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  1. The new concrete

    McCabe, Chris; Bean, Victoria; Tullett, Barrie; Barraclough, Simon; Beaulieu, Derek; Bellingham, David; Bjørgås Jordheim, Cecilie; Paula, Claire; Fowler, S. J.; Lehan, Daniel; Herxheimer, Sophie; Kelly, Sarah; Lijn, Liliane; Lopez, Tony; Winston, Sam; Comitta, Tom; Bergvall, Caroline; de Campos, Augusto; Capone, Francesca; Carvalho, Antonio Claudio; Goldsmith, Kenneth; Melville, Nick-e; Myers, Rick; Sutherland, W. Mark; Vallias, André; Vassilakis, Nico
    An afternoon of film and live performance showcasing some of the most exciting work in the field of visual poetry in the 21st century. The event brings together some of the most celebrated poets and artists working at the intersection of visual art and literature. Building on the celebrated concrete movement of the 1950s and 1960s, the event reveals how this legacy has been refreshed through digital text and image manipulation, modern print techniques and the rise of self-publishing.

  2. Leaving home - Friesthorpe

    Westerside, Andrew; Lawrence, Conan
    BBC Film documentation of the performance of Leaving Home, in Friesthorpe, Lincolnshire (4/5 August, 2014). A site-specific performance as part of the Performance-as-Commemoration project.

  3. The good, the God and the guillotine

    Westerside, Andrew; Petralia, Peter; Lees, Gillian; Van de Cruys, Leentje; Blain, Martin; Rogers, Paul J.; Donovan, Nicholas; Turner, Jane; Makus, Rebecca M. K.; Gregory, Adam Y.; McBride, David
    A show that steals its style from the gig, the opera and the recital, The Good, the God and the Guillotine is a music-driven piece of theatre like no other. A long walk, the beach. A fight, a murder. The heat, and the barking of dogs. We’re travelling out of the sun and towards darkness. Three performers and three laptop musicians create an atmospheric, cross-genre journey through a tangle of relationships and technologies, all set against reactive objects, lights and hand-drawn animations. Proto-type Theater, collaborating with the musician/composers of MMUle, lighting designer Rebecca M. K. Makus and animator Adam York Gregory, present a...

  4. A machine they're secretly building

    Westerside, Andrew; Lees, Gillian; Baynton, Rachel; Rogers, Paul J.; York Gregory, Adam
    From what might be a news desk, an office, a bedroom, a bunker under a mountain or a theatre, two people – reporters, senators, freedom fighters, or just… well… concerned citizens like you – think about what it is to speak up, speak out, blow the whistle and lift the veil. A MACHINE THEY’RE SECRETLY BUILDING charts a course from the Top Secret secrets of WWI intelligence (via the moon, 1972’s Chess World Championships, a disco in Oklahoma and the cafeteria at CERN) through to 9/11, the erosion of privacy, Edward Snowden and to the terror of a future that might...

  5. Wave Farm Radio

    Morrad, Annie; McArthur, Ian
    Annie Morrad and Ian McArthur live at opposite ends of the planet. They compose and play collaborative sound work and live performances through the use of digital software Mixlr and Skype. Morrad (London) and McArthur (Sydney) began working together in 2014 exploring their interest in sound art, rhythm in the urban environment, improvisation, jazz, crowds and the city. During live events McArthur broadcasts electronic sounds, field recordings and live mixing. Morrad plays live improvised alto and tenor saxophone against these. For their recorded sound work the starting points vary from being concept driven to 'I've got this idea...'.

  6. Sit with me for a moment and remember

    Pinchbeck, Michael
    A bench with a plaque reading Sit with me for a moment and remember is placed in a gallery or a public place and an encounter takes place. It is a dedication to a loved one and an invitation to a stranger. A meditation on remembrance, this piece enacts an encounter with an absent friend. The audio summons a stranger or a ghost, a living presence or a fleeting memory of someone that may have been lost. Sit with me for a moment and remember makes manifest Michael Pinchbeck’s recent practice as research about and into memory, nostalgia and loss. It...

  7. Weepie

    Pulford, Donald; Goode, Chris; Brewer, Mark; Collis-Scurll, Jonny
    WEEPIE is an early and unpublished play by Chris Goode, called by The Guardian, ‘British theatre’s greatest maverick talent’. It tells the true story of a murder perpetrated by two nineteen-year-olds in January of 1994, two years before the play was written. The victim, Mohammed el-Sayed, was unknown to his murderers; he was chosen by them because he was the tenth motorist to pull up at the lights where the boys waited with their knife. There was no racial motive. The murderers were students at a crammer in Oxford where their enthusiasm for the military and the SAS became an...

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