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1. Results of a survey among GP practices on how they manage patient safety aspects related to point-of-care testing in every day practice - Vries, Claudette de; Doggen, Carine; Hilbers, Ellen; Verheij, Robert; IJzerman, Maarten; Geertsma, Robert; Kusters, Ron
Background Point-of-care (POC) tests are devices or test strips that can be used near or at the site where care is delivered to patients, enabling a relatively fast diagnosis. Although many general practitioners (GPs) in the Netherlands are using POC tests in their practice, little is known on how they manage the corresponding patient safety aspects. Methods To obtain information on this aspect, an invitation to participate in a web-based questionnaire was sent to a random sample of 750 GP practices. Of this sample 111 GP practices returned a complete questionnaire. Data was analysed by using descriptive statistics. Results Results show that there is not...

2. Using diffusion of innovation theory to understand the factors impacting patient acceptance and use of consumer e-health innovations: a case study in a primary care clinic - Zhang, Xiaojun; Yu, Ping; Yan, Jun; Spil, Ton. A.M.
Background Consumer e-Health is a potential solution to the problems of accessibility, quality and costs of delivering public healthcare services to patients. Although consumer e-Health has proliferated in recent years, it remains unclear if patients are willing and able to accept and use this new and rapidly developing technology. Therefore, the aim of this research is to study the factors influencing patients’ acceptance and usage of consumer e-health innovations. Methods A simple but typical consumer e-health innovation – an e-appointment scheduling service – was developed and implemented in a primary health care clinic in a regional town in Australia. A longitudinal case study...

3. Resonance properties of tidal channels with multiple retention basisn: role of adjacent sea - Roos, P.C.; Schuttelaars, H.M.
We present an idealised model of the tidal response in a main channel with multiple secondary basins, co-oscillating with an adjacent sea. The sea is represented as a semi-infinite strip of finite width, anywhere between the limits of a channel extension (narrow) and a half-plane (wide). The sea geometry controls the extent to which radiative damping takes place and hence the type of conditions that effectively apply at the channel mouth. These conditions range between the two extremes of prescribing elevation (deep sea limit) and prescribing the incoming wave (sea as channel extension of the same depth, as done in...

4. Resonance properties of a closed rotating rectangular basin subject to space- and time-dependent wind forcing - Chen, W.; Roos, P.C.; Schuttelaars, H.M.; Hulscher, S.J.M.H.
We present an idealised process-based model to study the possibly resonant response of closed basins subject to periodic wind forcing. Two solution methods are adopted: a collocation technique (valid for arbitrary rotation) and an analytical expansion (assuming weak rotation). The spectral response, as obtained from our model, displays resonance peaks, which we explain by linking them to the spatial pattern of the wind forcing, the along-wind and cross-wind basin dimensions as well as the influence of rotation. Increasing bottom friction lowers the peaks. Finally, we illustrate how the spectral response is reflected in the time-dependent set-up due to a single...

5. Aircraft Icing in Flight: Effects of Impact of Supercooled Large Droplets - Norde, E.; Hospers, J.M.; Weide, E.T.A. van der; Hoeijmakers, H.W.M.

6. Development of an instrument to analyze organizational characteristics in multidisciplinary care pathways; the case of colorectal cancer - Pluimers, Dorine J.; Vliet, Ellen J. van; Niezink, Anne G.H.; Mourik, Martijn S. van; Eddes, Eric H.; Wouters, Michel W.; Tollenaar, Rob A.E.M.; Harten, Wim H. van
Background To analyze the organization of multidisciplinary care pathways such as colorectal cancer care, an instrument was developed based on a recently published framework that was earlier used in analyzing (monodisciplinary) specialist cataract care from a lean perspective. Methods The instrument was constructed using semi-structured interviews and direct observation of the colorectal care process based on a Rapid Plant Assessment. Six lean aspects that were earlier established that highly impact process design, were investigated: operational focus, autonomous work cell, physical lay-out of resources, multi-skilled team, pull planning and non-value adding activities. To test reliability, clarity and face validity of the instrument, a pilot...

