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1. Evaluating exposure to land degradation in association with repetitive armed conflicts in North Lebanon using multi-temporal satellite data - Mitri, George; Nader, Manal; Molen, Irna van der; Lovett, Jonathan
Repetitive armed conflicts may be directly and indirectly responsible for severe biophysical modification to the environment. This, in turn, makes land more susceptible to degradation. Mapping and monitoring land degradation are essential for designing and implementing post-conflict recovery plans and informed policy decisions. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of repetitive armed conflicts on land degradation along the coastal zone of North Lebanon using multi-temporal satellite data. The specific objectives were to (1) identify a list of indicators for use in conjunction with satellite remote sensing, (2) monitor land cover change throughout repetitive events of armed...

2. Social dilemmas, time preferences and technology adoption in a commons problem - Joosten, Reinoud
Agents interacting on a body of water choose between technologies to catch fish. One is harmless to the resource, as it allows full recovery; the other yields high immediate catches, but low(er) future catches. Strategic interaction in one ‘objective’ resource game may induce several ‘subjective’ games in the class of social dilemmas. Which unique ‘subjective’ game is actually played depends crucially on how the agents discount their future payoffs. We examine equilibrium behavior and its consequences on sustainability of the common-pool resource system under exponential and hyperbolic discounting. A sufficient degree of patience on behalf of the agents may lead...

3. Generous But Not Morally Obliged? Determinants of Dutch and American Donors’ Repeat Donation Intention (REPDON) - Beldad, Ardion; Gosselt, Jordy; Hegner, Sabrina; Leushuis, Robin
Next to attracting new financial donors, the need to forge first-time donors’ willingness to continue donating is a critical concern for charitable organizations. This study examined the differences in repeat donation intention (REPDON) of Dutch and American donors and the factors influencing such intention. Results showed that REPDON is significantly higher among American than among Dutch respondents. Furthermore, REPDON among Dutch and America donors depends on their affinity with the cause of the charitable organization. Trust in the charitable organization is only relevant for Dutch respondents, while for American donors belief in the efficacy of their contribution predicts their intention...

4. New product, familiar taste: Effects of slogans on cognitive and affective responses to an unknown food product among food neophobics and neophilics - Fenko, Anna; Leufkens, Jean-Marie; Hoof, Joris J. van
Food neophobia is considered a potential barrier for the introduction of new food products. This study investigated how advertising slogans could influence cognitive and affective responses to a new product in food neophobics and food neophilics. An unknown dairy product was used to examine the effectiveness of three different slogans that stressed (1) product newness, (2) product familiarity, and (3) both of these attributes simultaneously. The study used a 2 × 3 between-subjects experimental design (N = 222). Food neophobics showed overall lower hedonic responses to the product than food neophilics. Slogan manipulation affected neophobics and neophilics differently. For neophobics,...

5. Human resource management and firm innovativeness in a European context: Advancing our understanding of the relationship (Introduction to the thematic issue) - Ruel, H.J.M.; Bondarouk, T.V.; Florén, H.; Rundquist, J.
This paper introduces the papers included in the thematic issue on Human Resource Management (HRM) and firm innovativeness in a European context. Furthermore it presents the results of a literature review on human resource management and firm innovativeness. The literature shows that the positive relationship between HRM and firm innovativeness has been confirmed. However, the explanation for how this relationship works is not equivocal/unified. Empirical studies have investigated the role of strategic HRM, specific HRM systems and HRM practices. For strategic HRM, the empirical support is still limited, while for HRM systems considerable work confirms the positive influence of commitment-based...

6. HRM and innovation: Themes, contingencies and directions for future research - Florén, H.; Rundquist, J.; Schuler, R.S.; Bondarouk, T.V.; Ruel, H.J.M.
The purposes of this special issue were to connect Human Resource Management (HRM) research and innovation research and to contribute towards a better understanding of how HRM can be deployed to support organisations in their innovation efforts. In this commentary, we review the results from the five articles in this special issue in general and offer suggestions for future research from these five contributions. We do this by pinpointing a number of themes, contingencies, measurement challenges and ideas on working with other research areas that might be useful in future research on the relationship between HRM and innovation

