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  1. Nature-based flood protection: the efficiency of vegetated foreshores for reducing wave loads on coastal dikes

    Vuik, V.; Jonkman, S.N.; Borsje, B.W.; Suzuki, T.
    This paper analyses the effect of vegetation on wave damping under severe storm conditions, based on a combination of field measurements and numerical modelling. The field measurements of wave attenuation by vegetation were performed on two salt marshes with two representative but contrasting coastal wetland vegetation types: cordgrass (Spartina anglica) and grassweed (Scirpus maritimus). The former is found in salty environments, whereas the latter is found in brackish environments. The measurements have added to the range with the highest water depths and wave heights presented in the literature so far. A numerical wave model (SWAN) has been calibrated and validated...

  2. Numerical simulation of the accumulation of heavy particles in a circular bounded vortex flow

    Ku, X.; Lin, J.; Sint Annaland, M. van; Hagmeijer, R.

  3. On weak and strong contact force networks in granular materials

    Kruyt, N.P.

  4. A micromechanical study of dilatancy of granular materials

    Kruyt, N.P.; Rothenburg, L.

  5. A challenge to cavitation modeling in the outlet of an EHL contact

    Emden, E. van; Venner, C.H.; Morales-Espejel, G.E.

  6. Effects of Material Heterogeneity on Surface Fatigue for Rough Lubricated Rolling-Sliding Contacts

    Morales-Espejel, G.E.; Boffy, H.; Venner, C.H.

  7. Computational Design Synthesis of reconfigurable cellular manufacturing systems: a design engineering model

    Unglert, J.M.; Jauregui Becker, J.M.; Hoekstra, S.

  8. Towards Decision-support for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Based on Computational Design Synthesis

    Unglert, J.M.; Hoekstra, S.; Jauregui Becker, J.M.; Houten, F.J.A.M. van

  9. Design and management of reconfigurable assembly lines in the automotive industry

    Colledani, M.; Gyulai, D.; Monostori, L.; Urgo, M.; Unglert, J.M.; Houten, F.J.A.M. van

  10. The RobustPlaNet Project: Towards Shock-Robust Design Of Plants And Their Supply Chain Networks

    Jauregui Becker, J.M.; Kadar, B.; Colledani, M.; Stricker, N.; Urgo, M.; Unglert, J.M.; Gyulai, D.; Moser, E.

  11. Supporting the changing driver’s task: Exploration of interface designs for supervision and intervention in automated driving

    Beukel, A.P. van den; Voort, M.C. van der; Eger, A.O.

  12. Micro Additive manufacturing using ulra short laser pulses

    Huis in 't Veld, A.J.; Overmeyer, L.; Schmidt, M.; Wegener, C.; Malshe, A.; Bartolo, P.

  13. The water footprint of second-generation bioenergy: a comparison of biomass feedstocks and conversion techniques

    Mathioudakis, V.; Gerbens-Leenes, P.W.; Meer, T.H. van der; Hoekstra, A.Y.

  14. Climate proof fresh water supply in coastal areas and deltas in Europe

    Jeuken, A.; Termansen, M.; Antonellini, M.; Olsthoorn, T.; Beek, E. van

  15. Evaluation of socio-economic factors that determine adoption of climate compatible freshwater supply measures at farm level: a case study in the southwest Netherlands

    Veraart, J.A.; Duinen, H. van; Vreke, J.

  16. Dealing with uncertainties in fresh water supply: experiences n the Netherlands

    Thissen, W.A.H.; Kwakkel, J.; Mens, M.J.P.; Sluijs, J. van der; Stemberger, S.; Wardekker, J.A.; Wildschut, D.

  17. The initial morphological response of the sand engine: a process based modelling study

    Luijendijk, A.P.; Ranasinghe, R.W.M.R.J.; Huisman, B.; Schipper, M.A. de; Swinkels, C.; Walstra, D.J.R.; Stive, M.J.F.

  18. On beach morphodynamics: modelling wave breaking effects on sediment transport

    Fernandez Mora, M.

  19. Microtube laser forming for precision component alignment

    Folkersma, K.G.P.; Römer, G.R.B.E.; Brouwer, D.M.

  20. Modified transesophageal echocardiography of the dissected thoracic aorta; A novel diagnostic approach

    Jansen Klomp, W.W.; Peelen, L.M.; Brandon Bravo Bruinsma, G.J.; Hof, A.W. van 't; Grandjean, J.G.; Nierich, A.P.

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