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University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Independent Sets in Asteroidal Triple-Free Graphs - Broersma, Hajo; Kloks, Ton; Kratsch, Dieter; Müller, Haiko
An asteroidal triple (AT) is a set of three vertices such that there is a path between any pair of them avoiding the closed neighborhood of the third. A graph is called AT-free if it does not have an AT. We show that there is an O(n4 ) time algorithm to compute the maximum weight of an independent set for AT-free graphs. Furthermore, we obtain O(n4 ) time algorithms to solve the INDEPENDENT DOMINATING SET and the INDEPENDENT PERFECT DOMINATING SET problems on AT-free graphs. We also show how to adapt these algorithms such that they solve the corresponding problem...

2. Algorithms for the treewidth and minimum fill-in of HHD-free graphs - Broersma, H.J.; Dahlhaus, E.; Kloks, T.
A graph is HHD-free is it does not contain a house (i.e., the complement of P 5), a hole (a cycle of length at least 5) or a domino (the graph obtained from two 4-cycles by identifying an edge in one C 4 with an edge in the other C 4) as an induced subgraph. The minimum fill-in problem is the problem of finding a chordal supergraph with the smallest possible number of edges. The treewidth problem is the problem of finding a chordal embedding of the graph with the smallest possible clique number. In this note we show that...

3. Independent sets in asteroidal triple-free graphs - Broersma, Hajo; Kloks, Ton; Kratsch, Dieter; Müller, Haiko
An asteroidal triple is a set of three vertices such that there is a path between any pair of them avoiding the closed neighborhood of the third. A graph is called AT-free if it does not have an asteroidal triple. We show that there is an O(n 2 · (¯m+1)) time algorithm to compute the maximum cardinality of an independent set for AT-free graphs, where n is the number of vertices and ¯m is the number of non edges of the input graph. Furthermore we obtain O(n 2 · (¯m+1)) time algorithms to solve the INDEPENDENT DOMINATING SET and the...

4. On treewidth and minimum fill-in of asteroidal triple-free graphs - Kloks, Ton; Kratsch, Dieter; Spinrad, Jeremy
We present O(n5R + n3R3) time algorithms to compute the treewidth, pathwidth, minimum fill-in and minimum interval graph completion of asteroidal triple-free graphs, where n is the number of vertices and R is the number of minimal separators of the input graph. This yields polynomial time algorithms for the four NP-complete graph problems on any subclass of the asteroidal triple-free graphs that has a polynomially bounded number of minimal separators, as e.g. cocomparability graphs of bounded dimension and d-trapezoid graphs for any fixed d ⩾ 1.

5. Selected papers from the second IFIP Int'l conference on formal methods for open object based distributed systems, 1997 - Bowman, Howard; Derrick, John; Brinksma, Ed

6. Guest editorial: Design, implementation, and analysis of communication protocols - Brinksma, Ed; Hao, Ruibing; Lee, David; Miller, Raymond E.

7. Effective bandwidth vectors for multiclass traffic multiplexed in partitioned buffer - Kulkarni, V.G.; Gün, L.; Chimento, P.F.
We consider a traffic model where a single source generates traffic having J (J⩾2) quality of service (QoS) classes, QoS in this case described by a cell loss probability objective εj for QoS class j. We assume that ε1⩾ε2 ⩾...⩾εJ, in other words, class J has the most stringent QoS requirements and class 1 the least. The traffic from K such independent heterogeneous Markov-modulated fluid sources is multiplexed into a single buffer of size B. There are J-1 thresholds {B j, 1⩽j⩽J-1} such that 0
8. Dual parallel modulation schemes for low-distortion analog optical transmission - Korotky, Steven K.; Ridder, René M. de
The use of two integrated-optical modulators operated in parallel to attain low-distortion analog optical transmission is examined. This static feedforward approach achieves significantly improved linearity at the expense of small increases in the required optical power and moderate increases in the required drive voltage. A novel variation that uses the unique characteristics of an integrated-optical modulator to correct the dominant quadratic distortion of a directly modulated laser is proposed.

9. The social media participation framework: studying the effects of social media on nonprofit communities - Effing, Robin
Social media could help nonprofit communities to organize their communication with their members in new and innovative ways. This could contribute to sustaining or improving the participation of members within these communities. Yet little is known of how to measure and understand the offline community effects of social media use. Therefore, the main question of this study is: “How does the use of social media by members of nonprofit communities affect their offline participation?” The Social Media Participation Framework was developed to address this question. It is an initial theoretical framework that aims to contribute to discovering the effects of...

