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  1. Why bumpy is better: The role of the dissipation distribution in slip flow over a bubble mattress

    Haase, A. Sander; Wood, Jeffery A.; Lammertink, Rob G.H.; Snoeijer, Jacco H.
    It has been observed that the amount of effective slip for transverse flow over a bubble mattress is maximum for bubbles that protrude somewhat in the channel flow. In this paper we provide an explanation for this characteristic feature by analyzing the spatial distribution of viscous dissipation for bubbles of varying protrusion angles. Bubbles protruding in the channel act as obstacles and reduce the effective channel height, thereby increasing the viscous dissipation in the bulk flow. At small scales, however, our numerical analysis reveals that increasing the bubble protrusion angle reduces the dissipation near the contact points of the no-slip...

  2. Can We Increase Psychological Well-Being? The Effects of Interventions on Psychological Well-Being: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

    Weiss, Laura A.; Westerhof, Gerben J.; Bohlmeijer, Ernst T.
    Background There is a rapidly growing interest in psychological well-being (PWB) as outcome of interventions. Ryff developed theory-based indicators of PWB that are consistent with a eudaimonic perspective of happiness. Numerous interventions have been developed with the aim to increase PWB. However, the effects on PWB measured as coherent outcome have not been examined across studies yet. This meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of behavioral interventions aims to answer the question whether it is possible to enhance PWB. Methods A systematic literature search was performed in PsycINFO, Cochrane and Web of Science. To be included, studies had to be randomized controlled trials of...

  3. Schoonmaakaanbestedingen voorkom uitglijders!

    Telgen, J.; Plu, R.C.; Kruimer, H.T.; Pelt, J. van; Faase, E.J.

  4. Leve de aanbesteding

    Telgen, Jan
    De perikelen rond de Wmo stellen aanbestedingen in een kwaad daglicht. Ten onrechte. Slim opgezette aanbestedingen zijn juist een uitgelezen middel om maatschappelijke doelen te bereiken.

  5. Proportionaliteit verankerd in Aanbestedingswet

    Meijer, Rinke; Telgen, Jan

  6. IRSPP

    Telgen, Jan

  7. Innovaties om leveranciers scherp te houden

    Telgen, Jan

  8. Measuring the contribution of higher education to innovation capacity in the EU

    Benneworth, Paul; Zeeman, Nadine
    There has been a massive expansion of higher education in recent decades as part of attempts to create workforces with the skills to be able to compete successfully in the context of the knowledge based economy. At the same time, there is widespread unrest that universities are failing to respond to these new demands and are continuing to act as ‘ivory towers’ outside of rather than driving forward society. A key challenge for European policy-makers is therefore distinguishing the extent to which universities are realising their potential to contribute to the emergence of the knowledge-based economy. In this working paper we...

  9. Maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen en inkoop: kansen genoeg!

    Telgen, Jan

  10. (Cost)effectiveness of life review for Older Adults: Design of a randomized controlled trial

    Pot, Anne Margriet; Melenhorst, Anne-Sophie; Onrust, Simone; Bohlmeijer, Ernst T.
    Background Depression in older adults is a serious health problem with a poor prognosis. There is a need for indicated preventive psychological interventions for older adults, that show to be promising in preventing depressive disorders. Methods/design This manuscript describes the design of a study evaluating 'Looking for Meaning', a newly developed prevention course for older adults with depressive symptoms, based on life-review. Both clinical and economic effectiveness are evaluated in a pragmatic randomized controlled trial. The control condition of this 12-session preventive intervention is a 20-minute video movie. The primary outcome is symptoms of depression at post-treatment and follow-up (6 months after post-treatment)....

  11. Aanbesteden: moet dat nou echt?

    Telgen, Jan

  12. Aanbesteden van wat?

    Telgen, Jan

  13. Zwengel het marktmechanisme aan

    Bouwman, Georget; Telgen, Jan

  14. Prevention of depression and anxiety in later life: design of a randomized controlled trial for the clinical and economic evaluation of a life-review intervention

    Korte, Jojanneke; Bohlmeijer, Ernst T.; Smit, Filip
    Background Depressive and anxiety symptoms in older adults could develop into significant health problems with detrimental effects on quality of life and a possibly poor prognosis. Therefore, there is a need for preventive interventions which are at once effective, acceptable and economic affordable. Methods and design This paper describes the design of a study evaluating "The stories we live by", a preventive life-review group intervention, which was recently developed for adults of 55 years and over with depressive and anxiety symptoms. Both clinical and economic effectiveness will be evaluated in a pragmatic randomized controlled trial. The participants in the intervention condition will receive...

  15. Aanbesteden kan ook anders : de kunst is om het juiste model te kiezen

    Telgen, Jan

  16. Krijgen we echt wel kwaliteit? : prijs is toch meestal doorslaggevend

    Telgen, Jan

  17. Kwaliteit beloven is makkelijk : in een aanbesteding kunnen naast degelijke afspraken ook prikkels voor leveranciers worden ingebouwd

    Telgen, Jan

  18. Aanbesteden of subsidiëren van Wmo

    Telgen, Jan

  19. Laten we toch leren van anderen

    Telgen, Jan

  20. 'I have a dream...' (deel II)

    Telgen, Jan
    Openbaar aanbesteden is aan een flinke verandering onderhevig. Inkoophoogleraar Jan Telgen beschrijft in een tweedelig essay vijf ontwikkelingen, terugkijkend vanuit het jaar 2010. Na de drie beschreven ontwikkelingen in deel 1, te weten"een inkooporganisatie voor alle overheden, aanbesteden per spreadsheet en de controle over uitgaven voor externe inhuur, worden in dit tweede deel de laatste twee ontwikkelingen beschouwd.

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