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Volume 6, Issue 1 (Summer 1997)

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  2. Complete Issue

    Complete Issue

  3. Edo and Paris: Urban Life and the State in the Early Modern Era (Book Review)

    Wigen, Karen; McClain, James L.; Merriman, John M.; Kaoru, Ugawa
    Author Institution: Duke University

  4. Shisendo: Hall of the Poetry Immortals (Book Review)

    Pollack, David; Rimer, J. Thomas; Chaves, Jonathan; Addiss, Stephen; Suzuki, Hiroyuki; Kato, Shuichi
    Author Institution: University of Rochester

  5. Edo Craftsmen: Master Artisans of Old Tokyo (Book Review)

    Graham, Patricia J.; Judge, Thomas F.
    Author Institution: University of Kansas

  6. Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan (Book Review)

    Childs, Margaret H.; Leupp, Gary
    Author Institution: University of Kansas

  7. Academic News

    Saeki, Junko

  8. Some Observations

    Bolitho, Harold
    Author Institution: Harvard University

  9. Whose Village? Whose State? Negotiating Taxes in the Bakufu Domain in the Late Eighteenth Century

    Sippel, Patricia
    Author Institution: Toyo Eiwa Women's University

  10. Central Control or Parallel Evolution: Samurai Landholding in Tokugawa Japan

    Morris, J.F.; Daigaku, Miyagi Gakuin Joshi

  11. A Study of the Early Modern Samurai Honorary Ranking System: The Movement to Promote Ikeda Tsunamasa

    Shin, Hori
    Author Institution: Waseda University

  12. The Ideal Ruler and the Domain-bounded State

    Katsumi, Fukaya
    Author Institution: Waseda University

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