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The information system PANGAEA is operated as an Open Access library aimed at archiving, publishing and distributing georeferenced data from earth system research. The system guarantees long-term availability of its content through a commitment of the operating institutions.

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  1. Satellite image of the Aegian Sea and the southwestern Black Sea (year 2003)

    (text/tab-separated-values, 2 data points) - 31-ene-2017

  2. Surface sediment grain size, carbonate content and clay mineralogy of Thermaikos shelf (Table 1)

    Lykousis, Vasilios; Collins, M B; Ferentinos, George
    The area under investigation is located within 22°45' to 23°45'E, and from 39°15' to 40°15'N. Sedimentological, bathymetric and shallow geophysical data were collected from here during the 7/78 cruise of R.R.S. "Shackleton". Twenty-seven sea-bed (surface) samples were collected, using a Day grab, from different environments; these were analysed for grain-size distribution, carbonate content, and clay mineralogy. On the basis of the bathymetric and shallow geophysical data, the area has been classified into five major physiographic environments, according to their bathymetry and topography: (1) shelf (Thermaicon Plateau); (2) slope; (3) marginal plateau; (4) the "canyon system" and valleys; and (5) (Sporades) basin. Based...
    (text/tab-separated-values, 249 data points) - 22-abr-2017

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