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1. Renewable energy policy implementation in Spain from a territorial perspective - Hewitt, R.; Alonso, P.M.; Jiménez, V.H.; Bermejo, L.R.; Pacheco, J.D.; Boer, C.L. de; Bressers, J.T.A.

2. Sustainability governance in a glocalized world: governance qualities to meet the challenges - Bressers, Hans

3. Het belang van goede governance omstandigheden voor droogtebeleid - Bressers, Hans

4. Bestuurlijke context voor droogtebeleid en maatregelen voor Vechtstromen - Bressers, Hans

5. Realizing climate mitigation policies - Boer, Cheryl de; Bressers, Hans

6. Regional governance and management for drought and scarcity adaptation in North-West Europe: first insights from the DROP project - Bressers, Hans; Boer, Cheryl de; La Jeunesse, Isabelle; Vidaurre, Rodrigo; Tröltzsch, Jenny

7. Wave attenuation in mangroves; a quantitative approach to field observations - Horstman, E.M.; Dohmen-Janssen, C.M.; Narra, P.M.F.; Berg, N.J.F. van den; Siemerink, M.; Hulscher, S.J.M.H.
Coastal mangroves, dwelling at the interface between land and sea, provide an important contribution to reducing risk from coastal hazards by attenuating incident waves and by trapping and stabilizing sediments. This paper focusses on relations between vegetation densities, wave attenuation rates, sediment characteristics and sedimentation rates in mangroves. These processes were studied along two cross-shore transects through mangroves fringing estuaries in the southern Andaman region of Thailand. Volumetric vegetation densities in these mangroves were ranging up to 32‰, depending on the water depth. Generalized total wave attenuation rates increased from 0.002 m− 1 in the sparsely vegetated forest fringes with...

8. Evidence on the intended and unintended effects of publishing school performance indicators - Visscher, A.; Karsten, S.; Jong, T. de; Bosker, R.
This paper reports on a study (literature review, interviews, expert discussion) on the experiences in England and France of publishing school performance indicators (SPIs) as far as the nature of the published information, the form of publication, and the effects of these publications on schools and parents are concerned. After presenting what is being published, how and with what impact, the authors formulate 15 recommendations for improving the publication of SPIs.

9. Relationship between local energy initiative development and land use in two European regions - Boer, C.L. de; Bressers, Hans; Martínez Alonso, P.; Hewitt, R.; Hernández Jiménez, V.; Pacheco, J.D.; Bermejo, L.R.

10. Waterschappers en wetenschappers bundelen kennis over droogte en governance in Noordwest-Europees klimaatadaptatie project - Vinke-de Kruijf, Joanne; Bressers, Hans
Droogte en watertekort nemen naar verwachting toe door klimaatverandering. De Europese Commissie en steeds meer Europese landen – inclusief Nederland – hebben inmiddels een adaptatiestrategie om onnodig hoge kosten te voorkomen. Wat betreft de feitelijke implementatie van maatregelen staan we nog aan het begin. Doel van het DROP-project (‘Benefit of governance in DROught adaPtation’) is om Noordwest-Europa beter voor te bereiden op de verwachte toename van droogte en watertekort. Dit artikel laat zien dat het verminderen van droogteproblemen vraagt om een wisselwerking tussen technisch-inhoudelijke en ‘governance’ kennis. Ook laten we zien wat de toegevoegde waarde van internationale kennisbundeling is in...

11. Integrated management of the lower Danube River: experiences with the application of dutch policy concepts and interactive planning methods - Vinke-de Kruijf, J.; Bressers, J.T.A.; Augustijn, D.C.M.

12. Multilevel Dynamics in Universities in Changing Research Landscapes - Rip, Arie; Kulati, Tembile
While at the top of universities, strategic research management has evolved from facilitation to become more directive, partly inspired by New Public Management approaches, and the need for universities to profile themselves, at the bottom level of research groups and other research performing entities, the orientation and resource mobilization is towards scientific fields and domains of application, which allows them a degree of autonomy. The intermediary layer of deans and directors of (big) scientific institutes is becoming increasingly important. A striking example are the Centres of Research and Excellence, actually a new type of entity in the strategic research landscape....

13. Constructive technology assessment - Antizipation modulieren als Teil der Governance von Innovation - Konrad, K.E.; Stegmaier, P.; Rip, A.; Kuhlmann, S.

14. Le cadre institutionel d'une nouvelle ruralité aux Pays-Bas: organiser la multifonctionalité des espaces - Boer, C.L. de; Bressers, Hans

15. Introducing a sectoral system innovation framework (SSIf) for assessment of niche development of net zero energy buildings in India - Jain, Mansi; Hoppe, Thomas; Bressers, Hans

16. Solar water heaters in Lebanon: barriers to adoption - Mustapha, Houda El; Hoppe, Thomas; Bressers, Hans

17. Potential electricity co-operatives in Kenya: could social capital be a barrier? - Abdallah, Said; Bressers, Hans; Clancy, Joy
Providing development inputs like electrical energy is a formidable task in many parts of the developing world. The generally rural nature of developing countries makes it necessary to devise innovative ways of getting electricity to the non-urban majority. It is also imperative that adequate and productive electrical power is made available, for sustainable development to be achieved by rural communities and by extension the national economies. Therefore, institutional and other innovations are being continuously mooted to meet the challenges; and it is in this context that rural electricity co-operatives have been introduced to developing countries. The co-operatives are promoted largely...

18. Mixed Matrix Membranes: A New Asset for Blood Purification Therapies - Tijink, M.S.L.; Kooman, J.; Wester, M.; Sun, J.; Saiful, S.; Joles, J.A.; Borneman, Z.; Wessling, M.; Stamatialis, D.F.

19. Divisie C: learning and instruction - Dijkstra, S.; Jong, T. de; Merriënboer, J.J.G. van

20. Sieving of Hot Gases by Hyper-Cross-Linked Nanoscale-Hybrid Membranes - Raaijmakers, M.J.T.; Hempenius, M.A.; Schon, P.M.; Vancso, G.J.; Nijmeijer, A.; Wessling, M.; Benes, N.E.
Macromolecular networks consisting of homogeneously distributed covalently bonded inorganic and organic precursors are anticipated to show remarkable characteristics, distinct from those of the individual constituents. A novel hypercross-linked ultrathin membrane is presented, consisting of a giant molecular network of alternating polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes and aromatic imide bridges. The hybrid characteristics of the membrane are manifested in excellent gas separation performance at elevated temperatures, providing a new and key enabling technology for many important industrial scale applications.

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