in general) can help law enforcement to prosecute these crimes...

  9. Latest Cenozoic foraminifera from the 154-0 m interval of the DVDP 8, 9, and 10 drillholes, Taylor Valley, Antarctica

    McCarren, Heather Kristen
    Benthic foraminifera have been examined from the upper 154 meters of a 186 m thick Pliocene-Holocene glacial succession recovered in the DVDP 8, 9, and 10 drillholes of eastern Taylor Valley, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica. The principal objectives of the investigation center on resolving the stratigraphic position of the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary, establishing the full extent of the Pleistocene succession, and evaluating the potential value of these sediments for refining latest Cenozoic chronostratigraphy. The upper 154 meters of the succession were subdivided into twenty-four lithostratigraphic subunits by McKelvey (1981). Subunits are expressions of discrete lithofacies packages such as diamictite, conglomerate, breccia, sands, and mudstone. A well-defined disconfonnity at a drillhole depth...

  10. Origin of zeolites from the Kirkpatrick basalt, Solo Nunatak, Antarctica: significance to the petrogenesis of basalt

    Mason, Scott E.
    The Kirkpatrick Basalt has an anomalously high initial 87Sr/86Sr ratio which varies from 0.709 to 0.714. One possible cause for the Sr isotopic anomaly is the alteration of the basalt by the solutions which precipitated zeolites in the vesicles of the basalt. In this study, zeolites from the Kirkpatrick Basalt of Solo Nunatak, North Victoria Land, Antarctica, were found to have identical initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios (0.7100 to 0.7105) as the Kirkpatrick Basalt flows in which they occurred. Therefore, the zeolites formed soon after crystallization of the basalt with Sr derived from the basalt. Because the Sr of the zeolite-forming solutions was derived from the basalt, the Sr isotopic composition of the...

  11. Isotopic investigation of an aragonite marble Orcas Island, Washington

    Endres, Robert A.
    The carbonate fraction of an aragonite marble (20% aragonite, 80% calcite) from the Orcas Formation, Washington has an 87Sr/86Sr ratio = 0.70779 ± 0.00028. This is concordant with the ratio for Early to Middle Triassic sea water and thus could imply a Triassic age, consistent with fossil evidence. The 87Sr/86Sr ratio for the non-carbonate residue of the sample is 0.7123 ± 0.0007 and indicates that Sr homogenization during mid-Cretaceous metamorphism (250°C, 2.5 kB) may not have occurred, allowing the calculation of a Devonian age for the clay fraction. The strontium concentration of the carbonate (614 ppm) is consistent with the conclusion by Vance, (1975) that the aragonite is...

  12. African Spirituality's Influence on the Slave Experience in America

    Newman, Chris
    This thesis examines African spirituality and its influence on the lives of enslaved Africans in America. Earlier historiography suggested that Christian beliefs had a profound impact on the cultural attitudes of the enslaved black populations. My thesis dislodges this theory and ultimately offers a compelling appraisal to the contrary. Indeed, African spirituality was embedded in the cultural, political, social, and religious lives of Africans prior to the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, insomuch that during the Middle Passage it was their spiritual connectedness which they held onto. My paper begins with the insurrection of Nat Turner and analyzes the fear that white planters...

  13. The Effects of Enriched Environment on Paraventricular Hypothalamic Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Expression

    Yao, Xinyue
    The regulation of energy homeostasis involves a balance between food intake and energy expenditure. The hypothalamus is a crucial regulator for energy balance and consists of several discrete nuclei, including the arcuate (ARC), ventromedial (VMH), dorsomedial (DMH), and paraventricular (PVH) hypothalamus. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expressed in hypothalamic nuclei is significant in regulating energy homeostasis. Our studies demonstrated that an enriched environment (EE), a complex housing with social and physical stimulation, upregulated BDNF expression in the ARC and VMH/DMH leading to an anti-obesity and anti-tumor phenotype. Moreover, the EE anti-obesity phenotype can be mimicked by overexpression of ARC and VMH/DMH...

  14. The Possible Common Origin of the Stillwater Complex and Bushveld Complex

    Rathbun, Andrew
    A pre-Rodinia Supercontinent first proposed by Rogers and Santosh, (2002), and further discussed by Zhao et al., (2002) contained both the Wyoming and Kaapvaal Cratons possibly in close proximity. This investigation looks at the possibility that the Wyoming and Kaapvaal Cratons may have been connected by exploring the geology of the Stillwater and Bushveld Complexes. A reconstruction is presented based on previous reconstructions by Zhao et al., (2002). It has been concluded that these two unique intrusions were not coeval at formation, due to age differences, platinum group element ratios in ore minerals, ore mineralogy, and contact metamorphism. However, this...

