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1. Flow-based approaches in network management: recent advances and future trends - Editorial - Sadre, Ramin; Sperotto, Anna; Hofstede, Rick; Brownlee, Nevil

2. Six-axis force-torque sensor - Brookhuis, Robert Anton; Lammerink, Theodorus Simon Josef; Wiegerink, Remco John
A sensing device for measuring force and/or torque includes a top part with a top electrode structure, a bottom part with a bottom electrode structure, and a support structure. The support structure includes spring elements for supporting the top part on the bottom part with the top electrode structure parallel to and facing the bottom electrode structure. The spring elements provide a gap between the top and bottom electrode structures and allow displacement of the top part relative to the bottom part in three orthogonal directions two parallel and one perpendicular to the bottom plate, and for rotation of the...

3. Device and method for determining the combustion value of a fuel - Lötters, Joost Conrad; Lammerink, Theodorus Simon Josef; Wiegerink, Remco John; Mouris, Albertus Johannes; Pap, Marco Gabor; Boer, Meint Jelle de; Sanders, Remco Gerardus Petrus
The invention relates to a device (1) for determining the combustion value of a fuel. The device (1) comprises a fuel inlet (40) for supplying the fuel to be measured to the device (1). A gas inlet (50) is provided for supplying an oxygen-containing gas to the device (1). The device (1) further comprises a combustion unit connected to the fuel inlet (40) and the gas inlet (50), which combustion unit is provided with a combustion chamber (7) for combusting the fuel to be measured therein. A gas outlet (8) connected to the combustion chamber (7) makes it possible to...

4. APE: Authenticated Permutation-Based Encryption for Lightweight Cryptography - Andreeva, Elena; Bilgin, Begül; Bogdanov, Andrey; Luykx, Atul; Mennink, Bart; Mouha, Nicky; Yasuda, Kan
The domain of lightweight cryptography focuses on cryptographic algorithms for extremely constrained devices. It is very costly to avoid nonce reuse in such environments, because this requires either a hardware source of randomness, or non-volatile memory to store a counter. At the same time, a lot of cryptographic schemes actually require the nonce assumption for their security. In this paper, we propose APE as the first permutation-based authenticated encryption scheme that is resistant against nonce misuse. We formally prove that APE is secure, based on the security of the underlying permutation. To decrypt, APE processes the ciphertext blocks in reverse...

5. A telehealth programme for self-management of COPD exacerbations and promotion of an active lifestyle: a pilot randomized controlled trial - Tabak, Monique; Brusse-Keizer, Marjolein; Valk, Paul van der; Hermens, Hermie; Vollenbroek-Hutten, Miriam
The objective of this pilot study was to investigate the use of and satisfaction with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) telehealth program applied in both primary and secondary care. The program consisted of four modules: 1) activity coach for ambulant activity monitoring and real-time coaching of daily activity behavior, 2) web-based exercise program for home exercising, 3) self-management of COPD exacerbations via a triage diary on the web portal, including self-treatment of exacerbations, and 4) teleconsultation. Twenty-nine COPD patients were randomly assigned to either the intervention group (telehealth program for 9 months) or the control group (usual care). Page...

6. Face identification in videos from mobile cameras - Mu, Meiru; Spreeuwers, Luuk; Veldhuis, Raymond
It is still challenging to recognize faces reliably in videos from mobile camera, although mature automatic face recognition technology for still images has been available for quite some time. Suppose we want to be alerted when suspects appear in the recording of a police Body-Cam, even a good face matcher on still images would give many false alarms due to the uncontrolled conditions. This paper presents an approach to identify faces in videos from mobile cameras. A commercial face matcher FaceVACS is used to process the face recognition frame by frame. On a video of certain length, in order to...

7. Generating and analyzing synthetic finger vein images - Hillerström, Fieke; Kumar, Ajay; Veldhuis, Raymond
Abstract: The finger-vein biometric offers higher degree of security, personal privacy and strong anti-spoofing capabilities than most other biometric modalities employed today. Emerging privacy concerns with the database acquisition and lack of availability of large scale finger-vein database have posed challenges in exploring this technology for large scale applications. This paper details the first such attempt to synthesize finger-vein images and presents analysis of synthesized images for the biometrics authentication. We generate a database of 50,000 finger vein images, corresponding to 5000 different subjects, with 10 different synthesized finger-vein images from each of the subject. We use tractable probability models...

8. Influence of the relative humidity on the morphology of inkjet printed spots of IgG on a non-porous substrate - Mujawar, Liyakat Hamid; Kuerten, J.G.M.; Siregar, D.P.; Amerongen, A. van; Norde, Willem
During the drying of inkjet printed droplets, the solute particles (IgG-Alexa-635 molecules) in the drop may distribute unevenly on the substrate, resulting in a “coffee-stain” spot morphology. In our study, we investigated the influence of the relative humidity on the distribution of inkjet printed fluorophore labeled IgG molecules on a polystyrene substrate. A theoretical model for an evaporating droplet was developed in order to predict the changes in the spot diameter, height and volume of a drying droplet. An experiment was performed where a sessile droplet was monitored using a CCD camera installed on a goniometer and good agreement was...

