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1. Onderzoek naar de wijze van bepaling van licht-reflecterende eigenschappen van asfalt deklagen - Huerne, Henny ter; Hetebrij, Dirk; Elfring, Jan
In het kader van het milieu staan op dit moment asfalt verhardingsmaterialen met sterker lichtreflecterende eigenschappen in de belangstelling. Dergelijke materialen hebben als voordeel dat door de verbeterde reflectie-eigenschappen op de wegen minder openbare verlichting nodig is en toch een goede zichtbaarheid kan worden gewaarborgd. Dit bespaart energie en armaturen. KWS ontwikkelde asfaltmengsels waarvan een deel van het mineraal aggregaat wordt vervangen door een mineraal met goede licht reflecterende eigenschappen. Aldus ontstaan asfaltsoorten die belangrijk meer licht reflecteren dan normale asfaltsoorten. De mengsels zijn geschikt voor binnenstedelijke openbare ruimte, tunnels en andere donkere plekken. De bijdrage behandelt het onderzoekstraject “hoe bepaalt men...

2. Modelling traffic hindrance caused by road construction as part of a multi-criteria assessment framework - Berkum, Eric van; Huerne, Henny ter
One of the consequences of the increased utilization of road infrastructure is more frequent maintenance work. Since generally road works result in less available road capacity, we can witness an increase in traffic hindrance, which involves delays and externalities as noise, air quality, safety and the emission of GHG. Hindrance is generally not restricted to the location where the maintenance works take place, but can occur in a wider area as a result of altered flow patterns in the whole network. The type of reconstruction, and the way the work is executed determines not only the cost and service life but...

3. The sequential price of anarchy for atomic congestion games - Jong, Jasper de; Uetz, Marc
In situations without central coordination, the price of anarchy relates the quality of any Nash equilibrium to the quality of a global optimum. Instead of assuming that all players choose their actions simultaneously, here we consider games where players choose their actions sequentially. The sequential price of anarchy, recently introduced by Paes Leme, Syrgkanis, and Tardos then relates the quality of any subgame perfect equilibrium to the quality of a global optimum. The effect of sequential decision making on the quality of equilibria, however, depends on the specific game under consideration. Here we analyze the sequential price of anarchy for atomic...

4. The effect of briefing videos in medical simulation-based education: a randomised controlled trial - Tetering, A.A.C. van; Truijens, S.E.M.; Hout - van der Jagt, M.B. van der; Wijsman, J.L.P.; Oei, S.G.
The aim of this study is to compare the effects of an affective briefing video with a textual briefing on cognitive appraisal (threat or challenge response). It is hypothesized that briefing videos will cause a threat response, which is associated with increase in cortisol and memory consolidation.

5. Method and System for Impulse Radio Wakeup - Sebastiano, Fabio; Drago, Salvatore; Breems, Lucien Johannes; Leenaerts, Dominicus Martinus Wilhelmus
Communication networks are implemented using a variety of devices and methods. In a particular embodiment for use in a communication network having RF-communication devices that communicate using a RF protocol, an RF-communication device is implemented with an RF transceiver (110) to communicate over the network using the RF protocol and being controllable in a reduced power-consumption mode in which the RF transceiver does not communicate over the network. The device also includes an RF receiver (104, 106) including an envelope detector (104) and a pulse generator circuit (106). The envelope detector circuit (104) providing an envelope-based signal to a pulse...

6. SSHCure: SSH Intrusion Detection using NetFlow and IPFIX - Hendriks, Luuk; Hofstede, Rick; Sperotto, Anna; Pras, Aiko
With this poster, we present our SSH Intrusion Detection System named SSHCure: it is the first IDS capable of distinguishing successful attacks from unsuccessful attacks, thus detecting actual compromises. As powerful as SSH is to administrators, as attractive it is to anyone with malicious intents. Measurements showing more than 700 attacks on NRENs per day emphasize this. This number is also the source of the main problem in existing detection systems: while 699 of these attacks are typically unsuccessful and therefore not interesting to network administrators or CSIRT members, a single successful one is. And its consequences possibly include severe...

