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1. Anticipating the dynamics of converging technologies - Doorn, Maurits; Rip, Arie

2. Introduction - Rip, Arie; Doorn, Maurits

3. Microneedles coupled to a microanalysis chip for lithium measurement in blood - Berg, Albert van den; Vrouwe, Elwin

4. Development and validation of the Game Perceptions Scale (GPS) - Vandercruysse, S.; Vandewaetere, M.; Maertens, M.; Vrugte, J. ter; Wouters, P.; Jong, T. de; Oostendorp, H. van
Despite the pervasiveness of perception and considerable impact of perception on the use of ICT for educational purposes, there is a surprising paucity of perception assessment instruments. The present proposal expands on this through the development and initial validation of the Game Perception Scale (GPS). Based on perception literature, perception is defined as (1) students' expectations about the goals of the environment and (2) the degree to which a student believes that using game based learning environments will enhance his or her performance on which the game based learning environment focuses. In a first study, the exploratory factor analyses revealed...

5. Phases of inquiry-based learning: Definitions and the inquiry cycle - Pedaste, Margus; Mäeots, Mario; Siiman, Leo A.; Jong, Ton de; Riesen, Siswa A.N. van; Kamp, Ellen T.; Manoli, Constantinos C.; Zacharia, Zacharias C.; Tsourlidaki, Eleftheria
Inquiry-based learning is gaining popularity in science curricula, international research and development projects as well as teaching. One of the underlying reasons is that its success can be significantly improved due to the recent technical developments that allow the inquiry process to be supported by electronic learning environments. Inquiry-based learning is often organized into inquiry phases that together form an inquiry cycle. However, different variations on what is called the inquiry cycle can be found throughout the literature. The current article focuses on identifying and summarizing the core features of inquiry-based learning by means of a systematic literature review and...

6. Can performance feedback during instruction boost knowledge acquisition? Contrasting criterion-based and social comparison feedback - Kollöffel, Bas; Jong, Ton de
Feedback indicating how well students are performing during a learning task can be very stimulating. In this study with a pre- and post-test design, the effects of two types of performance feedback on learning results were compared: feedback during a learning task was either stated in terms of how well the students were performing relative to other students (social comparison feedback) or relative to an absolute criterion (criterion-based feedback). Thirty-four students in secondary vocational engineering education were randomly assigned to one of two conditions. In both conditions, students worked together in small groups. All groups completed a math learning task,...

7. Sustainability and institutional water resource regime in the Gaza strip - Zoarob, Z.K.; Bressers, J.T.A.

8. Towards sustainability by negotiated agreements between industrial sectors and government: The Mexican case - Franco-Garcia, M. Laura; Bressers, Hans Th.A.

9. How to govern for sustainable tourism? An evaluation of the Dutch governance approach to sustainability - Dinica, Valentina; Bressers, Hans

10. Elaboration of convergence, convergence of boundary Judgments and convergence mechanics: discussion paper - Bressers, Hans

11. Contextual Interaction Theory and the issue of boundary definition: Governance and motivation, cognitions and resources of actors: contribution to theoretical framework ISBP - Bressers, Hans

12. Space for water in physical planning: Constructing an inhabited retention area and a new river - Bressers, Hans; Hanegraaff, Simone; Lulofs, Kris

13. Explaining the policy impact of the 1991 and 2000 firework blasts in the Netherlands by the core of six policy change models - Bressers, Hans Th.A.; Lulofs, K.R.D.
This paper presents an analysis of the aftermaths of two firework-blasts from a policy change perspective. The causes of both disasters were completely identical. Both disasters were extensively investigated and findings disseminated. After a 1991 explosion hardly any change in policy occurred while in comparison the 2000 explosion caused gigantic changes, external safety as policy issue developed and became top priority very fast. In this perspective our cases can be considered extreme cases. The analysis is structured by applying six policy change models of which some have already ‘earned’ their footprints in policy-science. The models are the theory of the...

