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  1. The Role of Self-affirmation and Self-expansion on State Self-esteem

    Matthews, Mark
    There is a wide variety of research that has examined the extent to which humans use others for self-enhancement. Previous work has shown that people can expand their sense of self by using close others to boost self-esteem. Additionally, self-affirmation theory is a large part of the human psychological immune system, holding the power to boost the self and potentially protect self-esteem. Recent research has found that when facing negative feedback, people have a tendency to inflate their views of significant others in terms of positive characteristics, possibly to make themselves feel better (Brown & Han, 2012). The present research...

  2. Gender Differences in Public vs Private Self-Disclosure

    Prosser, Julie
    It is known that women consistently self-disclose at higher rates than men do, but what about public vs. private disclosure of behavior? In this study, groups of up to eight individuals were tested by a male or female assistant. Participants (in either same-sex or mixed-sex groups) were asked to fill out a private, online set of questionnaires (including the Hypergender Ideology scale, the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability scale, a questionnaire of sensitive activities and attitudes, and demographic questions). After all participants were finished with the online questionnaire, the assistant indicated that there was a malfunction with the surveys and ten questions...

  3. Impact of Sexual History on Perceptions of Men and Women

    Kick, Trisha
    These two studies incorporated a different approach to researching the sexual double standard through the use of a video medium. The participants in the first study consisted of 98 General Psychology students ages 18-25; 52 men and 54 women. The second study had 190 General Psychology students ages 18-25; 80 men and 110 women. Participants watched one of four possible videos in which the interviewee revealed different levels of sexual activity. Afterwards they were given a sentence fragment completion task to test for priming effects from the videos and were asked to complete measures to evaluate the interviewee and views...

  4. The Tobiads and the Maccabees: Hellenism and Power in the Ancient Judean Community

    Huguenin, Justin
    "The Tobiads and the Maccabees: Hellenism and Power in the Ancient Judean Community" takes a look at the events leading up to the Maccabean revolt and argues that the revolt must be considered as part of a larger struggle within the Judean elite for control that had been going for quite some time. Rather than considering the Maccabean revolt as a purely religious war against Seleucid oppressors, it must be recognized that much of the conflict was in fact a civil war within Judea itself, and was driven by politics as well as religion.

  5. Frances Burney and Mary Wollstonecraft: Biblical Answers to the 18th Century Gender Crisis

    Baker, Marissa
    My reading of Frances Burney's and Mary Wollstonecraft's works explores their reactions to sentimentality in the late 18th century and focuses on ideas regarding a restoration of traditional manhood. In this thesis, I propose that Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Women counteracts the sentimental claim that women were inherently inferior to men by arguing that God created the two sexes equal on a moral and spiritual level. Though published fourteen years before Vindication, Frances Burney's Evelina deals with many of the same issues. Burney's novel Camilla, published four years following Wollstonecraft's Vindication, picks up where Wollstonecraft left...

  6. Frances Burney: A Gothic Novelist

    Gerhart, Lauren
    Gothic novels by British women writers such as Ann Radcliffe and the Brontё sisters have been the subject of several decades of research. This project focuses on Frances Burney, an influential woman writer of the late eighteenth-century, and aims to present her as a Gothic novelist. Burney is known for her satirical narrative style. However, one finds that Burney is not always satirical; instead, there are violent and passionate scenes in her narration that are more characteristic of Gothic prose than satire. Upon close inspection of Frances Burney’s novels Evelina and Cecilia, one finds many Gothic scenes and descriptions, with...

  7. Body Dissatisfaction: The Effects of Body Mass Index on Reactions to Media Images

    Cooper, Lyndsee
    Media images have been shown to affect the way women perceive their selves. The effect body mass index (BMI) has on body dissatisfaction when viewing media images has not been determined. This study used 121 female college students. Participants reported their height and weight before being assigned to one of three image-exposure conditions: moderately-thin female models, ultra-thin female models, or neutral media images. After viewing the images, they then reported their body dissatisfaction. Results indicated increased body dissatisfaction only when participants with moderate BMI viewed thin or ultra-thin models. These findings have implications for advertisement, media literacy programs, and eating...

  8. The History of the Jamestown Colony: Seventeenth-Century and Modern Interpretations

    McBee, Sarah
    The Jamestown colony was founded in Virginia in 1607, eventually becoming the first permanent English settlement in North America. Even though this was an important moment in American history, Jamestown nevertheless suffers from an image problem often due to comparisons with other colonies deemed more worthy and successful, such as that of the Pilgrims at Plymouth. The purpose of this study is to analyze what historians have been saying about Jamestown over the four hundred years since its founding, particularly comparing how people were writing about the colony shortly after its establishment and how scholars view the colony today. For...

  9. Perceptions of discrimination and likely coping strategies upon release among an adult offender population

    Bodkin, Mark
    Sociologists have long been intrigued by the study of deviant behavior. At one time, sociologists greatly benefited from conducting research in the prisons by testing old theories of deviance and formulating new ones. The purpose of this research is to follow that tradition by examining an adult offender population, focusing on inmate perceptions of discrimination and potential coping strategies to combat the label “ex-con” when released. Labeling theory posits that before a person goes to prison, the person has conceptions of what society thinks about prisoners. When an inmate is sentenced to prison, these beliefs become relevant and lower self-esteem...

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