7. Ethics in data sharing: developing a model for best practice - Dietrich, Sven; Ham, Jeroen van der; Pras, Aiko; Rijswijk-Deij, Roland van; Shou, Darren; Sperotto, Anna; Wynsberghe, Aimee van; Zuck, Lenore D.
As an outcome of a seminar on the 'Ethics in Data Sharing', we sketch a model of best practice for sharing data in research. We illustrate this model with two current and timely real-life cases from the context of computer and network security.

8. ReFlow: Reports on Internet Traffic - Hoogesteger, Martijn; Oliveira Schmidt, Ricardo de; Sperotto, Anna; Pras, Aiko
Internet traffic statistics can provide valuable information to network analysts and researchers about the traffic, technologies and main characteristics of today’s networks. For many years Internet2 maintained a public website with statistics about the traffic in the Abilene network. This site was called weekly reports. Although the statistics made available by Internet2 were limited to the particularities of the Abilene network, the weekly report was referenced in many research works published at top conferences and journals. These works typically used Internet2’s weekly reports as a source of information on general Internet traffic. In 2010 Internet2 discontinued their weekly reports project...

9. Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces: Special Issue Editorial - Mühl, Christian; Allison, Brandan; Nijholt, Anton; Chanel, Guillaume
Over the last several years, brain-computer interface (BCI) research has grown well beyond initial efforts to provide basic communication for people with severe disabilities that prevent them from communicating otherwise. Since BCIs rely on direct measures of brain activity, users do not have to move in any way to convey information. During the early years of BCI research, BCI systems had little to offer healthy users. Since most users can communicate quickly and easily by speaking or typing, why would healthy people use a BCI? Several different answers to this question have been presented. For example, when healthy users’ hands and/or...

10. Adapting the Complexity Level of a Serious Game to the Proficiency of Players - Oostendorp, Herre van; Spek, Erik D van der; Linssen, Jeroen
As games are continuously assessing the player, this assessment can be used to adapt the complexity of a game to the proficiency of the player in real time. We performed an experiment to examine the role of dynamic adaptation. In one condition, participants played a version of our serious game for triage training that automatically adapted the complexity level of the presented cases to how well the participant scored previously. Participants in the control condition played a version of the game with no adaptation. The adapted version was significantly more efficient and resulted in higher learning gains per instructional case,...

11. Implementation of WirelessHART in the NS-2 Simulator and Validation of Its Correctness - Zand, Pouria; Mathews, Emi; Havinga, Paul; Stojanovski, Spase; Sisinni, Emiliano; Ferrari, Paolo
One of the first standards in the wireless sensor networks domain,WirelessHART (HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer)), was introduced to address industrial process automation and control requirements. This standard can be used as a reference point to evaluate other wireless protocols in the domain of industrial monitoring and control. This makes it worthwhile to set up a reliable WirelessHART simulator in order to achieve that reference point in a relatively easy manner. Moreover, it offers an alternative to expensive testbeds for testing and evaluating the performance of WirelessHART. This paper explains our implementation of WirelessHART in the NS-2 network simulator. According...

12. A survey of affective brain computer interfaces: principles, state-of-the-art, and challenges - Mühl, Christian; Allison, Brandan; Nijholt, Anton; Chanel, Guillaume
Affective states, moods and emotions, are an integral part of the human nature: they shape our thoughts, govern the behavior of the individual, and influence our interpersonal relationships. The last decades have seen a growing interest in the automatic detection of such states from voice, facial expression and physiological signals, primarily with the goal of enhancing human-computer interaction with an affective component. With the advent of brain-computer interface research, the idea of affective brain-computer interfaces (aBCI), enabling affect detection from brain signals, arose. In this article, we set out to survey the field of neurophysiology-based affect detection. We outline possible...

13. Editorial for special section of grid computing journal on "Cloud Computing and Services Science" - Sinderen, Marten J. van; Ivanov, Ivan I.
This editorial briefly discusses characteristics, technology developments and challenges of cloud computing. It then introduces the papers included in the special issue on "Cloud Computing and Services Science" and positions the work reported in these papers with respect to the previously mentioned challenges.

