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  1. Dinoflagellate cysts of sediment traps from June 1992 to February 1993 at two sites in the Somali Basin (northwestern Arabian Sea)

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Brummer, Geert-Jan A
    To date, relatively little information is available about factors influencing organic-walled cyst production of tropical dinoflagellates and processes influencing the final burial of cysts in bottom sediments, such as transport and preservation. To extend this information, cyst fluxes were documented for three sediment traps from June 1992 to February 1993 at two sites in the Somali Basin (northwestern Arabian Sea) as well as the cyst association of underlying sediments. By comparing cyst associations of contemporaneously collected trap samples at different depths at one site, information about transport and processes of decay in the water column was obtained. Neither transport nor...

  2. Figures of dinoflagellate cysts (relative abundance, temperature, salinity and nutrients)

    Marret, Fabienne; Zonneveld, Karin A F
    This Atlas summarises the global distribution of extant organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts in the form of 61 maps illustrated by the relative abundance of individual cyst taxa in recent marine sediments from the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent basins, the Antarctic region (South Atlantic, southwestern Pacific and southern Indian Ocean sections), the Arabian Sea and the northwestern Pacific. This synthesis is based on the integration of literature sources together with data from 835 marine surface sediments prepared on a comparable methodology and taxonomy. The relationships between distribution patterns of cyst species and the surface-water parameters (temperature, salinity, phosphate and nitrate concentrations) are...

  3. Dinoflagellate cyst counts on sediment core ABC26

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Versteegh, Gerard J M; de Lange, Gert Jan
    In the reconstruction of bioproductivity in surface waters the extent to which a proxy has been diagenetically altered is often a matter of debate. Here we investigate how organic- and calcareous-walled dinoflagellate cysts can be used for separately estimating bioproductivity and oxygen related diagenesis. This is achieved by studying the cyst content of the most recent Eastern Mediterranean sapropel S1, that is thought to have been deposited under conditions of increased primary production in surface waters and possible anoxia in the bottom waters. Based on chemical evidence, it has been shown that the visible sapropelic layer represents only the residual...

  4. Dinoflagellate cysts of mooring MST-9 (station 915) with cell content

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Brummer, Geert-Jan A

  5. Dinoflagellate cysts of mooring MST-8 (station 905) with cell content

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Brummer, Geert-Jan A

  6. Dinoflagellate cysts of mooring MST-9 (station 915), full and empty cysts

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Brummer, Geert-Jan A

  7. Dinoflagellate cysts of mooring MST-8 (station 905), full and empty cysts

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Brummer, Geert-Jan A

  8. Abundance of Bitectatodinium spongium in surface sediments

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Jurkschat, Thomas
    We present an emended diagnosis of Bitectatodinium spongium (Zonneveld, 1997) Zonneveld et Jurkschat, comb. nov. previously described as ?Algidasphaeridium spongium. New data from surface samples of the Pakistan shelf are combined with information from sediment traps off Somalia and Arabian Sea surface sediments to elucidate the taxonomy, ecological affinity and preservation of B. spongium. A pronounced relationship is detected between high concentrations of B. spongium and well-mixed, nutrient-rich surface waters, as observed in upwelling regions and in the vicinity of the Indus River outlet. High concentrations of this species are also found in coastal regions and regions with tropical sea...

  9. (Table 2) Dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediment samples of METEOR cruises M20/2, M23/1, M34/2 and M34/2

    Zonneveld, Karin A F; Hoek, Ramses P; Brinkhuis, Henk; Willems, Helmut
    The organic walled cyst content of 41 surface sediment samples from the south-eastern South Atlantic Ocean have been studied to create a dataset that can be used for palaeoceanographic reconstructions. In order to obtain insight into which environmental factors influence the distribution of individual cyst species, the cyst associations have been compared with oceanographic characteristics of the overlying water masses, i.e. temperature, salinity, density and stratification gradients. The associations and relationships have been established by visual examination of the dataset and the multivariate ordination techniques, Detrended Correspondence Analysis and Canonical Correspondence Analysis. Special attention has been given to the factors...

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