14. Integrated regimes and sustainable use of natural resources: A multiple case study analysis - Bressers, Hans Th.A.; Kuks, Stefan M.M.

15. Incorporating sustainable development principles in the governance of the Dutch domestic tourism sector: The relevance of boundary judgements - Bressers, Hans; Dinica, Valentina

16. The contribution of plasmon-enhanced photoluminescence to the SERS background - Le Thi Ngoc, Loan; Wiedemair, Justyna; Berg, Albert van den; Carlen, Edwin T.
We report single-photon plasmon-enhanced photoluminescence from nanostructured gold surfaces by controlling the extent of the spectral overlaps of the excitation energy hωo, the surface plasmon resonance band (with peak resonance energy hωSPR), and the critical points ΔX and ΔL, of the joint density of states of the d and sp bands, near the X- and Lsymmetry points of the electronic band structure, respectively. For hωo~ΔX (hωo<ΔX), the peak photoluminescence intensity is strongly enhanced for a strong spectral overlap of hωo~hωSPR, and weakly enhanced for a weak spectral overlap. We show that the background continuum accompanying surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectra...

17. Frequency dependent AC electroosmotic flow in nanochannels - Beld, Wesley T.E. van den; Sparreboom, Wouter; Berg, Albert van den; Eijkel, Jan C.T.
We report frequency-dependent bidirectional AC electroosmotic flow (AC-EOF) in a nanochannel with double layer overlap. This work follows our report in μTas 2008 of unidirectional AC-EOF in nanochannels [1]. Observed is a bidirectional pumping behavior; simulations of the low frequency pumping confirm a direction opposite to that of AC-EOF in microchannels. By this frequency-dependent bidirectional pumping, nanochannel AC-EOF behaves in fundamentally different way than microchannel AC-EOF. Generally, the results are of importance for the understanding of ion and liquid transport in nanoconfinement.

18. Nanopore fabrication by heating au particles on ceramic substrates - Vreede, Lennart J. de; Berg, Albert van den; Eijkel, Jan C.T.
We found that gold nanoparticles, when heated to close to their melting point on substrates of amorphous SiO2 or amorphous Si3N4, move perpendicularly into the substrate. Dependent on applied temperatures, particles can become buried or leave nanopores of extreme aspect ratio (diameter congruent to 25 nm, length up to 800 nm). The process can be understood as driven by gold evaporation and controlled by capillary forces and can be controlled by temperature programming and substrate choice.

19. Temperature Dependence of the 1727 cm–1 Interstitial Oxygen Absorption Band Studied by Attenuated Total Internal Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy in a Newly Developed Microreactor - Susarrey-Arce, A.; Tiggelaar, R.M.; Sanders, R.G.P.; Geerdink, B.; Lefferts, L.; Gardeniers, J.G.E.; Houselt, A. van
In this work we study oxygen interstitial defects (Oi) in a silicon-technology-based microreactor with an integrated attenuated total internal reflection (ATR) crystal as a function of an externally applied potential by means of attenuated total internal reflection infrared spectroscopy (ATR-IR). A reduction of the 1727 cm–1 Oi IR absorption band is observed with increasing potential. We evidence that this band is related to the presence of Oi, which enables detection of Oi by ATR-IR spectroscopy. The observed reduction with increasing potential is ascribed to an increase in temperature, due to resistive heating of the silicon.

20. Spatial-spectral Hamiltonian Boussinesq wave simulations - Kurnia, R.; Groesen, E. van
This contribution concerns a specific simulation method for coastal wave engineering applications. As is common to reduce computational costs the flow is assumed to be irrotational so that a Boussinesq-type of model in horizontal variables only can be used. Here we advocate the use of such a model that respects the Hamiltonian structure of the wave equations. To avoid approximations of the dispersion relation by an algebraic relation that is needed for finite element/difference methods, we propose a spatial-spectral implementation which can model dispersion exactly for all wave lengths. Results with a relatively simple spatial-spectral implementation of the advanced theoretical...

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