14. BNCI Horizon 2020 - Towards a Roadmap for Brain/Neural Computer Interaction - Brunner, Clemens; Blankertz, Benjamin; Cincotti, Febo; Kübler, Andrea; Mattia, Donatella; Miralles, Felip; Nijholt, Anton; Otal, Begonya; Salomon, Patric; Müller-Putz, Gernot R.
In this paper, we present BNCI Horizon 2020, an EU Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that will provide a roadmap for brain-computer interaction research for the next years, starting in 2013, and aiming at research efforts until 2020 and beyond. The project is a successor of the earlier EU-funded Future BNCI CSA that started in 2010 and produced a roadmap for a shorter time period. We present how we, a consortium of the main European BCI research groups as well as companies and end user representatives, expect to tackle the problem of designing a roadmap for BCI research. In this...

15. A Bayesian solution to multi-target tracking problems with mixed labelling - Aoki, Edson Hiroshi; Boers, Yvo; Svensson, Lennart; Mandal, Pranab K.; Bagchi, Arunabha
In Multi-Target Tracking (MTT), the problem of assigning labels to tracks (track labelling) is vastly covered in literature and has been previously formulated using Bayesian recursion. However, the existing literature lacks an appropriate measure of uncertainty related to the assigned labels which has sound mathematical basis and clear practical meaning (to the user). This is especially important in a situation where targets move in close proximity with each other and thereafter separate again. Because, in such a situation it is well-known that there will be confusion on target identities, also known as “mixed labelling”. In this paper, we provide a...

16. Applications of the PowerGlove - Noort, J.C. van den; Beek, N. van; Stegeman, D.F.; Kraan, T. van der; Veeger, H.E.J.; Maas, H.; Dijk, K.J. van; Verhagen, R.; Bour, L.J.; Heida, T.; Kortier, H.G.; Veltink, P.H.
The hand is important in many daily life activities. During aging, quality of fine motor control of hand and fingers is decreasing. Also motor symptoms of the hand are important to define for instance the neurological state of a Parkinson’s disease patient. Although objective and reliable measurement of hand and finger dynamics is of interest, current measurement systems are limited. This paper describes the application of the PowerGlove, a new measurement system based on miniature inertial and magnetic sensors, to study the finger interdependency in healthy elderly and objectively quantify hand motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease. Results of pilot experiments in...

17. Ambulatory gait analysis in stroke patients using ultrasound and inertial sensors - Weenk, D.; Meulen, F.B. van; Beijnum, B.J.F. van; Veltink, P.H.
Objective ambulatory assessment of movements of patients is important for an optimal recovery. In this study an ambulatory system is used for assessing gait parameters in stroke patients. Ultrasound range estimates are fused with inertial sensors using an extended Kalman filter to estimate 3D positions, velocities and orientations. For eight stroke patients step lengths and swing and stance times are calculated from a ten meter walk trial and compared to the Berg balance scale. First results show a correlation between step lengths and Berg balance scale score. However, more patients are to be measured and different activities will be investigated...

18. Design and analysis of a high-efficiencyv high-voltage class-D power output stage - Ma, Haifeng; Zee, Ronan van der; Nauta, Bram
The analysis and design of a highly-efficient 80 V class-D power stage design in a 0.14 μm SOI-based BCD process is described. It features immunity to the on-chip supply bounce, realized by internally regulated floating supplies, variable driving strength for the gate driver, and an efficient 2-step level shifter design. Fast switching transition and low switching loss are achieved with 94% peak efficiency for the complete class-D power stage in the realized chip.

19. A socio-material perspective on temporal work: practice breakdowns during strategic upheaval - Loohuis, Raymond; Ehrenhard, Michel

20. A socio-material approach to business relationship development: breakdowns as a change-oriented process - Loohuis, R.P.A.; Raesfeld, A.M. von; Groen, A.J.

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