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  1. Evaluating MIB II (RFC1213) implementations

    Holland, Henrik E.; Meent, Remco van de; Pras, Aiko

  2. Editorial

    Pras, Aiko; Schönwälder, Jürgen

  3. Editorial

    Pras, Aiko; Schönwälder, Jürgen

  4. Editorial

    Pras, Aiko; Schönwälder, Jürgen

  5. Editorial

    Schönwälder, Jürgen; Pras, Aiko

  6. Editor's comment

    Schönwälder, Jürgen; Pras, Aiko

  7. University comment

    Pras, Aiko; Schönwälder, Jürgen

  8. SNMPv2 at Twente University

    Pras, Aiko; Togtema, Jacques
    The management group at Twente University in the Netherlands is currently developing SNMPv2 software. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of this development and give future plans. It is not the intention to go into to much detail — the last section of this article tells how to obtain more detailed information.

  9. Internet next generation

    Pras, Aiko
    Het huidige Internet is niet echt geschikt voor interactieve toepassingen zoals telefonie en video-vergaderen. Omdat er toch veel behoefte is aan dit soort toepassingen, wordt er in het kader van Internet-2, de Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) alsmede de Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) hard gewerkt aan nieuwe technieken waarmee dit soort interactieve toepassingen wel kunnen worden ondersteund. Nederland draagt aan deze ontwikkeling bij via Gigaport en het Internet Next Generation project.

  10. Editor's comment

    Schönwälder, Jürgen; Pras, Aiko

  11. Bulk transfers of MIB data

    Sprenkels, Ron; Martin-Flatin, Jean-Philippe
    Since the original days of SNMP back in early 1988, the requirements for managing IP-based networks like the Internet have changed considerably. An important change is that the total amount of management information that needs to be transferred has increased greatly. Not only did the size of traditional MIB data grow, for example IP routing tables and TCP connection tables, but also new types of management information appeared, for instance accounting tables, which tend to be bulky. The widely deployed SNMP version 1 was not designed for transferring large amounts of data. The overall latency of such transfers can be...

  12. Editorial: EES and the continuing evolution of Research Policy

    Martin, B.R.; Bell, M.; Callon, M.; Grupp, H.; Kodama, F.; Kuhlmann, S.; Fleming, L.; Tunzelmann, N. von; Powell, W.
    Research Policy (RP) continues to grow and flourish. The journal receives increasing numbers of submissions from all round the world, with the growth being particularly rapid outside of North America andWestern Europe. In 2008, the ten issues totalled nearly 2000 pages and included 125 full-length research articles. The articles published are highly regarded and have a significant impact, as reflected in the journal’s impact factor (JIF), which rose appreciably last year. Because of the growing scale and complexity of the business involved in reviewing and editing all the submitted papers, the journal has now switched to using Elsevier’s Electronic Editorial...

  13. Twitch and tetanic tension during culture of mature xenopus laevis single muscle fibres

    Jaspers, R.T.; Feenstra, H.M.; Lee-de Groot, M.B.E.; Huijing, P.A.; Laarse, W.J.
    Investigation of the mechanisms of muscle adaptation requires independent control of the regulating factors. The aim of the present study was to develop a serum-free medium to culture mature single muscle fibres of Xenopus laevis. As an example, we used the culture system to study adaptation of twitch and tetanic force characteristics, number of sarcomeres in series and fibre cross-section. Fibres dissected from m. iliofibularis (n = 10) were kept in culture at a fibre mean sarcomere length of 2.3 µm in a culture medium without serum. Twitch and tetanic tension were determined daily. Before and after culture the number...

  14. Calibration and evaluation of scanning-force-microscopy probes

    Sheiko, S.S.; Möller, M.; Reuvekamp, E.M.C.M.; Zandbergen, H.W.
    It is demonstrated that a stepped (305) surface of a SrTiO3 crystal can be used routinely to evaluate the probing profile of scanning-force-microscopy probes. This provides a means to select optimal surface probes, and to evaluate possible image distortions within the range of the atomic and nanometer scale. The scope and limitations of the resolution of structural defects are discussed as a criterion for a true atomic resolution.

  15. Les essais CEM de grands systèmes vont sur le terrain

    Leferink, Frank B.J.
    Conçue en tissu métallisé souple, la chambre réverbérante Virc s'adapte in situ aux systèmes de grandes dimensions difficilement déplaçables.

  16. Sustainability reporting by local governments: a magic tool? Lessons on use and usefulness from European pioneers

    Niemann, Ludger; Hoppe, Thomas

  17. The behavioural response of the professional buyer on social cues from the vendor and how to measure it

    Henseler, Jörg
    Purpose Vendors’ social cues ─ physical or behavioural hints ─ have an impact on the professional buyer. However, little is known about that impact. The purpose of this paper is to place knowledge about the impact of social cues that other disciplines acquired in the context of B2B marketing in order to contribute constructively to the research agenda. Approach: By integrating findings on the processing of social cues and the behavioural response from the disciplines of neuroscience, biology and psychology (specifically the BIS/BAS theory), this paper aims to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the automatic evaluation of vendors by professional buyers. Findings: Social cues are...

  18. Design and intensification of industrial DADPM process

    Benneker, Anne M.; Ham, A.G.J. van der; Waele, B. de; Zeeuw, A.J. de; Berg, H. van den

  19. Role of platelet-derived growth factor-CC in capillary rarefaction in renal fibrosis

    Boor, P.; Babickova, J.; Steegh, F.; Hautvast, P.; Martin, I.V.; Djudjaj, S.; Nakagawa, T.; Ehling, J.; Gremse, F.; Bücher, E.; Eriksson, U.; Roeyen, C.R. van; Eitner, F.; Lammers, T.G.G.M.; Floege, J.; Peutz-Kootstra, C.J.; Ostendorf, T.

  20. Granular motor in the non-Brownian limit

    Oyarte Galvez, L.A.; Meer, D. van der
    In this work we experimentally study a granular rotor which is similar to the famous Smoluchowski–Feynman device and which consists of a rotor with four vanes immersed in a granular gas. Each side of the vanes can be composed of two different materials, creating a rotational asymmetry and turning the rotor into a ratchet. When the granular temperature is high, the rotor is in movement all the time, and its angular velocity distribution is well described by the Brownian limit discussed in previous works. When the granular temperature is lowered considerably we enter the so-called single kick limit, where collisions...

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