7. Fibromyalgia and Physical Trauma: The Concepts We Invent - Wolfe, Frederick; Häuser, Winfried; Walitt, Brian T.; Katz, Robert S.; Rasker, Johannes J.; Russell, Anthony S.
Despite weak to nonexistent evidence regarding the causal association of trauma and fibromyalgia (FM), literature and court testimony continue to point out the association as if it were a strong and true association. The only data that appear unequivocally to support the notion that trauma causes FM are case reports, cases series, and studies that rely on patients’ recall and attribution — very low-quality data that do not constitute scientific evidence. Five research studies have contributed evidence to the FM-trauma association. There is no scientific support for the idea that trauma overall causes FM, and evidence in regard to an...

8. Affecting innovation through HRM: the role of creative capital - Veenendaal, A.A.R.; Velzen, M.J.T. van; Looise, Jan Kees
This paper provides a new and integrated approach to understanding, through creative capital, the relationship between human resource management (HRM) and innovation. The conceptual framework presented, building on insights from social capital research and the field of regional economic development, offers a new view on how organisations improve their innovation performance through managing human resources. We advance the idea that the relationship between innovation performance and HRM is path-dependent, influenced by human capital, social capital and creative capital. The creative capital concerns the openness of organisations to the diversity of knowledge, skills, attitudes and other characteristics available to it. The...

9. Regional variation in breast cancer treatment in the Netherlands and the role of external peer review: a cohort study comprising 63,516 women - Kilsdonk, M.J.; Dijk, Boukje A.C. van; Otter, Renee; Harten, Wim H. van; Siesling, Sabine
Background Treatment variation is an important issue in health care provision. An external peer review programme for multidisciplinary cancer care was introduced in 1994 in the Netherlands to improve the multidisciplinary organisation of cancer care in hospitals. So far the clinical impact of external quality assessment programmes such as external peer review and accreditation remains unclear. Our objective was to examine the degree of variation in treatment patterns and the possible effect of external peer review for multidisciplinary cancer care for breast cancer patients. Methods Patients with breast cancer were included from 23 hospitals from two ‘intervention regions’ with the longest experience...

10. Modal Measurements and Model Corrections of A Large Stroke Compliant Mechanism - Wijma, W.; Boer, S.E.; Aarts, R.G.K.M.; Brouwer, D.M.; Hakvoort, W.B.J.
In modelling flexure based mechanisms, generally flexures are modelled perfectly aligned and nominal values are assumed for the dimensions. To test the validity of these assumptions for a two Degrees Of Freedom (DOF) large stroke compliant mechanism, eigenfrequency and mode shape measurements are compared to results obtained with a flexible multibody model. The mechanism consists of eleven cross flexures and seven interconnecting bodies. From the measurements 30% lower eigenfrequencies are observed than those obtained with the model. With a simplified model, it is demonstrated that these differences can be attributed to wrongly assumed leaf spring thickness and misalignment of the...

11. A case study of cost-efficient staffing under annualized hours - Veen, Egbert van der; Hans, Erwin W.; Veltman, Bart; Berrevoets, Leo M.; Berden, Hubert J.J.M.
We propose a mathematical programming formulation that incorporates annualized hours and shows to be very flexible with regard to modeling various contract types. The objective of our model is to minimize salary cost, thereby covering workforce demand, and using annualized hours. Our model is able to address various business questions regarding tactical workforce planning problems, e.g., with regard to annualized hours, subcontracting, and vacation planning. In a case study for a Dutch hospital two of these business questions are addressed, and we demonstrate that applying annualized hours potentially saves up to 5.2% in personnel wages annually

12. Material characterization of a polyester resin system for the pultrusion process - Baran, Ismet; Akkerman, Remko; Hattel, Jesper H.
In the present work, the chemo-rheology of an industrial “orthophthalic” polyester system specifically prepared for a pultrusion process is characterized. The curing behaviour is first characterized using the differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Isothermal and dynamic scans are performed to develop a cure kinetics model which accurately predicts the cure rate evolutions and describes the curing behaviour of the resin over a wide range of different processing conditions. The viscosity of the resin is subsequently obtained from rheological experiments using a rheometer. Based on this, a resin viscosity model as a function of temperature and degree of cure is developed and...

