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  1. Japan's Institutional Repositories: Where Did They Come From and Where Are They Headed?

    Katherine Matsuura
    This study follows the rapid and substantial growth of institutional repositories in Japan, and evaluates the publicly searchable content of 86 IRs made available through Japan’s web portal, JAIRO, and the NII Institutional Repositories DataBase Contents Analysis System. The findings are examined from an international and comparative framework, and highlight variations in Japanese academic scholarship and publishing, as well as ongoing challenges in the areas of faculty participation, copyright and peer-review.

  2. Evaluating User Perspectives of Audio Fingerprinting Technologies

    Julia C. Thompson
    Audio fingerprinting, the process by which an audio sample is automatically identified or categorized based on its unique analog properties, is a technology that has been integrated quite rapidly into commercial and consumer music applications. Although academic literature has covered specific algorithms, technical specifications of prototype applications, and practical implementations of audio fingerprinting software, little attention has been given to public opinions. However, public opinion has been debated extensively in online blogs, forums, newspapers, and e-mail lists. This study addresses this knowledge gap by examining a sample, via content analysis, of 30 web-based resources, revealing public opinions about this topic....

  3. The Effect of Open Questions on Virtual Reference Interview Efficiency

    Edward Rainey
    This study examines how the use of open questions in virtual reference interactions impacts the overall efficiency of the reference interview. Fifty virtual reference transcripts from the “Ask a Librarian” service at the University of North Carolina’s Davis Library were analyzed to determine whether or not open questions were used. Next, the total number of interactions between patron and librarian was tabulated. The number of open questions was divided by the number of total number of interactions to determine an efficiency value for each transcript. While no conclusive correlation was found between open questions and efficiency, this study suggests that...

  4. Searching without SQL: Re-engineering a database-centric web application with open-source information retrieval software.

    Timothy A. Ross
    This paper seeks to describe the process by which a database-centric web application was redesigned and rewritten to take advantage of Apache’s Lucene - an open-source information retrieval software library written in the Java programming language. After the implementation of a Lucene-based text index of “semi-structured data”, a college radio station's card catalog application was able to deliver higher-quality search results in significantly less time than it was able to do using just a relational database alone. Additionally, the dramatic improvements in speed and performance even allowed the search results interface to be redesigned and enhanced with an improved pagination...

  5. Communication Techniques between Principals and School Library Media Specialists in One North Carolina County.

    Ann Kadala
    Numerous factors affect the level of support a principal gives to the School Library Media Program(s) (SLMP). This study researched how communication techniques affect the relationship between the School Library Media Specialists (SLMS) and their principals. The paper describes the data from a questionnaire sent to 39 SLMS and 37 principals in one county in North Carolina. The study found that SLMS and principals were satisfied with the state of their communication habits. Informal face to face meetings and email were the most used and most valued forms of communication. However, the data also showed that there are many forms...

  6. A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Novice Undergraduate Students with Online Finding Aids

    Rita Diane Johnston
    This paper presents findings from a study that explored obstacles undergraduate students who are novice users of archives face when using online finding aids, and to what extent these barriers negatively impact their ability to use finding aids to access primary source materials. A usability study of four different finding aids was conducted with eight undergraduate students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The study participants completed a set of tasks with the finding aids in individual sessions, which were recorded. Then participants were asked while reviewing their recording in a stimulated recall session to describe any...

  7. Developing a Training Institute to Promote Lifelong Learning and Civic Engagement of Older Adults through Public Libraries in North Carolina

    M. Van Noord
    Major demographic shifts in the population will occur over the next two decades as the Baby Boomers age. While public libraries have actively developed and promoted services for children and teens, adult services aimed at active, engaged older adults have not been a focus. This study provides an overview of issues related to health, aging and public libraries as a basis for exploring the potential of public libraries to serve as centers for lifelong learning and civic engagement for older adults. Evaluation data from three national Lifelong Access Libraries Leadership Institutes held in 2006, 2007 and 2008 are used to...

  8. The Current State of Cataloging Education in U.S. LIS Programs

    Cunningham, V
    This paper examines the current state of cataloging education in LIS programs throughout the United States. This paper finds that there has been a shift away from traditional library science courses in cataloging. There are many ramifications of this shift, most notably the dwindling interest of LIS students in working as professional catalogers, as well as, ill-equipped students entering professional cataloging positions. This paper also explores what can be done to regenerate interest among LIS students in this field, beginning with increased faculty support of this field and more incorporation of cataloging courses into the LIS curriculum.

  9. Effectiveness of Text Representations in the Automatic Classification of Regional Game Design Trends in Video Game Reviews

    Benjamin B Pennell
    The video game industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the global entertainment market, and thus represents the design decisions of a wide spectrum of developers. This paper seeks to show that text mining can be used to predict trends in game design by identifying the region and release date automatically from video game reviews. When framed as a multi-class classification problem, a Support Vector Machine (SVM) achieves an average predictive confidence of 30.27% for noun and verb text representations, or by individual text representation: text windowing 11.22%, noun phrases 32.15%, noun phrases without game titles 31.40%, noun...

  10. Improving Recovery for Libraries That Have Been Hit by Disaster

    Mark Peterson
    This study analyzes research into cases where various types of libraries around the world were hit by disaster and were then able to restore services to their patrons, in order to determine the effect of appeals to outside agencies for help on the amount of funding obtained and the time that it took to restore library services. Of the sixty cases examined, thirty-six had full records that could be examined tracking the fate of library services from catastrophe to recovery. This research shows that all libraries need to consider methods for handling outside help and donations in their disaster planning. Appeals...

