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University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Modelling and simulation of a flexible endoscopic surgical instrument in a tube - Khatait, J.P.; Krijnen, M.; Meijaard, J.P.; Aarts, R.G.K.M.; Brouwer, D.M.; Herder, J.L.

2. Scheiding van publieke en private activiteiten - Groenendijk, N.S.

3. Benchmarking in de Europese Unie - Groenendijk, N.S.

4. Vijftig jaar kolen en staal: oefening in Europese integratie - Hospers, Gert-Jan; Groenendijk, Nico S.

5. Outcomes of professional bacherlors' employability study NVAO and link to CHEPS research programme - Kolster, Renze

6. Geen stemwijzer voor decentralisatie zorg: interview met Jan Telgen - Croonen, Heleen; Telgen, Jan

7. Oma's veilen - de nuance voorbij - Telgen, Jan; Uenk, Niels

8. Eenzijdige focus 'digitaal 2017' hindert beleidsrealisatie: Fixatie op transactie en registratie bedreigt communicatieve band met samenleving - Ebbers, Wolfgang

9. Wanneer moet een publiekrechtelijke instelling aanbesteden? - Uenk, Niels; Manunza, Elisabetta; Telgen, Jan

10. Municipal size and local electoral participation - Mouritzen, Poul Erik; Rose, Lawrence E.; Denters, Bas
The issue of the appropriate scale for local government has regularly appeared on the agenda of public sector reformers. In the empirical work devoted to this issue, the principal focus has been on the implications of size for efficiency in local service provision. Relatively less emphasis has been placed on the implications of size for the character and vitality of local democracy. This paper summarizes findings from a comparative research project which has sought to redress this imbalance by means of undertaking a closer inspection of relationships between municipal size and a set of indicators regarding the character of local...

11. Public stated preferences and predicted uptake for genome-based colorectal cancer screening - Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Catharina G.M.; Fermont, Jilles M.; Til, Janine A. van; IJzerman, Maarten J.
Background Emerging developments in nanomedicine allow the development of genome-based technologies for non-invasive and individualised screening for diseases such as colorectal cancer. The main objective of this study was to measure user preferences for colorectal cancer screening using a nanopill. Methods A discrete choice experiment was used to estimate the preferences for five competing diagnostic techniques including the nanopill and iFOBT. Alternative screening scenarios were described using five attributes namely: preparation involved, sensitivity, specificity, complication rate and testing frequency. Fourteen random and two fixed choice tasks, each consisting of three alternatives, were offered to 2225 individuals. Data were analysed using the McFadden...

12. A dual flow bioreactor for cartilage tissue engineering - Spitters, Timotheus Wilhelmus Gerardus Maria
Preventing the onset of a degenerative disease like osteoarthritis by restoring tissue function before cartilage degradation occurs will decrease health costs, reduce socio-economic burdens of patients and preserve quality of life. However, producing ex vivo cartilage implants of clinically relevant size remains a challenge. Culturing isolated chondrocytes in an environment that resembles their native environment can stimulate the cells to deposit and rearrange extracellular matrix that is structurally similar to native cartilage. Bioreactors and hydrogels can provide such a setting ex vivo (Chapter 2). Articular cartilage has a particular location in the joint. It is situated between synovial fluid and...

13. Imago: een analytische benadering van het begrip en de implicaties daarvan voor onderzoek - Pruyn, A.Th.H.

14. De financien van de Europese Uni in 2000: Keer ten goede? - Groenendijk, Nico

15. The business model proposition for product co-creation centres (PC3): scaling up the BoP mind-set to social entrepreneurial skills - Jauregui-Becker, Juan M.; Franco-Garcia, Maria-Laura; Groen, Aard J.

16. Inventory of social entrepreneurial methods/tools for succesful PC3 implementation - Lansink, Chistoph; Franco-Garcia, Maria-Laura; Jauregui-Becker, Juan M.; Groen, Aard J.
In this paper, authors carried out an extensive literature revision to identify what contributes to the success of social enterprises operating in Base of the Pyramid (BoP) markets, thus leading to enhanced understanding of how social enterprises can operate in these markets. This includes identifying methods, instruments, tools and/or practices used by successful social enterprises, which distinct them from enterprises that fail to successfully serve the BoP markets. As part of a larger research in the field of development through co-creation, the Product Co-created Centres (PC3), the focus is on business innovation through engaging with, and building enterprises with the...

17. Syntesis - Jauregui-Becker, Juan M.

18. Finding robust investments for the Dutch gas distribution infrastructure in 2050 by a scenario study - Weidenaar, T.D.; Bekkering, E.; Jauregui Becker, J.M.; Hoekstra, S.; Wolters, M.
In the changing Dutch energy market, the ageing gas distribution grid needs investments. There is, however, a large uncertainty regarding certain aspects that affect the future role of this gas distribution grid, such as the eventual share of biomethane in the gas mix, whether power-to-gas will take-off and the expected lifetime of the grid. Hence, it is currently unclear what investments need to be made for the gas distribution infrastructure in order to cope with future changes. To find out how the future may unfold for the Dutch gas distribution infrastructure in 2050, four scenarios have been developed. Two key forces...

19. Towards structured integration of maintenance knowledge in industrial equipment design - Mulder, W.; Basten, R.J.I.; Jauregui Becker, J.M.; Dongen, L.A.M. van
Industrial equipment requires maintenance to remain operational. The level of maintenance that is required, and how easily it can be executed, is affected by the characteristics of the equipment. Therefore, design decisions have a strong influence on the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance process. Ideally, the design of the equipment should be aligned with the design of the maintenance service. Relevant knowledge about the relationships between them is available in both the literature and in practice. It is essential to bring this knowledge into the equipment design process, but suitable design support for this remains lacking. Therefore, we propose...

20. Influence of gravity compensation training on synergistic movement patterns of the upper extremity after stroke, a pilot study - Krabben, T.; Prange, G.B.; Molier, B.I.; Stienen, A.H.A.; Jannink, M.J.A.; Buurke, J.H.; Rietman, J.S.
Background The majority of stroke patients have to cope with impaired arm function. Gravity compensation of the arm instantaneously affects abnormal synergistic movement patterns. The goal of the present study is to examine whether gravity compensated training improves unsupported arm function. Methods Seven chronic stroke patients received 18 half-hour sessions of gravity compensated reach training, in a period of six weeks. During training a motivating computer game was played. Before and after training arm function was assessed with the Fugl-Meyer assessment and a standardized, unsupported circle drawing task. Synergistic movement patterns were identified based on concurrent changes in shoulder elevation and elbow...

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