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Datasets of project "Baikal Drilling Project"

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  1. Grain size fraction analysis of sediment core BDP96-1

    Melles, Martin

  2. Age determination of sediment core BDP96-1

    BDP Members; Melles, Martin

  3. Geochemistry and age model of sediment core BDP96-1

    Müller, Jens; Oberhänsli, Hedi; Melles, Martin; Schwab, Markus J; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang
    Within the framework of the Baikal Drilling Project (BDP), a 192 m long sediment core (BDP-96-1) was recovered from the Academician Ridge, a submerged topographic high between the North and Central Basins of Lake Baikal. Sedimentological, clay mineralogical and geochemical investigations were carried out on the core interval between 90 and 124 m depth, corresponding to ca. 2.4-3.4 Ma. The aim was to reconstruct the climatic and tectonic history of the continental region during the intensification of Northern Hemisphere glaciation in Late Pliocene time. A major climate change occurred in the Lake Baikal area at about 2.65 Ma. Enhanced physical weathering in the catchment,...

  4. Geochemistry of sediment core BDP96-1 from Lake Baikal

    Eckert, C; Melles, Martin

  5. Clay mineralogy and sedimentology of coring Site BDP93-2 in Lake Baikal

    Yuretich, Richard; Melles, Martin; Sarata, Brenn; Grobe, Hannes
    Lake Baikal, in south-central Siberia, has been the focus of an international effort (the Baikal Drilling Project; BDP) to obtain continuous long cores (upwards of 100 m) from this unique rift-valley lake and to interpret the paleoclimatic history from various proxy data. As part of this effort, the clay minerals were examined by two research teams. A consistent clay-mineral assemblage, containing illite, interstratified illite-smectite, chlorite, and kaolinite as the major minerals, characterizes much of the modern sediments. The relative abundance of these minerals changes with depth in both short piston cores from various parts of the lake and in 100-m-long...

  6. Geochemistry of sediment core BDP93-1

    Sawatari, H

  7. Paleomagnetic measurements on sediment core BDP93-1

    Hayashida, Akira; Yokoyama, T

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