7. Fracture diagnostics, unnecessary travel and treatment: a comparative study before and after the introduction of teleradiology in a remote general practice - Jacobs, Jac J.W.M.; Jacobs, Jan P.A.M.; Sonderen, Eric van; Molen, Thijs van der; Sanderman, Robbert
Background Teleradiology entails attainment of x-rays in one location, transfer over some distance and assessment at another location for diagnosis or consultation. This study documents fracture diagnostics, unnecessary trips to the hospital, treatment and number of x-rays for the years 2006 and 2009, before and after the introduction of teleradiology in a general practice on the island of Ameland in the north of the Netherlands. Methods In a retrospective, descriptive, observational before and after study of the introduction of x-ray facilities in an island-based general practice, we compared the number of accurately diagnosed fractures, unnecessary trips, treatments and number of x-rays taken in...

8. The necessity of connection structures in neural models of variable binding - Velde, Frank van der; Kamps, Marc de
In his review of neural binding problems, Feldman (Cogn Neurodyn 7:1–11, 2013) addressed two types of models as solutions of (novel) variable binding. The one type uses labels such as phase synchrony of activation. The other (‘connectivity based’) type uses dedicated connections structures to achieve novel variable binding. Feldman argued that label (synchrony) based models are the only possible candidates to handle novel variable binding, whereas connectivity based models lack the flexibility required for that. We argue and illustrate that Feldman’s analysis is incorrect. Contrary to his conclusion, connectivity based models are the only viable candidates for models of novel...

9. Reliability and Validity of the Dutch Translation of the Filial Maturity Measure in Informal Caregivers - Bruggen, S. van; Bode, C.; Klooster, P.M. ten; Lenferink, L.I.M.
This study explored the reliability and validity of a Dutch translation of the 10-item Filial Maturity Measure (FMM) in a sample of Dutch informal caregivers. The FMM was translated with a forward–backward method and completed by 93 informal caregivers (62 % response rate) with a need dependent parent. Dimensionality of the Dutch FMM was examined by principal component and internal consistency analyses. Criterion validity was examined by assessing correlations with filial love, filial autonomy and level of closeness between parent and child. Construct validity was tested by examining associations with the traits openness and agreeableness. In addition, the relationship with...

10. Thermal Imidization Kinetics of Ultrathin Films of Hybrid Poly(POSS-imide)s - Raaijmakers, Michiel J.T.; Kappert, Emiel J.; Nijmeijer, Arian; Benes, Nieck E.
In the thermal imidization of an alternating inorganic–organic hybrid network, there is an inverse relationship between the length and flexibility of the organic bridges and the extent of the layer shrinkage. The hybrid material studied here consists of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes that are covalently bridged by amic acid groups. During heat treatment, shrinkage of the materials occurs due to the removal of physically bound water, imidization of the amic acid groups, and silanol condensation. For five different bridging groups with different lengths and flexibilities, comparable mass reductions are observed. For the shorter bridging groups, the dimensional changes are hindered by...

11. An analysis of the concept of equilibrium in organization theory - Gazendam, Henk W.M.; Simons, John L.
This article analyzes how the equilibrium concept is used in four organization theories: the theories of Fayol, Mintzberg, Morgan, and Volberda. Equilibrium can be defined as balance, fit or requisite variety. Equilibrium is related to observables dependent on the definition of organization as work organization, formal organization or artifact organization. The discussed theories can be mapped on a state space model in a way that clarifies the equilibrium concept. The equilibrium concept in organization theory in general can be formalized mathematically using concepts from systems theory. The equilibrium condition can be formulated in terms of a difference function that has to...