13. Modelling the pultrusion process of an industrial L-shaped composite profile - Baran, Ismet; Akkerman, Remko; Hattel, Jesper H.
A numerical process simulation tool is developed for the pultrusion of an industrial L-shaped profile. The composite contains the combination of uni-directional (UD) roving and continuous filament mat (CFM) layers impregnated by a polyester resin system specifically prepared for the process. The chemo-rheology and elastic behavior of the resin are obtained by applying a differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and a dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA), respectively. The process induced stresses and shape distortions are predicted in a 2D quasi-static mechanical analysis. The numerical process model predicts the residual spring-in angle which is found to be close to the one measured from...

14. Finite-difference Time-domain Modeling of Laser-induced Periodic Surface Structures - Römer, G.R.B.E.; Skolski, J.Z.P.; Vincenc Obona, J.; Huis in 't Veld, A.J.
Laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSSs) consist of regular wavy surface structures with amplitudes the (sub)micrometer range and periodicities in the (sub)wavelength range. It is thought that periodically modulated absorbed laser energy is initiating the growth of LIPSSs. The “Sipe theory” (or “Efficacy factor theory”) provides an analytical model of the interaction of laser radiation with a rough surface of the material, predicting modulated absorption just below the surface of the material. To address some limitations of this model, the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method was employed to numerically solve the two coupled Maxwell's curl equations, for linear, isotropic, dispersive materials with...

15. Electro-optic and Acousto-optic Laser Beam Scanners - Römer, G.R.B.E.; Bechtold, P.
Optical solid state deflectors rely on the electro-optical or acousto-optic effect. These Electro-Optical Deflectors (EODs) and Acousto-Optical Deflectors (AODs) do not contain moving parts and therefore exhibit high deflection velocities and are free of drawbacks associated with mechanical scanners. A description of the principles of operation of EODs and AODs is presented. In addition, characteristics, properties and the (dis)advantages of EODs and AODs, when compared to mirror based mechanical deflectors, is discussed. Deflection angles, speed and accuracy are discussed in terms of resolvable spots and related quantities. Also, response time, damage threshold, efficiency and the type and magnitude of beam...

16. Designing cyclic appointment schedules for outpatient clinics with scheduled and unscheduled patient arrivals - Kortbeek, Nikky; Zonderland, Maartje E.; Braaksma, Aleida; Vliegen, Ingrid M.H.; Boucherie, Richard J.; Litvak, Nelly; Hans, Erwin W.
We present a methodology to design appointment systems for outpatient clinics and diagnostic facilities that offer both walk-in and scheduled service. The developed blueprint for the appointment schedule prescribes the number of appointments to plan per day and the moment on the day to schedule the appointments. The method consists of two models; one for the day process that governs scheduled and unscheduled arrivals on the day and one for the access process of scheduled arrivals. Appointment schedules that balance the waiting time at the facility for unscheduled patients and the access time for scheduled patients are calculated iteratively using...

17. Do patients trust their physician? the role of attachment style in the patient-physician relationship within one year after a cancer diagnosis - Holwerda, N.; Sanderman, R.; Pool, G.; Hinnen, C.; Langendijk, J.A.; Bemelman, W.A.; Hagedoorn, M.; Sprangers, M.A.G.

18. The Patient Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index (P-SCCAI) can detect ulcerative colitis (UC) disease activity in remission: A comparison of the P-SCCAI with clinician-based SCCAI and biological markers - Bennebroek Evertsz, F.; Nieuwkerk, P.T.; Stokkers, P.C.F.; Ponsioen, C.Y.; Bockting, C.L.H.; Sanderman, R.; Sprangers, M.A.G.

19. Teleradiology in general practice in Ameland: A cost-benefit analysis [Teleradiologie in de huisartsenpraktijk op Ameland: Een kosten-batenana lyse] - Jacobs, J.J.W.M.; Jacobs, J.P.A.M.; Wiersma, D.; Sanderman, R.

20. Screening for depression and diabetes-related distress in a diabetes outpatient clinic - Fleer, J.; Toyote, K.A.; Keers, J.C.; Links, T.P.; Sanderman, R.; Coyne, J.C.; Schroevers, M.J.

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