9. Increasing the competitiveness of e-vehicles in Europe - Figenbaum, Erik; Fearnley, Nils; Pfaffenbichler, Paul; Hjorthol, Randi; Kolbenstvedt, Marika; Emmerling, Bettina; Jellinek, Reinhard; Bonnema, G. Maarten; Ramjerdi, Farideh; Iversen, Lykke Møller
The 2011 EU White Paper on Transport sets ambitious goals for phasing out conventionally fuelled cars in cities. Take-up and expansion of electric vehicles (e-vehicles, or electromobility) are one way to achieve this, as proposed by, i.a., the European Green Cars Initiative, the EU Action Plan on Urban Mobility, European alternative fuels strategy, and so on. This paper discusses incentives for the take-up and use of e-vehicles that are in place in different European countries. Especially, it analyses Norway and Austria, in order to establish and understand factors influencing the competitiveness of e-vehicles and potential market penetration. Norway currently enjoys...

10. α-Synuclein oligomers distinctively permeabilize complex model membranes - Stefanovic, A.; Stockl, M.T.; Claessens, M.M.A.E.; Subramaniam, V.
α-Synuclein oligomers are increasingly considered to be responsible for the death of dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson's disease. The toxicity mechanism of α-synuclein oligomers likely involves membrane permeabilization. Even though it is well established that α-synuclein oligomers bind and permeabilize vesicles composed of negatively-charged lipids, little attention has been given to the interaction of oligomers with bilayers of physiologically relevant lipid compositions. We investigated the interaction of α-synuclein with bilayers composed of lipid mixtures that mimic the composition of plasma and mitochondrial membranes. In the present study, we show that monomeric and oligomeric α-synuclein bind to these membranes. The resulting membrane...

11. DeepWind-from Idea to 5 MW Concept - Paulsen, Uwe S.; Madsen, Helge A.; Kragh, Knud A.; Nielsen, Per H.; Baran, Ismet; Hattel, Jesper; Ritchie, Ewen; Leban, Krisztina; Svendsen, Harald; Berthelsen, Petter A.
The DeepWind concept has been described previously on challenges and potentials, this new offshore floating technology can offer to the wind industry [1]. The paper describes state of the art design improvements, new simulation results of the DeepWind floating vertical axis wind turbine concept, which implies a high potential for cost saving. The most critical aspects of the concept are addressed in proving feasibility, and if it can be scaled up to 20 MW. Applying structural mechanics, generator, floater & mooring system, control system design, and rotor design using detailed integrated models, results have evolved to a 5 MW baseline...

12. Can rubber help against the greenhouse effect? - Blume, Anke

13. Numerical process simulations for industrially pultruded profiles - Baran, Ismet; Hattel, Jesper H.; Akkerman, Remko

14. Thermo-mechanical process modelling of industrially pultruded parts having UD and CFM layers - Baran, Ismet; Hattel, Jesper H.; Akkerman, Remko
Numerical process simulation of an industrially pultruded rectangular hollow profile is presented. The product contains the continuous filament mat (CFM) and the uni-directional(UD) roving layers made of glass/polyester. The distortion and stress evolutions together with the temperature and degree of fields are predicted by the simulation tool developed by the authors. The predicted deformation pattern at the end of the process is found to agree quite well with the one for the real pultruded part in a commercial pultrusion company. A parametric study is also performed based on the total volumetric shrinkage of the resin system during curing. The process...

15. Investigation of process induced residual stresses and deformations for industrially pultruded parts having UD and CFM layers - Baran, Ismet; Hattel, Jesper H.; Akkerman, Remko
Pultrusion process is one of the most effective manufacturing techniques for production of composite materials having constant cross-sectional area. Pultruded composite profiles are getting increasingly popular in construction industry as well as in wind energy due to their high strength-to-weight ratio, low maintenance cost and high corrosion resistance. Recently, pultruded profiles are foreseen to have potential for the replacement of some of the conventional materials used in the construction industry. An example of this is the increased application of structural pultruded profiles for bridge constructions. A consequence of the enhanced usage of pultruded profiles requires detailed understanding of the mechanical...

16. Measuring the societal impacts of universities' research into arts and the humanities (HERAVALUE) - Benneworth, Paul

17. New Diplomatic Activities of the European Union and the Limits of International Law: invited speech - Wessel, R.A.

18. Decisions of International Institutions: Explaining the Informality Turn in International Institutional Law - Wessel, R.A.

19. Transnational Arrangements in the Governance of Emerging Technologies: The Case of Nanotechnology - Wessel, Ramses A.; Kica, Evisa

20. The Appropriate Level of Enforcement in Multilevel Regulation: Mapping Issues in Avoidance of Regulatory Overstretch - Heldeweg, Michiel A.; Wessel, Ramses A.

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