10. Evaluation of perceived persuasiveness constructs by combining user tests and expert assessments - Jong, N. de; Wentzel, J.; Kelders, S.; Oinas-Kukkonen, H; Gemert-Pijnen, J. van
To develop effective behaviour change support systems, persuasive technology can be used. The persuasive systems design model offers a framework to identify and operationalize such elements. In this pilot study, we evaluate the questionnaire developed to measure perceived persuasiveness of information technology. We analyzed verbatim user-test transcripts, and performed expert-assessments of the Nurse Antibiotic Information App (NAIA). These data were compared to questionnaire results on this app. Expert-assessment identified task support, perceived persuasiveness, unobtrusiveness, credibility, perceived effort and perceived effectiveness (as defined in the Persuasive Systems Design model) as being present within the NAIA. These constructs also scored satisfactory in...

11. Indiceren nieuwe stijl: het wc-eend-effect in de Wmo: interview met Jan Telgen - Elsen, Wouter van den; Telgen, Jan

12. Handreiking inkoop hulpmiddelen: afwegingen, uitdagingen en mogelijkheden voor gemeenten bij de inkoop van Wmo-hulpmiddelen - Peters, Chiel; Schotanus, Fredo; Vunderink, Lydia

13. Book review: Koloniale Schweiz: Ein Stück Globalgeschichte zwischen Europa und Südostasien (1860-1930) / Andreas Zangger. - Bielefeld: Transcript, 2011. - 476 pp. - ISBN 978-3-8376-1796-2 - Weber, Andreas

14. Human-friendly robotic manipulators: safety and performance issues in controller design - Tadele, Tadele Shiferaw

15. On improving dependability of analog and mixed-signal SoCs: a system-level approach - Khan, Muhammad Aamir
Dependability of electronic systems, being an indispensable part of our civilian, industrial and military applications, has become increasingly important as a result of continuous technology scaling. The dependability or human reliance on these electronic systems has decreased as a result of new technologies which are far less mature as compared to older technologies. The electrical characteristics of the transistors and the wires will vary statistically in a spatial and temporal manner, directly translating into design uncertainty during fabrication and even during operational life. This combined impact of manufacturing uncertainty (e.g. process variability) and temporal degradation (aging) results in time-dependent variability...

16. Methodological support to develop interoperable applications for pervasive healthcare - Cardoso de Moraes, João Luís
The healthcare model currently being used in most countries will soon be inadequate, due to the increasing care costs of a growing population of elderly people, the rapid increase of chronic diseases, the growing demand for new treatments and technologies, and the relative decrease in the number of healthcare professionals with respect to the population increase. This healthcare model, which is centered on highly specialized people, located in large hospitals, needs to change into a distributed model, in order to produce faster responses and to allow patients to manage their own health. A distributed healthcare model that pervades the daily...

17. Een Duitse IRT-affaire - Meershoek, Guus

18. Explaining researchers' readiness to incorporate external stimuli in their research agendas - Olmos Penuela, Julia; Benneworth, Paul; Castro-Martinez, Elena
This paper seeks to provide a better understanding of how researchers incorporate external (non-academic) influences in their research process. Firstly we advance the notion of ‘openness’ as a researcher characteristic that describes researchers’ readiness to let external stimuli modify the different stages of the research cycle and we identify the kind of behavioural changes expected from ‘open’ researchers. Secondly, we look at the factors explaining researchers’ openness. We empirically analyse researchers’ openness drawing upon a database containing 1583 researchers from the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). We found that researchers open in any stage of the research process tend...

19. Bejegening van getraumatiseerde slachtoffers van mensenhandel ten behoeve van coherente of consistente verklaringen. Een internationaal verkennende studie - Klerx-van Mierlo, F.; Youngs, D.; Oostinga, M.S.D.; Mergaerts, L.; VanDale, D.; Velden, P. van der
Eén van de omstandigheden die waarheidsvinding bij rechtszaken in verband met mensenhandel in de weg kan staan is dat er sprake is van geheugenproblemen. De vraag is of de bewijskracht van getuigenverklaringen van slachtoffers van mensenhandel kan worden verbeterd. Hiertoe wordt nagegaan in welke situaties en bij welke personen zich een vergelijkbare problematiek voordoet en hoe daar – ten behoeve van een succesvolle rechtsgang - mee wordt omgegaan. Dit biedt mogelijk aanknopingspunten voor de (strafrechtelijke) aanpak van mensenhandel. Het algemene doel van dit onderzoek is 'Inzicht bieden in de wijze waarop (mogelijke) de bewijskracht van getuigenverklaringen van slachtoffers van mensenhandel met...

20. Reframing the role of knowledge parks and science cities in knowledge-based urban development - Benneworth, Paul; Ratinho, Tiago
Knowledge-based urban developments (KBUDs) are an increasingly common element of urban planning and strategy making: policy makers and developers set out to stimulate economic prosperity by promoting the integration and concentration of research, technology, and human capital. But KBUD is, by its advocates’ own admission, a fuzzy concept, assuming that local physical development will drive urban upgrading within wider innovative production networks. We seek to address one element of this confusion by exploring how physical developments actively create innovative connections between local actors, drawing on the microscale science park and incubator literature. Using the case of one knowledge precinct, Kennispark...

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