12. Domain Integration and Cost Reduction in Electronic Product Design: a case study - Wits, Wessel; Vaneker, Tom; Mannak, Jan; Houten, Fred van
This publication discusses domain integration of various engineering disciplines as an effective methodology to design new, innovative products or to upgrade existing ones. A case study illustrates how this approach is applied to the design process of a high performance electronic product. Thanks to newly developed cooling technologies, fewer constraints are put on the location of heat dissipating components with respect to their heat exchanger. This allows for more overall design flexibility, which can result in a more integrated product design with advantages in terms of performance, volume, weight and production efficiency

13. Threshold implementations : as countermeasure against higher-order differential power analysis - Bilgin, Begül
Embedded devices are used pervasively in a wide range of applications some of which require cryptographic algorithms in order to provide security. Sensitive information, such as the secret key used in the algorithm, can be derived from the physical leakage of these devices. The most common attack based on the physical leakages is differential power analysis (DPA) which exploits the correlation between the instantaneous power consumption of a device and the intermediate results of a cryptographic algorithm. Different countermeasures have been proposed to prevent DPA. Here, we focus on a powerful approach called threshold implementation (TI) which is based on secret...

14. Patient admission planning using Approximate Dynamic Programming - Hulshof, Peter J.H.; Mes, Martijn R.K.; Boucherie, Richard J.; Hans, Erwin W.
Tactical planning in hospitals involves elective patient admission planning and the allocation of hospital resource capacities. We propose a method to develop a tactical resource allocation and patient admission plan that takes stochastic elements into consideration, thereby providing robust plans. Our method is developed in an Approximate Dynamic Programming (ADP) framework and copes with multiple resources, multiple time periods and multiple patient groups with uncertain treatment paths and an uncertain number of arrivals in each time period. As such, the method enables integrated decision making for a network of hospital departments and resources. Computational results indicate that the ADP approach...

15. Promoting VET teachers’ individual and social learning activities: the empowering and purposeful role of transformational leadership, interdependence, and self-efficacy - Oude Groote Beverborg, Arnoud; Sleegers, Peter J.C.; Veen, Klaas van
Background This study explores the interaction between organizational and psychological factors that play a role in professional teacher learning. More specifically, how teachers’ engagement in learning activities (e.g. keeping up to data, self-reflection, and experimenting, respectively, asking for feedback and information sharing) is influenced by the organizational factors transformational leadership and perceived interdependence, and the psychological factor self-efficacy. Methods The study is conducted in the context of Vocational Education and Training (VET) colleges in the Netherlands, using a survey among 447 VET teachers working in 66 teams. Results Results showed that self-efficacy and task interdependence directly, and positively, influence a variety of learning activities. Task...

16. De kloof: effecten van transparant welstandstoezicht, buurtbudgetten en referenda op de door burgers waargenomen afstand tot het bestuur - Lunsing, Jan Roelof
In the Netherlands the word ‘kloof’ is used to describe the metaphorical1 distance between the government and its citizens. The kloof is defined here as the distance that civilians perceive between themselves individually and their government. It is generally believed that without intervention this kloof will widen over time. This thesis investigates three interventions that, among other objectives, aim to narrow the kloof between citizens and their local government. These three interventions are i) the improvement of the architectural quality procedure, ii) an arrangement of neighbourhood budget and iii) the referen- dum. The architectural quality procedure is empirically investigated in...

17. Patients’ Outcome Expectations Matter in Psychological Interventions for Patients with Diabetes and Comorbid Depressive Symptoms - Snippe, Evelien; Schroevers, Maya J.; Tovote, K. Annika; Sanderman, Robbert; Emmelkamp, Paul M.G.; Fleer, Joke
This study examined whether patients’ expectations of treatment outcome predict treatment completion, homework compliance, and depressive symptom improvement in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Study participants were patients with diabetes and comorbid depressive symptoms who were randomized to 8 sessions of either CBT (n = 45) or MBCT (n = 46), both individually delivered. The results showed that high outcome expectations were predictive of post-treatment depressive symptoms in CBT and MBCT, but not of early and mid-treatment symptoms. Patients’ outcome expectations predicted treatment completion in CBT and MBCT as well as homework compliance in MBCT. Homework...

18. Sustainable Product Research Network (SPRN): Product-Oriented Environmental Management (POEM) - Bakker, Frank G.A. de
SPRN aims to disseminate information on current and future research in eco-design and sustainable product design.

19. Studieleningen en collegegelden: lessen uit Down Under - Jongbloed, B.W.A.; Vossensteyn, J.J.

20. Is the whole more than the sum of its parts? On the interplay of marketing and design research - Henseler, Jörg

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