  11. An Evaluation of Existing Light Stemming Algorithms for Arabic Keyword Searches

    Brittany E. Rogerson
    The field of Information Retrieval recognizes the importance of stemming in improving retrieval effectiveness. This same tool, when applied to searches conducted in the Arabic language, increases the relevancy of documents returned and expands searches to encompass the general meaning of a word instead of the word itself. Since the Arabic language relies mainly on triconsonantal roots for verb forms and derives nouns by adding affixes, words with similar consonants are closely related in meaning. Stemming allows a search term to focus more on the meaning of a term and closely related terms and less on specific character matches. This...

  12. Teacher - Librarian Collaboration: The School Library Media Specialist as Portrayed by Teachers' Professional Organizations

    Judy Jackson Whitesell
    In the professional school librarian community, collaboration between teachers and librarians is emphasized as a key to a successful school library program that has a positive impact on student learning. A content analysis was performed on journal articles and convention sessions of two teachers’ professional organizations, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), to determine if teachers are likewise encouraged to engage in this collaborative work. Little mention of the school library or teacher – librarian collaborative relationship was found; even less was found concerning its impact on student learning....

  13. The School Library Media Program and Special Education Programs

    Kendra L. Allen
    This study examines the relationship between school library media programs and special education programs in the context of meeting the unique needs of students with disabilities. Library media specialists in a large public school system in North Carolina were surveyed on how they gather information about best practices in special education and students enrolled in special education programs, what services and instructional accommodations they provide, and how they collaborate with special education teachers. Participating library media specialists work at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The survey results indicate low confidence among library media specialists in their knowledge of...

  14. Institutional Rank and Budget Efficiency in Academic Libraries

    Kiesewetter, H.
    This study describes budget trends at Harvard University, Stanford University, Montana State University at Bozeman and New Mexico State University at Las Cruces. These financial trends are connected to the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities’ rankings from 2004-2008. The connected data indicates that effective budget patterns include keeping collection and materials budgets as large as possible without sacrificing from a human resources perspective. The data also suggests that universities should aim to allocate at least three percent of the total organization’s budget to the library system. After establishing the connection between healthy libraries and parent organizations, it is also recommended that libraries treat employees more...

  15. The Effect of Library Instruction on Undergraduate Library Use

    Katherine G. Knott
    In today’s society, someone is always predicting the imminent demise of libraries, who in return, are constantly having to prove their worth. In this attempt, libraries are/have evolved their mission with expanded services and facilities. However, services and facilities mean nothing if they are not utilized by patrons, which makes it vital that libraries capture new patrons and turn them into life-long users. This study examines the role library instruction sessions play in creating this return-user base that is the foundation for our organizations. The researcher surveys two groups of first-year undergraduate students – one group that attends a library...

  16. Social Networking Services: Library Collaboration 2.0?

    Timothy P Ramsey
    This paper describes an exploratory study to examine academic librarians' perspectives on using social networking services for inter-library collaboration. The study used semi-structured interviews to provide rich data for investigating where academic librarians are currently cooperating using social networking technologies and how they feel about using virtual social and professional tools to build and maintain collaborative networks. Before reporting on findings, the paper briefly examines the history of academic library collaboration, the current application of social networking services in business and professional settings, and some of the contextual, social, and technological factors affecting collaboration online. The proposed study illuminates many...

  17. Free and Open Source Software and Software Acquisition Cost

    Douglas A Whitfield
    This exploratory study analyzes the attitudes toward Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on the campus on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The study focuses primarily on the monetary incentive of FOSS given the unusual set of circumstances in academia, including academic pricing and site licensing. The study finds that listserv surveys are not an adequate way of doing research on the tech community at UNC-Chapel Hill, especially in the arts, humanities and social science departments. Study respondents also indicate there is little inter-departmental social networking that occurs in survey responding. There is also strong incentive to...

  18. Why Can’t It All Be On the Web?: The Information Needs of Biomedical Informatics Scientists

    V. Vaidhyanathan
    Bioinformatics researchers are a relatively new breed of scientist, emerging from many disciplines. In order for libraries to meet the needs of these researchers, a clear assessment of how they use the library and how they would like to use it is essential. Through in-person interviews with graduate students, post-doctoral students, researchers and medical doctors, this study examines bioinformatics researchers’ use of the library and what would constitute their ideal library. It asks them how they currently use the library, and how they would change the library to better serve their research needs. The findings reveal that most of the...

  19. Jazz Archives in the United States

    Michael Fitzgerald
    The jazz archive is a unique hybrid that combines elements of a music library, sound archives, and black studies center, as well as a traditional manuscripts collection. It has been greatly affected by both the evolution of the field of jazz studies as well as recent trends in libraries and archives. This study examines what institutional management perceives as the current challenges facing jazz archives in America and how these are being addressed. Five case studies of significant repositories in the United States (Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane University, Chicago Jazz Archive at...

  20. Diverse Internet Experience as a Predictor for Online Privacy Concern

    David A Green
    This study describes results of an online survey of students enrolled in the Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The survey was conducted to assess the diversity of the students’ Internet experience and how concerned they are with their online privacy. People have different levels of concern about online privacy, and concern for privacy reflects in part the social, political, and cultural climate of a society at a point in time. It has been suggested that the extent and variety of online activities in which a user engages can be a good predictor of some kinds...

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