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  1. Stable isotope ratios on corals from the Philippines

    Pätzold, Jürgen
    Mit Hilfe der Verteilung stabiler Sauerstoff- und Kohlenstoff-Isotope im Skelett hermatyper Korallen von den Philippinen lassen sich frühere Umweltbedingungen rekonstruieren. Die massive Koralle Porites lobata zeigt saisonale Wachstumsbänder unterschiedlicher Skelettdichte, die durch Röntgenaufnahmen sichtbar gemacht werden können und eine Datierung sowie eine gezielte Probennehme für Isotopen-Analysen ermöglichen. Skelettbänder hoher Dichte werden im Sommer und Bereiche geringer Dichte im Winter gebildet. In den Sauerstoff-Isotopen-Verhältnissen werden die Temperaturen des Oberflächenwassers gespeichert. Die heutige saisonale Schwankung der Wassertemperatur von 4°C kann genau aufgelöst werden. Die Abweichung von thermodynamischen Gleichgewichtsbedingungen ist weitgehend konstant und scheint artspezifisch zu sein. Eine Beziehung zwischen Sauerstoff-Isotopen-Verteilung und Wachstumsraten ist nachweisbar,...

  2. Age determination of lake Holzmar sediments

    Zolitschka, Bernd; Brauer, Achim; Stockhausen, Hagen; Lang, Andreas; Negendank, Jörg F W
    A record extending back to 23 220 calendar yr B.P. was obtained from varved sediments from Lake Holzmaar, Germany, by applying multiple dating methods and interlake comparison with Meerfelder Maar. Variations in the Weichselian inorganic carbon content resulting from intensified eolian activities coincide with proxy parameters of dust accumulation in Greenland. The timing for the end of the last glacial maximum at Holzmaar agrees with the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GISP2) data but suggests dating discrepancies with the Greenland Ice Core Project data (GRIP). Assuming that periods of maximum dust deposition in the Eifel and Greenland coincide with ice advances...

  3. Stable-isotope records from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

    Graf, Wolfgang; Oerter, Hans; Reinwarth, Oskar; Stichler, Willibald; Wilhelms, Frank; Miller, Heinz; Mulvaney, Robert
    The European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) includes a comprehensive pre-site survey on the inland ice plateau of Dronning Maud Land. This paper focuses on the investigation of the 18O content of shallow firn and ice cores. These cores were dated by profiles derived from dielectric-profiling and continuous flow analysis measurements. The individual records were stacked in order to obtain composite chronologies of 18O contents and accumulation rates with enhanced signal-to-noise variance ratios.These chronologies document variations in the last 200 and 1000 years.The 18O contents and accumulation rates decreased in the 19th century and increased during the 20th...

  4. Th-U ages of a stalagmite from the Kleegruben Cave (Table 1)

    Spötl, Christoph; Mangini, Augusto
    A mass-spectrometric uranium-series dated stalagmite from the Central Alps of Austria provides unprecedented new insights into high-altitude climate change during the peak of isotope stage 3. The stalagmite formed continuously between 57 and 46 kyr before present. A series of 'Hendy tests' demonstrates that the outer parts of the sample show a progressive increase of both stable C and O isotope values. No such covariant increase was detected within the axial zone. This in conjunction with other observations suggests that the continuous stable oxygen isotope profile obtained from the axial zone of the stalagmite largely reflects the unaltered isotopic composition...

  5. Stable isotopes on coral Porites lobata core section PoritesB_IV

    Pätzold, Jürgen

  6. Calculated annual mean of d18O of firn core DML13C98_16

    Graf, Wolfgang; Oerter, Hans; Reinwarth, Oskar; Stichler, Willibald; Wilhelms, Frank; Miller, Heinz; Mulvaney, Robert

  7. Physical properties and total organic carbon of sediment core HZM

    Zolitschka, Bernd; Brauer, Achim; Stockhausen, Hagen; Lang, Andreas; Negendank, Jörg F W

  8. GISP2 Bidecadal Oxygen Isotope Data

    Stuiver, Minze

  9. Radiocarbon ages measured on sediment core Rotsee_RL-250

    Lotter, André F

  10. Pollen counts on sediment core Rotsee_RL-250

    Lotter, André F

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