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Datasets of project "Kurile-Okhotsk Sea Marine Experiment"

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  1. Hydrography and documentation of sediment profiles from expedition KOMEX II

    Biebow, Nicole; Kulinich, R; Baranov, Boris V

  2. Geochemistry and documentation of water and sediment profiles from KOMEX I expedition

    Biebow, Nicole; Hütten, E; Wallmann, Klaus; Lammers, Stephan

  3. (Table 3) Stable isotope composition of sof t tissues of specimens from the Sea of Okhotsk

    Sahling, Heiko; Galkin, Sergey V; Salyuk, Anatoly; Greinert, Jens; Foerstel, Hilmar; Piepenburg, Dieter; Suess, Erwin
    We discovered and investigated several cold-seep sites in four depth zones of the Sea of Okhotsk off Northeast Sakhalin: outer shelf (160-250 m), upper slope (250-450 m), intermediate slope (450-800 m), and Derugin Basin (1450-1600 m). Active seepage of free methane or methane-rich fluids was detected in each zone. However, seabed photography and sampling revealed that the number of chemoautotrophic species decreases dramatically with decreasing water depth. At greatest depths in the Derugin Basin, the seeps were inhabited by bacterial mats and bivalves of the families Vesicomyidae (Calyptogena aff. pacifica, C. rectimargo, Archivesica sp.), Solemyidae (Acharax sp.) and Thyasiridae (Conchocele...

  4. Oceanographic investiations from the Sea of Ochotsk

    Kaiser, André
    The Sea of Okhotsk is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean, which is characterized by strong variations in the productivity and sediment supply due to sea ice transport and river input. Furthermore the variations in the hydrological cycle determine the formation of the SOIW (Sea of Okhotsk Intermediate Water) which plays an important role in the ventilation processes in the intermediate water of the N-Pacific. Isotope data measured on planktonic and benthic foraminifera, sedimentological and geochemical studies of sediment cores and surface samples from the Sea of Okhotsk are used to reconstruct the paleoceanography during the past 350.000 years....

  5. Sedimentology of the Okhotsk Sea

    Nürnberg, Dirk; Tiedemann, Ralf
    On the basis of two sedimentary records from the central Sea of Okhotsk, we reconstruct the closely coupled glacial/interglacial changes in terrigenous flux, marine productivity, and sea ice coverage over the past 1.1 Myr. The correspondance of our sedimentary records to the China loess grain size record (China loess particle timescale, CHILOPARTS) suggests that environmental changes in both the Sea of Okhotsk area and in SE Asia were closely related via the Siberian atmospheric high-pressure cell. During full glacial times our records point to a strong Siberian High causing northerly wind directions, the extension of the sea ice cover, and...

  6. Radiolarians in the Sea of Okhotsk

    Abelmann, Andrea; Nimmergut, Anja-Pia
    To assess the relationship of radiolarian production, species distribution in water and surface sediment to water-mass characteristics, biological productivity and export regimes in the Sea of Okhotsk (SOk) we accomplished a quantitative analysis of radiolarian assemblages obtained from 35 surface-sediment samples and 115 plankton samples recording the radiolarian depth distribution in the upper 1000 m of the water column at 23 locations. This study augments the knowledge on the autecological demands of radiolarians dwelling in a specific hydrographic and biological environment, and extracts new information on the significance of radiolarians for the assessment of past oceanographic and climatic development in...

  7. Physical oceanography including methane measurements during Utyos cruise UT99

    Obzhirov, Anatoly I; Biebow, Nicole; Lammers, Stephan; Suess, Erwin

  8. Composition of ferromanganese crusts from the central Sea of Okhotsk

    Astakhova, N V
    Fine mineral grains of nonferrous and precious metals (Ag, Au, Cu, Ni, Pb, Sn, Zn, Sb, Ti, W, Mo, and Ce) were revealed for the first time by SEM and microprobe studies of polished sections of iron-manganese crusts from the Sea of Okhotsk. The metals form native and intermetallic compounds; less frequently they form mineral oxides or sulfides. A conclusion was drawn that the main part of the native minerals represents mechanical admixture in the ferromanganese crusts.

  9. (Table 5) Chemical composition of grains of sulfides, oxides, and native metals from ferromanganese crusts of the central Sea of Okhotsk

    Astakhova, N V

  10. (Table 4) Chemical composition of grains of intermetallic compounds of nonferrous metals from ferromanganese crusts of the central Sea of Okhotsk

    Astakhova, N V

  11. (Table 3) Chemical composition of precious metal grains from ferromanganese crusts of the central Sea of Okhotsk

    Astakhova, N V

  12. (Table 2) Chemical composition of matrix of ferromanganese crusts from the central Sea of Okhotsk

    Astakhova, N V

  13. (Table 1) Chemical composition of ferromanganese formations from the central Sea of Okhotsk

    Astakhova, N V

  14. Population density of radiolaria at station UT99-5-1

    Nimmergut, Anja-Pia; Abelmann, Andrea

  15. Population density of radiolaria at station UT99-4-2

    Nimmergut, Anja-Pia; Abelmann, Andrea

  16. Population density of radiolaria at station UT99-24-1

    Nimmergut, Anja-Pia; Abelmann, Andrea

  17. Population density of radiolaria at station UT99-23-2

    Nimmergut, Anja-Pia; Abelmann, Andrea

  18. Population density of radiolaria at station UT99-22-1

    Nimmergut, Anja-Pia; Abelmann, Andrea

  19. Population density of radiolaria at station UT99-21-2

    Nimmergut, Anja-Pia; Abelmann, Andrea

  20. Population density of radiolaria at station UT99-20-1

    Nimmergut, Anja-Pia; Abelmann, Andrea

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