  15. Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling of Pennsylvanian-Age Cyclothems

    Noltimier, Katy Farness, 1959-
    Computer simulations of Pennsylvanian strata in an Appalachian-type foreland basin, an Illinois-type cratonic basin, and a Forest City-type platform basin were generated in an effort to determine whether a unifying sea level pattern across North America could reproduce the stratigraphy of three different, but coeval, basins. One sea level curve was used to drive sedimentary deposition (in combination with other sedimentary and tectonic factors). One sea level curve can be successfully applied to produce stratigraphic results similar to the actual rock records of the Pennsylvanian in the Appalachian, Illinois, and Forest City basins. The resulting stratigraphic cyclicity, stratigraphic thicknesses, lithologies,...

  16. Substitution of Mn+2 for Fe+2 in Fe-Ti Oxide Minerals: Application to Provenance Determination of Detrital Ilmenites

    Laumann, Robert D.
    Ten Fe-Ti oxide grains from Wisconsinan till in Ohio, including two exhibiting exsolution lamellae, were analyzed for iron, titanium, manganese, silicon, and aluminum using an electron microprobe. The grains had a wide range of iron and titanium concentrations extending from magnetite and titanomagnetite to ilmenite and to ferrorutile. The ilmenite grains and lamellae contained 0.60 ± 0.31 % MnO, which is about ten times more than the average MnO concentration of the magnetite grains (0.06 ± 0.04%). The MnO content of ilmenites from igneous rocks in the Oslo Graben, Norway, (Neumann, 1974) increased with the silica content of the host...

  17. Meteorite Concentration by Ice Flow

    Heeswijk, Marijke van
    Ice flow concentrates meteorites and supplies old ice at the ablation surface near the Allan Hills, Antarctica. A model for these phenomena is proposed by Whillans and Cassidy, and is developed in this paper. The model recognizes three mechanisms that act to concentrate the meteorites: some meteorites fall directly onto the collecting site, others are transported by the glacier from the accumulation to the ablation zone, and those present at the ablation surface are crowded due to horizontally-compressive surface strain rates. Large meteorite concentrations and old ice are favored by the following conditions: thick ice, slow velocities, convergent flow, low...

  18. The Deformation of Subglacial Till: A Numerical Model

    Mellors, Robert
    Prior work has shown that ice streams in West Antarctica are probably underlain by a layer of till 6 to 12 m thick. This till layer may be similiar to mobile drift found by Kamb (1979) on Blue Glacier in Washington State and by Boulton (1979) at Breidamerjokull in Iceland. This paper presents a preliminary model for flow of this till layer. The till is assumed to be linearly viscous with a calculated viscosity of 3Xl0**8 Pa s. Flow is caused by shear stress from the ice above and by pressure differences. The thickness over time is tested by solving...

  19. General Effects of Fractionation, Assimilation, and Mixing on Trace Element Evolution

    Gentry, Tiffany R.
    In recent years, geochemists have become increasingly interested in describing the processes that effect the chemistry of evolving magmas. As research in this field has progressed, it has become apparent that fractional crystallization cannot account for all the geochemical variations present in lavas. Increasingly, geologists have begun to look at other processes, such as assimilation and magma mixing, to explain the development of a variety of lavas. However, no one has attempted to describe the effects that these processes might have in combination. This thesis is an attempt to describe the general effects that combined fractionation, assimilation and mixing might...

  20. Identification of novel Ras pathway genes using an inducible Drosophila tumor cell line

    Lyon, Peter
    The oncogenic form of Ras signaling is associated with 30% of human cancers, including 90% of pancreatic tumors, was first genetically characterized in Drosophila. Subsequent genetic screens have identified many additional genes in the pathway. To identify novel candidates, we have conducted an in vitro screen using an inducible Ras oncogene in Drosophila tissue culture cells developed in our lab. This conditional cell line requires the control of oncogenic RasV12 expression induced by GeneSwitch-Gal4 (GSR) for proliferation. Using RNAseq analysis, 363 gene transcripts were identified that were upregulated two-fold or greater by oncogenic RasV12 expression. Of these, 91 candidate genes...

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